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Side tracked (freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

I was wandering around the HPMD sim trying to find some new greenery for my home when a note came through from Kaithleen about a new Group Gift and as soon as I saw it I TPed over snagged it and then TPed straight back to HPMD, threw on the clothes, threw on a pose and then with 1 click I was done LOL.


Cool minty green with lacy overtones and that gorgeous frill at the hem and bust line. This dress is called Baroque and with that exaggerated skirt it certainly has that feel to it.

Before I return to the HPMD sim I’ll show you another Freebie.


These two pictures are like Night and Day.  This is a classic slip design with a lovely like silver texturing and of course it’s mesh.  Comes from a shop I recently blogged called “More Than Ever”and although this is a new shop it’s nice to see that Ever Wonder (great name) isn’t being stingy on the freebies and check out one of the walls as  because there are 2 hunts coming up that she’s going to be joining.


More Than Never

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You know you still would! (Freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.


First the Freebie, a simple sweet Spring/Summery dress from Aida’s shop Aushka’s & Co. You get a whole colour options, mint, blue, pink, pink with mint, blue with mint, all pink, all black and on and on and of course all of the mesh sizes.

Now that I’m here grabbing the LM I knew it! I knew I had grabbed free goodies from here before and in fact this new Group Gift and all the old ones are still here.  Some other Spring/Summery dresses, a cute bikini, sports top and shorts and more just waiting to be grabbed.  And on the other side of the Sub/Group joiner is some Dollarbie tops and a 10Ld dress.

Now for the icing on the cake because if you walk through to the other main hall and there is a MASSIVE sale on! Everything seems to be set at 75Lds and this isn’t out of season items, loads of Summery dresses, shorts, spring jumpers, pastel colour jeans, tops and upstairs a small selection of SLink shoes and everything seems to be priced at just 75Lds and then even more because you get the FATPACK of colours!


This is how I feel when Spring starts and so does the need to start some much-needed personal grooming.  Actually I have to confess that I rather do love my lotions and potions so I don’t really need much excuse to commandeer the bathroom for lengthy periods of time as I primp and preen myself.

The caterpillar on my lip is actually from MINA! as far as I know and I don’t really check out mens hair shops that much so I could be absolutely wrong but I have never seen mesh facial hair so this to me is new and fresh.  OK I’ve taken more of a fun shot but honestly people need to try this out for themselves, the picture that comes with it shows how it looks on a much more manly AV than mine and he looks sexy I just look funny LOL.


OMG goodness see how even a “mans” hair can look incredible on a woman AV.  Andre is the Mina hair at the Mens Only Month Event and I just had to try it on and how sexy is this look. This hair and the mustache are only available at the Mens only Month Event stop you from going as often these events have something of everything inc decor items and usually lots of new designs.


Keshie (arkesh.baral) of Mayfly eyes sent me a notice about her new updated user Hud.  Mayfly eyes are the only mesh eyes I’ve actually used and loved.  Again I’m not saying that there isn’t equally as good or even dare I say better BUT I personally think that not only are these mesh eyes are stunning but come with such an EASY to use Hud and so many options packed into a Hud that for the 99Ld price tag they were worth every Linden. Whilst I was grabbing the LM I also grabbed the 60Lds offer of those very bright blue eyes, as well as a pair of Group gifts I’d forgotten to grab.  She has some beautiful dramatic colouring, cats eyes, Neko eyes and of course the much more  normal but stunning eyes.

She’s now updated the Hud so it’s even more user-friendly but never fear if like me you have ooodles of the old Huds right next door to her main shop, I’m hoping the Mayfly Updates LM will take you there, she has set up a room and simple instructions on how to get the updated versions.


AUSHKA’S & CO Sales Dept

Mina@Mens only Month

Mina Mainshop

Mayfly Eyes

Mayfly Updates


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Tomorrows post today. (Freebie and discounts)

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.


This is actually Coquets Feburary gift and since it’s now well into March you’d better TP over if you would like this little cutie.  As it happens there was another Group Gift a little black dress and I completely forgot about it.


A simple little shortie dress or long top and a simple.

I then noticed that Tabitha Ashland the owner of Coquet now has a discounted section set up so I TPed over and snagged myself a 50Ld little dress.


From the front a simple dress, with no collar, no pattern nothing to make it stand out but then when you turn around.


It’s got a fake dress under it and the cardie is split up to that cute bow, why am I telling you this when you can obviously see that for yourself LOL.  Quite a few discounted items here so well worth a look.


Coquet Discount



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A Quick Kiss (Freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

Just before I had to log off SL I found this so as soon as I could squeeze some more time in SL I quickly returned took a snap.


I just loved the wavy long skirt but this is a dress and not a two piece. There is a lacy flexable underlayer but it breaks through the skirt layer and although it does look really good and adds a demention to the outfit it also stands up so well without it.

Comes from Siss Boom and it’s a Free to join Group Gift.

Siss Boom

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A Hunting we won’t go.(Freebies&Non Freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

Decided to try my hand at the 70s Hunt and I got a bit side tracked and then ran out of time but I did snag a couple of items and then just quickly took a piccie.


Thanks to Fi who has not only a great blog about her shop Fi’s Creations but runs and blogs about a lot of inworld Hunts.  I’ve used her site many times to get the latest on the latest hunts so this is one blog you defiantly want to bookmark.

This dress is one of the items I picked up from the 70s Hunt and it is one of Fi’s own “creations”.  I have boosted the colours because of course the 70s was a time of gaudiness and it’s a freebie and I had fun but follow the link below and you will see this dress and all the other prizes and even better Landmarks and HINTS!

The skyhouse I’m posing in is also one of the hunt prizes and I actually couldn’t find it.  The reason I can take my picture in it is because Cara Lionheart(EC Designs) has a demo version of it set out so people can only only see what the sky house looks like but she’s been very canny (slang for smart) because she has some retro furniture sets out for you to purchase.  There is a livingroom, kitchen and this bar set all for just 25Lds each.  There is some furniture in this hunt as well which is keeping in the 70s style but if you can’t find it or like what you see in the demo then you might want to spend some lindens and get yourself a Groovy Pad (I can’t even type that without cringing).

These are what I treated myself to, I’m getting the green fingered itch in SL and RL and although I have (too many) greenhouses in my invent I’m trying to find one that reflects my RL one, small wood lean to, and when I do I’m stuffing it with cactus, vines and succulents.


They say you should “say it with flowers” there are a few people in RL I would like to say it with a gift of prickly Cactus.  I believe that they cost me about 250Lds and are copy and mod.  The large and med sizes are 3 prims and the smaller one is 1 prim.   I snapped them up so quickly that even though there is a choice of pot colours I forgot what they are but there are some of these out at the back of the shop for you to check out for yourself.

Fi’s Creations Blog

70s Hunt Hints and LMs


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1,2,3 Freebie.

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

Still mooching old LMs and came across a shop called M.Second and I do remember blogging something from here before but I think that was a while ago and I forgot what it was.  But this is new and this is FREE Group Gift, as it happens there was a second Free top there but I forgot to click save on my pictures LOL.


A nice bit of side boob action.


Have to confess that even in RL I love the dropped back on tops, kardashian may look great with her rear end I on the other hand like to minimalise my arse LOL.


Comes with a colour changing Hud and a choice of 5 colours in total.


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Full Bright (Freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

I finally found a Twisted Hunt item  and it was a win win situation because not only is it an eye-catching outfit but as soon as I put it on I knew where to go to have some fun and get an eye-catching picture as well.  Because it’s a freebie I’ve allowed myself to play with the picture but WOW this dress GLOWS even without the trickery!


You get 2 colour options and I’m wearing the Ectoplams version which is a very cool light green and Ghostly Silver which is more emm silvery LOL.  The main body of the dress is mesh with sculpted panels over it.  I’m kicking myself as it turns out there is another overlay which I missed out in this picture.

This is the Twisted Hunt item from B!asta, there was a mans giftie in the box as well but as soon as I put the dress on I forgot about it so I’m hoping it’s still there and I’ll unpack and check it out.

What you’re looking for is a small cube, not too small that you can’t see it but drat the shops involved can put out decoys and I seem to be really good at finding the decoys LOL.  Fortunately I’ve put the link to the Hunt blog and there are the LMs and handy hints.


The Twisted Hunt Blog

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Group benefits (Freebie inc.)

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

FREE hair - coldLogic top & pants

Sooo I haven’t really taken off the new coldLogic “valens” sweater for like a week – lazy? Nope I just adore it. Today I wear it with the under-shirt and no scarf – easy to ring the changes when its such a versatile wee thing. This colour choice is called marine – it’s a greeny bluey sort of hue and is dead pretty. I also donned the valens pants, same colour tone and all jolly & checked. My hair is a group gift from SF Design called “Danielle” it comes with a big colour change HUD, plus you can change the colour of the tie on the pony tail – don’t go pouting chaps – there is a “Dan” hair for you too ! Just join the group et voilà its yours. (100L join fee that’s well rewarded in monthly gifts) I popped over to SF Design today and whoa – its had a big makeover ! Really nicely laid out, easy to navigate and so fresh.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

SF Design

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Save a little spend a little (Freebie n Bargain).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

I’m back from my weekender and raring to go.  As it happens I spotted this excellent freebie just before I went away and as soon as I got back inworld I popped over to grab it but I also found something I think is well worth the Lindens.

First the freebies.


A short n top combo, both are Marches group gits from FA Creations.  They come in the same pack but of course can be worn as separates as both are perfect together and also teamed up with other items of clothing.

This skirt called Frizzle is the non freebie but you get so much for your 99Lds it’s worth it.


Just loving the waffly, frilly, floaty skirt it has life and movement to it.  You actually get a Hud with 8 colours in it and another option of the same 8 colours but with a rhinestone layer over it.  I was too impatient to get piccies and this posted I forgot to take a picture of that layer but there is a demo available for you to try yourself.


I’ve taken these pictures in my nam setting and although I’ve not used any photo tricks the fact that I took them in a photocube means the colour is a little bit more enhanced but as I’m mentioned there is a demo available so make sure to try out but I promise you the skirt is delightful and a good addition to my invent.


The hair of course is a Mina’s and now that it should be a bit quieter it’s time to pop over to the …and snag it at the discounted price of 125Lds.

FA Creations

Mina Hair@The Chapter Four

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