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Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile and time flies by really fast right? It’s starting to get colder as winter is coming real soon. Anyway here’s a look for today and I hope you enjoyed it. 
If you are looking for cute static poses, check out Kirin Poses by Carolina Sautereau. She makes nice poses suitable to all kinds of mood for your photos. The one I’m using here is called Himawari Pose which consist of 7 poses for only 95L$ . They are available now at My Attic.

What I’m Wearing:

* Pose Used: Kirin Poses – Himawari Pose | New @ My Attic
* Custom Shape: {faces n curves} Marketplace
* Watch: [Since 1975] CM Wrist Watch

Outfit *CK* Proud to be me – free dove | Free Here

Shoes: Roller Skates with Animation included in *CK* Outfit Set | Free Here
Mesh Head: Utilizator – M3 Mesh Anime Head
Mesh Body: Utilizator – Avatar 2.0 Body
Skin: .::POMF::. M3 Head/Kemono Body – Yui Skin Mod
Eyes: Fluttershy’s Shop | Gift Eyes – Garden | Free Marketplace
Hair: eXxEsS : X-MAS 2014 Past Gift

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Classy Lady Classy Home (Freebie and I wish it was free).

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I’m so sorry I wish this rental home was free but class like this doesn’t come cheap.  So basically I was looking for a background to take a picture of my new Free outfit and since it was so classy I decided to pop over to Neva which I know is packed with some great streets, landscaping, shops and homes.  As I was wandering around looking for the perfect background I stumbled upon a vacancy and in all the years I’ve visited this sim this is the first time I’ve spotted a vacancy because I have a feeling that they rarely come up.  So it gave me free rein to have a good look around and it was fun.  I didn’t rent for a couple of reasons and the main one being our sim is looking particularly stunning now we’ve stripped it right back and packed it full of snow the other being the price tag.  Cost 2500Lds  a week but for that you get a house which is top class, a landscaped sim which is top class and 600 prims which allows you to create your dream home in SL.  I will take more piccies when I return inworld to show you the house and the outside a bit more and like this top picture I will use the Sim Windlight setting.


So of course I changed the windlight settings back to Nam so you can see the quality of this freebie.  A one piece of a jacket and silky short dress.  It’s so good such a lovely find and of course FREE which is even better and that pearl necklace is the icing on the cake! I love logging off SL knowing I have something to show you of this quality the next time I get inworld.


This comes from Gizza Design and like another shop I know the Freebies/GG’s are actually outside.  I’m not sure where my LM will rezz you but I’m going to try to get one for inside of the shop as this is a big shop packed with some stunningly good quality clothing.  Although heavy on the Autumn/Winter clothes this shop is so big it has everything from bikini’s to woolies.  Sadly just like I’ve had to do with Ebay I basically stopped looking after a while, there are so many tempting thing and I have so little SL and RL money to splash out on myself LOL.

PS of course the hair is a Mina and the skin is PumeC I’m always pointing this out because again I just think these hairs and the skins are some of the best in SL.

This is another sim which is lit and landscaped so well all you need to do is point your camera and press click.


More piccies of the Neva rental.  This is the back of the house and you can clearly see the dock and also you have neighbours to the side and across the water but every house is a quality build and if it wasn’t for the fact my draw distance was playing up I would have taken a picture over the water and the other homes.  with 600 Prims you could decorate your home beautiful and still have prims to rezz a boat!


This is the front of the house.  This particular home is in front of a nightclub but this like all of the Neva builds is a beautiful classy club.  I don’t know how many sims are owned and under the “Neva” label but there are quite a few of them.  I’ve lived in places where you get no visitors and I’ve lived in places where you constantly have to turf out what me and Faith used to call “Free Sh*ggers” this sim offers you peace and quite but you do get a lot of visitors to the sim and I can only imagine that most visitors like me are the respectful sort who come here for a bit of shopping and picture-taking so if you don’t want to live in solitude then this is perfect for you.

What you can’t see is that in front of your home is a canal there is a whole system of canals, I have to wonder if you lived here and had rezzing rights if you could rezz a little row-boat in the canal and travel around this and the other Neva sims on your boat only LOL.

OK the rental board is actually inside of the garden and I’m pretty sure the LM will take you directly to it and of course this house and it’s situation may not like this 100% but if you drop the Neva management a note I’m pretty sure they will give you a list of any other home that maybe up for rent.

PS I went back to Gizza and this is the second time there was a RL human AV who was waiting to greet you and how do I know that they were RL greeters and not just “Bots”? because when I thanked them for the greeting they replied, this is such a lovely touch and you know if you do get met with a greeter in any shop, and it’s rare to have a RL person doing it, just say “Thanks” it’s nice for you to recognise that someone is doing their job.

Neva Rental

Gizza Creations

Gizza Outlet


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Free Pose!!!

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So here is a lush pose that is actually a Group Gift , Along with two more gifts at Caboodle

I’ve edited it a bit to fit me and my Hubz 😀

So nice that he can join me at times to blog ♥



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Free Group Gift At Red Mint

Previously posted at Hair SL.

(Red) Mint | Free Group Gift


Party Girl


.Also Worn.

  • Hair – (red)Mint |  Hair No.37’15 – gG 08’15 | By Moni Schulze | FREE GROUP GIFT
  • Skin –  .::WoW Skins::. | V2 Fatma Darktan | By sawsan SecretSpy.
  • Shape  Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • Tattoo  Queen oF Ink | Animal Empire Tattoo | By MonaSax95.
  • Pose – {NANTRA} | It’s My Party | By Nancoix Urquan | @ MY ATTIC
  • Lighting –  LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.

* This post is a part of the  A – Z Designers list  freebie/ group gift series.  Most are older items but they will be new to a new Resident or someone who does not follow SL fashion. Please feel free to share with your friends.



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Check out my old A:S:S (oodles of Free Homes).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I was going to title this “check out my cheap old ass” or “ass for free” or “cheap asses” the possibilities is endless.  So OK I’ve yet again changed my mind about the house I’m going to “overwinter” in and decided to work through some of the Top Home builders in SL and I decided to get my ass over to A:S:S.


A:S:S isn’t known for it’s builds it’s mainly a clothing, make up, jewelry range with the tag line of “proudly serving subcultures since 2007” but they also had a range of interesting and affordable homes/skyboxes etc to buy but it looks as though they have stopped making the homes however they’ve kindly put the whole lot out in one box for anyone to come and snag which of course I did and then I spent a lovely happy time rezzing and rerezzing all the builds.


I’ve just took random shots as there is such a variety of homes from attics, land homes and skyboxes.


OK some of the builds are showing their age in the sense that mesh and texturing had become so amazing in recent years BUT a lot of these builds still stand the test of time and even if they don’t the is a whole variety of prim counts so if you just want a great back drop for pictures a work room or just want to keep your SL life on the cheap then they’re perfect.


Some of the builds are big enough to be shops if you are tempted to start a SL business.


Yup this is a skybox.  I’ve taken an arty picture but it has distinctive rooms and each area has sparkling light decor.

Apart from the variety of styles a lot of these homes are also Mod/Copy.  I think most people start learning to edit in SL by grabbing a build and slowly learning how to deconstruct and then reconstruct it and these will be perfect as they’re a great start which can only be made better or if you screw up it doesn’t matter as long as it’s one of the copy version.

The LM should take you to the notice board outside and you will see the Buy old homes option.


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Pepe Hair 2 Free Hairs

Previously posted at Hair SL.

Pepe Hair | Free Gifts



* This post is a part of the  A – Z Designers list  freebie/ group gift series.  Most are older items but they will be new to a new Resident or someone who does not follow SL fashion. Please feel free to share with your friends.


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Free Hair From Little Bones

Previously posted at Hair SL.

Little Bones | Free Hair


freebies 2

 .Also Worn.


  • Hair little bones. | Scope | By Nova Faerye | FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Hair BaseJust Magnetized | Natural | By Justyna Magne.
  • Skin [ MUDSKIN ] | MYUGLYDOLL5_E9_Pinky Tan | By Sopha Portal.
  • Shape Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • EyesAVELINE Eyes – Doll-L – Hazel | By giggle Solo | FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Mesh BodyMaitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle
  • DressGoji | Molly – VIP Gift – Maitreya | By GojiMojo | FREE VIP GIFT
  • Pose – *PosESioN* | Lady 7 | By Dahriel.
  • Lighting LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.

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Look Free

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Free of excellent quality clothing…

Hair (Group Gift) EMO-tions
Skirt and Top (Group Gift) Third Eye
Shoes Slink High (Group Gift)  .: LIKE DESIGN :.

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Halloween Free

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Tunic Free
Tunic Queen Halloween AfroTay 
Pants Free
 Everyday Outfit 8 Leggings +1 Top Miss Canning
Hair with Hat Free
Sorcery Magika
Shoes Group Gift / Join Free
Sandals Lola Halloween Gift Group G&D
by Tayga Steampunk

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Free Spirit

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Click on pic to view larger
Hair:  Truth  Louisa  *New*
Dress:  {dollle*} @ The Thrift Shop  (Nov 8th through 29 & Everything is 50% off!)  Long Sleeved Off Shoulder in Red  *New*   

Jewelry:  Earthstones  Isabella Set

Pose:  Signature Pose @ Gen Neutral  (Nov 12th through Dec 2nd)  Dangerously  *New*

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