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My good friend ZlatanBLK Djannovic, owner of  BALKANIK 2.0® store has created a really cool chill out area for us to hang out at.  Its a little NYC loft with lots of pizza, PlayStation, beer pong, food, Doritos, some on the floor from last nights party.  There is also hookah and some instruments to play around with.  Speaking of playing around, apparently it can get a little crazy because someones underwear is in a couch cushion and the cat is hiding somewhere.  We cant find him.  I’m sure he is fine, next person make sure you feed the cat. 
So come check out this really cool looking place, take some photos, blog it or just kick back and observe.  You never know you may learn a new language.

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Flat Draxtor Meme

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I’m sure you have all heard of Mr. Draxtor Despres before. He’s the award winning machinima maker that does such a wonderful job of introducing Second Life’s talented content creators to the world. If you’ve never seen or heard his machinima and podcasts before, make sure to click over to his YouTube channel as well as […]

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