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Ulta FREEBIE $88 Value for FREE

Previously posted @ OhHeyItsWhisp!.

I ALWAYS jump on these specials I see from Ulta – I received a 17pc set last month for free when I spent $ 50 and the bag was full of GREATNESS, srsly from brands like Urban Decay, dolce and gabbana, etc.  Now this special is just for the ULTA brand alone but its still a great bargain.

When you spend $ 19.50 on either their site or their store (call the store ahead of time to see if they have this in stock) You will get a FREE 15pc makeup set w/bag (you can choose from champagne or amethyst color).  ALSO what makes it even better, if you order only you can use the PROMO CODE 205730 and get $ 5 OFF your order, making your total around $ 22 give or take.  LIMITED QUANTITIES SO HURRY UP and get yours before they are GONE!

USE CODE 205730 TO GET $ 5 OFF

ULTA.COM Image4Image3

JPS 764: “Group Freebie ” – Sexy – @ Tooty Fruity

Previously posted @ JPS Blog.

Vendor: Tooty Fruity
Name: Sexy
Label: Apparel
Kind:  Women’s Clothes
Style: Top
Layers: Yes
Appliers: Omega

STORE:   Tooty Fruity


{T.O.D} – Beach Shorts Deep – Topic of Discussion – MarketPlace

JPS 763: “Group Freebie ” – Fruity – @ Tooty Fruity

Previously posted @ JPS Blog.

Vendor: Tooty Fruity
Name: Fruity
Label: Apparel
Kind:  Women’s Clothes
Style: Top
Layers: Yes
Appliers: Omega

STORE:   Tooty Fruity


{T.O.D} – Beach Shorts Deep – Topic of Discussion – MarketPlace

Belle Epoque – Freebie and cheapie !

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

Belle Epoque - FREE dress (3 colours)

I’ve caught up with emails now and I was right about that group gift from Belle Époque – sorry if you dashed over and thought you were going to get a free bed ! But but but – it’s changed, so join up (its free) and grab this sweet little frock in three tasty colours. Isnt it just so dainty and adorable?

Belle Epoque - 30L mesh dress with attached robe

I also snapped up the 30L offer whilst I was there, so glad I did as it such a great fit and so different from what I generally go for. Three colours to choose from, I almost went for PINK ! However this gorgeous beige peach caught my eye and that was that. Lovely little store, not a huge amount for sale but I’ve kept the landmark as I feel it might be one to watch.

Belle Epoque

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Hippy Chick (Freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

It’s all go today, work and play means my SL time is seriously limited but I’d picked this little beauty up yesterday and although in my haste this morning I managed to delete all my pictures I managed to recover one of them and my sanity.


I can do Granny Squares which is one of my saddest and yet proudest achievements but would I ever make a RL coat out of them, Hell No but then again check this out!

You actually get more than just this long crocheted coat in the same pack because you also get the jeans and as soon as I spotted the SLink Flat Sandals amongst the other Group Gifts at Gaall’s I snagged them.  Sorry no close up of them but they’re excellent.

If you have some Lindens to spare the Mina hair I’m wearing is perfect for this look.  I don’t wear this hair much as it’s just so hippy and not me but when you have the WHOLE look it rocks!

OK folks I have to rush, RL is calling my name.  Have fun and remember it’s FLF and although I don’t know whats on offer I’ve got some Lindens to spare and I’m looking forward to checking that out as soon as I can get back inworld.

PS the Group Gifts are in the room to your left.


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Tutorial Thursdays – The Art of Freebie Hunting – Part 1

Previously posted @ Free*Style.

This week on Tutorial Thursdays I took a suggestion from a fellow blogger, Deoridhe Quandry, on showcasing how I freebie hunt and then organize the results. Now, this will be part tutorial, part guide of sorts, as there are many ways to do this, and a lot of resources out there for people doing the exact same thing.

I have been blogging on Free*Style for over 7 years now. I didn’t start out as a blogger here, but as a inworld freebie finder for the Free*Style group, when we still had one. I eventually was brought on as a Guest Designer Blogger, and now actually Co-Own the blog, along side Sileny Noel.
Free*Style was my first introduction to Blogging. So right off the get go, most of my folders in my inventory became related to Freebies.
The way I started, in the beginning, for posts, was to do them by theme. I would go off one word, and try to find a whole bunch of stuff, then figure out if I could make it work. It would be something like zombie, duck, orange, water, you get the idea.
This made my posts more interesting and different. Everyone has their own style, but sometimes there is only so much you can do with a single item. Seeing said item 20 times in one week can get annoying, if you are a reader that follows many blogs and feeds. I have always tried to stay away from this. I will even blog things months later, on purpose, if they are still out. 
Free*Style has never been about blogging all the things first, but more of a supportive blog, to our group of designers, as well as a group of fun bloggers. We strive to bring you guys a bit of joy, and silliness, when we can.

For the sake of the Feeds which Free*Style is on, the Tutorial continues after the break

So how do I start my freebie gathering? It is actually a bit of a process, depending on what I am planning on doing. The easiest thing to explain would be my month long setups.
I start gathering each month on the 5th. This is due to me also being a designer. Chances are I have events at the first of the month, or around there. After things get set up, I have the time until mid-month to play a little. The 5th is also a good start point due to Group Gift change overs, they often happen between the 5th and the 10th.
I try not to get into the habit of blogging too many group gifts, as to me, that seems like lazy blogging, for a freebie blogger. I also like to have my outfits on Free*Style mostly free, so I basically need to find everything, from head to toe(if I am showing my feet, which more often than not, I don’t).

 So I prepare my Folder for the month.

I don’t only blog here, I also blog on some other sites. I started my own blog, Pixel Mythos, at the start of the year. I have been Guest Blogging on It’s only Fashion since 2013. I also blog under multiple avatars, and some of them have blogs too. So my folders are set up not just for freebie blogging, but for all my blogging/personal needs.

The system is fairly self explanatory, so I wont really go into detail too much on it. If I find something needs to be added, I will throw in a new folder. If I am busy on a given day, things get shoved into the Sort folder, and I get to them when I can.

Next would be the actual Finding.

Chances are, I will already have an item I want to focus on, or have seen something I like somewhere. That first thing catapults the whole start of the Finding.


Inworld Search

It might sound weird, but the first thing I do is go to Inworld Search. So say I want to look for eyes.

As you can see to the left, typing in just eyes will bring up all sorts of things. Sometimes I like to go to the bottom of the list, and work backwards. This is how I tend to find new shops I have never heard of.

Typing in something more specific will bring you better results. You might not always find a freebie, or what you were looking for, but you will find something. That is part of the journey. Try different combinations when doing your search.


Inworld Groups 

After maybe an hour of doing Inworld Search, I will go to my Inworld Groups. I normally don’t keep notecards, I close everything, unless it seems like a limited time sort of thing. So on my Finding days, I will go through all my groups, and collect anything of interest, as well as group gifts.

Here are some that I frequent:

Free to Join

Dead Dolls of SL
Fabulously Free in SL
Lucky Chair Stalkers
Rad Minds Inc
SL Frees & Offers
The Thrifty Goth

Fee to Join

Womenstuff – L$ 50
Menstuff – L$ 50

3 group I am in that you can normally talk in, without getting butchered, to get help to find things:

M.O.C.K Cosmetics – L$ 250
Sn@tch – Currently Free but normally L$ 500(could change at any point today) 
Lumae – L$ 0

I use to talk in these groups a lot, not so much anymore, but the ladies are always wonderful when I am trying to lock a MM board, or need help finding something. Just follow the group rules, write things in an appropriate manner when talking to the group on whole(so they don’t think you are spamming) and you will be fine.

I use to also be a part of some asian and brazillian freebie groups, but I can’t remember the names of them now.

There are so many other groups, so try doing a search in the groups section of the Inworld Search.


The Internet

   After going through all my Inworld Groups, I normally turn to the Internet to further my looking. Seems silly reading that, doesn’t it? You would think this is a logical choice. There are many Internet resources, that you might not know about.

These are just the ones I use, I am aware there are many more.

Google Search


Google Search 

I go to the Images search, I normally just type in “Second Life Free” or “Second Life Gift” or some combination, until I see what I like.

I hit the Search Tools, then Time, and hit Past Week.

This will sometimes show things that are old, but in most cases, the items will be recent. Google does like to autosource from sites you already visit, most of the time, but it will bring up some different stuff too.

From here you just click the picture you like, then click the Visit Page, from there, you should be able to find out the information for the freebie.



Flickr is one of my favorite things in my whole digital world. Here you get to have glimpses of other peoples imaginations. Or get to go on journeys, and see how others view their own Second Lives.

Much like Inworld Groups,  there are many Flickr groups catering to Freebies.

Here are some of the ones I frequent:

Free Skin Love 
Second Life Free Hair Group 
SL – Best Free Hair
SL – Best Free Jewelry
SL Accessories – Free, Gifts, Prizes
Fabulously Free in SL
M E S H Freebies, SL 
Second Life Free Shoes! 
Secondlife Freebies 
SL Offers&Free 
What’s in your lucky chair??? 

Some of these group are not moderated, so they can be rather annoying to sort through. 



 Pinterest isn’t something I used until the last few years. It took making my own board to really get me into the use of it. 
Helena & Sileny’s Freebie/Cheap Shopping Adventures
Second Life Freebies Addiction & More

And that is it for me, for pinterest, haha. It is my least used resource, so far. Normally the last thing I check. I am sure there are other wonderful boards for freebies, I just haven’t had the need to explore my options here.



I use Scoopit a lot.

Second Life Freebies
Second Life Freebies Addiction & More 
Second Life Freebies & Discounts

Again, while I use this a lot, I have never really explored for other sites, I just use these 2.



There are a few Freebie Feeds.

Yet again, there are more, but these are the ones i got to the most.


Zomg, there are soooooo many awesome freebie blogs out there.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

This one has free mixed in with the full priced outfits. Sometimes there are full free outfits features done. This is a NSFW(Not Safe For Work) blog.

At this point, if you don’t already have another 2k of inventory, I’m not sure what to tell you, and I obviously fail as a teacher, haha.

We haven’t even gotten into finding hunts yet, or great places for lucky boards, or any other number of the other ways to get awesome stuff, like freebie hubs. Nor Events, Sales Rounds, SL Marketplace.
I think I will leave that for another day, and let you enjoy sorting through your treasures for now.

Fabulous Freebie Friday Finds 6/5

Previously posted @ Dolly Fabulosity.
Happy Friday my little bon bons!
  Whoo hoo!  You made it and now it’s time to treat yourself to some fabulosity.  No better way than doing it with free stuff right?  Who doesn’t love a gift?  
I may have…um…put on a few extra pounds so I had to go out and do a little shopping this week.  I put together this outfit almost entirely of freebies and near freebies.  Proving once again that you don’t have to be  slrich to be fabulous dahlings!
Keep shopping dolls,

Glam Affair – Gemma – Lips 02
Lara Hurley-Amber (Group Gift) 
BLOKC Off Shoulder Top  (Free)
BREED: Sauce –  Blanca (cheapie deal)
Noodles – Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Silver (past arcade gacha)
Pure Poison – Boho Time Necklace (group gift)
Pure Poison – Daya Pumps (group gift)
Pure Poison – July Bracelets – Right (group gift)
The Sea Hole – Parisian Bangles  Coal – L forearm (store gone)
TRUTH HAIR Damaris (Current Arcade gacha)
Label Motion (w/ spring juice jar) (subscriber gift)
.::IDK::. Shopping #06 (w/shopping bags) (gacha)

Fab FULL packed skin Freebie.

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

Small confession, I’m about 99% sure I’ve blogged this skin before but even if I have it deserves to be reblogged because one things for sure I don’t remember it coming this packed full of Appliers! So here it is again, maybe.


It comes from Lumae and if you join the Free Lumae group and the SL Frees & Offers group you can in fact grab 4 skins/applier packs.

You get so much in each pack not just 2 actual skins (Pearl and Amber, worn) but also all the eyebrow layers and all the Appliers you could want.  SLink, SLink Visage, Omega Head, Mouth Appliers, TMP Head, TMP Body, AMD Bump Applier & Omega Body, Maitreya and oodles of tat layers.  OH and 2 shapes which are pretty cute as well but I am wearing my own.  I also have to confess that I’m wearing my own make up as well.  I had a rummage around the Marketplace and picked up some freebies and cheapies inc make up so I decided to try them out.  These skins do come with a really nice make up layer but if like me you have a whole folder full of lippies and eye shadows it’s also nice to get a free skin that allows you to wear them as well.


However what is making this skin an absolute keeper for me is the cleavage options.  In this picture, under the strategically placed flower heads is the perkiest little boobies I’ve come across.  Love them and I love my Lola’s but I also love the option to be “perky” and these perky boobs are also inc in the tattoo layers as well.  If you’re into the big boobies then don’t panic as you have about 5 actual boob options.

Also what you can’t see because I’ve photo edited is the freckles, light and beautifully natural.

I think this skin was called Amber and the other skin you get in the same pack is called Pearl and she’s pale and beautiful and I haven’t tried that skin in full so I can’t wait to see.  I haven’t even had time to grab the other SL Frees & Offers Gift which is right next to the Lumae one so that was just lazy of me.

PS I’ll pop a NAKED picture on my Flickr so you can see the perkiness for yourself.

PPS There is another whole row of Freebies but I’ve had a quick check and they don’t look as though they come with anything like Appliers but then again not everyone wants Appliers so click away.


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Krave This (Freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

OMG as someone who spends oodles of time check out clothes in SL I’ve started to see Autumn clothes creep in! and sadly it’s the same in I won’t moan about how cold it is outside but here is the first Autumal outfit of the year.


Picked this dress up from Krave, it’s their free to join GG.  I noticed upstairs that there is a row of Gacha, a couple of LBs and if you check those Gachas closely you will see a little hunt prize is hidden.

I’m not sulking but I’m off, I’m going into my attic and rummaging out my boots and a few woolies before I head on out to the real world.

PS forgot to mention that the dress comes with a colour changing Hud and the pants are mine.


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Time wasting. (Fishy Freebie).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

I’m just trying to delay starting on my paperwork, I’ve got my pen, coffee, stapler, hand cream, Tipex, printer and I even have a cat snuggled up in a box on my desk and yet I’m still procrastinating! so I thought one last mooch through the SL Marketplace and I WILL get some RL work done.


Then when I found this fishy Mermaid/Merman Tail I just had to procrastinate more and pop inworld for a quick pic.  Because I’ve gone OTT with the editing the fish tail looks golden when in fact this it’s Sardine Silver, there is a really good image of it on the TSL Marketplace shop for you to check out for yourself.

OK Thats enough time-wasting and if I get cracking I might just be able to get all of this done and some time in the garden.  Have a great day everyone.

TSL (Marketplace Shop).

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