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Quickest post evar! for FLF.

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So I quickly popped back inworld and snagged a couple of the FLF offers (Fifty Linden Offers) and as soon as I got this hair I rushed home quickly rezzed my new Dust Bunny Skybox and new chair both 188Lds and both from Collabor88 and then threw a pose.


I’m doing this on the quick because it might be gone by tomorrow s for you 50Lds you only get the 1 hair/shade but the cute ruffled almost a “something about Mary” look to it but without the smut grabbed me.  Taken in my Nams setting so this is what the colour, to me at least, looks.  I thought the GG next to it was another cute hair but it’s actually a bow pack but emm it didn’t work for me so you may want to grab that in anycase and try it out for yourself.

After all the long posts I’ve been doing I bet you’re grateful I’m keeping it short n sweet…just like this hair, you know I had to make THAT joke! but thinking about it the shop this comes from is “DP YUM YUM” errr is it just me or is that seriously smutty?

DP Yum Yum

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