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Get a Third Life, (Freebie Group).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I’m only in 2 Freebie Groups in SL as TBH they’re so busy and active it’s hard to keep up with all the super freebies and offers that come out all the time. SL Free’s & Offers is one and the other is called “Third Life”.

Often you will find that when a shop has out a gift for one of the groups they will also have one out for the other free group and that’s the case with this shop, ALTER , as it has 2 gifts out but I’m just showing you the Third Life gift but the SL Free’s & Offers gift is right next to this one so you can grab both at the same time.  It’s also handy that the Group Joining Boards are also right there next to the gift so it makes it super easy.


OK enough chat and yup I’m wearing a light flooding face/body light because I wanted to “commit a nuisance” geddit??? LOL Yeah OK I was just having fun but obviously the editing has changed the overall texture/colour of the outfit but the colours, apart from the black, are pretty bold and yes that means you get a colour changing Hud as well.


Make sure to either “wear” or “attach” rather than rezz the gift as it’s a pop up on your screen and you just click that and accept your gift then detach/delete the pop will know what I mean.  Comes in, from what I can remember, all the standard mesh sizes plus a couple of mesh bod ones so a fit for all.

So I missed it last week but I am determined not to miss it this week and I’m talking about the 25Ld Tuesday offer.  Most of the shops involved in the 25Ld Tuesday lean towards the RP/Gorean/Pheasant/Medieval SLers DO NOT let that put you off!  I have found some amazing, excellent decor and clothes for just this token price and it’s the weekly offer I hate missing so I’m logging  back inworld now to LM grab and then hunt me down some cheap goodies.



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Ease on in, (Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I’m back but I bet you didn’t even notice I was missing LOL.  A lovely weekender away which even the MASSIVE downpours we have been having in the UK didn’t manage to spoil….actually I LOVED it but then I am a bit weird.


On friday I had popped over to Jian to check to see if their 25Ld Tues item was still out but I had missed it however I managed to console myself with this new to me Freebie.


Although even on the stands these were pretty low primmed, 1 or 2 prims only but for my home the stands wouldn’t fit in.  However as soon as I saw the 2 magic words “Copy” & “Modifiable” it took nothing for me to separate them.


And I ended up with a handy easel stand if I needed one but even better this 1 prim wreath which can now hang on my wall.


I remember a long time ago when people used to grab freebies simply to take them apart and see how they were built, many a SL builder learned their trade doing this.  The rules have changed with Mesh though but I have many a good memory of standing in a sandbox taking things apart to put them back again.

PS other gifts there as well which are well worth picking up but I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you them before.


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Somewhere to call home (inc a Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

OK first the freebie before I start to wax lyrical about a lovely new hangout place I’ve found.


Pure Poison again, I only did a post about them last week but since they now have a New GG out I thought why not.  The GG’s are in the Gacha Machine in the entrance, do not make a mistake and pay lindens for the Gacha Machine next to it but don’t worry they’re clearly marked as to which is the Group Gacha and which isn’t.  Remember though the amazing people at Pure Poison have ALL of the old GG Gacha’s in the courtyard in the middle of the shop, easy to find and lots of shoes of different styles to be found.  Make sure to check out the full priced stock and maybe spend some Lindens, we all love a bargain but shop owners also have tier fees/Linden Lab Fee’s etc that need to be paid and sometimes there may even be a few Lindens left over from those expenses which they can use for themselves.

Once I’d grabbed the shoes I decided to check out an old LM and that shop has now gone and has been replaced with this lovely, beautiful and inviting Cafe.


I did play with the piccie but the Windlight setting has already been set to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.


Lots of seating area’s and the roof is decorated with comfy sofas, tables etc and from there you have a brilliant view of the whole sim which  from my first glance is purely a residential sim but the homes are few and far between.  When I log back inworld I will be having a good mooch around to see what other “posing” potential this place has but because I’m a good girl I won’t be going into anyones home, but I will be checking to see if this is a rental sim or not.


You don’t have to walk far from the cafe to find lovely private places, this little area is just down some steps from the cafe.

A perfect place for practising your photography it’s been so beautifully laid out and the windlight setting is so nice that anyone can zoom, click and create a piece of art.

PS the tree’s are meant to look like that lol they’re dead tree’s and not poor rendering.

Pure Poison

Rosewood Cafe


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I love my Mini-Map(another Freebie & more).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I actually nearly always have my mini map open just in the corner of my screen it’s just a habit from when we used to own and run a rental sim, it meant we could spot potential renters or any “Free Sh*ggers” as Faith used to call them.

So as I was wandering around I spotted a whole load of green dots showing on my mini map in the back of a shop so I trotted off to see what had got so many people interested but as soon as I entered the Cynful shop I was stopped in my tracks by this adorable outfit on the wall/pillar in the entrance so I decided to zoom in and check it out and YESSS It’s another top quality Freebie! Honestly yet another keeper for me,  I’m on a roll here LOL.


Comes in just Mesh Bod sizes only and no alpha because mesh bods don’t need an alpha BUT DO NOT NOT let that put you off, I often wear mesh bod outfits even when I’m not wearing my mesh bod as usually there is a good fit and if not then we all have tons of Alphas in our invent and a bog standard short n shirt alpha will fit.

I did a quick snap and the TPed back to the shop to LM grab but also check out what was keeping everyone glued to the same place and I’m so glad I did.  Very lucky lucky boards, not only great shop quality items but the prizes change as people grab their them.  There was 20 AV’s there so the turn over was pretty quick but sadly for me my initial didn’t pop up and then I did have to log out for the day but this is where you will find me tomorrow, sat there patiently on one of the couches waiting for a lovely prize and of course invent cleaning out.

PS you will need to join the Group not just for the gift but also to use the Lucky Boards and the group invite is sent to you as you walk inside the shop so make sure to accept it.

Cynful Clothing & Co

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Old and Yum Yum (Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Hands up because although I’m 100% positive that I’ve shown you a very similar hair from …I’m only 50% sure it’s not this one.  As it happens since the GG board says May’s gift then I can only assume it’s new and since it’s now June then move AV Ass over there as it might be changing soon….then again it might be changing to yet another great looking hair so it’s win win for us.


“barberyyumyum”  hairs are super cute/kawaii/youthful and quirky. I’ve worn the same fringe in RL as in this picture I bet a lot of women have when they have attempted to give their fringe/bangs a quick trim and ended up with an uneven cut which looks adorable on the young but not so adorable on an older woman.


This hair comes with a 3 coloured Hud.  The first picture has subtle pink/purple ombre streaks the picture above is blue, the third hair is rocking blonde tips.

Just a simply excellent top quality FREEEEEE hair.  The one thing I’ve found in SL is that it’s very hard to get decent Free hair, and skins, so when you come across one which is shop quality it’s always a lovely addition. The prices are just a little more at 300Lds a pack but there is a discounted section and I think I have a few of them myself…but my invent has ate them up!

However I strongly suggest you walk through the shop into the one next to it if you want some absolutely gorgeous home decor items.  If you’re not looking for anything new this is still a sim you will want to visit.  It’s a shopping sim but the landscaping, time and effort which has gone into this sim makes it such a lovely place to sauter around, maybe treat yourself to a bit of this or that and pose for some selfies.  I’ve got a bit of spare time so I can SL for a while longer and if I find any other freebies or things which are too special not to buy I will let you know.


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OH YEAHHHHH! (New Mina hair & EXC Freebie!).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA in SL but I had a friend visiting and my OH took some time off work so it’s been busy, busy and busier and today now that she has gone and he’s chained back to his desk it’s been a day of cleaning up the pig sty my home was reduced to.

However I decided to do a quick log in to check notes and stuff and damn I got a NEW MINA and not only that but it’s a NEW and FRESH style and I  just had to throw a couple of poses and snap away so check out Mena!


Talk about coincidences because I was watching a Buzzfeed video about Bumpits, this is a product which you put place under your hair next to your scalp and then comb your own hair over and you get a raised, Beehive look to your hair and that is exactly what this hair looks like it’s had done to it.


Normally when there is a similar hair in Mina’s I always suggest you try them all on before you decided on the one that just has “it” the one that suits you down to the ground but as far as I know this is a unique Mina original and although there is a hair with a much more pronounced Beehive to it this and that one hold their own ground in their uniqueness.

Yet again I’ve stuck with my RL and SL choice of browns but if you go to Mina’s mainshop it not only allows you the unlaggy luxury of trying on the hair you can also try out one of the many other colour packs.  Everything from idiot blonde to wicked witch black and of course all the specials you could want.

Also it has to be said that since this round of FaMESHed is still in its first couple of days I would give it a miss for a week or so but fortunately for us this event is on for a whole month which gives you plenty of time to wait for the crowds to thin out.  I have had a bit of a scan as to what is on offer and this isn’t a discounted event because the main theme of this event is new and fresh designs and sometimes that is worth paying for.

I’ll finish this post with a simple and exc freebie from Alien Gizmo’s.  A short, sheath dress with a small Hud and all the mesh sizes and some mesh body fits.

PS the LM for Alien Gizmo’s takes you to a centre place and you can either just walk to the shop or use the TP board which is right there however the Group Gifts and Lucky Chairs are hidden in the depth of the mainshop and I can’t give you the direct LM all I can give you is when you enter the shop turn left and keep on walking LOL not as hard as I’ve made it sound and the GG area is well marked out once you come across it.

PPS I’m wearing a brown shade in the top picture and a subtle ombre in the second one just in case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you.

Mina’s Mainshop


Alien Gizmo’s

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Designer Circle, D-Style, Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 3, UberSL, 7 Deadly s[K]ins @ Vintage Fair, Ultra Event, Dark Passion Twenty20, GACHA, Group Gifts and Freebie!

Previously posted by Lilli at Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

Happy Memorial Day US!  It’s a Federal Holiday for us, no work Today.  More importantly we remember the who died while serving in the Armed Services.  Big Thank You to all of the Men and Women who risk their lives every Day defending our Freedom!  Just a little History to start off Today’s Post for you all.

I am bringing you peeks from the Newest Round of Designer Circle, It’s Round #131 over there.  I have a Pre-Preview from my favorite Yearly Event, The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 3RAFF #3 doesn’t open until June 4th, so save those Lindens Fans of everything Rock and Roll.  Another Pre-Preview comes out of The Vintage FairThe Vintage Fair doesn’t start until June 10th, thought I’d give you something to look forward to.  Mark those Calendars.  I also visited UberSL again, The Ultra Monthly, a GACHA Prize from Roulett3, a Gift out of Cosmopolitan Sales Room and an Exclusive for Twenty20.

The Designers you’ll see are MOoH!, Merlific, D-Style, N-Core, Truth Hair, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Letis Tattoos, Maxi Gossamer, [Blissiere], Real Evil, Dark Passion, and Indigo Poses.  Lots of good stuff to see here Today, so stay a while with me and view my Post!

Lilliana is wearing a new Top by MOoH! called Uma. I used the Solids HUD Version on Lilliana.  Also available and sold separately are a Girly and Globe Texture Version. The Belted Top by MOoH! is an Exclusive for Designer Circle #131. My first look for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 3 is *Merlific’s* RockStar HandBag.  Lilliana is holding the Punkette Version.  There are 6 more styles, that will each be sold separately and Exclusively for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 3 June 4th through June 26th.  You’ll definitely hear more from RAFF #3 here, so stay tuned!

There are Designers that are known for Skins, Hair, Jewelry, etc.  To me D-Style is know for casual urban wear.  No one makes a better pair of Jeans then my girl Chrissy Morane.  I know, because I was a Model, Model Manager and now am a Blogger for Delirium Style and I always love her Jeans.  All this to say because there are New Jeans at D-Style!  Lilliana is wearing D-Style’s New Maia Slim Jeans in Blue.  The Maia Jeans come in like 15 other colors as well as the Blue Lilliana is wearing Today.  Go to D-Style and get yourself a Pair, or two, or Hell get them all!  The Heels are a Freebie, well if you are a N-Core Groupie.  N-Core’s newest Group Gift for the VIPs is the Karen Fat Pack!  Joining N-Core is not Free.  The one time join fee is only $ 50 Lindens.  You can get a full Fat Pack of Heels that fit your SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and N-Core Feet for just $ 50 Lindens.

Last Post Lilli wore Truth’s Elira one of the Exclusives that Truth has for sale at UberSL.  Today Lillis is wearing the other, Fenella, plus she’s got the Fedora on!  I always choose the Black & White Fat Pack HUD, the Hat has its own HUD.  There is also a version of Truth’s Fenella without the Fedora. It’s like getting two Truth Hairstyles for the price of one, also at a 50 Linden discount, only at UberSL!  Lilli’s Skin is 7 Deadly s{K}ins Leslie in New Oak Skin Tone.  7 Deadly s{K}ins is introducing 3 new Skin Tones this year, Oak being one of them.  Leslie is Exclusive for the upcoming Vintage Fair. I didn’t realize that the Vintage Fair isn’t starting until June 10th.  You have a little bit of a wait ahead of you, but hey it’s something nice to look forward to if you are a 7 Deadly s{K}in Fan.  I also used 7 Deadly s{K}ins Omega Face Applier for Lilli’s LOGO Head, plus the Maitreya HUD.

Lil found a tough Tat at Ultra by Letis Tattoo.  The Celestia MM16001 is one of Letis’s Exclusive for Ultra Event.  You get your Appliers in the purchase, I used the Maitreya HUD. Letis makes the best Tats! Just my opinion.  🙂  Jewelry came from Lil’s favorite Jewelry Designer Maxi Gossamer.  The Earrings are Maxi’s Secret Love Letter Hearts Earrings.  You can change the Metal to either Silver or Gold and the Beads can change to a bunch of different Colors.  The Necklace was a great bargain that I got.  Maxi had Snatch and Grab the other day for her Groupies, where she throws out a much of items at super discounts.  I got the Constantina Pearl Heart Choker for only $ 75 Lindens.  That price is no longer available because I snatched it and grabbed it!  Join the Maxi Gossamer VIP Group to keep up with special Group only discounts!

I have another preview for you, this one starts much sooner than the other two I have.  The New round of Roulett3 start on June 3rd, that’s where you could be lucky enough to win [Blissiere’s] Mr Meowington Watch the Carnivore Version.  The Mr Meowington Wathes will be GACHA prizes when Roulett3 opens on June 3rd.  The Carnvore Version is the Rare Prize.  Lil’s Bracelets are Real Evils NOX Alegoria Bracelets 2.0.  The NOX Aleroia Set is a Free gift for the Cosmopolitan Sales Room Group.  It’s a Free join, so you can get this one for Free!  Lil’s Nail Polish is from Dark Passion Koffin Nails.  The Mesmerizing Marble HUDs are Exclusive for the Twenty20 Sales Event.  I have one last Designer Circle Exclusive.  The Poses are Indigo Poses Handbag Pose Set.  There are 6 static poses in the Handbag Set and as you can see work perfectly showcasing a Handbag.  Indigo Poses Handbag Set is discounted for Designer Circle #131 for the next two weeks.

Photo Shoot Site was Devil’s Point .:HERE:.

May 30th Blog Photo #1v2_cropped

TOP:  MOoH! Uma top Solid w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #131 (NEW)

HANDBAG:  *Merlific* RockStar HandBag PUNKETTE,
Exclusive for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 3 (NEW)
(Coming Soon, Opens June 4th, will add LM Real Soon)

JEANS:  :: D-Style Maia Slim Jeans :: Blue (NEW)

HEELS:  N-Core Karen Fat Pack HUD,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FEE JOIN)

FEET: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Feet v3.5 (NEW)

POSE:  Indigo Poses Handbag Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #131 (NEW)

May 30th Blog Photo #2_cropped

POSE:  Indigo Poses Handbag Pose Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #131 (NEW)

May 30th Blog Photo #3_cropped

POSE:  Indigo Poses Handbag Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #131 (NEW)

May 30th Blog Photo #5_cropped

POSE:  Indigo Poses Handbag Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #131 (NEW)

May 30th Blog Photo 1hs_cropped

HAIR:  Truth Hair Fenella with Fedora Black & Whites Pack,
Exclusive for UberSL (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Leslie in New Oak Skin Tone,
Exclusive for the Vintage Fair (NEW)
(Coming Soon, Opens June 10th, will add Link Soon)

MESH HEAD:  LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid
Avatar Head – Omega Version (NEW)

EYES:  LOGO Chloe v5.0 Eyes Omega Compatible (NEW)

EYELASHES:  LOGO Chloe v5.0 Eyelashes
and Eyelids Omega Compatible (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Yasmine Shape (NEW)
(Modified a Little to Fit LOGO Mesh Head/Eyes)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 (NEW)

May 30th Blog Photo Headshot_cropped

(Recap:  Hair and Hat Truth’s Fenella @ Uber,
Skin 7 Deadly s{K}ins Leslie Coming Soon The Vintage Fair,
Head, Eyes, Eyelashes LOGO Chloe,
Earrings Maxi Gossamer Secret Love Letter Hears,
Necklace Maxi Gossamer Constantina Pearl Heart Choker,
Nail Polish Dark Passion Koffin Nails Mesmerizing Marble for Twenty/20,
Watch [Blissiere] Mr Meowington Watch Carnivore for Roulett3, and
Bracelets Real Evil NOX Alegoria Bracelets 2.0,
Group Gift for Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

TATTOO:  Letis Tattoo :: Celestia :: MM16001 ::,
Exclusive for U L T R A Event (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Maxi Gossamer Secret Love Letter Hearts Earrings (NEW)

NECKLACE:  Maxi Gossamer Constantina Pearl Heart Choker (NEW)

WATCH:  [Blissiere] Mr Meowington Watch Carnivore,
Rare GACHA Gift for Roulett3 (NEW)
(New Round Opens on June 3rd)

BRACELETS: Real Evil NOX Alegoria Bracelets 2.0,
Exclusive Group Gift for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passion Koffin Nails Mesmerizing Marble Maitreya HUD,
Exclusive for Twenty20 Sales Event (NEW)

RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

HANDS: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Hands v3.5 (NEW)

POSE:  Indigo Poses Handbag Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #131 (NEW)

May 30th Blog Photo 5hs_cropped

POSE:  Indigo Poses Handbag Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #131 (NEW)

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My poor sorry A** (Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

OH Lord I survived Spin Cycling, but only just.  I’ve spent the last 48 hours walking like a cowboy and with each painful step making moaning noises like a Zombie out of the Walking Dead.

So I gave SL a miss yesterday…OK I spent the best part of the day prone on my bed moaning to everyone who came close to me lol.

So this morning I logged in and sorted out my notes/notices and spotted this simple goodie.  Just the top this time.  You get 5 standard mesh sizes and 5 mesh body sizes so a fit for all shapes and sizes.


Eyelure isn’t a big shop so I decided to have a little wander around and what did I find? some excellent sports/gym clothes.  Suitable for those who play sports in SL or just want to pose like a Gym Bunny. I did grab some demos and then binned them without even trying them on as I just know I would be tempted.


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Set for the day, Freebie.

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I was just thinking about popping over to [email protected] to check out for any new GG or Lucky Board items only to have a notice sent out that yes there is a new GG out for us, Kismet or what.  So I TPed over and snagged this.


A lovely off white/cream blouse it’s more creamy in this pic and more off white in SL.  Oddly enough you only get the 1 size and yet it fits not just my small AV size but I can see that chances are it will fit almost every AV size and it’s not even fitmesh!  As you can see in this picture the sleeve has an insert of lace texturing.  A really good and easy to wear blouse.


So I hopped on the pose ball behind the desk and this is me for the next hour or so or at least till I’ve worked though a whole load of notes and hopefully won the 2 new items on the Lucky Boards here.   A nice pair of flat shoes and a simple skirt both of which are good quality and perfect for your invent and even mine if I win them.

PS If you would like this blouse but in a different colour you can then of course splash out a bit of money, 100Lds, or I spotted that the skirt which is a LB win and will match not just this blouse but a lot of different tops is only 50Lds.  A nice simple versatile skirt which is even tempting me.

[email protected]

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Vlada was my first, wink wink. (GG & Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Vlada was my very first love in SL as soon as I put Vlada on I became a PumeC addict.  Fortunately for me at that time PumeC was a Free to join group and every time a new GG was put out I was the first in line.  I’m such an addict that in the Flickr PumeC group I am listed as the main picture poster because 95% of the skins I use in SL and my pictures are PumeC. So really if you want to check out her skins just scroll through my posts because I can guarantee that in about 95% of my pictures I’m wearing a PumeC skin, Anna shape and Mina hair or check out the PumeC Flickr and you will see how gorgeous and also versatile these skins are.

Added to the fact that the skins are not only gorgeous but every skin in the shop and that even includes the Group Gifts come with ALL of the biggest Appliers in an incredibly easy to use Hud as standard!


Since this group is now 199Lds to join and I didn’t spot a demo of this GG once I’d had my fun with editing I popped home changed my outfit, I can’t go bargain hunting in a corset!, and my settings back to my Nams prim and skin setting so you can see her the same way I do.


As you can see she is definitely more Summer than Winter and a pretty dramatic look especially with those deep smokey eyes.  I will be honest and say that unlike a lot of skins because of the deep dark eyeshadow  you cannot put on a different eye shadow, they simply don’t cover up but you have carte blanche to change the lips, blusher etc I will also be honest and say this shade in this skin is not my fav, shocking I know but at least honest, but check out the Vlada I fell in love with.


This is Vlada the original, pale and innocent and yet those eyes make her slightly vampish.   I’m not even sure if she is still available as she is about 3 years old now but putting her on still makes me hum with happiness.  All of these pictures again in my Nams setting so what you use will change the look of everything but this is the setting I love as it makes everything look simply the best.


Now this IS a FREE FOR ALL!

I wasn’t too sure at first as I was wearing my PumeC tag but I decided to change my tag to “none” and I popped back and “bought” it for 0lds and so it seems it’s a lovely gift for everyone (fingers crossed that I’m not wrong through) and as standard even this Freebie comes with ALL the Appliers! This is a rather pale and wishy-washy look to me which is PERFECT because unlike the dramatic Vlada look with this you can slap as much or as little make up as you want.  With such a great base skin you can create so many looks with just a change of lipstick, blusher etc and of course APPLIERS as standard.

The Group Gift is the large picture above the desk in the reception area and the Free for all one is the picture leaning against the desk.  You will also spot some Gacha’s in the entrance and yet again bargain priced and shop quality.

I’m also putting my Flickr link here so to save you from all the scrolling but again 95% of the skins I wear are PumeC and often they’re the same skin I’ve just been lazy and changed the lips, eyes, hair etc

PS there are also Gacha’s in the entrance way and if you have a few more Lindens to spare then you couldn’t go wrong treating yourself to a surprise from them as well.


PumeC Flickr

My Flickr

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