★ Christmas decorations ★

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ChiMia:: Yule Fireplace @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
!Six o’clock! Leather Sofa @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
Tree Xmas With Menu Texture [email protected]Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
1 MI Pine Cone (1 LI) @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
8 MI Gift for Girls (2 LI) @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
9 MI Gift Boxes (3 LI) @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
Nordic Christmas – 07 gnome @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
Nordic Christmas – 01 wall decor RARE @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
[09] LAGOM – Snowdrop [Festive plant] @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
[10] LAGOM – Snowdrop [Plant] @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
[15e] LAGOM – Snowdrop [Christmas stars Silver] 4 @Cosmopolitan Event 5th – 17th Dec.
# Player Reward / MC.Holidays / Wall Decor Log Tree Light @The Arcade Dec.
#6 MC.Holidays / Nisse Hans / White @The Arcade Dec.
#9 MC.Holidays / Nisse Greta / White @The Arcade Dec.
#10 MC.Holidays / Pillow Set @The Arcade Dec.
#11 MC.Holidays / Christmas Star / White Small (pr.light) @The Arcade Dec.
Apt B // Simple Xmas Noel RARE
Apt B // Simple Xmas Joy Jars
Apt B // Simple Xmas Stars
Apt B // Simple Xmas Joy Board
Apt B // Simple Xmas Moose
Apt B // Simple Xmas Socks
Apt B // Simple Xmas Chair
Kalopsia – Antique Book Stack
C L A Vv. Book + Glasses
Fancy Decor: Mini House 3
Fancy Decor: Sun-bleached Rug


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          It is the last few days of the November round of Mesh Body Addicts. If you still have a few items you want, make sure to go soon. It ends November 30th. I am wearing the dress from Asteria that is at the event. The corset back of this dress is amazing and the satin textures are gorgeous. My hair that is long and still shows my sexy back is new by Wasabi Pills at the current round of Uber.  Finally my backward facing pose that makes it all possible is new by Nantra at Ultra.

        In my scene, you can see the Christmas tree that Hiram and I decorated last night. We went to Tannenbaum and got the Botanical tree and a bunch of gacha ornaments. It was a lot of fun! You should definitely make plans to make your own tree this year.

         I only have one request. If you are making gacha ornaments, please make them modify so we can link them and save prims. A few of my ornaments were not modify and I did not realize until after we trimmed the tree. I had to go through them one by one to figure it out. When I finally located all the non-modify ornaments and linked the others, I cut the land impact in half. It went from 100 to 48 and really that is the only way making a custom tree makes any sense. So please designers, modify is a  must with Christmas ornament gacha items.

Mesh Body Addicts November blogged on Kirstentacular: 
Valentina E and ILLI
WoW Skins, Carol G, Kaithleen’s, and Ascend
DE Designs
Neve, KC Couture, Apple May Designs

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marisol Mesh Hair @ uber
Dress: Asteria “Lia”[Maitreya] Dress – Red @ Mesh Body Addicts
Head: CATWA  Destiny
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Pose: Nantra Don’t Look Back 3M @ Ultra

Love, Kirsten Corleone