552. Serenity Style [NEW @ TGM & Fantasy Room]

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Serenity Style-Roasted Chestnuts set NEW Gacha @ The Gacha Mania Event – By hanstrid inshan
including :
- Serenity Style- Roasted Chestnuts Cart ULTRA RARE Gacha
- Serenity Style- Chestnuts Cooker RARE Gacha
- Serenity Style- Chestnuts Pot Gacha
- Serenity Style- Chestnuts Cornets rezz Gacha
- Serenity Style- Chestnuts Spoon Gacha
- Serenity Style- Roasted Chestnuts Frame Gacha
- Serenity Style- Chestnut Cornet – wear Gacha 
Serenity Style- Ellete Elf NEW GatchaThe Fantasy Room Event – By hanstrid inshan
Serenity Style- Sense of Fall NEW @ The Fantasy Room Event – By hanstrid inshan  
Serenity Style – Vintage Radio (Gift 1L) – By By hanstrid inshan
Serenity Style- Autumn Leafs Ground Cover – By hanstrid inshan
‘Robin Redbreast’ (Birds) by Chiana OhSubscriber Gift – By chiana0
CJ Creations – Harvest Gardenbasket with Pumpkins .. (Past Gift) - By caren jewell
[ free bird ] Turkey Pal Wood Decor – TDTH #78 Hunt – By Cortez Brandriss
[ free bird ] Fall Ya’ll Wall Decor – TFL Hunt # 07 – Item 1L – By Cortez Brandriss
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542. Atomic [NEW @ C88], May’s Soul [NEW @ Cirque De Seraphim] & fashiowl poses [NEW @ Fantasy Room]

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Hair : !Ohmai Salon: Callia [Grayscale Pk] – By Anya Ohmai
Kimono : .Atomic. {Modern Kimono} + HUD included NEW @ C88 Event – By Ivy Graves – More Info : Atomic
Shorts : Dele. Gaucho Shorts (Licorice) Free – By Delendum
Sandals : *Tentacio* Totomi sandals (for Slink Flat Feet) – By May Tolsen
Bag : *May’s Soul* pop corn purse NEW @ Cirque De Seraphim Event – By May Tolsen
Dog : Zooby Ultimate Beagle Pup – By carrie tatsu
= fashiowl poses= Apples 4 NEW GachaFantasy Room Event – By goizane
Photo taken at :

Summoning The Fantasy

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There are lots of great fantasy events running at the moment and I wanted to squeeze them in before they all finished.

Tales Of Fantasy runs until November 3rd and The Fantasy Collective runs until the 15th.

I couldn’t resist getting all demonic when I saw this bodysuit from Haste.

Careful What You Wish For

You can find the Coy bodysuit at Tales of Fantasy. It comes in lots of different colours ranging from this gorgeous black to a delightfully dreamy white.

The hair is brand new release from Exile. You can find the Rising Dawn hair at The Fantasy Collective. I got the naturals pack so aside from my usual red tone, I got this midnight black too. Great for when I fancy change. I love the whispy little curls on this hair.

If you’re into Shibari and harnesses then Haste has a gatcha at Tales of Fantasy that will definitely get your attention.

Oh Really, Mr Skull

Body part of this harness that includes the single trap that goes up over the shoulder is the Wicked Rope Harness. The Black is the Ultra Rare so fingers crossed if you are after that one, but there are lots of other colours too.

The harness that goes around the breasts and is a double thick rope is the Daring Rope Harness. The Black is the Rare and again there are other colours but I hope you get the ones you want. I wore them together because they looked so good as one piece but both work wonderfully as separate harnesses too!

I’m going to continue my love affair with Haste for The Fantasy Collective.

He Lost His Head

This is the Demure Dress in black and while I absolutely adore the fantasy and BDSM vibe that I get from Haste I have to say that this dress is wonderful. It’ll work for roleplay, cosplay or regular formal wear. It’s perfect!

Yes, I do have a headless minion. His name is Amadeo. I had to get the skull from somewhere!

Last up is something a little less dark. It’s hard to feel dark when I’m dressed a bit like an elf.

Not All Is Dark In The Forest

This gatcha dress from Luas is the Galadriel Dress from Tales Of Fantasy. I was super happy to get green on my first pull! Super cute and can be worn without the rare which is always a huge draw for me when it comes to playing gatchas.

The little leaves you can see peeking above my eyes there are from Frogstar. These are from the Wood Nymph Crown gatcha at Tales Of Fantasy.

The swing and pose I got from the Ridic gatcha at Tales Of Fantasy. I love solo poses that come with useful props so his is a good gatcha to throw a few linden in and stash some poses for future pics.

The cute double chair and décor you can see hiding in the background there is the Doublers Set from Cheeky Pea

Hidden In The Forest

This is from The Seasons Story and it closes on the 31st October to make sure you swing by there by tomorrow if you wanted to grab this set. The chair is two seats joined together and looks so cute. I especially like the ladder with the lights.

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Bodysuit – Haste – Coy – Black @Tales of Fantasy
Necklace – Snatch – Legion Necklace
Mask – Snatch – Mystery Mask – Black
Make Up – Snatch – Mystery Makeup – Red
Hair – Exile – Rising Dawn – Naturals Pack @The Fantasy Collective
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Natural
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Casual (with League appliers)
*Eyes – FATEeyes – V.3.0
Pose – Glitterati – Skull F – 4 (includes skull – old freebie)

Pic 2:
*Body Harness – Haste – Wicked Rope Harness – Black ULTRA RARE @Tales of Fantasy
*Chest Harness – Haste – Daring Rope Harness – Black RARE @Tales of Fantasy
*Panties – Blacklace – Lydia Lace Panty – Black
Hair – Exile – Rising Dawn – Naturals Pack @The Fantasy Collective
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Natural
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Casual (with League appliers)
*Eyes – FATEeyes – V.3.0
Pose – Glitterati – Skull F – 3 (includes skull – old freebie)

Pic 3:
*Dress – Haste – Demure – Black @The Fantasy Collective
Necklace – Snatch – Legion NecklaceMake Up – Snatch – Mystery Makeup – Red
Hair – Exile – Rising Dawn – Naturals Pack @The Fantasy Collective
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Natural
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Casual (with League appliers)
*Eyes – FATEeyes – V.3.0
Pants – Spirit Store – Lav Unisex Pants – Male
Shoes – L.Warwick – Virtuoso Oxford Dress Shoes – Black (require SLink flat feet)
Necklace – Souzou Eien – Mystic Crystal Necklace
Headless Piece – Souzou Eien – A Little Off The Top @Halloween Hellraiser
Skin – Pink Fuel – Ash – Peach
Tattoo – Vestigium – Foo Tattoo
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands Male – Relaxed (with Pink Fuel appliers)
Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet Male – Flat (with Pink Fuel appliers)
*Pose – An Lar Poses – Advances

Pic 4:
*Dress – Luas – Galadriel Dress – Green @Tales of Fantasy
Head Piece – Frogstar – Wood Nymph Crown – Lullaby @Tales of Fantasy
Hair – Truth – Nova – Gingers Pack
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Feline
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Casual & Bag (with League appliers)
Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet – Flat (with League appliers)
Eyes – Ikon – Spectral Eyes – Moor
Pose – Ridic – Nature’s Swing – 7 (includes swing) @Tales of Fantasy

*Chair – Cheeky Pea – Doublers Set – Adirondack Chair @The Seasons Story
*Ladder – Cheeky Pea – Doublers Set – Lantern Ladder @The Seasons Story
*Mushroom – Cheeky Pea – Doublers Set – Mushie @The Seasons Story
*Pumpkins – Cheeky Pea – Doublers Set – Pumpkins @The Seasons Story
*Lamps – Cheeky Pea – Doubles Set – Acorn Lamps @The Seasons Story
Trees – Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods V2
Stone Path – Hound Inc – Stone Pathway Kit

What’s your fantasy? (part 1!)

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Why good morning you up-early-type-people! I have some great SL-related news, and some great un-related news… The completely un-related: The BF finally found a (pretty decently paying) job!! This means that the next few months are going to be hectic while we settle into the new routine, and then while we hopefully find a new place to live that’s a bit closer to where he works… 

Now for the SL-related…
The fantasy room opens today, and I’m so excited to show off all of the gorgeous items available! The fantasy room, formerly known as the Gorean room, runs for the whole month, and features items that are all under $ L100!! Today’s fantasy? Lolita!

My lovely lolita-esque dress is for The fantasy room, and comes to us from Tiar! The pack also includes, although I’m not wearing them, a pair is cute leopard leggings, pearls for your neck, mouth, and wrists, and 2 different pairs of gloves! What a versatile outfit!

The beautiful rose crown I have atop my lovely head is another fantasy room item, but this time from Persefona! The crown comes in 3 different rose colours, black, red, white! Each crown is $ L70, and includes not only the colour shown, but also an extra little surprise.

I’ve also mixed some items from this round of Fit for a princess into this outfit, namely my necklace and bracelet, which are from Frogstar, my nails, which are also from Frogstar, and this beautiful princess-y hair, which is this round’s item from Calico!

Frogstar‘s pearl necklaces and bracelets actually come in a gacha! Each play is just $ L25, and there are 14 items to win!

My nails, which are also from Frogstar, come in a fatpack of colours, and include both fingrenails AND toenails!

Finally, I have to gush just a bit over these because OMG! The Papillion headwings from Remarkable Oblivion are incredible. These are extremely highly detailed, fully mod for easy fitting (or different wear options!) and are MATERIALS-emabled. While you will be able to see these with just any old viewer, you will need a materials enabled viewer to see the beauty of the sunlight playing on them, and the subtle shine it creates. Fun fact about me: as much as I love butterflies in SL, i’m terrified of them IRL, and I’m not really sure why! Crazy, right?

Style Card:
Coming soon, but first… a nap, becuase I’ve been up for days!… damn insomnia…

Tales of Fantasy

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Get ready ladies, Tales of Fantasy Event starts 10th October 12am SLT!! Woodland creatures is the theme this round, head over at 12 am slt and check it out!! New hair at Truth!! I also have some lovely items from Keystone on.



Outfit- [E!] Druid  @ TOF (lm soon)

Feet wraps- Keystone. Toe Wraps – SLINK MID! @ totally top shelf

Head-piece- Keystone. Wych @ Jewellery Fair

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Aviva reds

Arm bands- .aisling. Elyan – Armbands (Black)

Skin- DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Kimber [Freckles] Nordic @ Uber

My Elven Fantasy…

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Cecile Jewellery Set (includes necklace, earrings, armband, ring and HUD) from EMO-tions at We Love Role-Play –new!
Sybil Hair (with new HUD) from Tameless–recent Hair Fair exclusive now available instore
Ears Escape-Elf Edition-Unisex from ThankYouVeryMesh
Drow Nails from Bamboo Nails
Luminous Mesh Eyes (dark olive shadow) from Mayfly–new!
Ivy Skin from Lara Hurley Skin 

Next Round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival Begins November 4th! ~

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I’m almost ready to post my first blog for this upcoming round because I got accepted to blog again! (For some reason my name is not on the blogger list on the website, but I am sure it’s just a mistake.)  I hope everyone is getting excited for this next round because I sure am!
MMORPG Battle field is the theme!

Ice Cream Coated Fantasy

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Geek Freak piercing has 8 colors to choose – Totally Top Shelf is open now
The Thrift Shop is open
The Gacha Mania opens September 15th

Skin: [Deetalez] Gemma Lips 2 / Eastern
Eyes: [Dead Apple] Shattered / Muted Brown
Hair: [Truth] Noemi
Outfit: [NS] Sweet Chocolate -Rare / Bubblegum @ The Gacha Mania
*Includes – Necklace – Skates*
Rings: [Geek] Paper Promise @ The Thrift Shop
*Shown – Pink – Brown – Pink (rare)*
Piercing: [Geek] Geek Freak / Pink @ Totally Top Shelf
Ears: [Mandala] Simple
Mouth: [Loud Mouth] Alli Open v1.5
Hands: [Slink] Av Enhance – Elegant


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Hair – .Olive. the Mir Hair – B&W Melt RARE New! Exclusive Fantasy Gatcha

HeandPiece – *May’s Soul* Oracul jewelry New! Exclusive Fantasy Gatcha

Necklace – *May’s Soul* Oracul jewelry New! Exclusive Fantasy Gatcha

Corset - !APHORISM! The Ivory Huntress Corset  RARENew! Exclusive Fantasy Gatcha

Arms- !APHORISM! !APHORISM! The Ivory Huntress Arms New! Exclusive Fantasy Gatcha

Short –  !APHORISM! The Ivory Huntress Shorts  -Ucommon-New! Exclusive Fantasy Gatcha

Leggins - !APHORISM! The Ivory Huntress Legs New! Exclusive Fantasy Gatcha

Pose & Eagle – RACK Poses – Priestess Female Pose 3New! ExclusiveFantasy Gatcha