SLTB 2323: “FEATURED GIFT – ! TRS Designs ” – Tara – @ Dark Side 2

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 Event:  Dark Side 2
Dates: April 8th – 30th
Yearly Affair

DS2 Gift – Price: $ L10

Vendor: ! TRS Designs
Name: Tara
Label: Apparel
Kind:  Women’s Clothes
Style: Dress
Type: Short Cocktail
Colors: Mono Zebra
Layers: No
Appliers: No
Mesh Sizes:

  • Belleza
  • Maitreya
  • Hourglass
  • Physique
  • TMP
  • Standard Size

EVENT:   Dark Side 2

STORE: ! TRS Designs 


SLTB 2324: “FEATURED GIFT – Midnyte Creations” – The Ravens – @ Dark Side 2

By – Syth LyfeTouch Blog. Visit SLTB 2324: “FEATURED GIFT – Midnyte Creations” – The Ravens – @ Dark Side 2 for original post.

 Event:  Dark Side 2
Dates: April 8th – 30th
Yearly Affair

DS2 Gift – Price: $ L10

Vendor: Midnyte Creations
Name: The Ravens
Label:  Animation
Kind:  Posing
Style: Single
Number of Poses:  1
For: Female
Object: Attached Ravens
Price: $ L10

EVENT:   Dark Side 2

STORE: Midnyte Creations


Galleria Kakku artists at home and featured elsewhere

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I recently blogged The MadPea International Food Fair for Feed a Smile, which is open from February 18th to 4th of March, and mentioned there were a few familiar names from Galleria Kakku among those featured at the Art Exhibit curated by Kultivate Magazine.

There are some new pieces in their booths at Galleria Kakku, so I thought I would show you.

Isis Boa said her new works were inspired by a dream. I absolutely love the intensity of her works in her booth.

Kayly Iali is showcasing her drawings, which are amazing. She says in her description, that the technique was inspired by the Drawing Demonstration of Costa Vavagiakis on Youtube. She also appears in this book about 5-Minute Sketches. And for good reason.

Suzume Zuki makes colorful and beautiful art which seems to come from it’s own fantastic world.

Jolie has her own Art Dream gallery and is quickly becoming a name in the SL art world. I can see why.

@1533 The Surreal Lyfe featuring – – JUST EVOLVE -“ADVICE” featured @ Sixty Linden Weekends

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Cherish is wearing:
JUST EVOLVE SHOPPING-ADVICE..Now @ Sixty Linden Weekends
=Zenith=Egypt Necklace
Analog Dog – ciera – dark browns

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Featured In A Magazine

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I was asked if I could make a picture showing off some shoes from Slipper. I had never done anything like this before but I knew I liked the brands so that bit was easy. Strange how nervous I was compared to trying to take a picture to blog. I had this dress from Entice on already when I popped on Eliza shoes and started to play around with the colours. You can make the straps and shoe base all different shades which is cool. Show how  I thought the green worked. I just wanted to style the shoes without just doing a leg shot. So the above show what I did and below is the end result after Elle put the Slipper logo on. If you want to see the full magazine it is linked below page 34/35

shoes – Eliza @ Slipper

dress – Zip-Lock @ Entice

poses Wall Stand @ Del May

@1527 The Surreal Lyfe featuring – – JUST EVOLVE -“CHEERS” featured @60L Weekend

By Cherishmonetsweet Thibedeau – The Surreal Lyfe. Visit @1527 The Surreal Lyfe featuring – – JUST EVOLVE -“CHEERS” featured @60L Weekend for original post.


Cherish is wearing:
EVOLVE for this weeks 60L Weekend Item called “CHEER” w/ hud in 4 lovely colors
Lazuri Shahy Pearls and Opals Earring
Lazuri Shahy Pearls and Opals Bracelet
Tukinowaguma Sorasoul+SilverJewelry (not available)
Vanity Hair:Moonriver

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Summer Trend 2016 – Denim Shorties (featured in Eclipse Magazine July 2016)

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E-Clipse Magazine - Wicca Merlin - Shorties 01

Look #1

When Trouble asked me, if I would like to do a few pics for the upcoming (just released) Eclipse Magazine, I just said yes without even thinking about actual summer trends, as I really do love to take pictures and work with magazines. Then he immediately asked me, what summer trend I would like to go for… I did not look over all the summer trends the past few days, so I jumped to google to be informed before I choose.

While I was looking over all the amazing summer trends something immediately caught my eyes… Denim Shorties! All kind of shorts, mini skirts, used, with fringes and what not… That sounds like fun!

I told Trouble about my idea and he seemed to like it. First I thought this would be easy as I really do like denim in RL and SL, but I shall discover soon it sounded easier that it was in the end…

E-Clipse Magazine - Wicca Merlin - Shorties 02

Look #2

So first of all, I looked through my inventory what kind of shorts, shorties and mini skirts in denim I would find – hell I had no clue how many non useful things I have when I type ‘denim’ in the search of my inventory…

 Most of my favourite denim things are still layers and I did not wanna use old layer items this time… and the next problem – a usual problem with mesh items – sometimes different mesh parts do not fit over each other.

But after some serious searching, I found a handful denim shorties, which I totally love. Now I just need to style them. Because I was told so often, I always only do extreme styles and mostly dark and gothic looking ones, I wanted to do 5 totally different styles for this little spread in the Eclipse Magazine.

E-Clipse Magazine - Wicca Merlin - Shorties 03

Look #3

For my first idea – Look number 1 –  I started with the “Booty Shorts” from [M.o.w] together with the “Havana” short and head wrap from [sys], the first look went to a more boho type of style. For the accessories I went with the “Vilma” earrings and the “Sile” necklace from Kunglers paired with the “Wooden Bracelet” from artilleri.

Look number 2 is based on the “Briony Shorts” from Erratic. For that look I was inspired by a picture I saw from a country side advert, which told about the great lake sides in germany 😉 To achieve the summer casual look, I added the “Polly” top from Asia Rae and the amazing summer floppy “Laila” hat made by Zibska. For the shoes I chose the “Tropicana” wedges we made for Wicca’s Wardrobe (Yes Grand, we did that.. once *snickers*) The look I was going for,was something trendy, summer looking and as well something simple and kinda ‘girl next door’ looking.

The 3rd look, I wanted to do something more fashion forward in a hipster or clubbing look. I started off with the “Wendy Denim Skirt” made by GizzA. A super short denim mini skirt. First I added the “Dead Romance” tank from Mon Cheri, a tank I used for various styles already as it is a perfect top to go for many different looks and the sizes are made amazingly with the thought to wear something underneath. The mega trendy “Pulsar” glasses and backpack certainly come from [sys], the home for unusual and futuristic designs 😉 The cool boots I found at Stelloane.

E-Clipse Magazine - Wicca Merlin - Shorties 04

Look #4

For Look number 4 I wanted something that I would wear RL as well. Some loosely casual but trendy and chic. something I would use for shopping or just go to the university or drink a coffee out with some friends. I always liked the ‘college girl’ look even if I am not in that age anymore 😉 The “Boyfriend Jeans Shorts” made by Maitreya, are one of my long time favourites. With their loosely fit they are a great everyday wear. I combined them with the “Liliana Top” from Glam Affair and put on the “Batschkapp” we made as a gift for the Indie Teepee event. Even if I like all 5 looks that might be my personal favourite out of them 😉

My 5th and last look is some more native and maybe gypsy looking. The idea came out of some pictures I saw of american native fashion trends. The denim shorties for this style come from GizzA. The “Loose Denim Short” was a perfect start for the idea I wanted to go for. With the lightly dirty looking fabric and the ripped trims it was just perfect to add a more simple, and light top. The “Julia” top from Asteria perfectly went with the shorts and kinda put them more in the focus. The cool necklace was one of the first original mesh releases from PurpleMoon and the incredible hat and back bag again came from [sys].

It was great fun to explore and try different things for this special spread of denim shorties and I have to admit, I found some goodies in my inventory, which I already forgot that I have them 😉

E-Clipse Magazine - Wicca Merlin - Shorties 05

Look #5


Look #1:
Pants: [M.o.w] – “Booty Shorts”
Top: [sYs] – “HAVANA shirt”
Headpiece: [sYs] – “HAVANA headwra”
Jewelry 1: Kunglers – “Sile necklace”
Jewelry 2: Kunglers – “Vilma earrings”
Jewelry 3: /artilleri/ – “wooden bracelet”

Look #2:
Pants: erratic – “Briony”
Top: Asia Rae – “Polly Top”
Headpiece: Zibska – “Laila Hat”
Bag: [sYs] – “Leaf Bag”
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – “Summertime Easy Living”
Glasses: Glamistry – “Sunglasses PU2004”
Hair: LeLutka – “Vibrato”

Look #3:
Skirt: GizzA – “Wendy Denim Skirt”
Top: Mon Cheri – “Dead Romance Tank”
Shoes: Stelloane – “Heloise Boots”
Bag: [sYs] – “PULSAR Backpack”
Jewelry 1: Happy Undead – “Charming Collar”
Jewelry 2: Real Evil – “Dark Queen Bracelets”
Glasses: [sYs] – “PULSAR Sunglasses”
Hair: BURLEY – “Sirah”

Look #4:
Pants: Maitreya – “Faded BF Jeans Shorts”
Top: Glam Affair – “Liliana Top”
Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Batschkapp”
Bag: SEY – “Bucket Bag”
Jewelry 1: Kosh– “Multiplex Necklace”
Jewelry 2: E-Clipse – “Fiocco Watch”
Hair: Exile – “Jill”
Glasses: HAYSURIZA – “Eyewear Kyoto”

Look #5:
Pants: GizzA – “Loose Denim Short”
Top: Asteria – “Julia Top”
Headpiece: [sYs] – “PANAMA hat”
Bag: [sYs] – “PANAMA bag”
Jewelry 1: PurpleMoon – “Montana Necklace”
Jewelry 2: Primagine – “Cascade Bracelet”
Hair: no.match – “No.Why?”

Eclipse Magazine: HERE

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

30/31 Featured Art Pieces

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Myth – Butterfly Frame [Artist: Shay McAuley]
BluPrintz – Elemental Splash Sky [Artist: Mirajai Maven]
Residez Schlossvom Balkonaus [Artist: Johannes1977 Resident]
Artemis Corner – Woman makes the world go round [Artist: ArtemisGreece]
□ □ □
Owner: Shay McAuley
Owner: Mirajai Maven
Johannes1977 Resident
Artemis Corner
Owner: ArtemisGreece