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FACEPALM, Park Place Home Decor and THE VINTAGE TOUCH are at the Vintage Valentine Hunt

Previously posted at Sarah’s fashion adventures.

Take a peek at this!



Outfit: FACEPALM: Love

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::


Eyeshadow: *Shack*: smoke

Eyes: Amacci: 9 – Big in Emerald

Footwear: Sheba: Wendy heels

Cabinets: THE VINTAGE TOUCH: Coeur de Lune Cupboard

Seat: Park Place Home Decor: Ottoman


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{Acios}, Sanctuary Darque Decor, ::DeadlyAngel:: @ Hidden Sanctuary Event

Previously posted at Jenie’s SL Fashion Life.

{Acios} Dancer of Twilight @ Hidden Sanctuary Event Jan 23 to Feb 6, 2016
Sanctuary Darque Decor~Her Majesty’s Vanity Stool @ Hidden Sanctuary Event 
Jan 23 to Feb 6, 2016
Sanctuary Darque Decor~Her Majesty’s Vanity @ Hidden Sanctuary Event 
Jan 23 to Feb 6, 2016
::DeadlyAngel:: Will You Be My Queen  Claw and Banded Ring 
@ Hidden Sanctuary Event Jan 23 to Feb 6, 2016
Non Hidden Sanctuary Event Items:
 Deesses Boutique: Emily *LIMITED* – Iced Coffee (040) tone
Deesses Boutique: Emily lipstick – No.9
Deesses Boutique: Emily eyeshadow – No.10
Deesses Boutique: Red Edition nails (Slink,Maitreya,Belleza) 
[enVOGUE] – HAIR Clarissa – Dark Blondes

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Double post – Fashion & Decor – LOTS OF PICS!

Previously posted at Punki’s Fashion Passion | Second Life Fashion Blog » Punki’s Fashion Passion | Second Life Fashion Blog.

PicMonkey Collage4


Hi ladies! So today I`m so happy to be bringing you lots more items from the OH MY GACHA EVENT as well as an outfit from ANYBODY EVENT.

Let`s first talk about the lovely skin in the above pic. This is another gorgeous applier for Lelutka & Catwa Mesh Heads from LA PETITE MORTE. This one is for the SEASONS STORY EVENT, and her name is India. India comes in 8 tones, I`m wearing tone 4. I`ve also matched the skin appliers from LA PETITE MORTE in the freckled version, these are available for both Maitreya & Slink Bodies.

Now we`ll move onto the “look” for today. First the bikini top and pants are both from SIIX and are currently at the ANYBODY EVENT, the ones I`m wearing are called “clear” when choosing the color if you like the one I`m wearing. I then added the adorable soft cardigan from 1HUNDRED, and below I`ll show you all of the colors that they come in. I`ll also match the cardigans to the beautiful heels from ESSENZ at the OH MY GACHA EVENT. These are so sexy with ankle tassels, you`ll see a close up of them below.

Lots of add-ons and accessories at OH MY GACHA, from makeup, to piercings, to handbags, and jewelry & lots of home decor items. There is so many awesome items that I promise you that you`ll lose your ever lovin` gacha mind, so hurry on over and try your luck, OH MY GACHA is open now!

Hope you enjoy the post & have a blast shopping! I`ll describe more below when we get to the decor section. :)

PicMonkey Collage

Makeup – glitter shadows/liners are from the VEECHI gacha, the clip on nose piercing is from  PUNCH and septum, angel bite & tribal piercings are from the SWALLOW gacha.

Check out these oh so cute handbags from  AVENGE animal bag gacha- Lots of kitties and puppies in this gacha, every single on of them is super cute, so you`ll be happy with any of them when playing this gacha :).

Note all of the color choices of the cardigan from 1HUNDRED & Cameroon heels from ESSENZ -Both are great gachas, because all of them are gorgeous, don`t ya just love machines like this; when no matter what you get, they are all awesome, I know I do, these are my favorite types of gachas to play!

PicMonkey Collage1

Taking a closer look – The necklace I`m wearing will be one of my favs for a while, from THE LITTLE BAT, These lunar necklace have crystals that come in animated or non versions, the animated are so sweet, watching the swirling textures move in the crystals are just beautiful!

PicMonkey Collage4

PicMonkey Collage3

Which now brings us to the decor section of today`s post. I`ve taken pieces from a few creators to put this one together. It`s called a single room cabin, which would be just perfect for me. It`s been a while since I actually had property to build on and I have endless houses and all of their decor just sitting in my inventory. But this one is right up my alley because it`s all open & so big that I`ve made a sleep area, a little corner for crafts making and woodwork, and a large section just inside the door with throw pillows to just chill and read a good book. Like I said, so many different things you could do with this, really makes me miss the days of decorating :).



Of course the bed is just the perfect size for all of my furry little friends :)


See how much room it has?


A few of the adorable gacha pieces sitting around from ZOZ, MOOH, and PRECIOUS ANGEL.


The Mr.Creative sash is part of another gacha from ANACHRON . There is so many different ones that you can get when you try out your luck and play this gacha :)


Just a little crafts and work area for making cute lil toys like Hans from SERENITY STYLE always seems to create for us :).



Backpack gachas from MOOH, 2 styles available. Laced wing & heart backpacks.


Hedgehog friends!! Another cute gacha! So many to collect!


And that will be all for today ladies – Thank you so much for stopping by!

CREDITS – [ Vendor pics & gacha keys shown below/ Large taxi at the end for LM`S. ]

AVATAR – mesh head – LELUTKA – Stella mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara skin/body appliers – LA PETITE MORTE – .la petite morte. india lelutka applier tone 4 ears – MANDALA – steking eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – alexis eyes hair – PR!TTY – pr!tty – Lo – .Heavy Roots. .Mocha. necklace – THE LITTLE BAT – Lunar Necklace –  – OH MY GACHA EVENT cardigan – FOREVER YOUNG – soft cardi gacha – OH MY GACHA EVENT outfit – SIIX – //Omega//Fiesta PVC Leggings//Bra//Clear – ANYBODY EVENT heels – ESSENZ – Cameroon – OH MY GACHA EVENT nail appliers – Veechi – Mega Glitter Nails [maitreya]  – ANYBODY EVENT handbags – AVENGE – animal bags – OH MY GACHA EVENT backpacks – MOOH! – heart backpacks & laced wing backpacks – OH MY GACHA EVENT septum, angel bite, & tribal – SWALLOW – OH MY GACHA EVENT nose ring – PUNCH – clip on nose ring copper Rose RARE – OH MY GACHA EVENT glitter shadows /liners – VEECHI –  ANYBODY EVENT

DECOR – babygirl sign – EPOCH / .ep. – Romance Me Gacha – – OH MY GACHA EVENT hedgehogs hogepodge – DARKENDSTARE – OH MY GACHA EVENT plushies puppies – ZOZ – puppy plush – OH MY GACHA EVENT plushies cats – TAMA – Monorail cats gacha – – OH MY GACHA EVENT What`s Left Collection – CLUSTERED – coffee and book, hanging shirt -pillows & frame -lamp/chair -wood pallet crate. (Skybox not shown – but you can see in gacha key pic).- OH MY GACHA EVENT NOVA – Cozy one room cabin (clean version – rustic version also available – see gacha key pic) – pallet wood table, shaving set (brushes), hanging light – OH MY GACHA EVENT sash – ANACHRON –  Inner Beauty Pagent Gacha – male & female versions available – OH MY GACHA EVENT wood bench – IONIC – Rural Bench wooden toys – SERENITY STYLE – Khyle Wooden Wheel Toys – OH MY GACHA EVENT Pretty Room Gacha – CANDY CRUNCHERS – bed, dresser, armoire, bookcase/shelves, decorative boxes , wall art  – OH MY GACHA EVENT kawaii owl gacha – NOVA – OH MY GACHA EVENT pink snowtoy – Les Sucreries – Little Lady Gacha- OH MY GACHA EVENT bunnie plushies – PRECIOUS ANGEL – fluffy angels – OH MY GACHA EVENT gray rug – silverleaves rug – STORAX TREE blue, tan rug/pillows – Florence well rugs & cushions – INVERSE macaroons & glass stand – KALOPSIA – macaroon & le dome

LPM INDIA LELUTKA AD LPM INDIA CATWA AD 1 Hundred. Soft Cardi Gacha AD MOoH! Heart backpacks MOoH! Lace wing backpacks pretty room gacha Serenity Style- Khyle Wheeled Wooden Toys 632f46b0efe38e1d8928a4d529f3197a



OMG-Oh My Gacha-Jan 2016 Round

anyBODY new logo


flickr button

taxi logo png


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Previously posted at All Breezy.

Though I don't normally blog Decor, I have decided to put together a post featuring some fabulous items that I've picked up.  

Azoury created Thing for this round of SaNaRae.  It's available in 6 colors.  Christmas Tales(Directly to the right of Thing) is available at Chapter 4.  You can have the table version, or there is also a larger floor model display.  

Decorate your place with delightful items this holiday season!! 

Click to Enlarge Photo

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Yuletide Christmas Houses, Decor & Booths

Previously posted at BamPu Legacies of SecondLife.

Whoville Whovier Booth & Decor by Bambi Chicque

Whoville Whovier Booth & Decor by Bambi Chicque

You can find all of these new Christmas items at

Yuletide Showcase Festival

through January 9, 2016!


Christmas Winter Dream Market

through December 26, 2015!

After the events, they will be available at

BamPu Legacies Main Shop!

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Whoville Crystal Booth by Bambi Chicque

Whoville Crystal Booth by Bambi Chicque


❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Whoville Blue Checkered Swirly Path by BamPu Legacies & BlueMoon Enterprise

Whoville Blue Checkered Swirly Path by BamPu Legacies & BlueMoon Enterprise

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Gingerbread Delight House by Bambi Chicque

Gingerbread Delight House by Bambi Chicque

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Father Christmas Booth by Bambi Chicque

Father Christmas Booth by Bambi Chicque

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Deck The Halls Christmas Booth by Bambi Chicque

Deck The Halls Christmas Booth by Bambi Chicque

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Crumpit Candy Booth by Bambi Chicque

Crumpit Candy Booth by Bambi Chicque

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Winter Reindeer Full Set by Bambi Chicque

Winter Reindeer Full Set by Bambi Chicque

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄

Yuletide Showcase Festival Poster by Bambi Chicque

“Yuletide Showcase Festival” Poster by Bambi Chicque

❄ ♢❄ ♢❄ ♢❄



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2015 1201 [MG] Christmas Decor

Previously posted at Clau’s Closet.

MG Christmas decor
MonkeyGirl New Releases
[MONKEYGirl]Panel Christmas tree Black (Clover Town)
[MG] Star collection  (Clover Town)
[MG]merry christmas! GIFT from Granpa Gacha (Winter Wonder Hunt)
[MG]Christmas tree(Red) prize (Winter Wonder Hunt)
[MG]Christmas tree(Green) prize (Winter Wonder Hunt)

— Outfit
[HD]Petphone (1)=Cat red= (The Arcade)
tram  E819 hair / amber (size40)
AMITOMO.warmest day gacha – Sweatshirt #8 M (KUSTOM9)

— Scene
[NO CONCEPT] snow crystal (Tannenbaum)
DRD MM sidetable darkbrown
Trompe Loeil – Le Fay Cottage
(fd) cats

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Trapped by Christmas Decór

Previously posted at Rudh’s Random Ramblings.

I’ve resisted the urge to do anything Christmassy, but now it’s December 1st and apparently in SL it’s getting VERY hard to avoid it LOL… Christmas fever seems to have taken over in SL just as much as it has in RL, and although I have held off as long as I can, today seems like a good day to just embrace the holiday season… Who knows what the festivities may bring!?!
I know at least that I won’t be with my RL family this Christmas, and so I plan on making things with my SL family feel just that bit more special. I will admit though that not being able to see my parents at this time of year always makes me a little depressed, and perhaps a little trapped?

Trapped like a snow imp in a Christmas Bauble by those meddling elves!
I fell in love with these baubles from {anc} – available now at Tannenbaum Holiday Market. First let me talk about the market, as it’s really cute and worth checking out… It’s basically what it says on the box, a shopping spree full of Christmas decor!! I bought a few things – some wreaths from Jian, a million Christmas baubles and even my tree, but it was in fact this particular bauble that drew me in! As soon as I saw these {anc} Glass Ornaments I HAD to have one, of course me being me I wanted the snow version which is a Rare but I have a secret weapon and she managed to find me one in trade for the rainy version!!! Thank you Secret Weapon!!!
The little snow imp – my character for the day – seems to have been trapped in the bauble for a while though, all that snow built up on her wings, and she’s lucky that there is so much hair in her Amoret Style – from Truth – to keep her a little warmer!
There, I’ve done it, I popped my Christmas 2015 Photo cherry LOL… Don’t expect too much pretty from me yet though, I have a feeling that I may be a little gloomy… Oh one more thing, does anyone want one of these baubles!?!

What is she wearing;
Horns: [CerberusXing] – Hundred Chain Horns in Plain + Black
Hair: TRUTH – Amoret  in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren in America 07
Wings: Tabou – Frosty Demon Wing
Tail: DirtyStories – DarkRose MonsterTail
Bauble: {anc} – Glass Ornament in Snow Rare (Available until December 25th at Tannenbaum Holiday Market)

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Cerri’s Booty, Park Place Home Decor and A Touch of Magic are at Winter Wonderland

Previously posted at Sarah’s fashion adventures.

Take a peek at this!



Outfit: Cerri’s Booty: Lana (shoes are included with this item)

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: Blue 3

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Bridge with trees and nutcrackers: A Touch of Magic: Wonderful

Seat: Park Place Home Decor: Rocking Chair


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We Love RP – Decor items

Previously posted at Livvys Boudoir.

We <3 Role-Play is a monthly shopping event catering mainly, but NOT solely, to role-players. It was the first and original monthly event on this scale and so far is the most successful one still.
We Love Roleplay,  November 4 – November 28

What I love about this event is that its so creative, it makes a person want to dress up, or decorate their land, like my case today,  but you can do so much with a little fun and imagination.  Lots of these items can be used in everyday themes.  Does not mean you have to be a role player.  If some of these items are part of your everyday life in SL then this is a great place to shop and have fun and see what you can do with your creative mind.  There is so much that could be taken from this event.  I love it.  I guess hence its name right.

Items Outside: 
22769 ~ [bauwerk] This is Where Miracles Happen (Paco Pooley)
*HEXtraordinary* Silver Scrying Bowl – Grey Weathered Stone (Corwin Lacourte)
!Musa! Puzzle Orb (Yabusaka Loon)
Meadow Works – Octopus Path Light 2 (Garvie Garzo)
[ zerkalo ] Rustic Dining Dark – Table – Adult (danielestro)
[ zerkalo ] Rustic Dining Light – Chair – Adult (danielestro)

Items inside:
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Round Rug (Paco Pooley)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Old Leather Armchair (Paco Pooley)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Ottoman Bench (Paco Pooley)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pavilion Drapes (Paco Pooley)
Meadow Works – Ye Olde Octopus Jar (Garvie Garzo)
Fiasco – Black Looking Glass Frame (ellissdi)
[LJ] Wilbur’s Shelf – Full (Tala Laval)

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# Look 101 and Home & Decor 11

Previously posted at Pea Blossom.

Happy Halloween! 
I got a cute outfit with some cute decors!

~ Outfit ~
Hair: Magika Gift!
Outfit: ::C’est la vie !::
Shoe: 2pm

~ Decor ~
Halloween Planks: Casita Gift! @Trunk or Treat
Ghost: <:*BoOgErS*:> Gift! @Trunk or Treat
Cauldron: :{Atomic}:
Ingredient Jar: :{Atomic}:
Phoenix: *MishMish* 
Jack-O-Lantern: {what next}

Thanks to: Aime and Peach 

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