Mr. X and Indira… *NEW* !!SMD!! and Emo-tions- Rebecca

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I told the prince that like the ancient queen of Babylon he must build me a magic garden with tiers of flowers in the brightest colors to dance before my eyes –floating books and butterflies… lotus flowers and lanterns in the air that sway gently in the breeze… whose beauty will be known and admired… as much as our love.

Much like King Nebuchadnezzar who recreated the homeland of his precious wife Amyitis, who was deeply depressed and homesick,  the garden the king built for her allowed her to find comfort and happiness. My prince made a magical garden of light…because he delights in spoiling my every whim… and I have lots of those….!

I am wearing the most beautiful gown by !!SMD!! called Indira’s Light Gown… it is a must have with its empire waist and absolutely stunning floral transparent overlay skirt trimmed in delicate pink silk brought in from the finest silk merchants of Persia. The  empire waist  flatters and the flexi prims at each arm adds a touch of romance.

To complete the look of  this elegant gown there is a finely wrought necklace of coral and  a coral belt at the high empire waistline that comes with the gown.  I think that Aphrodite herself would have been delighted to wear these beautiful pieces of jewelry.  I am also wearing the *new* hair from Emo-tions called Rebecca…it is perfect for this gown with its long luxurious flowing tresses set off by a perfect braid.

Indira’s Light Gown

Hair – Emo-tions – Rebecca Hair

Sim –

Mr. X and Summer Dreams…[Aleutia], Aphrodite Heart Homes, Emo-tions

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Summer Dreams…[Aleutia], Aphrodite Heart Homes, Emo-tions for original post.

I asked Mr. X, so what’s wrong with summer  daydreams… he admitted nothing that he knew of… and what better than a romantic picnic on the beach for two as designed for Aphrodite at Heart Homes. Just look at the detail in this… right down to the romantic shell shaped flower strewn place settings, candles, flowers and yes, wine by Aphrodite of course… red and white! I have paired this with great new crop pants and shoes by [Aleutia] and hair by Emo-tions and a boho top by Pink Pearl.

This beach picnic is a set for two although it can accommodate  up to four people. There is also a friends set that can accommodate up to eight people.  The beach set is super comfy because it comes with plenty of pillows and blankets in complementary mix and match patterns. The table decorations can be moved around (even though they are placed perfectly) and all of the items are copy.

And there are three types of poses for couples including tasties where you can feed  each other chocolate or strawberries and drink champagne or wine.  There are also two dances and 30 cuddle time poses.  In addition to this there are  13 poses for singles and eight dining poses!

You can also use the Experiences feature that comes with this set if your land allows it. If you have the newest Firestorm or Linden Lab viewer, you find the feature under “About Land” -> Experiences.  Press “Add”, then enter “Avsitter”.. it shows you the Avsitter (that’s the pose engine this set works with), made by Code Violet. Press OK to add it in the Land Experiences

And, I found the purrfect thing to wear to this beach party… the new Violet leggings from [Aleutia] that is an exclusive at TLC along with the new hair by Emo-tions also an exclusive @ TLC called Windblown.  I could not resist wearing the matching sandals also by [Aleutia] called Fleur Heels that are an exclusive @ Swank.

The “Violet” leggings from [Aleutia] are delightfully adorable and an absolute essential for your wardrobe! Just in time for Spring, these leggings come with the signature [Aleutia] HUD, featuring 30 of the season’s top trending tones, perfect for any mix and match you may want to do.

Tailored to hug those beautiful curves, these leggings offer a sleek silhouette that gives all of the right places that perfect curve while boasting a sweet cutout of a stylized violet for that flirty bit of fun. Grab a pair of these and start your own daydream of summer.  These are a  100% Original Mesh. Exclusive Maitreya Design. The top shown below is called Karma by [Aleutia] and is available at the main shop or  on MP.

Set – Beach Picnic for Two (also available for Friends) – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – ON9 Exclusive

Outfit – [Aleutia] Violet Leggings – The Liaison Collective Exclusive (thru 3/31)

Shoes [Aleutia] – Fleur – Exclusive @ Swank

Purple Top – Karma [Aleutia]

Hair – Emo-tions – Windblown – Browns – Exclusive @ The Liaison Collective

Necklace – Emo-tions -Taipa –

Top – One in a Million – Pink Pearl

Mr. X Evoking – the Golden Age of Hollywood @ Swank! GW, Vips Creation, !Lyrical B!zzare and Emotions

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X Evoking – the Golden Age of Hollywood @ Swank! GW, Vips Creation, !Lyrical B!zzare and Emotions for original post.

I told Mr. X there is something so opulently ravishing about red and gold… I like Rococo!  And, this splendid gilded couch is a beauty ~GW~  called Rococo sofa Red.  It  has a lavish gold finish, symmetrical scrolls and curved French styled legs.  The trees, flowers in a vase and chandelier  by ~GW~   is also available @ swank.   All are   fit for a palace… or formal room although I have placed it on my outdoor deck… to make it more interesting and opulent — naturally !

The couch is finished with tufted velvet red upholstery and is embellished with roses and comes with a variety of poses  for men and women.  Best of all, you can copy it to your heart’s delight.  All the pieces shown are available @ March Swank that ends March 31.

The Rococo style was born in France in 1715 with the death of Louis XIV when furniture design became looser than the furniture designed during the strict, formal and austere Baroque era. Rococo was seen as optimistic, light, feminine and exuberant with it’s shell, plant and flower motifs.   Rococo furniture was replaced by Neo-Classic furniture with the exploration of Egypt in the 1820s.  By the 1840s the fluid lines of Rococo became popular again in the revival style and became one of the dominant furniture designs of the Victorian era that lasted well into the 1870s.

Because I was feeling utterly “rococo” I decided to include this splendid golden gown by [Vips Creations] it’s sequins gleam and glitter  making this gown stunning!  It compliments your unique shape in all the right places and is made for all mesh bodies. Best of all, it is also available at the March Swank event… and it will make you feel like a Hollywood Star.

This gown by  [Vips Creations]   is superbly couture — especially because the back of this gown has a deep long low V cut to the waistline with shimmering satin finish straps that match the sweet and sexy bow perfectly — it  is sure to put you on the “best dressed list” around the grid.

I have paired this gorgeous gown with the *new* release by !Lyrical B!zarre called Asema Necklace, armlets, bracelets and  a belt.   I love the finely wrought onyx disks inlaid with tribal gold and silver designs and artfully strung together on 24 Kt. gold handmade  link chains.  The hair is a new  design  by Emo-tions called Janne – it is a go to hair.

Furniture – Exclusives @ Swank  – Set [GW] – rococo red sofa, chandelier, red roses in vase
Gown – [Vips Creations] Female Gown
Jewelry – !Lyrical B!zzare Asema

!Lyrical B!zzare

Hair – Emo-tions  Janne

Mr. X and Zaria – *new* Azul and Emo-tions Lynette

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The Hourglass Is Always Half-Full. But, I told Mr. X that  my heart is  totally full when wearing this sophisticated new cocktail dress by Azul called Zaria.. it has a retro vibe look with its high empire waist and streamlined skirt — look at the way the silk ripples…. and oh yes, puff sleeves tight at the wrist and that magnificent silver rose necklace that  cascades like a waterfall  and is set against an artful floral black lace bodice  — who could ask for more…

Mr. X informed me that thousands of years ago, mathematicians came up with the golden ratio. Artists (see da Vinci) and architects (see Ancient Egyptians) adopted this perfect ratio and modeled aesthetics after it. At a roughly 2/3rd to 1/3rd proportion it yielded undeniable results…Harmony —– Intrigue —–A certain je ne sais quoi. Zaria has all these qualities and is a must have!

Whether you are inexplicably lanky or naturally un-lanky, this beautiful high waisted dress called Zaria by Azul is an instant classic.  It was designed to stun. Mr. X  checked the math (as always) …it does!

Dress – Azul – Zaria – Ruby (comes in many different colors)
Hair – Emo-tions – Lynette – Blonde

Mr. X and Rosemary – *New Wicca’s Wardrobe, Emo-tions and Altamura

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Rosemary – *New Wicca’s Wardrobe, Emo-tions and Altamura for original post.

Mr. X, sometimes it is fun to look like the coolest girl on the grid… and in this sweet scoop neckline two textured mini dress called Rosemary by Wicca’s Wardrobe with its criss crossing straps and faded denim accented with sweet retro pink flowers it is easy to do just that!

Rosemary is an exclusive at ON9 and is made for mesh and classic mesh bodies and comes in a variety of options from knitted, stripes and camo to retro and pink flowers — I love the way the patterned textures accent the stylish faded denim. I have paired Rosemary with the new exclusive hair also at ON9 by Emo-tions called Stars — it is such fun hair to wear with its somewhat unruly braids and goggles giving it an updated steam punk look !

I am also wearing the new Bento Head called Monique, and exclusive at Skin Fair along with Grace eyeshadow and the Sophia body by Altamura.  Just out today are the bento head piercings for Monique. On my Lip is the new unisex group gift from Altamura for March, the bracelet was a prior group gift.

Shoes – Harriet Booties – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Dress -Rosemary – Camo and Retro Flowers – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Hair – Stars- Emo-tions

Head Bento Monique, Sophia Body- Altamura
Piercings Monique Bento Piercing- Altamura
Lip Piercing – March Group Gift- Altamura
Skin Fair

Mr. X and Dora *new* Ghee & Emo-tions

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Dora *new* Ghee & Emo-tions for original post.

Togata is a public garden perfect for quiet contemplation… and Dora the new dress by Ghee that is a feature @ Designer Showcase is perfect for a garden meander… because to me it is an instant classic. And, I see the Goddess Bastet…  the Egyptian  Goddess of  Cats….what could be better than that MEOW! This  wrap around makes me feel  sexy!

Bastet, like Mr. X thinks that  Dora is the “cat’s meow” because it is a modern take on a fab classic  wrap dress that is  synonymous with a Connecticut girl like me, Diane Von Furstenberg.

The origin of the dress dates to the 1930s Mr. X loves that  when designer Charles James took the fashion world by storm with  dresses — at that time that verged on Obscene !  Oh La La.  The original concept of this dress was a sheath that “spiraled” around the body clasped @ the waist…  Ghee updates it with a  lavish bow that has a color changing hud.

Dora by Ghee comes with fab  wedge sandals with a color changing hud that matches this classic dress…  Von Furstenberg noted, “I made easy little dresses.. not  necessarily a silhouette  she perfected it and so has Ghee… with this collared  mid sleeve dress that wraps around your  torso… Proper and yet — seductive. Mr. X is on his knees and I  like that !

Dora Dress and Strapped Wedges for Maitreya  Exclusive @ Designer Showcase

Hair – Emo-tions – Mirella – Blonde Hud

Garden Sim