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#859 ~ Freebie Weekend

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What I’m Wearing…
Hair : DeLa
Hope Skin : Essences (Group Gift, Free)
Free to join until April 30.
Jenna Dress : ALB & ShuShu (Freebie)
Karen Shoes : N-Core (Group Gift, w/ Fee to Join)

Location : Legacy Ridge

Passenger – Let Her Go

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Make fun and eat biscuits, (Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I should have been donating blood this afternoon but because of my dental treatment they won’t want my “tainted” blood so instead I went there with a friend to offer support, ok ok it was to eat the biscuits and make fun of her.

Oooo this little outfit really perked me up.  I originally went to the The Creatures shop to grab some GG’s but in that shop I spotted a picture of this little floaty dress/Lingerie outfit but it was under the Fitmesh Fanatics Group Joiner sign and although I’ve seen this sign in a lot of shops I’ve never joined before so of course I did and snagged this and TPed home.


I’ve pulled this pose so you can see the cut out under the arm.  Comes in all the Fit Mesh Sizes which basically means a great fit LOL.

Confession time because as it happens I got so distracted by this cutie I actually forgot to even join the “The Creatures” group which was my original intention but of course when I get back inworld to LM grab I’ll see whats on offer and what sort of stock they have.

I’ve managed to have a quick cam around the shop and it’s what I would call a “Tits n Ass” shop so basically if you like to accentuate those parts of your body then check this place out.  I also spotted some LB’s and as well as The Creatures GG’s there is 3 other Groups inc the Fitmesh one and each comes with it’s own gift.  All of those are in the same corner of the shop and not hard to find.

The Creatures

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“Liar liar pants on fire” (Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I always promise to do something and then I either forget to do it or normally I get distracted which is what happened this morning.  I was intending on hunting down the cupcakes but this skin was too good to miss.


Awww I don’t know I why I look so sad LOL.  OK this is a sub gift from E Vary and all it takes is one slap and it’s sent to you.  You may have to slap the sub board on the wall and then the picture to get this skin sent to you.

OK I lost the notes I had made because I have scrambled eggs for brains at this moment but I do remember you get 2 skins, small boobs n big boobs.  3 make up tattoo layers, not worn, a nice eye shadow, lippie and some very distinctive freckles, 2 Mesh Body Appliers and although I noticed that one of them was for Omega I can’t remember what the other one was and there was also a small pack of Mesh Head Appliers and of course I can’t remember any of them LOL.  Just a really nice skin, pretty on its own, easy to add any make up etc you wish and of course it does come with some Appliers if you use them.

BUT remember that because I’m wearing my own shape the overall look on you may/will look different.  As it happens this pack also comes with a small selection of shapes which I tried on for fun and they’re good shapes but we all grow to love our own in SL but you may want to try them out plus the lovely curvaceous shape in the pack.

PS I’m swilling my mouth with salty water, face isn’t as puffy gums have calmed down and apart from a low-grade headache and dogs breath I’m feeling pretty damned good and the sun is coming my way and as soon as it hits my garden I’m outta here.  Have a great day people.

E Vary

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It’s just BALLS! (Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Ignore my outfit because it’s the Ball that’s the Freebie.


Sadly it’s been too long in RL since I last went to a gym but my heart is aglow as I’ve found a new one which is perfect for me, small, exclusive, quite, private and OMG cheaper than the bog standard council facility near to where I live!  So of course it’s given me an excuse to SHOP, no cheap trackie and trainers for this Gym Bunnie.  Sadly my OH is threatening to start training me for a charity 5 mile run….I don’t run! I won’t even run for the bus!

OK waffle over and what a great find.  You get 3 colour options but it’s only the straps that change colour the ball stays the same.  But DAMN I am disappointed as these would also make great decor items but if I remember correctly 32 prims each so if you have a big prim allowance or are really into a gym life then still rezzable as a decor item but until then to me it’s just a wearable.

Comes from which is a tiny shop and I’m hoping that this is a “Tempt” shop it means somewhere bigger with more stock is going to be opening soon as what little there is is pretty unique, a bike that comes with special storage built in to hold your baseball, a baseball backpack etc


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Feel my pain! (Freebie, Hunt).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

This is a slightly different post from the usual style as we usually like to show you a few pictures but I have a very good reason. Yet again more dental treatment lined up and  it means that for the next week I’m going to be on very strong painkillers and so basically stoned out of my Gourd! (that’s what I’m hoping for at least LOL).  So I’ve ensured my RL work is all done and dusted, my house is spic n span, a pile of books to read and a few horror films to watch on TV. I’ve even lined up a whole load of diet shakes as they will be the only thing I can consume for at least a week so by the end of the week I shall not only have my teeth all in perfect condition but I will be slipping into that skin-tight dress I have without the aid of Spanx’s LOL.

I will also be SLing so I thought I would also line up some easy peasy items to show you and I came across the On9 special 1 year anniversary event.  At this event on each of the stands is one of the items at a discounted price but as a special treat for their 1 year anniversary as almost if not all of the stalls also have a cupcake.  I may have missed a couple out as not all of the stalls had a cupcake on it but it doesn’t matter as I ended up with soooooo many.

The cupcakes don’t actually contain a gift but they have the LM and a Hint for the shop you got it from and so you TP over to the shop and hunt out the matching hidden cupcake and this one will have the prize in it.  Since this is going to be time consuming I think it’s a perfect hunt to distract me from my poor toothypegs but since it’s Sunday and you maybe trying to find something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon I thought I’d let you know about it so you can go do it now rather than wait for my posts which I will be spreading over the next week.


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So Coull ! (INC. Freebie & dollarbie)

Previously posted by faithlessbabii at Pure Eggs & Spam.

coull creations - Spring dress $  100L

New-to-me store Coull has some almost edible spring sweetness up for grabs at the “Spring is here” event – this ends TODAY ! Get your skates on if you want to grab the dollarbie featured below. Anyhoo above is just one of the quirky little frocks they have for sale at the event, also available at their mainstore. Just $ 100L and plenty of choice of patterns and colours. I actually snapped up the Zenith bag in the mainstore as the owner is selling off her gacha doubles, keep an eye out for those.

Free Coull Creations gown & spring dress

On the left is the dollarbie gown that’s up for grabs at the event, sparkly special piece, great range of sizes for mesh & standard bodies, the vintage rose frock is the free to join group gift instore.

Happy Saturday!

Spring is here event


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Thank You Faith. (Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Faith normally does the KoKoLores hair but I whinged and moaned and she caved in for me to let you show you this Group Gift plus I point out to her that “I rock” this hair and I bet she will agree.

KoKoLores or at least the hair shop isn’t really well-known to me, where you rezz inworld there is 2 nice sized shops onw is for the hair and the other is a makeup and pose shop and that’s the one I usually pop into but when the notice came out that the VIP Group fee was FREE for a limited time I went into the hair shop for a change.


PS Just in case Faith thinks this is the Free dress I had mentioned to her sorry but it’s not, I tried the Freebie on and sadly it didn’t “rock” so I binned it.  If anyone is interested in this futuristic sheer naughtiness then drop me an inworld note or a comment at the end.  It’s not a freebie but it was worth every Linden I spent on it a long time ago, see “save money to spend money”.


Back to the hair.  KoKoLores has a pretty unique hair colour palate with lots of quirky and young styles and tbh I’m pretty sure that anyone could find themselves a hair from here.  Since I’ve never bought a hair from here before I can’t tell you much and I didn’t even have time to grab a few demos but what I do know is that this Free hair comes with a pretty big colour option Hud.  Most of the colours are in the subtle pastel range and as you can see a lot of two tones as well.


I’ve added the link to the marketplace shop where you can see the unique styles and colours for yourself and grab some demos before you get inworld.


KoKoLores Marketplace

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Buy Buy Save. (inc Freebie).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I gave you a peek of this hat in my last post but didn’t give you any details because I needed to check something out. I could be wrong but this is the first time I personally know that Mina Nakamura has done a collaboration with another SL designer, Rucy Byron and it turns out to be a perfect match.

I have to confess that Rucy Byron’s shop Aphorism is one of the many shops I get notices from because at some stage I’ve slapped the Subscription board but I can’t remember the last time I actually went over, my valid excuse is I get so many notes and notices it takes me about an hour when I log in just to work though them and I have to discard so many and so it turns out I’ve been missing on a whole lot of temptation.  There is some amazing sexy MoFo lace up boots and I zoomed in on a stunning Tunic which isn’t just for a RPer but if you want your AV to stand out as someone with style and taste then you really need to get over here.  A good mix of men and women’s fashion for anyone with an ounce of style.  Since I was down to my last 75Lds I splashed the cash and won this skeleton which I will have fun secreting somewhere around my home but actually I’m pretty sure one of the Gacha wins was for the same skeleton but as an AV and would have loved to have won that so I could finally have the cat walk model body we all dream on (yeah not!).


I call them hair/hats because they’re linked and not worn as separates.  You get a colour Hud for both the hair shades and a 4 colour Hud for the hats. These hair/hats are only available at an event called the Epiphany and don’t bother going…at least for the moment.  It’s PACKED to the rafters, honestly the whole sim is stuffed so I’d give it a few more days.

UPDATE because I’ve now spotted Mina has all of her New Hair/Hat’s Demos in her mainshop now so get over there to try them on in peace and I’ve also noticed that there is a second LM for “The Epiphany off sim shopping” sim but I have a sneaky suspicion that this is just as packed as the main one .


That floppy hat goes with everything! from a hippy chick, business woman to someone strolling on the beach whilst this bowler to be is more cute and quirky.  Both hairs come with the standard hair colour pack and both come with a 4 colour Hud option for the hat.  Just to note that you can’t see it well but if squint you can see that the bowler has a little feather tucked into the hair band, the angle of the pictures doesn’t show this clearly.

OK this is one of the slightly different sorts of Gacha Events in that you…….no go read the info on the Epiphany blog they make it quite clear as to how any why this is different so check the link out at the bottom of this post.

Last but not least a FREEBIE for those of us who spend their last lindens on a skeleton! Get yourself over to the Colour Me Project and put on your Free to join “Free’s & offers” tag and click for the picture.  You should have joined this group by now as I do score so many goodies from it and it’s purple sign is in so many shops you can’t have missed it.


I can’t tell you much about the Colour me Project either but I’ve left my AV stood there so when I get back inworld I can have a scout around and see if there is something to tempt me to buy lindens or even better any more freebies.

PS I forgot to mention that the Mina Gacha is ONLY 75Lds! Honestly you find something of this style and quality for that price in SL I’ll give you my skeleton, GIFT WRAPPED! LOL

Mina’s Mainshop (Demos&LMs for all new Hat/Hairs now available)

Aphorism Mainshop

The Epiphany

The Epipany Offshore shopping sim

The Epiphany Blog (How To)

Colour Me Project

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Bonjour! (inc freebie)

Previously posted by faithlessbabii at Pure Eggs & Spam.

ArisAris boot NEW! FREE tshirt - Neve bitten pants

Seems an age ago I wore my Slink mid feet – everything is high high high! However, along came these terrific Patty Boots from ArisAris and they lured me away from my high feet easily. Really flexible as the HUD has a squillion choices for customisation plus some pre-sets that are super easy to wear.

Patty Booty HUD

Heres the HUD – You can really get a fantastic personal look .

ArisAris boot NEW! Patty HUD

Close up of the boot itself so you can see the gorgeous leather texture. Quite a chunky heel and slim platform front – bang on trend! You can only get these boots at the Shoe Project Fair – landmark below.

Shoe Project Fair

Bonjour tshirt (FREE)

Neve bitten pants

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Be quick. (Hunt, 10Ld, 1LD, Dollarbie, Freebie)

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Completely ignore the Hair/Hat because I so want to tell you about them but that will have to wait till my next post so until then check out the rest of the outfit because it might be over soon.

I know for a fact I have shown you this jacket and vest combo because I still have them in my invent.  They are separates and even have their own Alphas so perfect together and perfect on their own.  The vest actually goes right down to your hip and I was just lucky in that the skirt also fitted perfectly over the top just as easily as a pair of jeans and shorts should.  The Skater skirt comes with a colour Hud and although I can’t remember the colours or the actual amount, I will add that onto the end of this post if I get time to get back inworld and count them.  The “shades” also come from the same shop and clicking on them brings up a resize menu and finally the boots which don’t need mesh feet.


The reason for the rush is that all of these items were found at the “No Cabide” shop where you will find that there is still an Easter Egg Hunt going on but of course since Easter was last month it maybe over soon.  Each egg cost only 1Lds and very handy you can see the contents of the eggs before you buy.  However the skirt cost more but at 10Lds tha’s a spit in the ocean esp when as I say it comes with a colour Hud.  You will also spot a couple of Group Gifts but I was in such a rush I didn’t bother to grab and I don’t know if it’s a Free to join Group but I did click on 2 wrapped pressies you will see on the floor because I CLICK EVERYTHING! and was rewarded with even more Freebies as these seem to be free for all.

A bit rushed as I say so don’t hesitate and get over there before it’s over.

No Cabide



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