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Jedi Fabulous

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Star Wars

I won’t lie, I’ve been seriously geeking out about the current round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. For me it doesn’t get any better than the nerdy goodness of a Game of Thrones versus Star Wars gacha festival. Yes, you read that right. Now as much as I love Game of Thrones, in my world, Star Wars ultimately wins me over. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of nostalgia attached to Star Wars. Either way, there are a lot of lovely things to be had on both sides.

Star Wars Close

It was tough to decide what to show first, so I took a step back from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and let my hair decide. Little Bones has put out their first ever Midnight Mania Board. This pretty center part long hairstyle is the current MM board prize, and it includes an exclusive color hud with 8 “Natural” and 8 “Unnatural” hair colors. You’ll need to join the Little Bones group to participate in the Midnight Mania, which has a one time join fee of 100 lindens. The join fee is completely worth it, Little Bones is notorious for fairly frequent group gifts, and now the addition of their Midnight Mania. If you’ve held out on joining, now’s the time to get in and take advantage of this great group and awesome brand.

Now, back to the Star Wars inspired finds I gathered at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, well most of them. First, this awesome All Terrain Recon Transport vehicle by Sushi. Yes, this cool wearable vehicle came from a gacha! I managed to score the BB8 version of this vehicle, which is one of the many commons available. To ride the vehicle you simply right click on it in your inventory and choose “add” to avoid detaching any attachments you may be wearing. You’ll then want to set your avatar to fly and you’ll see the ATRT’s legs start moving. I had to fly down a little to get back on the ground while still in fly mode. This too-cool gacha is just 75 lindens per play at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Next the top and pants Pru is wearing are both from the Moon Elixir gacha. This gacha includes a full set of female “Scavenger” clothing in two variations, with several color options, as well as separate machines depending on what mesh body you do or do not wear. Clearly inspired by the uniquely Star Wars fashion universe, I was not at all disappointed in the fit or look of these items. I also think they are versatile enough to be worn outside the realm of fantasy role play. The Moon Elixir gacha is also 75 lindens per play at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

When traveling the Star Wars universe you might want to have a weapon handy. May’s Soul has a weapon gacha at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival that has everything from light sabers to guns. The weapons are highly detailed, wearable items. I picked up this bright green light saber from the May’s Soul gacha machine at just 50 lindens per play. The pose I used for the above photo holding the light saber is from another gacha at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The Poseidon booth at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is stuffed full of static poses inspired by the weaponry of Star Wars. The poses do come with prop weapons as well, I just chose not to use them. You can get the Poseidon Poses for just 50 lindens per play as well.

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun putting this look together with all these great Fantasy Gacha Carnival finds! I hope you enjoy it too.

Here are the details!

Hair – little bones. Glitter – Variety – FREE MM Board Prize/Group is 100 L to Join

Skin – [theSkinnery] Estee (Catwa Applier)

 Head – CATWA HEAD Gwen *Additional Expression HUD Sold Separately 

Top – Moon Elixir – Scavenger – 9 – Maitreya – Blood Top – 75L/pay @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pants – Moon Elixir – Scavenger – 16 – Maitreya – Charcoal Pants – 75L/pay @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Torso Tattoo – .Things.- Evanne Black Tattoo 4 – Past Gacha Prize

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Hands & Feet – Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant 1 & Casual, Feet – Mid

Shoes – REIGN.- Rhapsody Wedges- Black

Light Saber – *May’s Soul* The empire. Light saber green – 50L/play @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

ATRT Vehicle – .Sushi. All Terrain Recon Transport – BB8 – 75L/pay @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

*Pose – ::Poseidon:: Star Pose – S2 Talon *includes a prop weapon, not shown – 75L/pay @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

**Location – Eclectica



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Lavian&Co and enVOGUE: Fabulous Mix and Match. Ready for look beauty and unique?

Previously posted at Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba.

Hello ladies!!!

This post is dedicated to two amazing brands: Lavian&Co and enVOGUE. First is a specialized store in casual styles. Always trend. The second brand is a one of better brands in hairs at second life. I love them. Both brands offer you High Quality in textures, colors and designs. Well. Lavian&Co has a great casual proposal and good prices. Promotion 60L Weekend and  60L Secret. I’m going to show you two models of each promotion with the new release from enVOGUE: “Kimberly”. This is a beautiful long hair fiftted and rigged mesh. Includes hud color per pack. I’m going to post the “Diversity Pack”. 
60L Weekend at Lavian&Co.
Take the tp to area!!!
1st picture: Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Grace Kelly” by Lavian&Co. Beautiful mesh romper. Five standard sizes with alpha layer. 12 prints. You choose your prefer color, you can use classic avatar or Maitreya Body Mesh. My avatar use the new release from enVOGUE– Kimberly- Black of the pack Diversity. She uses rigged version. Complements her style with sunglasses vintage style by HAYSURIZA. Bracelet from erratic – twisted bracelets recolorable. Lipstick from Pink Fuel (PF) Glossy Pout Lipstick <Deep> – Hot Pink.
2nd picture: Widelmina Zeminoba wears “WayFaring Stranger” (Bag 1) by Lavian&Co. 36 solid colors via HUD. Mix & Match – Jacket and top. Five standard sizes and alphas layer. You can use with Maitreya Body Mesh. Widelmina looks hair “Kimberly” by enVOGUE-Kimberly (Light Blond of the Diversity Pack). She complements her style with sunglasses by swallow-Dream.
60L Secret by Lavian&Co.
Take the tp to area!!!

1st picture: Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Stay with me” (Bag 1) by Lavian&Co. 36 solid color via HUD. Five starndard sizes and alpha layer. She uses enVOGUE-Kimberly (Dark Blondes of diversity pack). Eyeliner by Glam Affair no. 1, lisptick by Izzie’s-Ginevra Lipstick peach (natural+sunkissed) and bracelet Zaara : Atiriya stone bracelet *onyx-silver*.
2nd picture: Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Queen of peace” by Lavian&Co. Mesh garment, five standard sizes, 36 solid color via Hud for Bag 1. Top and skirt. My avatar uses enVOGUE – Kimberly (Dark Greys of Diversity pack). Eyeliner by Glam Affair no. 1, lisptick by Izzie’s-Ginevra Lipstick peach (natural+sunkissed). Bracelet by [F]oil-Curley Prision Cuff.

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A Tableau of Fabulous Hair!

Previously posted at Whitt-icisms.

With so many awesome events on at the moment, that means there’s tons of gorgeous new goodies you need to have, including some great new hair from Tableau Vivant and poses from Ma Vie.

Tormentia – grab this now at We <3 Role Play.
Pose – Lady of Mystery 08 from Ma Vie at Collabor88.
Shoes – Ida from Nardcotix, out now at The Liaison Collaborative.
Skin – Caroline from Glam Affair

Cricket – a gorgeous unisex bob available, now at The Men’s Dept.
Pose – Lady of Mystery 05 from Ma Vie at Collabor88.
Skin – Caroline from Glam Affair

Domino – long and sexy, it’s yours now from Collabor88.
Pose – Lady of Mystery 01 from Ma Vie at Collabor88.
Skin – Caroline from Glam Affair

Slouchy – grab it before it’s gone from Kustom 9.
Pose – Action Loaded 07 from Ma Vie at Collabor88.
Skin – Caroline from Glam Affair

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.:JUMO:. Fashion and Lili Shoes&Accesories: “Zodiac aND “AMBER”. Fabulous Mix & Match.

Previously posted at Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba.

Hello ladies.

This post is about another favorite store at second life: .:JUMO:. Fashion – New collection Jumpsuit. It’s fabulous, so chic: Interesting proposal, you’ll look gorgeous and unique. .:JUMO:. Fashion participated at  FEROSH Weekend Event, where show this garment. Now, It is available at .:JUMO:. Fashion Store. While, Lili Shoes&Accessories puts on sale its new heels collection: “AMBER”: Luxury and glamour, two perfect synonymus for this creation. You must use them with Slink High Feet (not included).

1st picture “Zodiac Jumpsuit” by .:JUMO:. Fashion. Casual design, 100% mesh, fabulous zodiac printed. Five standard sizes with alpha layer. Complement: Fox Fur and jewelry set (bracelets, earrigns and necklace). Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Zodiac”-Ruby with Fox Fur. She complement her style with new release from Lili Shoes&Accessories “AMBER” (Red). She uses hair from AMACCI-Betty (Jet Black)

Next picture, Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Zodiac Jumpsuit”-Navy without Fox Fur. She shows you the set jewelry included.  She complement her style with new release from Lili Shoes & Accesories “AMBER” (Red). She uses hair from AMACCI-Betty (Jet Black).

.:JUMO:. Fashion – “Zodiac Jumpsuit”– Available colors: Forest; Purple; Ruby; Navy, Black. 299L each color.

Lili Shoes&Accessories“AMBER”- Available colors: Red, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Purple and Gold. – 250 L each pair. Fatpack 1000L

Happy Shopping!!!

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~:Fabulous ExXesS

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Tunic 3 2

As a fan of BIG hair…this teased up flattering style by eXcEsS by Layja Vidor caught my eye.  This one is super cute! I absolutely love all her hairs which come with an exceptional array of colours per HUD.  This girl has been quietly gaining a huge fan base on the peripheries by creating high quality, gorgeous hair.  I hope you will become a fan too <3

Please also check out my two favourite outfits this week.  Both flawless tunic-y designs which are great for role play.

Tunic 4

Tunic 1

[Tyra Hair] by ExXeSs

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Luna Skin] by Glam Affair

[Time Travelers Dess and Sleeves] by Zenith

[Tunic] by Moon Elixir

[Yolo Necklace Set] by Mandala

[Chocolate Eyes] by Mayfly

Thank you so much.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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Just Fabulous

Previously posted at genesismoralez.

Hey Divas,    I put this look together for a casting and I love it so much I had to blog it. This outfit was inspired by rl designer Esther Noriega. Her 2016 collection is just fresh, clean and classy. She color blocked with white, red and gold. Three wonderful combination. Like most fashionistas I did hit a brief block trying to bring one of her looks to the virtual world. Using rl inspired looks at times can be challenging but we just have to think out of the box.    From the collection look

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Previously posted at Cocoa Flow – Blog.

Yeah, I know. Polka dot pillows are cute.
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_RULES ~ Pack of Blacks New!
Pose/Prop: IAF Smart Phone (star wars) (with poses) Only 70L!
Shoes: Vida 02 Black Boots Only 95L! (Completely size stretchable with a built in script.)
Necklace: [Simple Things] (Army) Dog Tags Only 12L!
Furniture: Floorplan. barn bed Adult / white (gacha item)
Skin: Clef de Peau
Mesh Body/Parts: TheMeshProject
Bottoms: Smash Men’s Low Rise Briefs CamoGreen 

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Attention Fabulous Designers!

Previously posted at FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL.

Greetings from the Fab Team!

Fabulously Free in SL has been in operation since September 6, 2007 and, in those years, our dedicated team has been tirelessly working to build our brand, our blog and our highly active group membership.  As with most operations, we have gone through phases of change to meet the needs and capabilities of the present management team and supporting assistants.  Recently we made some changes to the designer role, removing the ability to advertise via notice and there has been some confusion about how Fabfree Designers are now benefiting from the group if they are no longer able to send their daily notices.

This presents the great opportunity to clear up the misunderstandings, and reintroduce ways for Designers to participate in the Fab Free community.

First, let’s talk about what the purpose of the Fab Free group is and what it was always meant to be. Think of Fab  Free as a community, not a business. The purpose of Fab Free is to join together people with in Second Life who want to share, and communicate ways to live, dress, and enjoy Second Life without spending a lot of lindens. The ability to advertise within the Fab Free group was always secondary to the community.

There are many ways Designers can participate and benefit from Fab Free.

  • Review Packs:  You are welcome to send our bloggers review packs.  You can find details on how to do this on our Review Policy Page.  Of course you can reach out and contact your favourite bloggers personally, or all of them.  Keep trying until different writers until you are able to find a blogger that fits your designing style.  Note that we are not obligated to blog your review pack.  We blog items we are inspired to include.
  • FabFree Flickr Pool:  The Fab Free Flickr Pool is open to Designers as well. Designers are welcome and encouraged to add their vendor photos for items that are free or under 75 lindens to the Flickr pool. Shoppers, Fashionistas, Designers, and Bloggers alike view the Fab Free Flickr pool regularly for deals, and inspiration.  This flickr pool is viewed on the side bar of the blog every day! (rules)
  • Photo Challenge Sponsor:   Each Month the Fab Free Blog has a Photo Contest. Designers are encouraged to sponsor a Photo Challenge in exchange for Free ad space on the blog (graphic linked to your store SLURL or blog). This is an easy fun way to be part of the Fab Free community and get the added bonus of a little advertising.   Please contact Julianna Seriman to book your month!
  • FabFree Chat:  While it is unacceptable for designers, event owners and staff to self promote in group chat, it is a great place to get noticed just by being an active, friendly, helpful chatter.  Fab Free members are some of the most loyal shoppers on the grid. When they see a Designer participating in chat and being part of the Fab Free community, they will check out that Designer’s store in their profile, and are likely to share their positive experience with others.
  • Group Joiner:  The FabFree group joiner that was sent to you in your welcome pack displays credibility that you are offering original affordable designs and gifts.  Many designers are keeping their sign up at their stores and placing a group gift out set to the Fabulously Free in SL group.  We would be delighted to see more shops participating in this way.

We as a Team hope to foster a sense of Community within Fab Free, that same sense of Community that encouraged us to keep the blog and the Fab Free group open. We hope that this information is helpful and has opened up some new ideas and possibilities for those unsure of where to go from here.

The Fab Free Team


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Fabulous #29

Previously posted at Young Forever.

– Ansuya Ansar – 
Look 1 
Shape .:MS:. Marion Shape
NecklaceMIEL UVA SET – Old Group Gift 
Hair.b -fix  – dark browns
Dress{Fco}“Purple Rain” Mesh Dress
Look 2

Hair[iruco]hair26 M(black)
Dress{Fco}Mesh Gown Dress “Gisele”-Black-
Shape.:MS:. Latifa Shape
TattooSeven of Himeji Tengu tattoo 
Thank you Fabula Co.!

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Fall Fabulous

Previously posted at genesismoralez.

Hey Divas!   Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to walk out looking a mess! But I refuse to do that, I should always and I repeat always look fabulous even 3 months pregnant!    Today I needed to head over to Fancy Decor to grab a few things for the house. So of course I had to think about an outfit. I decided to go with LaVian! Ladies, if you don’t own any of their items you should seriously slap yourself!! LaVian is stylish, fun and classy.    This outfit “Essentials Lost in Hollywood”

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