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Champers and Pancakes. (Oodles of Freebies).

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In the UK today is Pancake day which is a day we make emm pancakes, almost self explanatory but if you want to know a bit about the history of Pancake day check out the link and yes I have actually taken part in a pancake day race and no I didn’t win.

Pancake Day

Obviously this post is a bit more than pancakes because as it happens on the Angle sim, Anne Maertens shop Dulcie Secrets and the other handful of shops here are having a MASSIVE 203 item hunt going on.  What you’re looking for are Champagne bottles and because there are so many of them they’re just everywhere so no hunting skills needed.  I TPed to the last LM  and in less than 5 mins I had picked up 12 bottles and each bottle is packed with skin, make up and eyes and possibly even more.

OK I have to be honest and the first 2 skin packs I opened were very not to my taste, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s not someone else style but I persevered and was rewarded by a number of skins which to me are definite keepers.  This one for example, I changed the sim setting to my Nams Optimum Skin n Prim setting, is such a lovely and sweet one, those lips positively glow and even I didn’t notice the bright colourful eye shadow at first. Lots of the skins come with Appliers and some don’t but I also have a feeling that if a skin you love doesn’t have an applier you just simply use the same skin shade one from another pack.


LOL it looks like I’m eyeing up the next Champagne bottle to pick up and I am because I’ve left my AV there and as soon as I log back in I’m going to go click crazy.

If you want this particular skin which does come with only 2 skins but with SLink and Omega Huds then you want to check out the last LM and it’s the bottle number 190.

PS What I appreciate is that these if not all them most of these pressies seem to be Trans, but obviously non Copy, which means even if the skin etc isn’t to your taste pack these goodies away in a folder in your invent and when you find a Noob make their day with a gift of some great skins etc

UPDATE so I’m actually inworld clicking away and MEN there are gifties here for you as well so get yer AV arse over and start snagging and even if you find mainly ladies skins then you can pack them up as a gift for a loved one.

Dulcie Secrets Angel

Moondance Boutique

Dot Be Angels

Dulcies Secret Garden

Free Photostudio@Dulcies Secret

Private Garden Dulcie Secrets

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Summer Dreams (freebies).

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Clicking pays, so I was in a shop called Ravens Blade and the first couple of gifts are on the counter desk but I’m glad I decided to have a quick looksee around this shop because otherwise I would have missed the other shopping bags which are on the floor and when I clicked on them they too turned out to be Free to join GG’s and so I managed to snag a whole armful before I TPed outta there.

So I unpacked, tried on and then binned, NOT that the stuff I binned was bad but because sometimes it’s hard to show you everything, sometimes I just like to leave you a few surprises and also I basically run out of SL time LOL.


But as soon as I unpacked these 2 lovely prezzies I knew they were IT.  So a quick change and a quick TP to my fav beach sim and voila.


I almost pixellated part of this picture because the bikini bottom is very, very low (stop squinting!) but in the end I decided to leave it mainly so you could check out the mesh em mesh LOL.  You get a system layer bikini set without appliers so you can’t wear this look with a Mesh Body or you could simply use a different bikini under the mesh sash and top.

Ravens Blade

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Tacked on! (Freebies).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I’d popped into Noble Creations, a shop which is for those who are into their Medieval, Fantasy SL lives this is a place to die for, actually even if you’re not the quality of the items here would fit into any home.  I’ve spotted a fantastic well and fountain that I want to check out but since  they’re only available at the Fantasy Faire which basically is so packed at this moment I can’t get onto the sim but I’m hoping the prim and price are so reasonable because I can see them on our sim.  However I was so happy with the New Freebies, and I was also happy to see the old Freebies were also still out as they’re well worth picking up as well.


Taken in my Nams setting so you can clearly see the graining of the wood that this chest is made up from..


An “Olde Worlde Globe” with scrolls inc


I might keep the first two items but probably just as props but the moment I rezzed the free standing steps it was a BIG YES off me! I have a couple of builds which are missing steps upto them and I can see this little beauty fitting them perfectly.  I don’t think this picture is showing the real size of these steps I think they’re looking  a bit small almost foot stool size which they’re not but I’m hoping that you can mod them in anycase so they can be fitted to so many things.  Even better all the quality in these items comes at a single prim count!

Not a vast collection in this shop which is a shame as again the quality of the texturing is so good but there is enough to furnish your whole house but I also have to mention the fabric draped bath tubs a common enough design in SL but these ones are unqiue

Noble Creations

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Good Morning Monday (which means even more FREEBIES).

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Dayumn it’s still blasting winds over here in the UK but at least I can crank up the central heating and snuggle down for a day of nothingness.

One thing I’ve sadly noticed over the past years is the lack of second looks ie seeing an AV who has created an outlandish, sexy, unique look.  I never thought I would say it but I miss seeing Masters with their slaves on chains kneeling as they do a bit of SL shopping, or of course Mistresses with their slaves.   Occasionally I put on my own freak look as I go shopping just for the Hell of it and then I came across so many Beautiful/Ugly things in Aii (princessaii) shop.

BUT before I go on the Freebies I’m showing you are just the make up and wings, I hate it when people SCREAM FREEBIES and it turns out that the freebies is just a small portion of the look and you get excited that you’re going to get the skin, outfit or build etc only to be disappointed that the Freebies is a lippie or a piece of jewelry so I’ll make it clear that all the freebies I’m going to show you are just face tattoos but I had a Hell of a good time rezzing one of my fav builds and putting on my gorgeous but freaky PumeC skin.XXXDusk2

So indulge me as I creep out to creep you out.


The wings are the first freebie but you will see in the next picture more of the bloody facial treats waiting for you.


The slashed mouth, bloody tears, back eyes are all freebies and there was many more boxes waiting to be snagged.

This shop is packed with everything you would want to create a beautiful but freaky AV even if it’s a simple pair of horns or an amazing Centipede AV and I stood there just thinking how much I wanted it, I am proud to admit that the Human Centipede 1&2 are my fav films but please don’t judge me.  In the end although I was seriously tempted by some of the body mods I had to TP out empty-handed but when I go back to LM grab I might just get that tongue that is long enough I could lick a nip!

Once I’d taken my piccies I had a little dance of joy and here I am having a bit of innocent SL fun.


Why? because why not.

I’m so glad I made a point of returning to grab the LM’s because it gives me a chance to have a second looksie, if I have enough time, and apart from the Halo I won from one of the Lucky Chairs there I spotted on the wall next to them that there is a separate discount and freebie area you can TP to and there is a wall of them.  Be careful if you’re counting the Lindens as the Freebies are mixed in with the cheapies but all are priced very temptingly.  I’ve not unpacked them yet but I did pick up more Freeness.

Ali The Ugly and Beautiful

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Red Hot Ice Cold. (Freebies and NEW Mina Hair).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Sometimes I keep an item in my invent that I may never wear again but it acts as a reminder of a good shop in SL to keep on popping back to check out for new stuff and of course in my case new free stuff and Blackrose is one of them and check out what I found.


Yes I had editing fun BITE ME! but it wasn’t because this dress needed it.  Although not as blood-red as the picture it’s a stunning colour, stunning fit and stunning texturing.


The reason I’ve taken a shot of the back is not just to show you the zipper detail but the low nape bun.  The hair is the New Mina hair called Chantal and it comes from the Gacha Garden which basically means it’s going to be at a slashed down bargain price because we all know Gacha=Great prices BUT the Gacha Garden doesn’t officially open till tomorrow and TBH this is such a good event you may have to wait a few days before you can squeeze in..  But if you can’t wait till then did you know that Mina’s also have Gacha’s in her main shop???? I do because 2 of my all time fav and goto hairs were actual Gacha wins.  And you don’t just get 1 hair 1 colour you get a BB or NO (big boobs or no boob) version if thats applicable and a colour pack all you take a chance on it’s the actual colour pack you win and I’ve never been disappointed in any of the Mina hair shades.

Now for the cold.


It’s just the jumper, but the jeans and shoes are both very old hunt gifts which shows how with a little time and patience and of course with a bit of fun you can win some really good stuff…but these are oldies and still goodies.  In any case this lovely jumper actually comes in not just all the Mesh sizes in XXS&XXL but also a shirt/jumper combo or the jumper on its own and I’m wearing the shirt/jumper one.

XXXRedgreenFaith will confirm this but we will cringe at the memory of old sculpted or primmed puffer jackets and coats which came with so many bits and they looked like straight jackets and then we have the brilliant mesh versions! No comparison at all.  So as you can see a forest green padded puffer with the black shirt underneath.

For once I didn’t just grab and run and had a nice leisurely wander around the shop.  A Brilliant selection of everything, some very brightly coloured and textured summer clothing, check out the retro swim suits upstairs, and some excellent winter clothing.  I snagged a whole load of Demos and spent a lovely time just trying them on.

Ladies when you land you goto the shop on the right but for the boys turn left to the Costarlos shop and I spotted not only some great freebies for men but also if you have some Lindens to spend some exc menswear.


Mina’s Mainshop

Mina@The Gacha Garden (not open till tomorrow).

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Friday Freebies

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Free coat !

Lovely little winter coat from Karin today. There are two locations you can snag this on lucky boards. One location has it in Black (above) and the other is a light beige – I will list both places below. I worked out why I keep on getting gifts from this store! Apparently once you’ve bought some items from the store, you receive random gifts, usually one colour of a new release – fabulous!

Free coat !_004

Just to prove I actually read Zans long rambly blogs, I went over to the store she wrote about beneath this called Lo’s. Managed to snag this delicious lingerie on the Lucky Board, its appliers for TMP & Slink mesh bodies plus a set for the traditional avatar, sweet! The lucky boards changed fairly quickly and there is a big selection of gifts. You need to join the group, but its free to do so.

Free jacket & leggings

On the same sim across the way is Alien Gizmo’s store, more lucky boards and I won this jacket & applier leggings – very stylish and a keeper for moi. Again you will need to join the group to use the boards, but its free.

Karin (black coat location)

Karin ( light coat)


Alien Gizmo

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No PEEKING! (Till tomorrow for these brill Freebies).

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I was stood in Faiths little paddock unpacking tree’s n shrubs etc when I suddenly remember my OH has every other Friday off and tomorrow is Friday so I decided that I’d do yet another quickie but instead of making you wait till tomorrow to see it I’ll show it to you now.


A shirt n jumper combo, if I wasn’t such a lazy mare I’d have put some leggings or long socks on with this but it’s long enough to pass as a skirt as well and I knew I was going to show you these other 2 outfits.


Now I’m 100% sure this is an old Freebie that I have shown you before but I don’t care as it’s still so good.  You get 2 of these dresses in the pack this dotty one and a black/grey version.


A simple staple outfit of the mesh t-shirt and jeans.

There was actually a couple of other Free GG’s at Gizmo’s which I didn’t pick up.   You will have to pay a Linden even when you’ve joined the Free Group and I can’t swear to it because I just grabbed and ran but I do believe you get your Linden sent back to you straight away.  Doesn’t really matter because even if you don’t get it returned all of these great clothes for just a single Linden each!

The LM will take you to outside the shop in a central area and you will see 3 TP boards for the 3 large shops there and Gizmo’s is where you will find these freebies and lucky chairs and Midnight Maina boards BUT you will have to hunt them down.  Gizmo on its own is so big I didn’t even have a chance to check out the other 2 so when you TP over to Gizmo turn left and just keep walking till you get to the Group and VIP area and of course on you way through you can check out whats for sale there.  As I’ve said I’ve not had a chance to check out the other 2 super sized shops so you never know what hidden treasures they may hold.

Lo’s, Alien Gizmo’s & Erotic Mainstores

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#850 ~ Freebies with NEVE Newness!!!

Previously posted at Freebies for Cece.

What I’m Wearing…
Elisa Hair : Entwind (Group Gift, Free)
Sahra Skin : WOW Skins (Group Gift, w/ Fee)
Twisted Top : neve (NEW RELEASE)
Skinny Jeans : LOOM (Group Gift, Free)
Booties : N-Core (Group Gift, w/ Fee)
Intern Outfit : neve (NEW RELEASE)
*Skirt, Shirt or Belt Off Option, 
Available in various patterns & colors

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Silly Goose, feed the addiction. (Freebies).

Previously posted at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I stumbled upon some Lucky Chairs in a shop and although the quality of the contents were a bit dodgy they fed my addiction to Lucky Chairs/Boards.  So I rummaged in my invent for some more old LMs for Lucky Chairs and came across a skin shop called Mother Goose which is still going strong.  So I plonked myself down in front of the big central column in the shop and as quickly as I worked through all my notes my initial kept on coming up.  So I basically ended up with a whole folder of Free skins and even then before I TPed back to my platform I couldn’t resist grabbing not just the Dollarbies but also a whole load of Demos and then spent the next half hour trying them on…and yes binning almost all of them but I love doing this unpacking a whole load of stuff and working my way through the good, bad and downright ugly.XXXSillyI’m not going to lie but to me these free skins aren’t a patch on my PumeC’s BUT just because it’s not my skin of choice doesn’t mean it’s not going to be yours.  On the positive side the variety of LB/Dollarbies/Freebies and paid for skins is vast and especially if you want a pretty, pink and youthful skin then there ARE some adorable ones here with pouty lips and pink cheeks.

The LBs wins don’t come with any appliers and as you will know by now I’m way too lazy to skin match using a Hud but that doesn’t mean you have to be or simply just don’t wear any mesh add ons, not everyone is a fan.

This however is definitely a LM to keep in your invent and if you come across someone new in SL then I bet they will be overjoyed to be able to grab so many skins.

Mother Goose

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Dayum whut no freebies!

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This made me chuckle,  as soon as I rezzed at the Wayward sim I turned right to start working my way methodically past all the stalls and shops and this Mina Beanie hair was the first thing I came across.  Luca is another prime example of Mina Nakamura’s skill of making brilliant Unisexed hair but personally I think I look better in it LOL.

I’m going to be honest here if you like this hair do NOT buy it until you’ve popped into Mina’s mainshop and tried on Alex.  Alex is a very similar styled hair/beanie but you get the added options of fringe only, hair at nape of the neck only, hair at both the nape of the neck and the fringe AND or just the beanie on it’s own……clear as mud but of course the demo will contain all the variations.  Alex is not identical to Luca but if you like Luca you may love Alex and equally you might just like Alex but love Luca and it’s only by trying the 2 hairs on will you know which one suits your style best.


So sorry because I didn’t spot a single freebie.  They maybe there and I was just awed by all the newness and missed them, if you find any pleased feel free to let me know, but sometimes it’s worth paying for something new and fresh.  Because there is so much new and fresh here from skins to full builds I did splash out and yes the Gachas got me, will be setting a whole new load of gifts out for you to come and collect soon.

PS I’ve just noticed that now I’m LM grabbing if you like the Beanie look but would prefer it with long hair then Mina’s The Mix offer is a hair called Nell which is definitely more ladies than gents with the long flowing hair and this one is also at a discounted price.  I also popped my “Alex” hair on and yes very similar but also very different so make sure you try on both and The Mix offer before you make your final decision.

Wayward Winter Event

Mina Mainshop

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