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#360 Epiphany

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Head : 01 Genesis_Head_Alice_2.0_Emotions RARE
Head Applier : Egozy.Driana(Tan)Genesis NEW!
Body : ABAR – eBODY
 Eyes : Eye_Genesis_Lab_Jennal_Eyes_Forest_Green
Hair : GEMMA by Herve Faenzo, Neutrals
Tattoo : *Queen oF Ink – Infinite Time Tattoo *Gift* NEW! Designer Circle
Top : =Enaaus= Bustier BROWN NEW!
Necklace : ~Tantalum~ Epiphany Necklace NEW! SL Christmas Expo 2015
 Ring : ~Tantalum~ Epiphany Ring
NEW! SL Christmas Expo 2015
Rednose :.O A S I S. Christmas Rednose{GROUP GIFT}

50 Shades, Epiphany Event ~ The Dominant’s Playroom! :D

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50 Shades, Epiphany Event
(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
A Dominant is someone that takes a role of authority in a power exchange relationship. The Dom is usually in psychological control over another person who is usually referred to as a submissive. In that relationship when the dominant gives an order, it is to be followed. Okay now, who wants to be my sub? 😛
Current and upcoming Events:
The Epiphany Event – (April 12th~May 2nd)
Fifty Shades of Lust Fair 2 – (April 17th~May 7th) Location to follow!
What I’m Wearing:
* Top: [R3] Tory Studded Bra [V1] XS (by R3volt Resident)
* Shorts: [R3] – Kamaryn Shorts [V2] S (by R3volt Resident)
* Shoulder: SinfulSky – Leather Epaulette (by SinfulSky Resident) – Exclusive @ 50Shades Opens April 17th
* Tattoo: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Searching for Demons (by Mae Jewell) – Exclusive @ 50Shades
* Hand: [Since1975] Skeleton Rings (Maitreya) Black (by ocean Craft)
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.8 (by Catwa Clip)
* Skin Mocha tone – Elisa R (Enfer Sombre*) (by enferra Resident) – Gacha @ Epiphany until May 2nd 
* Catwa Skin applier – Mocha – Elisa r. (Enfer Sombre*)Gacha @ Epiphany until May 2nd  
* Mesh Eyes: [PXL] REFLEX Eyes (B) ~ Black (by Hart Larsson)

* Eye Shadow: Veechi – Glitter Glam Shadows [Catwa] (by Aiubrey Snoodle)

Hair: [elikatira] Lillian (by Elikapeka Tiramisu)

Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by (Onyx LeShelle)
Furniture with Poses:
* :DEADPOOL: LUST DECORE V 2.2 (by DEADPOOLXX Resident) – Exclusive @ 50Shades Opens April 17th
* :DEADPOOL: LUST DECORE V 1.1 – Exclusive @ 50Shades Opens April 17th
* :DEADPOOL: CAGED LUST -ANIMATED – Exclusive @ 50Shades Opens April 17th

2016 0727 [email protected] | [email protected] Epiphany

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— Outfit

+elua+ Abigail_Blonde (uber)
Addams // Tini BodySuit // Salmon // RARE (The Epiphany)
Addams // Roller Skate // Leopard (The Epiphany)

— Avatar

Insol: Face ‘Laura’ -ST03 ‘Peach’ Applier
IKON Triumph Eyes – Sky
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.5.2

— Pose

Le Poppycock-Own it

— Location

Crestwick Island

– Sunset at The Epiphany –

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Luas is participating at The Epiphany with the Sunset Gacha, a perfect gacha for a bohemian summer! Here I’m only showing some of the releases of this gacha. Wanna see the rest? Go at The Epiphany to find out! As for my hair, it’s a new hairstyle by Exxess. It looks lovely, doesn’ it?

Head: LeLutka – Stella
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: La Boheme – Enchantment Set 1 – 9
Skin: Glam Affair – Ruth – Jamaica
Hair: Exxess – Coco – Hud A NEW
Sunglasses, Outfit, Bag: Luas – Sunset Gacha – Sunset Sunglasses Brown, Blouse & Short RARE, Bag Denim (at The Epiphany) NEW
Nail Polish: Tashi – Dory (at Swank) NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] – The Jessie Series NEW

Sim: Sylpha

– N <3

Blueberry @ The Epiphany!

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On me:

On Svetlana:

The Epiphany Hairs & Mary 002 001 011 012

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Hair Truth 19 Atalia Light Browns (bangs optional) The Epiphany Gacha!
Head VCO Mary 002 Gacha!
Raffle Baby Doll & Frill Short Pants Ambrosia yellow roses Old* Monthly Midnight Madness Exclusive Gift!
Hair Alice Project Amala Essentials Mirror The Epiphany Gacha!
Head VCO Mary 001 Gacha!
Blouse Amitomo A Feel of Spring #1 Gacha!
Skirt Dami Simple Look 22 Okinawa Summer Festival 2016 Gacha!
Headphone Axix Radio Girl Kitty The Epiphany Rare!
Hair Dichotomy Nerfed Fatpack (Color fades, colors, Natural fades, Naturals and accessory) Rare!
Head VCO Mary 011 Gacha!
Onepiece Amitomo Minimalism 7 Kustom 9 Gacha!
Hair Truth 3 Oriana 2 Browns (bangs optional) The Epiphany Gacha!
Head VCO Mary 012 Gacha!
Onepiece Offbeat (TCF 2016, MAY) keep shining outfit set 202 Gacha!
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara
Poses Overlow Pack 6 Marketplace Gift!
VCO heads have Maytreya body, Slink feets and hands appliers too!
*Available for sale!

The Epiphany 15th July!

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Pose:Inertia – Hand in Hand
I am wear: 
Mesh Head: LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 NEW!
[Cynful] Pucker Armband -Maitreya Lara- [Rare]   @ The Epiphany 
[Cynful] Pucker Belt -Maitreya Lara- [Rare]   @ The Epiphany 
[[Cynful] Pucker Bracelet – #2 [Rare]   @ The Epiphany 
[Cynful] Pucker Garter -Maitreya Lara- #1 [Rare]    @ The Epiphany 
[Cynful] Pucker Necklace – #1 [RARE]    @ The Epiphany 
[Cynful] Pucker Pants -Maitreya Lara- Camo [Rare]   @ The Epiphany 
[Cynful] Pucker Top -Maitreya Lara- Camo [Rare]    @ The Epiphany 
Stockholm&Lima:Backyard Pool [PG]  @ The Epiphany 
Stockholm&Lima:Backyard Pool Ladder [PG]   @ The Epiphany 
Stockholm&Lima:Pool Dino (His) @ The Epiphany 
Stockholm&Lima:Pool Swan (Hers)  @ The Epiphany 
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Held Pup Tri  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Red Grill RARE  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Charcoal Bag  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Bucket of Beers  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Grill Mitts  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Fork and Spatula  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Beef Patties  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Cheese Board (Light)  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Outdoor Table  @ The Epiphany 
DYNASTY – Chill n’ Grill – Pergola EXCLUSIVE  @ The Epiphany 
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Family Rug  @ The Epiphany 
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Adult Wanderer RARE  @ The Epiphany 
JIAN Countryside Collies :: TV Pups RARE  @ The Epiphany 
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Dog House  @ The Epiphany 
MishMish – Pygmy Hippo 2 – Icepop Dealer  @ The Epiphany 

Epiphany time, july :)


I just love Epiphany… so much Gacha…. its amazing!!This is one of my favorite outfits i got from there. But ther eis so much more lovely stuff! Just go! Epiphany.

Top & Panties:  Grixdale Pet – Grixdale (from epiphany)
Skirt: Ariel Skirt Wrap Pink – _CandyDoll (from epiphany)
Shoes: #13 Energy Boots *Pixie* – Blueberry (from epiphany)
Waistchain: VALENTINE – -KC-
Nails: My long round nails – Puki
Hair:  Sonya Hair – :::Phoenix:::
Eyes: Triumph Eyes Electric – IKON
Head: Logo Alex – Logo
Body: Maitreya Lara – Maitreya
Hands: Slink Gesture – Slink Mainstore
Feet: Slink high – Slink Mainstore
Shape: My own

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[[RH]] -KURA @Epiphany

[[RH]] -KURA @Epiphany
*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(RAN) @ORIGAMI
*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(RAN)ShoesBlack_L @ORIGAMI
*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(RAN)ShoesBlack_R @ORIGAMI
*::.who what.::* [J] -yokaze- RARE.oogi-kazari (add me) @ORIGAMI
Air_Karahana Kanzashi GA_CM @ORIGAMI
Air_Karahana Kanzashi GB_CM @ORIGAMI
(r)M Hair No.39’16@ Hair Fair 2016
..::( siratama )::.. shiro-hatibi A(wear)
..::( siratama )::.. shiro-hatibi B(wear)
Air_Blind Shana-oh_red (L)_CM
Phantom of fire “Kitune bi” (Wear this)
[CX] Decaying Silence@ Epiphany
1,[[RH]] -KURA –  KURA (Storehouse) [RARE] @ Epiphany
24,[[RH]] -KURA- FOXY Girls 2  @ Epiphany
23,[[RH]] -KURA- FOXY Girls 3  @ Epiphany
25,[[RH]] -KURA- FOXY Girls 1  @ Epiphany
11, [[RH]] -KURA- Wagasa rack (Black) @ Epiphany
16,[[RH]] -KURA- Tansu (Drawer)  Natural @ Epiphany
13,[[RH]] -Kura- ZABUTON -B-  @ Epiphany
22,[[RH]] -KURA- MISU (Blind) @ Epiphany
5,[[RH]] -KURA- Tuitate (Screen) Sakura Black -A- @ Epiphany
21,[[RH]] -KURA- WA light @ Epiphany
18,[[RH]] -KURA- TANMONO (roll of cloth) @ Epiphany
14,[[RH]] -KURA-  ZABUTON (Cushion) Display-A- @ Epiphany
15,[[RH]] -KURA- SHIKIMONO (Rug) Red @ Epiphany
7,[[RH]] -KURA- Andon (Light) -Black- @ Epiphany
*::.who what.::* [J] -yokaze- 1.andon (kingyo) @ORIGAMI
*::.who what.::* [J] -yokaze- 2.andon (kamihuusen) @ORIGAMI
*::.who what.::* [J] -yokaze- 4.andon (aka ni maru) @ORIGAMI
*::.who what.::* [J] -yokaze- 13.hyouchuu @ORIGAMI
[addme.] Pose#078-15 RARE (wear/add) @ORIGAMI
[addme.] Pose#078-09 (wear/add) @ORIGAMI

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