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[CerberusXing] [CX] Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Silver) RARE @ The Epiphany. (By Kamayari)
*MUKA* Freyja – Dark RARE @ The Epiphany. (TY! Muka Release)
C L A Vv. Gatotkaca – Metalic Wide Wings RARE @ The Epiphany. ( By ThePierrot)

Okinawa Summer Festival , Gacha Garden , Mix , Epiphany

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hair : [INK] Hair___AUDREY ::Ash @Hair Fair July
makeup : [KiiKO] O-fero face make up @Okinawa Summer Festival
lip : [KiiKO] Lip 04 -peach(t) @Okinawa Summer Festival

outfit : *_M.birdie Story_* Summer Luv_luv look 5 @Okinawa Summer Festival
glasses : AMERIE -Strawberry Glass @Gacha Garden

bracelet : AMERIE – Fruit Bangle/Flip flop(Seed of Inspiration) @Gacha Garden

sandal : AMERIE – Fruit Bangle/Flip flop(Seed of Inspiration) @Gacha Garden

drink : REIGN.- Summer Lovin Tumbler #26 @Epiphany
pose : {Imeka} Sits 04 – Pose 5 @Mix
radio : [Toiz] ocean hawaii radio @Gacha Garden

The Mermaid Epiphany

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Today is all about an Epiphany… Not just any epiphany… THE Epiphany… 
If you haven’t heard, there is a new type of gacha event in town, and although it is as addictive as the various other events, this one has a bit of a twist… This time, you’re able to trade in any unwanted items to earn points for special exclusives… I LOVED this idea, when I went to the event there were a few sets I HAD to have, so that meant I had plenty of things I could trade in… I was so excited, and OK I spent a fortune but the goodies were so worth it, and I have no need to worry about how to get rid of the things I don’t want too YAY!!! 
One of the stores that has items available at the event is a fairly new-ish store called lunaBeam… The items from this store had me re-living childhood dreams… This time I was actually able to do something about them hehe… 

When I was little, and usually on a holiday with my parents, I had a dream of being a mermaid… Not just any mermaid, THE Mermaid, the one that Disney made famous lol… I wanted to be Ariel so much that sometimes when we were on holiday my sister and I would have fights about who was going to play Ariel LOL – the things you fight about when you’re 7 or 8 LOL – but now, thanks to lunaBeam, I can re-live that childhood dream and play at being Ariel on the beach here in SL hehe… 
These sets are brilliant, at The Epiphany, you can win bikinis, hair accessories and flippers to match the colours of ALL of Ariel’s sisters, with the rare items being those to match Ariel herself. Of course, I wasn’t going to take being any of the other mermaids, I HAD to be Ariel, but I needed a companion… In the gacha you can also win rubber rings that are coloured to look like Sebastian and Flounder – BUT I chose this opportunity to go and grab myself another one of the awesome models from Characteristics!!! 
Anyway, as well as the awesome mermaid based items, at The Epiphany there is a special area in which designers have placed items that you can trade unwanted goods in for something awesome… So that you’re aware, it’s 25 points needed to trade in and you get one point per item or three points if the item is a rare! 
The trade-in item from lunaBeam is brilliant… Similar in style to the mermaid items but if you choose to trade-in for this set you get an URSULA themed set. Bikini – with sea witch tentacles – hair accessory coral and shell necklace, you too can be the wicked witch of the sea… Of course as Ariel was up playing on the beach I had to let Ursula play too, and she’s been accessorising with fish bones today hehe… One in her !Ohmai hair – a donation of 30% of the sale of this style goes to help raise money for Wigs for Kids – and one in her special Skellyfish Balloon – from Half-Deer that can be yours for free if you hunt at Origami

Question for you now is, which of the Little Mermaid’s sisters will you be? 

What is she wearing;
Hair: ARGRACE – Akane in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Wounds: Utopiah – Excessive Pain Makeup 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison – Wounded Piercing 
Outfit (Including Bikini, Flippers, Necklace & Hair Accessory): LunaBeam – Ariella Gacha Items (Available Now at The Epiphany
Hair with Fish Bones: !Ohmai Salon – Omakase in DrkReds (Available Now for Hair Fair 2015
Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Wounds: Utopiah – Excessive Pain Makeup 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison – Wounded Piercing 
Outfit (Including Bikini, Flippers, Necklace & Hair Accessory): LunaBeam – Ursula Pack (Available Now as The Epiphany Gacha Trade-In Item) 
Balloon: Half-Deer – Skellyfish Balloon (Available Now at Origami
Ariel Pose: Signature Pose – Scott 1
Ursula Pose: Signature Pose – Iwone 4
Doll: :) Characteristics (: – Sebastian 

776. Sakide [NEW @ TFC Event] & M.birdie Story [NEW @ The Epiphany Event]

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Mesh Head
Hair : Alice Project – Amy – Mini Medley Gift @ Hair Fair 2015 Event (Until July 26th) – By aliceproject  
M.birdie Story . Vamp Doll mesh head {Ari} Human.Gacha NEW @ The Epiphany Event – By monlmanl
Hair : ::Exile::Walking On Sunshine Naturals NEWHair Fair 2015 Event – By Kavar Cleanslate
M.birdie Story . Vamp Doll mesh head {Allie} Human. Gacha NEW @ The Epiphany Event – By monlmanl
– Mesh Head
– Head Alpha
– Skin
– Slink Hand & Foot App
– Maitreya Body App
– Eye Hud
[ SAKIDE ] Emelia Outfit Cream NEWThe Fantasy Collective Event – By kinu mayako
Pets : (fd) Cat Gacha – By Toast Bard
Poses [Right]
andika poses – Heart skip a beat PAC – By littlelinda littlebird
Photo taken at :
More info

775. M.birdie Story [NEW @ The Epiphany Event]

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Mesh Head
M.birdie Story . Vamp Doll mesh head {Ari} Human. NEW  Gacha @ The Epiphany Event – By monlmanl
– Mesh Head
– Head Alpha
– Skin
– Slink Hand & Foot App
– Maitreya Body App
– Eye Hud
Hair : Magika [03] Gone – By Sabina Gully
Outfit : *Tentacio* Clara witch Gacha – By May Tolsen
– Clara dress Gacha
– Clara necklace Gacha
– Clara witch hat (Hud included) Gacha
Mesh Head
M.birdie Story . Vamp Doll mesh head {Ari} Vamp. NEW  RARE Gacha @ The Epiphany Event – By monlmanl
– Mesh Head
– Head Alpha
– Skin
– Slink Hand & Foot App
– Maitreya Body App
– Eye Hud
Hair : .:cheveux:.HairGlayscale 014 – By mariru catnap
Hood : *Tentacio* Winter queen hood – By May Tolsen
Eyepatch : {Lumen~ pure} original mesh eyepatch .::C.C. Kre-ations:.. – By kreao kujisawa
More info

A Shiny Shabby Epiphany!

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It’s almost time for the next round of Shiny Shabby, and White Widow has a gorgeous new tattoo releasing there that is just stunning, but while you wait, hit The Epiphany and play the gachas for the gorgeous stuff from Haste.

Tesis Tattoo from White Widow – a stunning tattoo covering the front and back of the torso, hips and bands around the thighs.  It comes in two version – black and white, and works with mesh bodies/appliers, as well as system bodies.

You will find this gorgeous tattoo at the next round of Shiny Shabby, opening soon.  Hair – Noah (top) and Lapis (above) from Elua.  Skin – Amelia from Belleza.

Colbie Bikini, Colbie Bracelets and Colbie Armbands from Haste – get playing the gacha at The Epiphany and you can collect all the parts of this great set.

Colbie Coverup from Haste – this super sexy rare comes with HUDs for colour changing to match your mood.

Colbie Harness from Haste – now if you don’t know how The Epiphany works, well its like a normal gacha but with one exception.  When you rez your gacha goodies you get a menu box popup with the options to “Redeem” or Keep”.  If you want to keep your gacha goodie, you hit the keep button, but if you hit the redeem, your goodies are whipped away and you are given points.  You can redeem these points and get great exclusive goodies from the Epiphany store.  This harness is Haste’s.  Hair – Norma from Analog Dog.  Skin – Amelia from Belleza.

#684 Dead Dollz at The Epiphany

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Dear Readers,

Dead Dollz is participating in the Epiphany Gacha Event with the gown that I’m wearing but also the collar and face mask.

The Epiphany has a very unique system. Players play on the machine as usual taking their chance with commons and rares but once they receive their prize they are given 2 options: open the box or redeem it.
If they open the box they can keep the item, if they choose to redeem they exchange it for credit and the item disappears.

The hair that I’m wearing can be found at the Hair Fair.



Hair: Zibska | Hyperion
*Face mask: Dead Dollz | Night Watch Pink Mask Common
*Collar: Dead Dollz | Night Watch Pink Epaulette Common
*Gown: Dead Dollz | Night Watch Nude Gown

Happy Shopping <3

I Am Having An Epiphany

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So the Epiphany event  (Open now, ending August 5th at 11:55pm SLTseems to be a pretty neat concept.  It differs from other gacha events by allowing you to trade in common duplicate items for credits.  You then use the credits towards Exclusive items.  The items from the machines will still be transferable so if you wish to trade to sell your items you still have the fun of doing that as well!
The exclusive items will not be available after the event is over.


 Find more info on the website here –  Also check out the awesome gallery that Eloquence has made for us here –

Epiphany  prisoner

I am so in love with what Blueberry is offering in this event.  Not clothing but super cute Balloons , Balloons with friends, just too much fun.  Also, speaking of Blueberry.  They have re released two of their older items, totally remade and now fitting the Mesh bodies we love!  As they are totally remade you do have to repurchase these ones but, totally worth it.  I think this skirt is the most favorite thing by them to date! 

Epiphany 2

Happy shopping friends  Ember Adored 



  • Hair – Clawtooth: Windswept – Snow|By Bubbles Clawtooth|

  • Skin – .::WoW Skins::. Fatma, Darktan|By sawsan SecretSpy|THE BLACK DOT

  • Shape – Enfant|Sarang|By Sopha Portal|

  • Mesh Body – Maitreya|Lara|By Onyx LeShelle|

  • Eyes – Amacci|GreyBrown|By Carina Larsen|FREE|

  • Lashes –  *Mon Cheri*Falsies|By Freya Olivieri|

  • Top – Blueberry – TazzLong Crop Top (Maitreya fit worn)|By Blueberryxx|

  • Skirt – Blueberry – Vio – Belted Denim Skirt (Maitreya fit worn)|By Blueberryxx|

  • Pose Photo 1 – *PosESioN* Jupiter|By Dahriel|KUSTOM9|

  • All Balloons & Friends – Blueberry’sBalloons RARE|Epiphany Royal Cloudzoo EXCLUSIVE|Royal Sheep Floatie  Black RARE|EPIPHANY

  • Lighting – [Dusty WL] & LUMIPro |By Stefan Buscaylet|

The Epiphany is here!

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Get your $ L ready, there’s a new gacha event in town starting today and it’s filled with amazing stuff by top designers! It’s called The Epiphany and it’s got a very unique and different system of gacha playing, you need to read about it first when you get to the landing point of the event.

Today I’m showing you what you can get from C L A Vv.’s gacha at Epiphany, as well as a headpiece by AZOURY from the new round of The Secret Affair which is all gladiator themed so don’t forget to check that one out too, always quality goods.

Helmet: Gatokaca Helmet by C L A Vv. ( The Epiphany )
Bracelet: Gatokaca Bracelet by C L A Vv. ( The Epiphany )
Makeup: Crocodile Eyeshadow by no.7 ( On9 , July)
Harness: Jafar Harness by PEQE ( ROMP ends July 17th)
Headpiece: Athena Head Accessory by AZOURY ( The Secret Affair )
Wings: Metallic Wide Wings RARE by C L A Vv. ( The Epiphany )
Pants: Scuba Pants by [VALE KOER] ( The Mens Dept )
Slink Nails: Monochrome Set by Nailed It!

The Epiphany will be open today

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The Epiphany Open today, 11:59 pm SLT
please read this info: 
Items in the pics: 
Wings: C L A Vv. Gatotkaca – Golden Rustic Wide Wings (Epiphany Excl) @ The Epiphany 
Anklet: C L A Vv. Gatotkaca/Anklet Gold  @ The Epiphany 
Halo [CX] Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Gold) RARE @ The Epiphany 
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Wind Chime @ The Epiphany 
bodyChain: Kibitz – Alicia bodychain  – copper RARE @ The Epiphany 
Belt: Kibitz – Alicia belt – copper @ The Epiphany 
Armlet: Kibitz – Alicia armlet  – copper @ The Epiphany 
Alchemy – Budgies – Epiphany (Purchase items) @ The Epiphany 
Alchemy  – Budgies – Epiphany (Gacha items) @ The Epiphany 
Alchemy /Birdy – Grub Stick @ The Epiphany 
Alchemy – Budgie  – Plump – Mount – Phoenix RARE @ The Epiphany 
Alchemy – Budgie  – Plump – Companion – Fae RARE @ The Epiphany 
Skin: Essences [Lou-Ann] dark01 *brunette* @ Kustom9
If you want to see the uncensured version click in read more