Mr. X & Art Deco – Byrne, Yeux and Jumo @ Swank

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The Art Deco period was a time of great upheaval… think flappers and the jitterbug… long nights of champagne, caviar and the beguiling sound of jazz… think… slinky tubular clothing silhouettes…a time when people thought everything and anything was possible…

Think…the new long sleeved duo-tone leather bodycon minidress with plunging v-neck in pinstripe geometric design by Byrne that is an exclusive at  Swank. There are two dresses and each one has their own beauty…and comes in black with white and white with black options in each version.

The two dresses, Ren and Arrow both come with lavish art deco patterns that are totally eye catching.  They are made for Fitmesh, SLink, Maitreya and Belleza and come in two options: black/white and white/back. The difference is the pattern… both are classically Art Deco.

These perfectly textured dresses have an art deco geometric vibe with modern sexy styling. It marries the best of old and modern. The texture is beautiful as it combines simple angular shapes in a bold pattern giving it depth and beauty.  The overall effect creates a fabulous fashion statement.

Mr. X — I am ready to go out on the town… in this dress I can dance up a storm..let’s get going… I want to do the Charleston with complete abandon… work up a sweat…. and…….. well, you get the idea… don’t you?

Another find @Swank at the eyes by Yeux.  The eyes called Rosario are mesh and regular eyes… I am wearing the eyes in Honey… so pretty and soft… love the color. I am also wearing the earrings by Jumo that are part of her exclusive @ Swank called Elsa

 Dress – Byrne- Ren and Arrow
Eyes – Yeux – Rosario – Honey
Earrings – Elsa Jewelry -Jumo
Poses – Royal Secrets

Deco Desires

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Deco in Grayscale

There have been times when art and style come together to make lasting statements. One of those times — for me — was the Deco era.  Bridging yin and yang with memorable silhouettes, bending classic lines with geometric and organic shapes, its influence echos from time to time in new styles that of course aren’t so new.

From Tres Chic opening tomorrow:

Asteria Bella sets  – top, skirt and coat in a variety of brights and neutrals. Maitreya and Belleza fits.

ChiC buildings City Loft Skybox with texture change skyline by light switch.  16 x 20 and 24 land impact, it is a classic. Five skies to choose from including clear, clouds, snowy and night cities and Paris dawn.

I couldn’t help but adapt my lead shot to black and white “film”; it seemed only fitting. Still, I know you want to see the modern day color version, so here it is.

I am really loving this new release hair from eXxEsS.   Martini is feminine in caps. Flowing but restrained, it too bridges opposites, a fitting “deco” style.  Two big huds of color, materials, plain, and breeze versions are available.

Art Deco jewelryAnachron – Art Deco Empire Earrings&Necklace…

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Art Deco jewelry

Anachron – Art Deco Empire Earrings&Necklace – Agate

Available at Vintage Fair since 10th. Price for these is 169!

I chose Agate set but there is an Amethyst, Lapis, Malachite and Marble.


Vengeful Threads – Deco Nose Ring – Genre and Necrostar Head Adornment – The Darkness Chamber

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Vengeful Threads has two new pieces of jewelry:  Deco Nose Ring for Genre and Necrostar Head Adornment for The Darkness Chamber Fair
The Deco Nose Ring has a ring that goes through the nose with two medium size gem where a delicate leaf type shape is attached.  The leaf type shape has five small gems; one on each point.  The Deco Nose Ring comes in your choice of three metals:  Black, Gold, and Silver (each sold separately).  Each metal comes with a texture change HUD for the gems with five color choices:  Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, and Red.
The Necrostar Head Adornment is a pentagram done in black metal with a large center jewel and five smaller jewels at each of the points.  The Necrostar comes with a texture changing HUD for the gems with four color choices:  Red, Green, Blue, and Purple. 

Style Card
Dress – Vengeful Threads – Vamp Grabber
Nose Ring – Vengeful Threads – Deco Nose Ring – Black/Red
Head Adornment – Vengeful Threads – Necrostar Head Adornment – Red

Hair – Alice Project – Leila – Bloody Black
Eyebrows –
[eStyle] – Quartz Eyebrows
Eyelashes –
WoW Skins – Lashes 2
Eyes – Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eyes – Stormy Blue

Make-up –
Carrie’s – Callista Make-up – Black

Skin – Akeruka – Blanca Tan Cleavage Mk1
Shape –
[eStyle] – Quartz – Modified