Sax Shepherd & 21Shoe Event

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Sax Shepherd Designs for 21Shoe Event

Item is located at the Mainstore

The event starts at midnight on the 21st and only lasts for 24 hours

Buttons Mules
Designed to fit the Slink Medium Heel foot/ HUD-controlled options allow for the vamp panel to switch between black/red and black/white houndstooth as well as black, red or white piping, a black or white innersole, and black, red or white buttons/thread. Non-Rigged.

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Izzie Style – Fresh Style Event- ZanzE

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Fresh Style 7th Round – October 1st – 12th, 2.014









Hair: Eaters Coma - Hair 58 at Uber October (New)

Outfit: Zanze [ZE] Ellie with texture changer Hud (New)

Shoes: Izzie Style - Mesh  Rebel Chain Boots at Fresh Style (New)

Hands: Slink AvEnhance

Poses: *PosESioN*

Poses: Sup Poses at Fresh Style (New)




  Zanze [ZE]

ZanzE designs are created for residents of Second Life who desire quality clothing that is ultra realistic.





Fresh Style

Passion for Fashion. Aimed to bring together different styles & different designers in one location.

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21 Shoe Event – November Round

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Hey everyone – after a break and a revamp, 21 Shoe is back! There have been some changes to the event, but it’s still great shoes, 2 pair for the price of one!

The most noticeable change I think is the logo for the event. I have to say, I liked the old design better, both in color and structural design. However, I like the fact that you can at least tint the new sign from pink to blue or purple (from observing the vendors). I don’t think a goth shoe or a shoe designed for men would look good in a pink vendor o.O

Next, you can see that there are SO MANY SHOES this event! It’s exciting, right? It was a bit more effort going to every store to see what was on sale, but I think it was worth it.

The shoes are majority for Slink feet, although there are a few for Belleza and I think one for The Mesh Project. Also, there were a couple of shoes that didn’t require mesh body parts to wear. I didn’t see any stores that had built-in feet like Gos or N-Core (although I hear that N-Core has its own system now with the feet + shoes like Slink).

As always, this event is for ONE DAY only!. The website says that not all shoes are exclusive (meaning that they will be available after the 21st), but all of the shoes are new. But if I were you, I wouldn’t take the chance of waiting.

Bring on the shoes!


Bliensen + MaiTai

Demo| Slink Mid| 299 L


Casa del Shai

Demo| 299L



Demo| Slink High| Belleza|280 L

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21 Shoe Event

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The 21 Shoe Event hit the grid on…well…the 21st…this Friday to be exact.  This is a one day event featuring nothing but shoes….and even better…its a bogo sale….each designer puts 2 pair of shoes in the package for the price of 1.  The sales are in stores…just pop over to each store and look for the 21 Shoe Event kiosk.  I’ve added a link to the list and lm’s of the 18 designers participating this month below…so get ready!

And since a girls gotta pose….The Liaison Collaborative always has a goodly number of fun and useful poses and pose props every round.  The couples pose below is from RACK Poses and comes with the blanket.  The tree stump several pictures down is from Kuro and has a plethora a different poses built in…and speaking of Kuro…the couples pose with the girls feet on top of the boys feet?  It’s called “HI”  and it is one of my all time favorite couples pose…and perfect for a shoe pic <333

Koikoi soft boots

KoiKoi Fem SoftBoots
KoiKoi Men SoftBoots
RACK poses – My reason to smile couples pose w/blanket @ The Liaison Collaborative

Koikoi soft boots 2

Same boots…different angle :)


KoiKoi Gatorz Girly
KoiKoi Gatorz Men
Kuro Hi couples pose

opyum wedge
[sYs] OPYUM wedge – straw/gold (Belleza High)
OrsiniRed Simply Falling Dress S  Pearl
-Belleza- Venus Mesh body updated
Bauhaus Movement elf pin-up pose

Suzette heels

Ingenue :: Suzette Heels (Belleza Medium) :: Lipstick
OrsiniRed Simply Falling Dress S  Pearl
-Belleza- Venus Mesh body updated
Bauhaus Movement GiaNkai pose
Kuro – Tree stump @ The Liaison Collaborative

Cat Bow sandals

[LVLE] Cat Bow Sandals – Azure – (Belleza High)
OrsiniRed Simply Falling Dress S  Pearl
-Belleza- Venus Mesh body updated
Bauhaus Movement Natacha pose

21 Shoe Event website with links to current designers

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Blog post #473 Kaithleen’s returns to Thrift Shop Event

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Take a peek at this!

Outfit: Kaithleen’s: Triangle Dress in purple

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Eyes: Amacci: Emerald Eyes – 9

Hair: Amacci: Melody in Dark Brown

Lipstick: Madrid Solo: Soft Kisses 9

Blog post #472 Kaithleen’s is at Cirque de Seraphim event

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Check this out!

Tog: Kaithleen’s: Tail Coat Outfit in black:

Headwear: Sexy Tux Top Hat (taken from GSC Sexy Tux) by Xanthia Lisle

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Eyes: Amacci: Emerald Eyes – 9

Hair: Amacci: Melody in Dark Brown

Eye makeup: Blush Skins: Smokie Eyes


553. pr!tty, fashiowl poses [NEW @ TGM Event]

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Hair : pr!tty – Mila – [Colorful 11] NEW Gacha @ The Gacha Mania Event – By Karla Marama
Baloon : pr!tty – Baloon Ears – By Karla Marama
Outfit : Outfit Yuu #II_RD Style (Denim short, sweater & Flat Sandals Mesh for Slink Flat Feet included) – Group Gift November (fee to join 100L) – By renata dragovar
Bag : (TokiD) teapot bag (brown) – By maya levane
Pet : Alchemy – Doge –  French bulldog – Snow Gacha @ Birdy – By tyr rozenblum
Photo n°1 – = fashiowl poses= ” Camera ” World Traveller 3 box NEW GachaThe Gacha Mania – By goizane
Photos n°2 – = fashiowl poses=  ” City Map ” World Traveller 4 box NEW GachaThe Gacha Mania – By goizane
Photo taken at :
Website Event

The Gacha Mania