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Should I stay or should I go? Featuring Designer Circle with Smesh, StormCrow Design’s, Loordes of London, L’Anguisette, FORMANAILS

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That moment, when you know you should go, but you are soooo
tempted to stay.
You know if you stay, it will be trouble, and if you go it will be trouble…
Oh what to do.

So, should I stay or should I go????

Belted Shorts in beige by !!smesh 
(from the Crimson Blazer & Beige shorts outfit)
Las Vegas Heels For slink High feet by StormCrow Design’s for 100L Comes with hud with 6 texture hud/2 textures for metal
Lanova Jacket #23 by Loordes of London
Autumn Skin in Honey by L’Anguisette
Included appliers: Lena, Ghetto Booty , Lolas(4 nipple choices), Omega(Four Nipple Choices), Slink Hands/Feet/Physique, Banned, Wowmeh, Phat Azz , Brazilia booty/Doll, Perfect Bum/Perfect Body, Baby Bump, and Loud Mouth Appliers 
OPALIS for Slink Elegant 1 hands in gold by FORMANAILS
available for basic avatar, slink casual, and slink elegant also
Soft Smoke Eye Makeup in Soft Gold by Glamorize 
Minikit 5 lips by Glamorize
Blue Hair by Soonsiki! 
En Tournant CFP Exclusive Jewelry by Lazuri
Group Gifts
Should I stay or should I go? 

911 What’s your Emergency? Featuring Designer Circle with JK Styles, WoW Skins, FORMANAILS, Preptopia, and Pink Cherry

Previously posted @ JewelsOfSL.

That moment when you take a selfie and realize you’re being photo bombed…

Sometimes things you are doing take on a life of their own.
You intend to do one thing, but end up being distracted or run into something that
you never would have thought of…
just in the time to do something epic.

That’s what my life is like…
and BTW, when you can 911 and tell them that a Lycan is over your
shoulder…they never believe you.

Designers include:

London outfit by JK Style
Designer Circle

Vivy Skin in tan by WoW Skins
Designer Circle

Rings in gold by FORMANAILS
Designer Circle

Chicago Heels in gold for Slink Mid feet by Preptopia
Designer Circle

Corset Lace Nails for Slink hands by PiNK CHERRY- 90L
Designer Circle

Til Death lips by Glamorize

Eyeshadow Mystery2 in soft by MONS

Bang! Bang! hair by Milk
Milk Hair

Gorget Night RARE collar by MeshedUp  Gotcha

Fur Bracelets in gold by May’s Soul
Past event

-Group Gift cell phone selfie by {Room of AMO}
I can’t find the store…ugh

Girl: *calls 911* Hello? I need your help!
911: Alright, What is it?
Girl: Two boys are fighting over me!
911: So what’s your emergency?
Girl: The ugly one is winning.

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