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Classy Lady Classy Home (Freebie and I wish it was free).

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I’m so sorry I wish this rental home was free but class like this doesn’t come cheap.  So basically I was looking for a background to take a picture of my new Free outfit and since it was so classy I decided to pop over to Neva which I know is packed with some great streets, landscaping, shops and homes.  As I was wandering around looking for the perfect background I stumbled upon a vacancy and in all the years I’ve visited this sim this is the first time I’ve spotted a vacancy because I have a feeling that they rarely come up.  So it gave me free rein to have a good look around and it was fun.  I didn’t rent for a couple of reasons and the main one being our sim is looking particularly stunning now we’ve stripped it right back and packed it full of snow the other being the price tag.  Cost 2500Lds  a week but for that you get a house which is top class, a landscaped sim which is top class and 600 prims which allows you to create your dream home in SL.  I will take more piccies when I return inworld to show you the house and the outside a bit more and like this top picture I will use the Sim Windlight setting.


So of course I changed the windlight settings back to Nam so you can see the quality of this freebie.  A one piece of a jacket and silky short dress.  It’s so good such a lovely find and of course FREE which is even better and that pearl necklace is the icing on the cake! I love logging off SL knowing I have something to show you of this quality the next time I get inworld.


This comes from Gizza Design and like another shop I know the Freebies/GG’s are actually outside.  I’m not sure where my LM will rezz you but I’m going to try to get one for inside of the shop as this is a big shop packed with some stunningly good quality clothing.  Although heavy on the Autumn/Winter clothes this shop is so big it has everything from bikini’s to woolies.  Sadly just like I’ve had to do with Ebay I basically stopped looking after a while, there are so many tempting thing and I have so little SL and RL money to splash out on myself LOL.

PS of course the hair is a Mina and the skin is PumeC I’m always pointing this out because again I just think these hairs and the skins are some of the best in SL.

This is another sim which is lit and landscaped so well all you need to do is point your camera and press click.


More piccies of the Neva rental.  This is the back of the house and you can clearly see the dock and also you have neighbours to the side and across the water but every house is a quality build and if it wasn’t for the fact my draw distance was playing up I would have taken a picture over the water and the other homes.  with 600 Prims you could decorate your home beautiful and still have prims to rezz a boat!


This is the front of the house.  This particular home is in front of a nightclub but this like all of the Neva builds is a beautiful classy club.  I don’t know how many sims are owned and under the “Neva” label but there are quite a few of them.  I’ve lived in places where you get no visitors and I’ve lived in places where you constantly have to turf out what me and Faith used to call “Free Sh*ggers” this sim offers you peace and quite but you do get a lot of visitors to the sim and I can only imagine that most visitors like me are the respectful sort who come here for a bit of shopping and picture-taking so if you don’t want to live in solitude then this is perfect for you.

What you can’t see is that in front of your home is a canal there is a whole system of canals, I have to wonder if you lived here and had rezzing rights if you could rezz a little row-boat in the canal and travel around this and the other Neva sims on your boat only LOL.

OK the rental board is actually inside of the garden and I’m pretty sure the LM will take you directly to it and of course this house and it’s situation may not like this 100% but if you drop the Neva management a note I’m pretty sure they will give you a list of any other home that maybe up for rent.

PS I went back to Gizza and this is the second time there was a RL human AV who was waiting to greet you and how do I know that they were RL greeters and not just “Bots”? because when I thanked them for the greeting they replied, this is such a lovely touch and you know if you do get met with a greeter in any shop, and it’s rare to have a RL person doing it, just say “Thanks” it’s nice for you to recognise that someone is doing their job.

Neva Rental

Gizza Creations

Gizza Outlet


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Kiss my Boo Boo (Freebie, Hunt &Gift from me to you).

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I spent my RL morning digging around my Xmas Deccies desperately waiting for the time I can put them up without family/friends and neighbours labelling me as a Nutter and it looks like I’ve pricked my finger on one of the glass ornaments so I’m sulking.  To feed my inner need to Xmas decorate I decided to check out the M Law Christmas Lane and see if I could track down another item for our sim and I found this which is NOT a freebie but a 60Lds Gacha win.  I have another Gacha cottage from M Law which I love and so for that small a price I decided to grab another one.  The Gacha only has these houses in them so they’re all wins in my opinion.


I’ve deliberately taken these pictures in my Nams setting.  Everything you see comes attached to it so rezz in edit mode.  There are some very nice touches ie the canopies, lights, plants etc


I especially like the bay window.


The porch is small but big enough to squeeze a chair on but the side window of the bay window is a nice touch.

OK so apart from the last picture “why no inside ones” The outside of the house is lovely with a lot of attention to details but the inside is what I would call a “blank canvas”.  There is one bricked wall with a fireplace but the rest is a large amount of windows and even more grey walls.  A lot of prims as well, just under 100, but this is Mod and I for one would be tempted to deconstruct and reconstruct BUT since its non copy it would actually be a shame to muck up a pretty good home so this is a GIFT from me to whoever.  If you think you would like this house just drop me a NOTE! not a IM but a NOTE (IMs are capped) and the first one who asks will have this sent to them.


I have to return to the Christmas Lane soon as it looks packed with enough Christmas Deccies to make even Santas little heart sing and I literally just grabbed the above feebleness and tried one of the Gachas but I’m looking forward to getting back inworld for a proper look.

“Bee Designs” (M Law Designs) seem to be the same shop and it has a gift set out for the Perfect Seduction Hunt, I think it’s a little sleigh you’re looking for and there is a link to the LM’s, piccies and hints and the one at M Laws Design was so easy to find.  The prize is the table with all the items on top and comes linked which means of course I unlinked the lot of them.  The reason is simply because I have more use for them as separates.  That table is a pretty good industrial style table, the mugs will look great on a shelf, the flask is always a good decor item in any kitchen and the berries a lovely bright pop of colour in fact all I binned was the vase and the cream out of the cups LOL.  Linked it comes to 11 prims but unlinked each item is just a prim.  You can also see the delivery packaging the house and this gift comes in which will also make really good decor items as well.  As someone who has a stuffed invent I have to be really harsh as to what I keep and what I bin and when something can be broken down and I can cherry pick the items I either don’t have to will have a use for is much appreciated.

UPDATE so I’m back at the Christmas Lane event and obviously there are lots of small decor items Santa’s snowmen, elves etc but also lots and lost of snow covered builds so if you’re after a snowy retreat and not just a Santa check this place out.

Christmas Lane

Perfect Seduction Hunt Hint’s n LMs

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Freebie And VIP Gifts At Pink Hustler

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Pink Hustler | Freebie & VIP Gifts.

  • This hair is free in 19 colors when you hit the subscriber @ Pink Hustler.
  • Also if you join their VIP group (250L) You get 5% store credit with purchases.

Pink Hustler subscriber gift.

Two gifts are available for members 


* This post is a part of the  A – Z Designers list  freebie/ group gift series.  Most are older items but they will be new to a new Resident or someone who does not follow SL fashion. Please feel free to share with your friends.



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Tuesday Freebie Post

Previously posted at Paper Dolls.

Hey Dolls!
Don’t let restarts get you down! I have some Freebies for you!
First up Hair!  My best friend and partner Savvy brought this one to my attention, be sure to check out her new blog here –  Show her how much you love and miss her!
So yeah, the hair. It’s a fat pack and it’s Awesomesauce. 
 Put out for us on Marketplace by Little Bones absolutely free. Thank you Little Bones !!
Want more freebies
OK, gotcha covered or well Goji does. This is a new shop put together from the makers of Cold Logic & FateWear. What interests me the most about it is that most items are so cute and pastel. totally me in other words.
So if you like cute check this store out. Hit the VIP joiner on the back wall and join for Free. Once you are a member hit the middle sign and become the owner of this adorable dress in 4 colours. Thank you Goji!! 
That’s it for today.
Ember ♥
ghost of a freebie post freebies 2

  • Hair little bones. | Scope | By Nova Faerye | FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Hair BaseJust Magnetized | Natural | By Justyna Magne.
  • Skin [ MUDSKIN ] | MYUGLYDOLL5_E9_Pinky Tan | By Sopha Portal.
  • Shape Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • EyesAVELINE Eyes – Doll-L – Hazel | By giggle Solo | FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Mesh BodyMaitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle
  • DressGoji | Molly – VIP Gift – Maitreya | By GojiMojo | FREE VIP GIFT 
  • Pose – *PosESioN* | Lady 7 | By Dahriel.
  • Lighting LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.

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Color Me Project, Hello Tuesday, New Truth, 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Designer Showcase, {ZOZ} @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room and a Freebie!

Previously posted at Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

If you like Blue, then this Post is for You, because Lilliana is wearing alot of the color Blue!  Okay so Poetry is not my thing, hey can’t say I didn’t try!  Blue and Orange are the Color Theme form Color Me Project this Round, I am showing a few Designers from that Event like M.O.D.A.N..M.E.S.H., #187#, and Indulge Temptation.

I also picked up a New Truth Hair Style. Am showing 7 Deadly s{K}ins exclusive for this Month’s Designer Showcase.  Plus have {ZOZ’s} New Exclusive from Cosmopolitan Sales Room and the Freebie is from the 2nd Anniversary of The Season’s Story.

Lilliana’s Top is M.O.D.A.N..M.E.S.H. 1st Top in Blue, Exclusive for Color Me Project.  The Pants are #187#’s Leopard Blue Leggings, which include Omega  and Maitreya Appliers, also Exclusive for Color Me Project.  The cute Round Dots handbag is another Color Me Project Exclusive and Lilliana is also wearing anther Color Me Project Exclusive by M.O.D.A.N..M.E.S.H., almost forgot about the smexy skyscraper heels, they are called Cakil.  My last Exclusive found at Color Me Project is Indulge Temptation’s Luster Set #8 Color HUD, Includes Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets and Rings.

Lilli’s Hair is Maren one of the new Hair Styles from Truth.  The Skin is 7 Deadly S{K}ins Skye in Taupe Skin Tone, Exclusively sold at this Month’s Designer Showcase.  I also used 7 Deadly s{K}ins Taupe Skin Tone, Appliers for Maitreya and SLink for Lilli’s Hands and Feet. You can pick up all of your 7 Deadly s{K}ins Appliers at the Main Store.  Lilli’s Eyes are my Freebie, they are (*ANGELICA’s) Mayu Mesh Eyes in Dark Brown and are one of the many Exclusives  for The Season’s Story’s 2nd Anniversary and when I say many, almost all of The Season’s Stories Designers have placed a nice little Gift for the Celebration!  Need some great Nail Polish for Halloween? How about  {ZOZ’s} Black Cat V2 Polish?  I am a Cat Lover, so I Love {ZOZ’s} Black Cat Polish.  Lilli used the SLink HUD, there are also HUDs for Belleza and {ZOZ’s} Mesh Nails, they are all available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

I scooped up a great set of Poses by [ILAYA]. The Finella Pose Pack is  Discounted for for the current Hello Tuesday Sale.  [ILAYA’s] Finella includes 6 Static Poses plus the Mirrors.  Photo Shoot Site for Today’s Post was CerberusXing Main Store, which can be visited .:HERE:.

October 15th Blog Post #2_cropped

TOP:  M.O.D.A.N..M.E.S.H. 1st Top in Blue,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

PANTS:  #187# Leopard Blue Leggings,
Omega  and Maitreya Applier Included,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

HANDBAG:  #187# Round Dots Bag,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

HEELS:  M.O.D.A.N..M.E.S.H. Cakil Heels in Blue,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High v2.3

POSE:  [ILAYA] Finella Pose Pack, Pose #2,
Discounted for Hello Tuesday (NEW)

october 15th blog post #6m_cropped

POSE:  [ILAYA] Finella Pose Pack, Pose #6m,
Discounted for Hello Tuesday (NEW)

october 15th blog post #3mhs_cropped

HAIR:  Truth Maren from Black & Whites Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly S{K}ins Skye in Taupe Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

BODY:  Maitreya Lara v3.4 (NEW)

APPLIERS:  7 Deadly S{K}ins Taupe Skin Tone,
Used Maitreya and SLink for Hands / Feet (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. Fatma Shape (NEW)

EYELASHES:   *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha
Lashes w.HUD Pack 1 (NEW)

EYES:  (*ANGELICA) Mayu Mesh Eyes in Dark Brown,
Exclusive 2nd Anniversary Gift for The Seasons Story (FREE)

JEWELRY:  Indulge Temptation Luster Set #8 Color HUD,
Includes Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets and Rings
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ} Black Cat V2 SLink HUD Set,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Casual v2.3

POSE:  [ILAYA] Finella Pose Pack, Pose #5m,
Discounted for Hello Tuesday (NEW)

october 15th blog post headshotv2_cropped
7 Deadly s{K}ins Skye, (*ANGELICA) Mayu Mesh Eyes, Mon Cheri Eyelashes,
{ZOZ Nail Polish and Indulge Temptation Luster Set)

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Tiffany Designs 24 HR Freebie Lorette Mini Dress

Previously posted at The Muse of Fashion.

Tiffany Designs:


Outfit – Tiffany Designs – Lorette Mini Dress
Shoes – Deadpool – Roja Red

Hair, Skin and Makeup:
Hair – Truth – Ryleigh
Skin – Elysium – Klara Skin, Glam Affair – Katye – Suggest eyebrows 01 and PixyStix – Dimples Tattoo
Eyelashes – Oceane – No Limit Sandalash Lashes
Lips – Izzie’s – Glossy Lip Highlights 3D, Glamorize – Vixen Lips – Red – Star, [PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth V2.0 as well as Pumec – Vlada – Teeth Alpha

Nail Applier – alaskametro – Metallic Classics/Gold

Pose –  Within Set

Everyday Body Credits:
Ears – RE Lux Krista Ears + Cuff
Eyes – .tsg. – Luminate (green) and VerseEye – Natura – Series 001 – Green (mesh)
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands – Elengant 1
Feet – Slink AvEnhanced Feet – High and Nail Applier Ez’s Sourthern Sweetheart
Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Shape – My Own Creation
Ears – RE – Krista Ears
Tattoos – TAOX – TaT/Skull (slink feet applier), Aphrodisiac Locked Heart above breast Tattoo and PerveTTe SEx OldWest[Red] Leg Tattoo
Jewelry – *P* Fallen Heart Ring (mesh), Fashion Ring – Dragon Lrg, Chop Zuey, Kharma Earth Slv Womens Ring, double diamond ring (gift given to me)

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Deliberate (Freebie).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I’m wearing the hair I decided to treat myself to from the last post and I deliberately didn’t try to edit out the plait that has slightly disapeared into my shoulder because thats what happens to hair in SL.  I still haven’t gone back to grab any others but if I have any free SL time later today I certainly will be.


This is the  Novembers Group Gift  from Sandies Saenz’s shop FA Creations, you actually get this great jumper and midi shirt combo.  They come as seperates which I have to be honest and say I’m going to ditch the skirt, I have way too many, but I’m keeping the top for sure as as soon as I took this picture I changed the skirt into jeans and just like RL it makes a great look.

I blogged about  FA Creations just recently because they have a new range of high necked sweaters which are not only great texturing/fit etc but only 99Lds for a 4 colour pack.  A lot of the items in this shop are not only reasonably priced but also come with colour changing huds inc which gives you even more value for your Lindens.

FA Creations

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Sad November + FaMESHed + Freebie!

Previously posted at hump muffin.


Sad November, indeed. Halloween is gone! I didn’t even get to wear all of my costumes. I think every 31st in SL should be Halloween. Then maaaaaaaaybe I’d get through a fraction of the costumes I have! haha Details below!


hair: Ayashi – Soul *new* at The Gacha Garden
birds nest: barberyumyum – 48 *new* at SaNaRae
head & skin: The Sugar Garden – Mizu
eyes: The Sugar Garden – Snowfall
glasses: Cest La Vie – Heart Glasses *new* free subscribo gift
necklace: AdoredCloud Chaser Jewelry *new* at Sad November
outfit: NYU – Denim Jumper & Knitted Tee *new* at FaMESHed
leggings: Lazybones – Side Cut Leggings *new* at Sad November
drink: Tentacio – Choco Drink (old gacha)
purse: Cest La Vie – Bettina Bag *new* for MIX
shoes: Essenz – Copenhagen *new* at Sad November

poses by imeka – masami *new* at the chapter four. photos taken at L’Etre Mainstore.

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Mix it up with a New Mina Bargain and a Great Freebie.

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Indulge me, I rezzed one of my fav houses but sadly for me the prims are so high I only use it for a backdrop and as soon as I get my snaps I have to pack it back up again! OH for unlimited prims!


The shorts I’m wearing are the ones from my previous post and as it happens they are perfect with my Free Hippy Chick Top I snagged from the B!asta shop@The Boho Culture Fair.  It  comes in all the Mesh sizes, Fitmesh and Mesh body sizes so basically a fit for everyone.  Actually now I’ve been over to the B!asta shop@The Boho Culture Fair to LM grab I will be heading back there as soon as I click post because there are oodles of Free and Dollarbies in the shops so I’m going to click and grab for all I’m worth and I’ll show you what I scored in my next post.  If the LM doesn’t take you direct to the B!asta shop then it’s not far from the Landing spot and I’m sure you too will have fun grabbing the goodies.

I also have to say though I did check out the full priced items and argh just like I wish I had unlimited prims I wish I had unlimited Lindens because there is a lot of temptation there.XXXHippy2

This is a Mina hair I’ve shown you before called Anais but now it’s her offering for the Mix, which is a mix of new, unique and some discounts and this is at a really good 50% discount.  So a hair colour pack cost only 124Lds or for a little bit more money you can buy the essentials pack or go the whole hog and buy the Fat Pack which again is at half price.


If you’ve not checked the Mix out yet then zoom in on the stand the items are on because there is a panel for you to click and grab the Hud and this makes it so easy to see where and who is in the “Mix” the TPs and I’m pretty sure it also has colour coding to it to show you which shops are offering a discount and which there is something unique to the mix etc.  It’s yet one more thing for me to check out when I get back inworld.

PS the Mix is more than just hair, it’s poses, clothes, furniture etc I’ve seen everything this round from a pair of moon boots to a castle.

PS Down but not out, I tried to get back to the Boho event but the sim is down…so give it a little while and hopefully it will be back online soon.

B!asta@The Boho Culture Fair


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Shame (Freebie).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

The only shame in this freebie is that it doesn’t come as separates because the skirt and top as a combo look great but I can just see that skirt being worn with so many things I have in my invent.  I managed to get some time in SL today and I had grabbed a load of goodies and then slowly but surely as I tried them on I binned them!  So I decided to use what little time I had left doing some of the Bitter Sweet Hunt which I do believe is brand new.  I think you have to pay a Linden for the prize but I’m not even sure what it is you’re looking for because I got so distracted by the Group Gift Hippo Board at the back of the shop I actually forgot about the hunt LOL.  I will pop the link at the end for you to see the LMs and hints and although you don’t get to see any pictures lots of good shops are involved.


So sorry on the lack of posting off me but RL is so busy I’ve barely managed to grab time to myself let alone SLing but I’m hoping normal service will resume as soon as poss.


La Moyet Design

Bitter Sweet Hunt LMs & Hints

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