Cosmopolitan #07/03 – Decor 2

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More decor goodies from the latest Cosmopolitan round and today I’m showcasing buildings from M Law Designs and Shutter Field.

‘Clermont Loft’ is not just a beautiful home but it includes all the furniture as well!  From  M Law Designs, the total primmage comes to 267 for the lot so one rez and you have a ready to use home with no trouble at all :)  Here’s what it looks like in full (and I have the simple to use rezzer showing so ignore that), the flowers and trees are included.

M Law - Clermont Loft - full

The flower covered pergola at the front of the house and everything that you see, even the mail box, is included. Here’s a view from the side.

M Law - Clermont Loft - full side

There’s lots of windows all round with the major ones being curtained and you can open and close these with ease. The arched roof adds to the spacious feel of the ‘Clermont Loft’.  I want to show you what this looks like from the inside so here we’re stepping into the lounge and the front doors are open.

M Law - Clermont Loft - open front door

Cosy! Some more of the lounge with matching furniture.

M Law - Clermont Loft - lounge 2

You walk into a hall here and that takes you straight into the kitchen area which has table and chairs plus a brilliant Aga type stove.  I opened the curtains, too. Beautiful wood textures all round.

M Law - Clermont Loft - Kitchen dining area

M Law - Clermont Loft - Kitchen stove area

What’s upstairs?  Here’s a couple of photos that will give you an idea. Bedroom and bath area and a view out of the windows into the grounds.

M Law - Clermont Loft - bedroom - bath

M Law - Clermont Loft Upper floor

There’s even a wc behind that screen!  Finally, we’re outside again with a close-up of the porch area. ‘Clermont Loft’ is approx 15 by 15 in size and everything is copy/modify.

M Law - Clermont Loft - outside front

Shutter Field’s ‘Summer House, White’ is slightly smaller in size at approx 10 by 10, and it has a land impact of 35. It’s a perfect summer house that you can fill with whatever you like and what’s more – the walls are tintable via the Edit menu.  Here it is in full view.

[SF] summer house - full

‘Summer House’ from the side view, it’s surprisingly spacious and beautifully textured in those light woods.

[SF] summer house side view

A view from the inside with the doors open,  has a lovely fresh and light feel to it.

[SF] summer house - inside with doors open

Alright, so you can tint it! Right, let’s try that. Don’t forget to ‘select part’ and  ‘select face’ and you can see what part you have selected easily. Tinting applies to both sides of the wall so what you have done on the inside will be the same on the outside.

[SF] summer house - tinted walls

Lots of fun to be had  matching the ‘Summer House’ to your existing landscaping! Finally,  here’s that planter – it’s a separate piece.

[SF] summer house planter


That’s all for now so, Cheers m’dears :) Oh, you’ll be wanting a taxi  I suppose!  Definitely time for dinner :)

LOGO Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan #07/03 – Decor 1

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There is a lot of wonderful new decor at the latest round of Cosmopolitan so I’m going to split it up over several posts!  I’ll be showcasing Bee Designs and Ex Machina today.


Bee Designs have a really sumptuous couples lounger with a romantic animation menu. The ‘Garnet Lounger’ also includes the ‘Amore vase’ which is packed full of roses with rose petals strewn on the ground. Beautifully textured, too. I rezed it in the sun lounge and tried various windlight settings, and it still looked amazing in midday.

Bee Designs_Garnet sofa

The animations menu is split up into two parts. 8 animations are cuddles and kisses which are romantic without being soppy, and in addition to those there are 8 animations with props where you feed your partner cherries and drink coffee together plus other snuggles and kisses. The ‘Garnet Lounger’ would make a lovely Valentine’s scene. Here’s Arrchie and yours truly testing out one of the animations which although for M/F can be stretched to same gender couples. Both pieces are copy and modify and have a total land impact of 11.

Bee Designs_Garnet sofa couple


Ex Machina have three items for this event and they are all low prim and superbly made! They look wonderful in Advanced Lighting Mode if your computer can manage that but even in windlight settings, they stand out in an awesome way. The ‘Vega’ telescope is made in the Steampunk style with brass fittings and it just looks sturdy and right for the job! Here, I’m watching the deer as they nibble grass in the late evening. ‘Vega’ is copy/modify and only 2 land impact.

Ex Machina_Vega A

Ex Machina_Vega B

Two terrestrial globes now, again 18th century Steampunk style – I thought these looked superb. ‘Atlas 1′ is a globe on a brass stand with circular base. Click on/off to make the globe rotate. Perms are copy/modify with a land impact of 2. ALM is enabled, I was using Windlight settings for both the globes.

Ex Machina_Atlas1

‘Atlas 2′ is a variation on the theme and has a land impact of 3. A sturdy wooden base balances the globe which appears adjustable via various pivots and screws. Can’t believe this is only 3 land impact for such a detailed piece. Well done, designer Hattie!

Ex Machina_Atlas2

All that’s left is your taxi!

LOGO Cosmopolitan

Cheers, m’dears :)

Cosmopolitan round #05/03 – DECOR

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Here’s the Decor part of the latest Cosmopolitan round – as promised! I chose items from 6 of the designers but there are many more to check out.

First up is Myrrine with the ‘Nereus furniture set’. I’m using this set in my home because the texturing is top notch plus it has a very warm feel to it. The cabinet is 3 land impact with tassel, without it’s only 2 LI. Bookcase with all items is 4 land impact and there’s also a plain version at 2 LI. The stools are 2 land impact each with 7 animations. All pieces are copy and modify and the whole set is L$ 299.

Myrrine nereus set 1

Myrrine nereus set 2

Myrrine nereus set 3

Storax Tree have a couple of fine planters. ‘Stone Planter B Foliage Group Ab’ and  ‘Delicate Garden Black Fb’. They both come in at 5 land impact, are transfer with a resizer and only L$ 50 each.

ST Stone Planter B Foliage Group Ab

ST Delicate Garden Black Fb

Little Branch have a set of winter trees. These are of various types sold separately and include foliage such as ferns and shrubs. They are all copy and modify and vary between 1 – 6 land impact. To show you the beauty of these I rezzed samples of them on green grass rather than white snow.  They are Materials enabled with very high detail. ‘Winter Mimosa’ – 5 LI, ‘beige winter fern’ – 1 LI, ‘bent winter maple’ 3 LI, ‘Norway Spruce’ – 6 LI, ‘double angelica’ – 4 LI. The prices also vary from L$ 68 up to L$ 286. For a winter landscape these are fabulous. Little Branch also have a ‘Season change birch’ available at L$ 368.

little branches mimosa

little branches beige winter fern

little branches bent winter maple

little branches norway spruce

little branches double angelica


Surge are offering this detailed full perm ‘Winter Stone Fireplace’. It has a land impact of 5, AO’s included plus there’s a textured example which I rezzed in the Pavilion to get an idea of how it would look against brickwork. L$ 799. Remember this is full perm and you can resell it with your own texture.

Surge fireplace

Alchemist are also offering a fireplace set. I found this to have a very realistic and comforting animated flame. The still photo does not do it justice. Included with the fire is a surround, and a  fireplace tool set – both separate and together in the stand plus a chimney part that I didn’t photograph. All pieces are between 1 – 3 land impact, pretty good for such a realistic set. This is a limited colour which won’t be sold again and the set is L$ 200.  Alchemist also have a set of hanging pendant lights and a butterfly gacha – you can rez them or wear them.

Alchemist 1jpg

Alchemist 2

Alchemist 3

Apologies if this is maxing out your computer, I know there’s a lot of pictures. Last designer now!


Ex Machina  has the ‘Reflektor Lamp’ and the ‘La Lumiere Magic Lantern’ which are Steampunk/Victorian style and totally fabulous. If you can manage to get ‘Advanced Models Lighting’ to work,  both these items will then project images onto a wall or object of your choice. You can use the images included or add your own. The decor possibilities are varied and many. Even on their own they look the part! Only L$ 70 for either of these. They come with a comprehensive set of instructions that even I could understand :)

Ex Machina 1

Ex Machina 2

Cheers, m’dears :)


Cosmopolitan Sale Room 01/02 – Decor

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First round of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room new year! We have some amazing Decor designers now plus a display area for the higher LI sets and so I’m showcasing some of what’s available today. This round finishes on 9th November so get yer skates on.

Storax Tree (Kate McLaglen) – Kate is a constant designer, she must live on her work platform! There’s definitely a Storax Tree style – vintage, warm, quirky – just delicious.  Here’s a couple of the autumn days wall shelves… ‘autumn days wall shelf Ac’ – LI7 transfer with resizer and ‘autumn days wall shelf’ Cc – LI 9 transfer with resizer.


ST Autumn Days Wall Shelf Ac

ST Autumn Days Wall Shelf Cc


‘chimenea fireplace Ai’ – transfer with resizer LI 6 touch wood for flames and fire sound – very comforting!

ST Chimenea Fireplace Ai


‘vintage plant stand plant Oe’ – transfer with resizer – LI 3. All the Storax Tree items are being sold at L$ 50.

ST Vintage Plant Stand Plant Oe



Shutter Field (Heavenly Villa) – just loved this set which reminds me of holidays in Italy! Sold at 25% off listed price on box, the ‘Mediterranean pizza set’ is L$ 125 and the ‘pizza ovens’ come in grey or yellow at L$ 75.

Pizza set – the bench is LI9 as decorated and also included is a bench without decor. Plus all the decor items are offered separately! The Shelf is LI9 and that pizza is texture change for extra yummyness :)



Pizza Oven. The grill with Pizza is separate so that the oven can be used as as a fire. You’d normally put the grill lower down but I wanted to show you how nice the fire is. Switch that on and off by clicking on the logs.




Decor Junction (Anthonys Republic) offers us a natural stone bird bath with materials applied and a realistic animated water that I wish I could show you here. It has to be seen to be appreciated. That robin is only for decoration!  The bird bath is a mere LI 1 and L$ 175.



BananaN (Banana Mellow) – I really like this designer’s Boho colourful style, it’s something that little bit different.  Here’s a great lounge set which is offered in three colours, the purple set is shown here. It’s basically a ‘Hippi Furniture’ set! The sofa is LI3 and has 7 single and 5 couple animations. The sofa table is LI2 plus both the table cloth and the cushions on the sofa are texture change so you can get a number of looks. A rug and knitting basket complete the set which is L$ 279.




West 143rd (Delmar Quintessa) – Delmar produced an amazing chandelier for the Birthday Round and here’s another fab variety, this time the ‘Umbrella Chandelier’. It is LI7 with a rotating version included as well as the static one. And wait for it… this is on offer at L$ 50 :)

West 143rd


Whelp… that’s all for now and my lunch is ready so I will say…

Cheers, m’dears :)







Decor project – Pavilion

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Arrchie and I are more than fortunate to live on a bounteous sim where we can indulge our love for historical housing and landscape. At the moment we are engrossed in a garden project which I thought I’d record as it progresses. It’s interesting – well at least to us :)

We have a Tudor house in the grounds and a lake with forestry around, it’s very pleasant and a wonderful place in which to chillax.  This month we decided to start our project by taking down a barn but leaving the surrounding walls and stone flooring. We wanted a knot garden which we found straight off from ArchiTech, all it needs is some extra landscaping in the way of flowers and perhaps lighting.  So we were left with a space for some sort of glasshouse or pavilion or orangery.

Couldn’t really find anything suitable so I looked in the vast recesses of my inventory and found a classic pavilion by Barnesworth Anubis [ba]. Put it down, it was the right size. Hmm… how to make it look as if it fitted into the general theme. This is [ba]‘s vendor poster.



After much fiddling around, I used my little colour matching program to take colours from the old barn walls and tinted the pavilion. Yes, you can do this and it works out wonderfully. When you stand in this pavilion, it’s close up to the hedge of the knot garden but it feels so… cosy.

[ba] pavilion unfurnished


Here’s the knot garden in front. There’s a choice of  light or dark foliage on this garden, the dark went best with the grass on the rest of the grounds.  I really love this combination of landscape and pavilion :)

Knot Garden and Pavilion


Here’s the view a bit further back where the forest trees blend into the background panels. Looks so nice even in ‘midday’ let alone when you use a windlight setting for photography.

Pavilion and beyond


So that’s how far we’ve got. Decor inside the pavilion and further flowers/ornaments to the knot garden.

Thought you might like to see a few other areas of the garden. This is an area of forest where we put a seating ‘slider’ from Chaz Longstaff  (Animated Living).  It’s great for friends and couples alike and again – somewhere to chill out, cuddle, eat and drink picnics, even play guitar.  By the side you can see our Woodcutter’s Block by Shade. This has a great animated wood chopping scene for when you’re annoyed at someone and can imagine their head on the block *laughs*.  The trees are a conifer group by Tobias Novi.

Slider and woodcutter block


Last but by no means least… this is Arrchie’s engagement present to me. It’s especially made as a one-off  by Eternal Realms. This amazing bridge stretches across the parkland side of the lake to lily pads in the middle. It’s stunningly beautiful and it took my breath away when it was presented to me! It’s based on the ‘Bridge of Dreams’ concept from ancient  legend. When you go to sleep, you desire to meet your loved one on this bridge where you can still be together. Sometimes it works – try it :)

At night we switch on the lantern here and walk to the middle where there are animations for a kiss n cuddle…

Bridge of Dreams garden side


Bridge of Dreams from the lake side. In the background you can see deer and the beginnings of the Tudor house.

Bridge of Dreams lake side


Jewelled dragonflies hover around the railings. Magical!

Bridge dragonflies


That’s all for the time being. Hope you’ve enjoyed the little tour :)

Cosmopolitan Event 04/03 – Decor!

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A new round of the Cosmopolitan event is underway and today I’m going to look at some of the wonderful exclusive decor available on special offer.

WEST 143RD have these unusual moose cutouts in a gacha machine. The rare is a fireplace complete with moose cutout above the mantelpiece plus a texture change HUD that will allow the cutout to change to every one of the commons included – wonderful! The moose actually do have those shadows as well. Land impact of 5.

West 143rd gacha commons

West 143rd rare


ANOID released the Hangshelf which is a mere 3 land impact and just imagine what you could fit on those display shelves! At least three friends I can recall have collections that would fit easily. The Hangshelf is copy and modify and there’s a choice of 4 textures – plain wood, zebrano, mahogany and oak. You can buy them separately or in a fat pack.

ANOID - Hangshelf



STORAX TREE have six items at bargain prices so I’ll just go through them all quickly as the photos do the best justice to designer Kate’s beautiful decor items.

Feline Treasure Naptime – Grey Tan Tabby Holiday
land impact 3, transfer with resizer.

Feline Treasures - Naptime - Grey Tan Tabby Holiday
Holly Wreath Candle Ar, land impact 3, transfer with resizer

Holly Wreath Candle Ar
Holly Wreath Candles Br, land impact 3, transfer with resizer

Holly Wreath Candles Br
Holly Wreath Nutcracker Candles, land impact 6, transfer with resizer

Holly Wreath Nutcracker Candles
Holly Wreath Nutcracker, land impact 6, transfer with resizer

Holly Wreath Nutcracker
Holly Wreath Nutcracker Table Top Decor, land impact 5 with resizer

Holly Wreath Nutcracker Table Top


Finally, MYRINNE have this really lovely Christmas Table set out in two variations, mint and chocolate. All items are copy and modify. The Table is 8 land impact with all the items and 1 land impact on its ownsome. The candles have flames, the flags are texture change as is the tree, on/off lights with star and Bird Wall Decor is 2 land impact. The items can be unlinked so you can use them separately. This set has a most elegant style.

Myrinne Christmas Table set


Back soon with more Cosmopolitan goodness. Cheers, m’dears!




♥. 4 Decor room

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I’m wearing: 
Hair:  {amiable}Knit hat wave hairGacha(ALL COLOR)Copy ver TGM new
Dress:  Bens Boutique – Isabo Knit Dress XXS D.brown
Dyer Maker Poses & Props – Christmas Tree c TGM new
Dyer Maker Poses & Props – Gift Boxes Set c TGM new
Dyer Maker Poses & Props -Ground Blanket c TGM new
Dyer Maker Poses & Props -Hot Chocolate Tray c TGM new
Dyer Maker Poses & Props – Mistletoe c TGM new
Dyer Maker Poses & Props – Christmas Candle c TGM new
[Brixley] Faux Fireplace 1 TGM new
[Brixley] deer decor planks TGM new
[Brixley] decor trees – green TGM new
[Brixley] winter framed poster – cheer TGM new
[Brixley] winter framed poster – snow TGM new
[CGH] Stump Bed for Pets 
[CGH] Garland Wooden Beads Colorful 03 Without Pins
i { DH } Gacha! Vintage Snow Globe TV *Rosey Cottage* RARE Rev. no av.