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Charlotte 270316

 It’s a lovely warm night for a stroll … and lucky me –  I was invited by my gorgeous  friend Emma  into her lovely space she calls home. I am wearing a cute graphic top by .Sass. (choose from 3 patterns) that are exclusive to BombShells. I’ve teamed it with a flirty black lace skirt which you can find on the MP.

On Charlotte:
Top~ .SASS. – JOY OUTFIT @ BombShells (Ends 11th of April)
SKIRT ~ :::insanya::: MicroTutu – Lust
Hands and Nails ~ Maitreya – Lara 3.5
Mesh Body~Maitreya – Lara 3.5
Photographer and Creative Design : EMMA DEELIGHT

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Your Love, Your Kisses, Your Caresses feed me every day and give me forces of going forward

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Your Love, Your Kisses, Your Caresses feed me every day and give me forces of going forward


Hair: *Dura-Boy*66 HAIR – LIGHT COLOR -A  @ TMD !!

Tattoo: [AR2 Style] Est 1980 Tattoo ( Face & Body ) @ Skin Fair 2016

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You Really Need to Follow Tumugiuta’s Flickr Feed

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I mean seriously, we’re talking lady ninjas with blades of death: Like I said last month, every one of her images seem like still shots from a classic anime feature you hope somebody would someday make. I particularly admire her…

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Silly Goose, feed the addiction. (Freebies).

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I stumbled upon some Lucky Chairs in a shop and although the quality of the contents were a bit dodgy they fed my addiction to Lucky Chairs/Boards.  So I rummaged in my invent for some more old LMs for Lucky Chairs and came across a skin shop called Mother Goose which is still going strong.  So I plonked myself down in front of the big central column in the shop and as quickly as I worked through all my notes my initial kept on coming up.  So I basically ended up with a whole folder of Free skins and even then before I TPed back to my platform I couldn’t resist grabbing not just the Dollarbies but also a whole load of Demos and then spent the next half hour trying them on…and yes binning almost all of them but I love doing this unpacking a whole load of stuff and working my way through the good, bad and downright ugly.XXXSillyI’m not going to lie but to me these free skins aren’t a patch on my PumeC’s BUT just because it’s not my skin of choice doesn’t mean it’s not going to be yours.  On the positive side the variety of LB/Dollarbies/Freebies and paid for skins is vast and especially if you want a pretty, pink and youthful skin then there ARE some adorable ones here with pouty lips and pink cheeks.

The LBs wins don’t come with any appliers and as you will know by now I’m way too lazy to skin match using a Hud but that doesn’t mean you have to be or simply just don’t wear any mesh add ons, not everyone is a fan.

This however is definitely a LM to keep in your invent and if you come across someone new in SL then I bet they will be overjoyed to be able to grab so many skins.

Mother Goose

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#233. Feed the birds in winter; in return, they will feed your soul with the look of gratitude…

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BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 
HEAD: LeLutka Mesh Head-SIMONE
HAIR: no.match_ ~ NO_STORY @Hello Tuesday – Cosmopolitan

DRESS: [NEW!!] *MSS* Emilia Dress White  @CosmopolitanEvent

POSE: [NEW!!] [Shi.S.] My little butterfly Pose – Butterfly included


[NEW!!] TLC animated bird table scenery(incl.standing birds) @CosmopolitanEvent

Atelier Visconti – Aurora Stone Bench
skye – Enchanted Woods v2 

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NWN Commenters: Please Don’t Feed the Linden Lab/Second Life/Sansar-Hating Trolls

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In recent weeks, New World Notes has been inundated by increasingly uncivil comments that fall well outside this blog’s guidelines, culminating with three posts about Second Life and Project Sansar starting last Monday and then mounting last Wednesday. Typically comments…

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