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Designer Circle, SWANK, Color Me Project, Vestige Poses, Truth, WoW Skins, {ZOZ} @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room and a Freebie!

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Hello Lovers, it’s Valentine’s Day Sunday have you found that perfect gift for the Love of your Second Life.  You still have time and there are many Events going on about the Grid with that Valentine’s Day Theme.

Lilliana isn’t wearing any Red Today, but she still has time, it’s only Friday.  Let the Weekend begin!  If you like Shopping at the Designer Circle, SWANK, Color Me Project, and Cosmopolitan Sales Room, you might like Today’s Post.  How about Designers like SMESH, Destiny Style, ILLI, Vestige Poses, Truth, WoW Skins, CNZ, Semi-Precious, and {ZOZ}, are one of these your favorites? This is a little bit of what you’ll see in my Post here. If any of what I’ve said so far has sparked some interest, stay with me and read my Post.  Plus one of these Designer’s Items is a Freebie! Let us begin…

I love when I put together and Outfit that looks like something I could wear in Real Life.  Today is one of those Days.  Lilliana is wearing a Leather Jacket by SMESH.  The  Stormy Leather Jacket, is an Exclusive being sold at Designer Circle.  Lilliana’s Skin is .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Susse.  She’s wearing Susse in the Golden Skin Tone, plus she’s also wearing the Susse Shape by .::WoW Skins::. The Skin and Shape are sold together  at Designer Circle.  Last Designer Circle Exclusive are Lilliana’s pretty blue Eyes.  CNZ’s Exclusive for Designer Circle are their Athena Mesh Eyes.  You get a HUD with 8 Different Colors.  You can easily change you Eye Color with your Outfit.  Look for more colors to be work by Lilliana in future Posts before the end of Designer Circle’s current round.

The Dress Lilli is wearing comes in two parts a Top and Skirt, but it’s Destiny Style’s Barbara Dress.  Barbara is Destiny Styles’ Exclusive for SWANK. A second SWANK Exclusive is Semi-Precious’s Avalon Jewelry Set.  You can purchase the Set in individual Color or a nice Fat Pack.  The Avalon Set includes, Earrings and Necklace and is Semi-Precious’s Exclusive for SWANK.  Up above, I talked about a Free Gift.  Lilli’s Pumps are by ILLI.  The SLink High Black Pumps, are an Exclusive Gift for Color Me Project Anniversary.  If you like gifts, ILLI’s Pumps are not the only Free Gift you will find a Color Me Project.  Since the Event is celebrating an Anniversary, many regular Designers has a Free Gift for you in Celebration.

Lil’s Hair is Truth’s Carmela, a Brand New Release. Lil wears one of the colors from Truth’s Black and White HUD.  Lil’s Nail Polish is perfect for Valentine’s Day with the Red Hearts, so I lied, Lilli is wearing a little Red :)  The Nail Polish is part of {ZOZ’s} Angel Heart White SLink HUD Set.  You can pick up this pretty Nail Polish Exclusively at Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  The Poses are my last item to talk about.  My Poses Today are all Poses by Vestige Poses. I used Poses from the Modelling Pose Set 1 and 2, and Next Model Pose Set 1.  Vestige Poses no longer has a presence in World, but a fully stock MarketPlace Store!  Don’t forget the Photo Shoot Site.  My Photos were taken at the Pillows SIM .:HERE:.

February 11th Blog Photo 1, Pillows SIM_cropped

JACKET:  SMESH Stormy Leather Jacket,
Exclusive For Designer Circle (NEW)

DRESS:  Destiny Style Barbara Dress,
(Top & Skirt) in Black,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

PUMPS:  ILLI SLink High Black Pumps,
Exclusive Gift for Color Me Project Anniversary (FREE)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High v2.3

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modelling Pose Set 1, Pose #1, MarketPlace (NEW)

February 11th Blog Photo 2, Pillows SIM_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modelling Pose Set 1, Pose #2, MarketPlace (NEW)

February 11th Blog Photo 3, Pillows SIM_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modelling Pose Set 1, Pose #3, MarketPlace (NEW)

February 11th Blog Photo 4v2, Pillows SIM_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modelling Pose Set 1, Pose #4, MarketPlace (NEW)

February 11th Blog Photo 5, Pillows SIM_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modelling Pose Set 1, Pose #5, MarketPlace (NEW)

February 11th Blog Photo 7hs, Pillows SIM_cropped

HAIR:  Truth Carmela from Black and White Pack (NEW)

SKIN & SHAPE: .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Susse
in Golden Skin Tone, Includes Shape,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

BODY:  Maitreya Lara v3.4 (NEW)

APPLIERS: .::WoW Skins::. Golden Skin Tone,
Maitreya and SLink Hand / Feet Appliers (NEW)

EYES:  CNZ Athena Mesh Eyes in Blue,
Includes HUD with 8 Colors,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

EYELASHES:   *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha
Lashes w.HUD Pack 1 (NEW)

JEWELRY:  Semi-Precious Avalon Set,
Earrings and Necklace w.HUD,
Exclusive fro SWANK (NEW)

February 11th Blog Photo Headshot, Pillows SIM_001_cropped
(WoW Skins 2016 Susse, CNZ Athena Eyes, Mon
Cheri Falsies Eyelashes, Semi-Precious Avalon
Jewelry Set, JCNY Greatest Love Ring, and
{ZOZ} Angel Heart White Nail Polish)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ} Angel Heart White SLink HUD Set,
Exclusive from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)

RING:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Elegant Left and Casual Right v2.3

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modelling Pose Set 2, Pose #7, MarketPlace (NEW)

February 11th Blog Photo Next Model 2hs, Pillows SIM_001_cropped

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Hair we go again (New Mina Hair & Lovely Freebie).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

ARGH!!! Hairology again!  I’m not sure I can actually stand the temptation I have a SIM & Cats to support! Sadly for me and my Pussies this is one event I now don’t like to miss.  It has just about the right amount  of stalls  to have plenty of new designs but small enough that you’re not overwhelmed by whats there.  I’ve had a quick scan and lucky for me Mina always ticks all the boxes BUT because so many of the styles here are new and there is some quirkiness to them I’ve tagged another hair for me to go back to buy so even with a stuffed hair folder I still find it too tempting to resist.


I know this isn’t really a “hair shot” I’ll show you that better in the other picture, but this is a dress from Petit Morte. A peachy beige, lacy textured dress with that antique lace border, simple, sweet and of course Free.  Don’t panic if you’ve joined the group and no matter how many times you click on those bags on the reception desk they’re DECOYS! lol you will have to walk a little bit further into the shop and on an easel is a picture of this dress and it’s that you click once you’ve joined the group.

XXXCrossblueorton3I had a whale of a time collecting the Champagne bottles at the Dulcie hunt, check out my previous post, and then on my platform trying on all the skins, too lazy to try out the Mesh eyes so I’m not using them.  I as I said binned a lot of the skins but also made a neat folder full of the trans ones and all I need to do is hunt down a Noob who is willing to accept gifts from strangers which is pretty hard LOL.


I’ve always said that the red/ginger shades of Mina are the best in SL and in this untouched Nams setting you can see why I say that.  PS this is skin#5 from the hunt and it comes with SLink Appliers.

As always I’ve put the link to Mina’s mainshop as well because well basically I think you need to check out whats there before you make your mind up and even better she has not only the pictures and LMs for hairs which at this moment are only available at special events she has the Demos which means that you don’t have to struggle through a laggy sim to just be able to try the Demo before you decide if you’re going to buy.  Just try it on at Minas unlaggy shop have a good look at it and the colour palette Hud you get at your leisure.


Mina Mainshop

Petite Morte

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Sexy Ginger (Freebie).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Even as I’m wearing a Freebie I’m still Freebie hunting! so I had put on this lovely retro dress from D.O.R.K and then TPed over to another shop to check out their freebie and their lovely sim windlight setting was so nice I threw a quick pose and took a snap.


This is a simple and lovely dress but the one thing I would suggest with this dress is you wear a collar or in my case a nice fitting necklace as it covers up a raw neckline and I also think it sets the dress off perfectly.  Sometimes it’s the smallest thing which can turn a look from OK to Ooooh!

There is more than just this dress waiting for you at dork, I dare you to wear the low riders though as they’re so low they barely cover your Hoo Ha LOL and there is some Lucky Chairs.

PS I used the sim setting for this picture and I might just chose to change our sim to this warm orangey colour as it was so flattering to not only the sim but even my skin


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Freebie Fashion Find ~ Rams Wear!

Previously posted at Aubrey Monday.

Low Cost Fashion Find
 (Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
Today I’m wearing freebie items from the Ram’s Wear Designs. It’s a new brand to me but I like that they offer many quality freebies like my black knitted top and gorgeous green heels. I especially like the heels because they were very well textured.
I also want to introduce Since 1975’s You’re Mine Phone Case that is being offered now at the Cosmopolitan event. This event runs for 2 weeks and will end on Feb 14.
What I’m Wearing:
* Phone: [Since 1975]-Phone&Case-You’reMine by Ocean CraftNew @ Cosmopolitan Until Feb 14
* Piercings: – .HoD. – Bitten v1 – Slide – Female by Aydan Darcy
* Pants: [R3VOLT] – Cassy Ripped Jeans [V3] XS by R3volt Resident
Top: RKW6-Rams Wear-Artic black by Rams3s KiraxFree L$ 0
Shoes: RKS2-Rams Wear-Saqqara green by Rams3s KiraxFree L$ 0
On Body:
* Shape: Abigail Shape – New @ Marketplace
* Skin: [PXL] Violet PA PaleLips DeepEyes C2 by Hart Larsson
(The skin includes moles, lashes and Sweetlips Mouth Applier.
* Eyes: [PXL] REFLEX Eyes (B) ~ Brown by Hart Larsson
* Eye Shadows: Veechi – Glitter Liners [green] by Aiubrey Snoodle

* Eye Shadows: Veechi – Frostbitten Shadows [lime] by Aiubrey Snoodle

Mesh Ears: [MANDALA] | STEKING_EARS_Season5 by kikunosuke Eel
Hair: *Dura-Girl*63 (Coffee)-CF (Coffee) by chiaki Xue
* Mesh Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands by Siddean Munro
* Nails: Veechi – Glossy & Matte Nails Emerald [slink] by Aiubrey Snoodle
Mesh Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.4 by Siddean Munro
Body Tattoo: *Linc* Wraps Tattoo by CK Winx (No Longer Available)

* Pose Used: Kirin – Miho Pose by Carolina Sautereau

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All Change (Freebie).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Love starting my day off like this, clearing away the old and bringing in the new.  As I’ve said before Faith and I consider ourselves very lucky that we can rent a whole sim and because the cost is split between the 3 of us, Faith her partner PD and I, it means it’s basically more than reasonable and since I don’t smoke or drink this is my addiction.  Renting a sim is no harder than renting a home in SL but with a sim you get POWER! (although you would have to check with the covenant that you are allowed to change the sim)  We could if we wanted to sink all the land and create an ocean or lift the land up to make towering mountains, we could create Heaven or Hell, run naked with wolves or in our case create our dream homes in dream settings.  In all the years we have rented we have never had ANY problems and no I’m not being paid to push this company LOL in fact I’ve never even needed to contact them.  All we have to do is once a month pop into the office and pay the tier fee just as quick and simple as paying a rent box on a house.  Fortunately for us both Faith and I have very similar tastes plus although she tends to do her side of the sim as she wants I can do the same to mine we always find that we can compromise and again in all the years we’ve shared a sim we have never fallen out BUT if you’re concerned about that then there are plenty of half and quarter sims you can rent on your own.


So I killed some time last night clearing away all the winter shrubs and trees and Faith restored the land back to a spring setting and so today once I’ve blabbed about this dress I’m going back inworld and digging out all my spring planting and yes I’m going to be hunting for a new home….thats my addiction!


Obviously in the top piccie I’ve had windlight and editing fun but it drowned out the details in this simple and yet wearable cross over dress. So wearable, a great fit and of course green is my fav colour and free from Evermore.  To get this dress and the other one on offer there you do have to join the SL Frees & Offers Group.  SLfrees & Offers is a group which is massive in SL and a lot of shops put out freebies for only this group, plus this is a very active group and you get a constant stream of notices about freebies/discounts etc sadly way too many even for me to follow-up on but if you want to join an active Free group then I whole heartedly recommend this one.

OH Booger! I forgot the boots! because you don’t just get the dress but also a pair of laced up mesh boots which come to just under the knees and the dark chocolate brown colour and style go perfectly with this dress.

Dreamseekers Site

Dreamseeker inworld

Nevermore Designs

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Got Boobs? (Freebie).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Be kind to me I have a double whammy of a cold and toothache! RL is sucking badly at the moment.

I’ve been tottering around in SL with this very night clubbing, date night, stylised outfit from Braham Design or the past 2 days but I’ve only had the nounce to finally be able to show it to you today.


OK I did have fun with editing but this outfit didn’t need it.  Obviously the main body of this mesh dress is a matt black and that exaggerated red fold is very dramatic, you can also see that even the lining of the dress is the bright red which is a nice finishing touch but not as nice as the bows on the back.


I don’t do nightclubs, dancing or dating in SL but I do know of people who love to take their AV dancing and do a bit of inworld flirting as well and this dramatically coloured dress will get you noticed for sure.

OK a maybe a bit of a downside.  Boobies, this dress comes with a very generous boobie cup size so even though I’m wearing the XS size my little pimple sized boobies don’t fill the cups BUT I do keep my boobie slider in the pretty small setting.  Although I love to wear my Tangoes on the whole I keep my boobies petite but if you’re the sort of girl or even boy who loves a pneumatic cleavage then perfect for you or of course with a simple slide you could make yourself a busty AV.

Going to be honest my brain is moosh so I can’t really remember much about the Braham shop so I can’t tell you much about it but once I’ve got my sh*t together, in other words the pain killers I’ve taken have kicked in, I’m going to have a wander around.

DOH I’ve just realised, red n black perfect Valentines outfit! So grab it now as it may not be there next month and hide it away till the big day (all rhyming is completely unintentional)

UPDATE, This Freebie/GG is on the wall just outside of the entrance to the shop and I highly recommend you GO INSIDE!  I’ve just spent a very pleasant half an hour trying on quite a few demos as there is some really lovely items here, even the simple knitted off the shoulder dress impressed me with the crispness of the texture but there seems to be a bit of everything from casual summer to cold wintry wear and it’s the same with the pricing.  Lots of things are just 55Lds but even at the higher prices of 99-150+LDs if I had a unlimied budget I would have bought at least 2 things and thats only what I spotted on the ground floor and there is even more upstairs and I believe across the way is the mens dept as well.  I did also notice with the demos I picked up they came with not just the standard mesh sizing but also mesh body sizes and fitmesh so this is definately a place to check out properly.

Braham Design


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Couldn’t help myself (Freebie).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

So after my last post I logged off but after a while I had to pop back inworld and take some very quick and simple snaps of the other Free dress I found at Emporio.


There is this colour…


and this colour…


even this colour but actually there is a colour changing Hud of 6 colours and I love them all.  Taken in my Nams skin n prim setting so you can see just how good they are….as long as you’re using a good setting.

OK back to RL those trashy horror films I watch on a Sunday afternoon ain’t going to watch themselves you know!


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Limited Freebie.

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Not sure how long this offer has been on or how long it’s going to be on but the notice did say for a limited period only so if you like what you see then TP over to Formis Designes to grab “Clair”.


You get this mesh top and I love a little bit of boobie flashing.  The top is made up of that cropped section and 2 panels down the side which means the non mesh coochie cutters are flashing at the back.  I have to be honest and say that if I had a bit more time I think I would have added a thick leather belt to not just cover up the raw edge of the shorts waistline but also because I think it would just notch this whole look up.  You do however also get SHOES with this.


SLink high are needed.

Although you can see that the coochie cutters are system layered from what I can remember you get all the Appliers you need to be able to wear them with your mesh body of choice or of course you could just rummage in your invent for a pair of mesh shorts.

Formis Designs

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Indecent haste, Freebie n New Mina Hair.

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I was already dressed with a great outfit to show you when a notice came off Zee (zuleicca) one of the managers of the shopping sim Nouveaux about a new shop to their sim called Sorbet owned and run by bbcrumbs (xantheanne) and as soon as I checked out the pink cuteness I dropped what I was doing and ran to grab it and then dropped Faith a note to back off it was MINE ALL MINE!


Just so sweet and as much as I’m still snuggling in my winter woolies in SL and RL this pink prettiness just warmed my heart up.  This dress comes in just the 3 standard mesh dresses and it says they won’t go with mesh bodies which is didn’t but that’s hardly an issue and even I spend about 90% of my SL time in my normal AV and not wearing my mesh body in any case. OK at this moment this is a very small shop in fact all there is is 2 outfits this dress but in other colours and a rather pretty skirt.  If this is the start of a new venture in SL then it’s a brilliant start but lets hope there is more like this to come.

Weirdly enough I’ve gone a bit pink mad because the skin is just one of my old ones from Pink Fuel which I adore not just for its prettiness but Pink Fuel has cornered the market for the sweetest sexiest skins that come with appliers/tattoo layers which will give you 6 packs to die for.  So once I’m back inworld I’m going to pop over there and hope that there is a special deal on because they’re not cheap skins but I might just get tempted.

However much more affordable is of course the Mina hair called  Chloe which is available @Kustom9.  I have to be honest and say that if it wasn’t for Mina hairs being a regular at the Kustom9 event it’s not one I make time to visit which would be a shame this time because I’ve seen whats there and there is so much tempting me inc Gacha’s so I’m definitely heading back there but this time I’m hoping it’s calmed down because it’s one popular event.


Mina@Kustom 9

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I Love Freebie ♥

Previously posted at Cats Singing in The Rain.

Dress: TD Office dress – 1 Linden market

Boots: TD Cuir Boots – 1 Linden market

Jewelry: Moondance Jewels – 1 Linden market

Hair: Bens Hair Style – Naomi Hair Brown Pack – 55 Linden fi*Friday


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