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Feed the flamingos

Previously posted @ The Fashionable Heart. This post brings you a few new releases, the first being this sassy little denim dress from Mimikri. It’s available in the store and in […]

Feed Nepal event

Previously posted @ Pleisure, a Second Life Fashion Blog. In a country whose people already suffer from food insecurity, the earthquakes that recently racked Nepal have intensified dire need. Under […]

The less you feed the ego, the stronger you will be

Previously posted @ NOeditiON. On me little bones. [HOMME] Bomb @The Mens Dept (5th -30th Feb.) [NikotiN] Cigar City !APHORISM! Vintage Crew Suit @The Mens Dept (5th -30th Feb.) Lapoint&Bastchild  “Dress Shoe” Visit for original […]

Feed Your Faith

Previously posted @ Virtually Vanilla. I’m sure most people reading this are pretty aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, this year in particular it feels like everyone is […]

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