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Second Life blogging quality versus quantity: Will you dare to be epic?

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As someone that has been blogging SL fashion since 2008, I found this article a good capture of all the changes that have taken place since then.
When I first started out, blogging was less complicated. I shopped, styled and shared with my readers. I had relationships with a few stores and even served as a tester for products before they were released. Designers created for sale in their stores; the plethora of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly sales events was not prevalent. Participation is such events were almost exclusive to certain designers or types of designers.
Now, stores are in a multitude of events. Every day, they are adding something new (or not so new) to these shopping events (far too many in my opinion!).Their production of product has seemed to quadruple in some cases. Variety for consumer, yes! Headache for the blogger, yes!
Luckily, I have a small group of designers that I work with and feature on my blog. I love and support them all. With several of them, I have had long-standing relationships that will continue long past the days I may blog for them. However, I understand (and see) the pressure that new bloggers face. Some of that pressure has even crept up on an old head like me (esp. with Flickr, ugh). And I don’t like that.
Any SL blogger, esp. fashion related, can find some interesting points to take away from this article. Another must read!

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In my blog post about driving more traffic to your archived content, I told you I’d be helping you stay organised with an editorial calendar. Well, for this post I’ve decided to change tack a little: I won’t be laying down specific recommendations about how frequent or how regular you should publish, because frankly, there is much more to the story – and it’s a story that strikes at the heart of what kind of blogger you choose to be. Before you can decide on what kind of posting schedule is right for you, you have to decide if you will be a blogger that prioritises quality or quantity.

First, let’s talk about blog post quantity

Should you post once or twice per day? Three times a week? Twice? Once a week? Less often than that?

Many Second Life bloggers wrestle with this question daily. Some I’ve spoken to tell…

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@605@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring !(HR 3.0 – HighRize)! Epic Body Harness

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Epic Body Harnessv

Cherish is wearing:
!(HR 3.0)! Epic Body Harness (Lime)
!(HR 3.0)! Epic Body Harness (Purple)
!(HR 3.0)! Epic Body Harness (Black)
“LoQ Hair” BerryJuice (LeftSided) FatPack
R.icielli – GEM WINGS Earrings
UNISEX[MANDALA]TAIGA_Necklace_set_All colors
KuRe Kreations. – Kitty Pasties 2

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# Mili # Special Edition – My stall at Epic Gacha

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I just finished adding more stuff from the Arcade to my stall at Epic Gacha.You’ll find the same gacha prices. Who wants to check it out and other there, just grab the landmark here 😉 Ty

Fantasy Faire: Vallacia sponsored by Epic Toys

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Vallacia is sponsored by Epic Toys and was created by Mayah Parx. It contains 18 stores. Before the faire began, Sonya Marmurek interviewed the creators about

A floating market town, a bustling trade hub where denizens of the Fairelands come to trade for even the most obscure of items. Dark & weatherbeaten, all matter of constructions crisscross the waters to keep this hodgepodge of shacks,stalls and barges afloat. Magical mysteries abound in this haven for traders and thieves alike.

Vallacia 2

I’ve not seen something like Vallacia in the Fairlands before – a build set on rickety piers of varying widths, stores held together with scraps of wood and showing bizarre lights in their upper windows, bits of cloth flapping despondently in the wind, and everywhere – boats. It was fiendishly difficult to photograph, all sharp inconvenient angles and offset windows with the odd ill-placed reflection to add insult to injury, Challenging to light, too; all odd shades of brown, red, and yellow stack atop each other like disjointed fragments of dreams somehow come into being. Even the smoke was eerie – plumes of purple and blue escaping the residence but little farther.

Vallacia 9

I found my solace in small places; in the minutia which really sets a sim apart. Windows show odd colors through thick panes of glass, and here and there stained glass beckons the attention. Now and then the pier arches upwards to let ships sail under it, the effect at once unsettling and fascinating. Walking up and over, I found myself entirely transfixed by the experience – it seemed at once realistic and utterly surreal. I fell in love with the mix of buildings – some tattered together bits of flotsam and jetsam while others were clearly refurbished gates or factories – and once even a crumbling castle ruin. By the time I was halfway through the sim I’d fallen into the drink more times than I could count!

Vallacia 16

And then there are the boats – the boats! Like the buildings offer up a jumble of space, so do the boats offer spots for stores at the Fantasy Faire. One of my favorite effects was the enormous flat-bottomed boat built out with corrugated steel to make a floating store. Most are the distinctive style of Chinese ships, called Junks, with many horizontal slats called battens. Both sides of the sail is controlled by lines, which means that Junks are far more maneuverable than ships with European style sails. The distinctive shape caught my imagination – I’d never heard of Junks before I looked them up, inspired by this amazing sim. I also really appreciate how multicultural it is; in a Fairlands so often drawing from Europe, it is a lovely thing to turn left and end up in China!

Vallacia 12

( More pictures here. )


Light Settings: TOR, SUNRISE Canyon dreams
Water Settings: Phototools, Chandra Sea

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

FF: An Epic Tale

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This time when they looked about themselves Lily and Ayla discovered they were in a large city with impressive stone buildings that seemed to spread as far as they could see. There was the usual bustle of stalls , markets and entertainers lining the streets . People seemed happy and while busy they did not look to be rushing or concerned, in fact everywhere they turned they saw smiling faces. Ayla inquired at one of the stalls for a book about the city and was soon waved towards a large columned building at the center of the city.

Lily gasped upon seeing rows and rows of shelves all lined with books, and Ayla searched for someone to ask since she feared to browse the shelves alone could take some time. Ayla found a gentleman who was kind enough to find a small book with maps and details of the surrounding area. As she went to pay for it he refused her coins and asked that they seek out the ladies on the upper floor.  Curious as to why Ayla hesitated,  the man pointed to the satchel upon Lily’s shoulder, ” See here, this design upon there, ’tis one seldom seen around here, yet one of the ladies knows it well – she would be sure to wish to speak of it with you” he ushered them towards the stone stairs at the back of the building.

Ayla led the way with Lily just behind her, several flights of stairs later and the pair arrived at the upper level which overlooked the city. Three women stood together deep in conversation, which although heated looked friendly enough. When the lady closest to the stairs noticed their arrival she paused and closed her book, motioning to her companions as she did. After a brief greeting in which Ayla and Lily explained how they came to be appearing unannounced before them,  they then did their best to answer the questions of their travels.

Odyssey, collage

Appearing satisfied with their new knowledge the women smiled and nodded before leaning together and conversing in a quiet tone. The lady dressed in white turned and went to a low table in the shadows of a column, she returned and placed into Lily’s hands a slender leather folder. ” A gift for you” she explained as Lily smoothed her fingers over the fine leather engraved with the same design as upon her satchel, how curious she thought to herself. Opening the folder Lily discovered a feather pen and a small pile of parchment paper, she smiled and thanked the ladies for their kindness. The lady dressed in red moved alongside Ayla and admired the book the man had given her, she commented quietly on the unique nature of this volume as it will show you the maps and details for whichever location you are in at the time. Meanwhile the youngest of the ladies, who appeared not much older than Lily spoke to her softly, ” This writing set is an enchanted one, not for everyday , but you will know when best to use it”.

Noticing that the afternoon was passing by Ayla suggested to Lily that they should leave to arrive at the next city before night.  Thanking the trio of ladies once more for their gifts and well wishes,  Lily and Ayla made their farewells and left . The adventurers returned to the street and Ayla consulted her new book, tracing her finger along a bold line that led from the city of Odyssey to it’s neighbor Aurora . Lily was glad that they had set out before late afternoon for as their route winded up gradually steeper roads she was able to turn back to the city of Odyssey and still make out the building at the center, and – she was sure- she could see the three ladies still standing there .

Details are written below, left to right, with items from Fantasy Faire marked with #.

Location of photo:

Skin: Cassia – Exotic – 02 B, -Glam Affair
Hair:Jasmine Mesh Hair – Ember, /Wasabi Pills/ #
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing:Calypso passion, [FAIDA] #
Accessories: Mesh Fathom Faceplate, A&A #
Spell Book, Closed (Black) -CBOX, [The Forge] ( past gacha event item)
Shoes: Le Ballet Flats – Beige for Maitreya, Pure Poison
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Pose: from Bounce This Poses
Skin: December skin – America 01 C, -Glam Affair –
Hair: sola, AD ( includes optional headpiece)#
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing: Suriya – Fern, ::B&C::#
Accessories: Rebirth Set – Hope, NSP ( includes mask, shoulder decor and arm pieces)#
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Pose: Bounce This Poses
Skin: accidentally deleted my note on which skin but it is and Aisa tone from Glam Affair
Hair: Petula, AD#
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing: Tavern Maid Maggie Blue, Gypsy Wolf#
Accessories: book was a random one collected in my inventory
Pose: Bounce This Poses

__•[ So Epic ]•__

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[VM]  VERO MODERO Jade Outfit Army Green [new] >>AQUÍ

Epic Gifties

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I have some great group gifts for you today from Epic as well as how you can get yourself some free store credit!

My first outfit features the Ice Cream Sweater Dress and the Sparkle Crown which you can pick up from the front of the store when wearing your Epic VIP Group tag.  There are heaps of other group gift items to choose from!

My second outfit also has a group gift item, the Melty Bodysuit, but I also picked up a pair of thigh-high socks that came in a pack of four colours – FREE!  All you have to do is LIKE the Epic Facebook page, join the We LIKE Epic group in world and then just follow the posts on Facebook to wait for when the next round of free store credit is announced. While I was picking up my group gifts I touched the gift boxes at the front of the store (the ones with floating text advertising store credit redemption) and I picked up L$ 500 in free store credit.  Can’t go wrong with that.

Look #1
Skin:  Glam Affair – Sia Skin *Leaf on the Wind*
Hair:  MINA – Vera (mesh)  *Chapter 4*
Eyes:  IKON – Destiny Eyes – Evening
Crown:  *Epic* – Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown  (mesh)  *VIP Group Gift*
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1  (mesh)
Feet:  SLink – Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged  (mesh)
Manicure:  Flair – Nail Hud Add On – Slink Avatar Enhancement – Set 111  *Leaf on the Wind*
Sweater:  *Epic* – Ice Cream Sweater Dress (mesh)  *VIP Group Gift*
Tights:  *Epic* – T.C. Mesh Melty Leggings (mesh)  *New Release*
Shoes:  *Epic* – Ice Cream Dorothy Gales (mesh)  *New Release*
Pose:  oOo Studio – inked_two

Look #2
Skin:  Glam Affair – Sia Skin *Leaf on the Wind*
Hair:  Magika – Stay (mesh)
Eyes:  IKON – Destiny Eyes – Evening
Necklace:  Wimey – Elastic Heart Necklace (mesh)  *The Dressing Room*
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1  (mesh)
Feet:  SLink – Womens Natural Barefeet Rigged  (mesh)
Breasts:  Lolas – Tango Delicq  (mesh)
Ass:  ** – Cute Azz  (mesh)
Mani/Pedi:  Adore & Abhor – Princess Drips
Body Suit:  *Epic* – The Cotton Candy Melty Body Suit  *VIP Group Gift*
Socks:  *Epic* – [Slink] Thigh-High Toeless Socks
Pose:  GLITTERATI – Cute – 2

It’s An Epic Facebook Offer!

*Epic* Facebook-PROMO

I came across an EPIC ad that I thought you all might be interested in seeing :)  This info is copy/pasted straight from their FB page:

:Like Us + Join Us = Free Store Credit for everyone! That’s right, like us on Facebook, then join the We LIKE Epic group in-world (It’s FREE), and get 1L in store credit for EVERY LIKE! The next store credit present will be awarded sometime next month in February! (The group will be CLOSED when gifts & store credit presents are available.) A group joiner is also available in the main store lobby. HAPPY NEW YEAR! \o/

Epic’s Like Page:
We LIKE Epic: secondlife:///app/group/c0225e8a-884d-f99b-7f2d-73f2368feb1a/about

Love Name Card

*Epic* Last Releases

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 J a c k e t  >> *Epic* .T.C. Ice Cream Ski Vest & Hoodie!                 n e w @ FROST
L e g g i n g  >>  *Epic* .T.C. Mesh Melty Leggings!                   n e w @ FROST

d r e s s  >>  *Epic* Snowflake Princess T.C Mini Dress                     n e w @ Winter Trend

o u t f i t  >>  *Epic* Snowflake Aristocrat Coat Dress                 n e w @  Lubbly Jubblies!