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Christmas decor ideas…

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Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Festive Furnishings @ The Arcade
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s House RARE
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Metal Deer RARE
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Fireplace
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Frames
 Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas Garland
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Burlap Sock (x2)
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Logs Shelf
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Rug
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Planks Art – Deer
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Planks Art – Holy
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Chair – Pillow/Blanket
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Barrel 
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Dresser
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Tin Houses
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Gramophone
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Chandelier (Reward)
(TY! Isabeau Baragula)
Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas @ Tannenbaum
Kalopsia – Carol’s Barrel Bottom RARE
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree Topper RARE
Kalopsia – Carol’s Pickle RARE
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bows Garland – Red
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Green
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Holy
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Deco
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree – Socks
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree – Trees
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree – Dots
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Red
Kalopsia – Carol’s Star – Dark Wood
Kalopsia – Carol’s Star – Blue
Kalopsia – Carol’s Star – Light Wood
Kalopsia – Carol’s Candy Long – White
Kalopsia – Carol’s Candy Long – Blue
 Kalopsia – Carol’s Candy Round – Blue
Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas Garland Single
(TY! Isabeau Baragula) 
..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Set @ Cosmopolitan Event
..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Desk
..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Chair
..::THOR::.. Wood Letters Holder
..::THOR::.. Old Jug With Projects
..::THOR::.. Vintage Telephone with sound
..::THOR::.. Vintage Desk  Lamp
..::THOR::.. Cup Of Coffee
..::THOR::.. Old Guest Book (operating)
..::THOR::.. Post Cards  – Wall
..::THOR::.. Licking Red Cat *GIFT*

(TY! Andraus Thor)

Sway’s [Winter Wreath] Single star @ Whimsical Event
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] @ The Arcade
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Jug
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Plate with Cookies
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Jar with Marshmallows
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Jar with Cinnamon
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Hot cocoa with marshmallows / rez 
(TY! Sway Dench)
02 Fancy Decor: Tree Beads RARE @ Tannenbaum (Jake Vordun)
Serenity Style – Winter Gnome with Sack -gacha- (TY! Hanstrid Inshan)
Extra decor…
 Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
dust bunny . present pile (x3)
dust bunny . camellia couch
dust bunny . camellia coffee table
LISP – Mesh Blinds Wide Long – Beech
Apt B // Farm Living Rug -gacha-
Ariskea{Australia} Macrame Rug

Christmas Decor & Furniture Therapy # 432

By Lia Mistwalker – . Visit Christmas Decor & Furniture Therapy # 432 for original post.

Christmas Decor & Furniture Therapy # 432

Furniture :
CHEZ MOI – WRAPPING STATION  by Nanda Marjeta @ Très Chic
[sf] xmas box wrapping set – red  by Heavenly Villa @ Shutter Field
sf sled decor – presents 2 by Heavenly Villa  @ Shutter Field
O.M.E.N – Waiting for Santa Paws – Knotty Dog by Damascusvera

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-NOeditiON Decor – Winter Harvest Wagon and Sleigh..

By Letícia Riddler – NOeditiON. Visit -NOeditiON Decor – Winter Harvest Wagon and Sleigh.. for original post.

‘Winter Harvest’ is our first decor release.. This set includes one wagon w/ barrel 4 LI, one sleigh (three different versions included) 6 LI, apple bag  3 LI and some apples 2 LI each. You can buy the full set or in separate pieces… Hope you guys like this one.. there’s much more to come! […]

More home decor in Second Life

By Inara Pey – Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World. Visit More home decor in Second Life for original post.

We’ve been having fun at home. Or at least I have. Caitlyn has probably wanted to throttle me half the time … At the start of October I wrote about the Leafy Hollow Cottage we’d come across entirely by chance. As I noted at the time, for those looking for a reasonably sized cottage with […]

►. November Decor ‼

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.peaches. Zodiac Frames – Scorpio @Gacha Garden new
.peaches. Zodiac Frames – Aquarius  @Gacha Garden new
.peaches. Zodiac Table – RARE @Gacha Garden new
..peaches. Vintage Desk – Full Set  @The Crossroads new
Serenity Style- Give a gift black with deer @The Crossroads new
Serenity Style- Give a gift tool box RARE @The Crossroads new
REKT + [-AS-] Halloween Tree V2 Animated Pink @SaNaRaE new
REKT Halloween Tree V2 Black @SaNaRaE new
:Moon Amore: Milkshake (choco)


By – BABILONIA FASHION. Visit RETRO DECOR for original post.

LODE     Headweare and Gramophone  (NEW)   At Shiny Shabby
CATWA   Head  (NEW)
DEETALEZ    App Skin Tulip   (NEW) At Tres Chic 

EC CLOTH    Dress   (NEW) At Tres Chic 
SALVADORI   Hells  (NEW) At Tres Chic 
LUC HOME   Rustic divider   (NEW)  At Lost & Found
IONIC   Tables  (NEW)  At Lost & Found
IONIC   all objects / Alchemy
KALOPSIA  leaves
More visit 
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Halloween decor

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Dear reader….are you ready for Halloween?

Have you visit to Prism Events Presents Salem?
There is a lot of Halloween item. If you not yet, visit and get item to prepare for Halloween.
I would love to share Halloween decoration.
Swarm of Decor hunt 3 will close on 24th October. official blog –> here

Halloween house  @ Simply Shelby
(or SPOOKY SCARY SALES until 31th October — all item 35L)

Swarm of Decor hunt 3 item —-
 Rug : [QE] Home Collection Rug -October-
 Shop : [QE] Mainstore – Onyx Noir 
 Hunt : Kick back and take a seat amongst the stars

 Shop :  Blade & Rain
 Hint : Don’t sit on me!

 Gravestone : StoraxTree Trick or Treat Gravestone
 Shop : StoraxTree
 Hint : Look near the hunt poster

 Happy Halloween Deco (at under circle window of halloween house)
 Shop : PS! Perfect Seduction 2016
 Hint : There are always so many sales during the Holidays!

Bee Design Trick or Treat Gacha 2 @ Prism Events Presents Salem —-
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2- Pumpkin doll-Hanging
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2-Candy sack with legs
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2- Candies sack
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2-Trick or Treat frame
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2- Happy halloween frame
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2-Boo-wall hanging
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2-Pumpkin doll Hay Bales RARE
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2- Pumpkin doll RARE
.:Bee Designs:.ToT Gacha 2- Pumpkin doll with candy bag

 enMESHed Into Fall Hunt by [CIRCA] Living main store (0L Hunt / until 15th November) — Picture2 —-
[CIRCA] – “Dia de Muertos” Skelly Panel Curtains – Black & Lime
[CIRCA] – “Dia de Muertos” Skull Ottoman – Lime & Aqua (12 pos)
[CIRCA] – “Dia de Muertos” Skelly Ottoman – Blk & Lime (12 pos)
[CIRCA] – “Dia de Muertos” Sugar Skull Decal – Lime & Org
[CIRCA] – “Dia de Muertos” Floral Rug – Multi & Black

Hope you enjoy the hunt and shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Outdoor Decor Therapy # 406

By Lia Mistwalker – . Visit Outdoor Decor Therapy # 406 for original post.

Outdoor Decor Therapy # 406

Outdoor Furniture & Decor:
Sway’s [Emmi] Bench by Sway Dench
wooden bench with 2 cushion
4 pillow texture options
12 Friends / Single animations and 6 Couple animations (for up to 2 avatars)
4 wood options: rosewood, birch, oak and ebony
Sway’s [Boo!] Scarecrow . Scary & Spooky by Sway Dench

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Outdoor Decor & Furniture Therapy # 407

By Lia Mistwalker – . Visit Outdoor Decor & Furniture Therapy # 407 for original post.

Outdoor Decor & Furniture Therapy # 407

Outdoor Furniture & Decor
Sway’s [Lisha] Lounge Set in orange/blue, yellow/purple and red/green by Sway Dench  @  Candy Fair

Sway’s [Lisha] Picture Frame – Gift  by Sway Dench ( Candy Jar Picture frame for your own picture)  @ Candy Fair
Lounge Chair with Pillow and Lounge Chair with Pillow and Footstool
each with 20 animations
Side Table with wood base and top and color matching metal frame.

Sway’s [Eris] candelabra by Sway Dench @ The Liaison Collaborative
in gold, copper, silver and black
Floor and Table Candelabra
each with 5 candles / each flame can separately turned on and off
10 textures for candles: black, green, red, pink, purple, cream, blue, black/red, black/cream and black/purple
high and low LoD versions included

{what next}Toscana Gazebo (with fireplace) by Winter Thorn

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Autumn camp and pumpkin decor

By – Sheep Clouds. Visit Autumn camp and pumpkin decor for original post.


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekend 🙂

Have you visit to The Chapter four? maybe only me that have not visited …
I visited today first time this round. as always, it can be able to empty my wallet .. lol
so i just checked CHEZ MOI FURNITURE item and back to home.
Chez Moi Furniture released “CAMPING FUN” set. It comes in PG and in Adult.
and right now, CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store having “SpookTacular Hunt “.
Find the ghost object. you can grab them FREE! Until 24th October.

and Swarm of Hunt 3 is running. This hunt also until 24th October.

Credit  —
Log Couch Camping Fun (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter four
Camping Fun Tent (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter four
Camping Fun Campfire Multiposes CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter four
Bench : .: CHEZ MOI :.  Autumn Bench @ Free GG in Chez Moi furniture main store (left bench)
Bench : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Spooky CreepyBench  (right bench)
   @ SpookTacular Hunt in Chez Moi furniture main store
Pumpkin flowe vase : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Spooky HideCat
   @ SpookTacular Hunt in Chez Moi furniture main store
pumpkin vase : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Spooky PumpkinVase
   @ SpookTacular Hunt in Chez Moi furniture main store

(Decor) – Nice & Quaint Autumn 1 @ Swarm of Hunt3
(Decor) – Nice & Quaint Autumn 2 @ Swarm of Hunt3
 Hint: Find me under a tree
 Hint: Singing..Then we’ll be happy in that land where no Cabins fall

Tree : Autunm Tree landscape 1 @ Bad Katz Textures and Mesh

Little by little, autumn become deep. Feel winter is very soon but still October middle.
I can imagine autumn camp is so fantastic and romantic in many ways <3

Enjoy autumn camp but be careful for dont get cold!
Thanks for coming to my blog.