Mr. X and Lily of Hollowdell – *NEW* !!SMD!! /White Armory and Emo-tions

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Mr. X… tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us or it will give us joy…I am a feather in the wind. To me you feel like a promise, an escape, a coming home….Tell me about the dream where we bath in an azure sea and slowly dress in soft silk red and gold and dance on a soft silken carpet before we fall into each other’s arms and into a dreamless sleep…. do you remember?

You and I Mr. X we are not like a tree where roots have to end somewhere, we are like a tremulous melody that wavers on the wind… floating to the next adventure… as we wend our way through the currents of life… I  think of  you as a temple… with strong walls and sharp angles like your wit.  Think of me when you smell sandalwood incense at midnight and know I am near.

I love this new gown by !!SMD!! that reminds me of a combination of gown and sari with its wide silk trim skirt and tiered  artfully belted overskirt and short paisley patterned vest that reminds me of the wood block prints of Moghul India… wearing Lily of Hollowdell  you are fit for a Sultan! Lily of Hollowdell  is compatible with mesh bodies, I am wearing my Maitreya Lara body with it!

I have paired Lily of Hollowdell  with the fabulous new hair by Emo-tions called Stella.  I love the long braid that is embellished with leather and the soft  tendrils that wisp around my face.  The hair is made for busty or not busty avatars so you don’t have to go through tons of adjustments!  Stella comes with special appliers for Catwa and Lelutka (worn) mesh heads as well as appliers for classic heads. Many color hud options are available. I think that Stella is really great for many types of looks in particular, medieval and roleplay.

Wearing: Gown – !!SMD!! – Lily of Hollowdell

Hair – Emo-tions – Stella – Blonde Hud – *new* @ Cosmopolitan

And then every morning I open the closet of emotions and always choose the same dress. Your skin

By – Ɣour Ƨtɣlє Ɯaɲtєd. Visit And then every morning I open the closet of emotions and always choose the same dress. Your skin for original post.

Hair: Y-U: MARCO Y-U: YUTH Mainstore
Head: CATWA HEAD Jackson @ Catwa Clip
Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG Vitiligo tattoo @ THIS IS WRONG Mainstore

The Vision …Mr X – Virtual Diva Couture, Park Place & Circa @ Swank + Emo-tions & Jumo

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Recently, I bought the cutest house to play in… it has been Years since  I bought a house… I haven’t gotten rid of my old and favorite house (and never will)… it is far too beautiful and well done by my dear friend Satir DeCuir. ( for the curious. For those really curious, feel free to visit my sim to see it and the pool… you won’t be sorry!  My new house is more of a romantic cottage… a wonderful place to spend time sorting inventory and unwinding… and dreaming of Mr. X.  The new house is by Pamela Galli.

I found a black classic leather chaise with ao’s for her, him and couples at Swank by Park Place along with a white pine accent table with country french styled legs.  I placed a SpitzMiller gourd shaped red lamp on it. The lamp casts a soft  “light” –can’t you picture yourself curled up with a good book (yes the paper kind) and almost nodding off for a snooze at dusk?  Park place also offers a selection of low prim plants, matching rugs and a lovely heart wall hanging that is perfect for February. This also comes with a shag diamond black and grey matching area rug.  The table is also available in walnut.

A second set (Kiss Me) to be found @ Swank by [Circa] includes a modernist set of couches shaped like giant lips in red and black that come loaded with ao’s for couples and singles as well as “kissing benches” and a modernist bombay shaped table with an oriental floral arrangement, a book and vase. The set is completed with a series of abstract patterned red and black rugs, a choice of red and black curtains and a trendy wall sculpture… “to the moon and back”… in red and silver that helps to meld all the colors of this set together.

I love the cute goth influenced black velvet dress I found at Swank called Vision by Virtual Diva Couture.  The off the shoulder look and the wide belt at the waistline with it’s distinctive cross makes Vision stylishly dark! The dress is made for mesh bodies.

Vision comes with gorgeous  triangular shaped beaded drop earrings in onyx, pearl and turquoise. I couldn’t resist wearing the new Thunderbird Necklace called Taipa by Emo-tions (there are other pieces that come with it as well).  I love the story of the Thunderbird, a Native American legend that has been recorded for centuries. The name Thunderbird comes from the common belief that the beating of its powerful wings causes thunder and stirs the  wind.

Swank Exclusives

Dress : Vision by Virtual Diva Couture

Set # 1 – Park Place – Black Leather Chaise (6 prims),  Accent Table  (1), Table Lamp red (2 prims), leafy green table plant (1 prim) and Heart Garlande (4 prims), Shag Diamon area rug (1 prim)

Set # 2 [Circa] – Kiss Me Ottoman (2 prims), Kiss Me Sofa (5 Prims), Kiss me side cabinet (7 prims), Free Love Rug (1 prim), to the Moon and Back (4 prims)

Necklace: Emo-tions – Taipa

Hair – Emo-tions – Lynette – Blonde Hud

Lips – Jumo – Bronx

Mr. X and Melanie *new* Wicca’s Wardrobe and Emo-tions

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The tartan, a traditional woollen fabric woven in checkered or striped (plaid) patterns, is a symbol of Scotland’s highland heritage and, even if you are not Scottish and want to celebrate “National” Tartan Day (marking the signing of Scotland’s declaration of independence, circa 1320) then check out the cute new strappy dress by Wicca’s Wardrobe called Melanie@ On9 Feb. I have paired it with Lenka by Emo-tions also an exclusive @ On9

Best of all, tartan is the stand out motif of the season so if you want to add a Scottish touch to your wardrobe and be on the cutting edge of fashion then this mini with its cute straps is a must have.  And these tartans come in some of the hottest spring colors to date: green, yellow and orange.  There is also a classic “dark” tartan in black and grey.

Melanie also comes in a design with strawberries or hearts giving a nod to a more geometric pattern. Whatever you choose the dresses have the sharp belting around the waistline and the cute leather collar that pulls it all together. This dress is made for all mesh bodies. I have paired Melanie with the new hair from Emo-tions called Lenka — It is a fashionable braided long bob cut that can be worn so many ways. It also comes with appliers for regular and mesh lelutka and catwa mesh heads.

Wearing Exclusives from ON9 
Event LM
Dress -Wicca’s Wardrobe – Melanie in Green, Orange and Strawberry
Hair- Emo-tions Lenka from ON9 blonde and red huds

Mr. X and Rosa – NEW Ghee and New Emo-tions

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Rosa – NEW Ghee and New Emo-tions for original post.

Women learn to flirt at a certain age… and some of us never stop … flirting!  As we get older– flirting only gets better… more creative… sensual but never overt.

Mr. X tells me I am a terrible flirt with him… the way I touch him when I speak to him.. the inflection in my voice… the way I look at  him and the way I look.  And, thanks to Ghee, I have found the new Rosa dress and Pointy Thigh  hi boots — a new spring exclusive.  I also found a  new exclusive hair by Emo-tions called  Lynette that is uber cute!

Rosa by Ghee is made for regular mesh bodies as well as for Slink, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Lara (worn), physique and venus.  It comes in  ten gorgeous shades from pale pink to orange, peach black and green shades — all of which are trending for the spring season color tones. Rosa has a lovely floral pattern that adds elegance to the graceful drape of this look. This asymmetrical dress that floats  seamlessly and  gracefully  is softly romantic  and adds an element of  coquettishness… Mr. X likes that!

Matching  thigh high spike heeled boots are sold separately and match Rosa and they really complete the look and are a must have.  The boots are made for slink and maitreya (worn) mesh high feet.  The hud that is included with the boots matches each color of  Rosa.

I have paired Rosa with the new hair by  Emo-tions called Lynette that is an exclusive at Hairology through the 28th. This is an updated classic tapered bob that is all the rage.  I love the multi dimensional tones in the hair and the fact that hair bases are made for catwa and letuka (worn) mesh heads as well as hair bases for classic avatars. A tapered short bob is always sexy and versatile… and yes, really in style.


Ghee – Pointy Ghee Thigh Hi Boots
Dress – Rosa in Porcelain, Dogwood and Yarrow

Hair – Emo-tions – Exclusive @ Hairology

Necklace & Earrings – Moondance  Swank Exclusive SWANK LM

Sim –