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Pick my Strawberry NOW(Oodles of Freebies and Bargains).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I stumbled upon this fair “Pick my Strawberry” event and it should be over because the dates are 19th May to the 23rd May which seems such an awfully short time esp when so much has been put into the setting up of this fair.


Not only is it packed with small strawberries which from the few I’ve managed to grab are either Free or Dollarbies but everything is priced at 35Lds as though they were 35Ld Sunday offers.

OK this is a super fast post because as I said it really should have been over and packed away but everything is still here and as soon as I click “publish” I’m going to be grabbing all of the freebies and buying more of the discounts and I suggest if you want some, hopefully exc freebies and good quality 35Ld offers you should be quick as well.

UPDATE Cos Faith was tempted and she’s TPed over to this event.  The LM doesn’t take you right to the event but if you turn right, there is an arrow on the ground, you will find the pathway down into this event.

Pick my Strawberry

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Overloaded. (freebies).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

Awww another Happy Birthday and this time it’s The Instruments.  I can actually remember blogging the very first event and it’s come along way since there and so in celebration of its second birthday oodles of gifties for us all.

The dress and hat are gifts and the pretty box I’m carrying is one of the delivery packages I just used it and the pose it came with to take a quickie pic.


There are lots of bags which although they aren’t my thing as I don’t even remember to put on undies let alone accessories my look lol, however I am a decor nut and so of course I rezzed them and then prim checked to see if I could use them as decor items in my Boudoir and yup the ones I rezzed were only 1 prim and not lacking in any detail at all!  As soon as I got this dress I stopped unpacking and did my posing as it also means that when I rezz back inworld there is some nice surprises for me and of course since I’m not showing you everything some nice surprises for you as well.

This is a lovely well set out courtyard with stalls and everything is so easy to find but of course I checked out whats on sale and I picked up some wacky hair demos to try on soon and a few excellent potted plants for my home, not free, so you too may find something new to tempt you.

PS I think that when you rezz inworld you will be facing the wrong way.  So simple turn around and you can’t miss it.

The Instruments

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LaVian & Co. @ On9, Designer Circle, Pose Hop, GACHA, WoW Skins, D-Style and Dark Passions @ Dark Style 3, Plus Freebies!

Previously posted by Lilli at Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!  Yep that’s what Today is! I had a pretty lazy one myself.  Stayed home bound in RL, it was a cloudy day here in New York with rain here and there.  It was the perfect day to just stay in and stay online for most of the Day.

I worked on this Post here part of the Day.  I have a nice mix for you.  Some Events, lots of Designers and some awesome Free Gets!  If you follow my shopping journey you may end up visiting On9, Designer Circle, We❤ Role Play, The Chapter Four, and Dark Style Fair 3.

You might purchase an Exclusive on New Release or Exclusive from Designers like LaVian & Co. by Sam, Loordes of London, Truth Hair, WoW Skins, Eluzion, Kunglers, D-Style, AZOURY, Yummy, Dark Passion, CHAT NOIR, and/or Elephante Poses. That’s a little sneak peek at what I will be talking about.

Lilliana’s Outfit is Lavian & Co. By Sam’s Upstairs at Erics.  Upstairs at Erics is the Top and Jeans You get 3 Jean Colors Blue, Black and White and the Top which includes a HUD with 36 Pantone Colors.  The Upstairs at Erics Outfit is LaVian & Co.’s Exclusive for On9’s May Round.  Lilliana’s is wearing one of Loordes of London’s Exclusive for the Designer Circle’s 130th Round.  The Petra Boots #30 are for SLink High Feet.  #30 is not the only color of The Petra Boots that Loordes of London has at  Designer Circle, just in case you aren’t feeling my choice.

Do you want to know how you can get actual TRUTH HAIR for only 50 Lindens?  Well, TRUTH has their GACHA Machines from previous Arcades.  If your lucky you could get your color at a mad discount.  Lilli is wearing TRUTH’s Kasimire.  Lilli won the Light Browns HUD.  Kasimire comes with different color Clips that fit in the back of the Hair.  Lilli got the Silver with Red Gem, it’s very pretty, trust me.  Lilli’s Skin Today first made it’s debut at Skin Fair this Year.  Yasmine was WoW Skins Exclusive for Skin Fair 2016.  Now you can get it at WoW Skins Main Store of course. I wore Yasmine during the run of Skin Fair, but wanted to try again with Lilli’s LOGO Chloe Head.  I used the OMEGA Applier in Dark Tan Skin Tone.

Lil is wearing lots of Accessories with her look Today.  Lil is wearing Eluzion’s New Facial Piercing called Aily.  Aily is an original Mesh and one of many to come as Eluzion is making Piercings again.  Here’s a special little tidbit for you.  Aily is only $ 5 Lindens, that’s a Promo price not sure how long it will last so don’t wait too long, if you like Eluzion’s Aily.  I have two items that you can get for Free.  First one is Lil’s Earrings. Kunglers Navajo Hoops are an Exclusive Gift for the We<3 Role Play Anniversary.  The Navago Hoops can be yours for just visiting Kunglers Stand at We❤ Role Play.  Another Gift found at We❤ Role Play that Lil is wearing is Yummy’s Flower Ring.  Yummy’s Flower Ring is not exactly Free, but $ 10 Lindens.

A few more items I need to talk about and we are done!  These next two gets are both found at The Dark Style Fair 3.  They are not Freebies but nice Exclusives.  Ms. Corleone’s Necklace is D-Style’s Magical Pendant.  The Magical Pendant comes with a HUD with 23 Textures for the Disk and 6 Cord Colors.  Ms. C’s Nail Polish is also a Dark Style Fair Exclusive.  The Nail Polish is Dark Passion Koffin Nails Goth Macabre.  I love this Nail Polish, its’ so me!  I used the Maitreya HUD, You can also get the Belleza, SLink and Omega HUDs as well.

Poses, I used a few different ones.  First 6 are from CHAT NOIR Pose Designs Bride Pose Set.  You can see the entire Set below, I used all 6 Poses, you also get the Mirrors. This is an awesome Set although Ms. C isn’t posing as a Bride below, you can see how well they work with a bouquet of Flowers.  The Bride Set by CHAT NOIR is Exclusive for the New Pose Hop!  I also used Poses from two Sets by Elephante Poses that I had in my inventory.  I used two Poses from the Elizabeth Set and my Close Up Headshot is from Elephante Poses So Close.

Photo Shoot Site LEA8 SIM – Jane Austen’s English Countryside .:HERE:.

May 21st Blog Photo #1_cropped

OUTFIT:  Lavian&Co. By Sam Upstairs at Erics Outfit,
Includes Top, and Jeans w.HUD,
Exclusive for On9 May Round (NEW)

DAISIES:  ::Axix:: Love&Peace Couple’s Pose Set on MarketPlace (NEW)
(Note:  I did not use the Pose, I just used the Flowers that come with this Set)

SHOES:  Loordes of London Petra Boots #30,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #130 (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High v2.3

POSE:  CHAT NOIR Pose Design Bride Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for the Pose Hop Event (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo #2real_cropped

POSE:  CHAT NOIR Pose Design Bride Pose Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive for the Pose Hop Event (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo #3_cropped

POSE:  CHAT NOIR Pose Design Bride Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive for the Pose Hop Event (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo #4_cropped

POSE:  CHAT NOIR Pose Design Bride Pose Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive for the Pose Hop Event (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo #5_cropped

POSE:  CHAT NOIR Pose Design Bride Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive for the Pose Hop Event (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo #6_cropped

POSE:  CHAT NOIR Pose Design Bride Pose Set, Pose #6,
Exclusive for the Pose Hop Event (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo Eliz. #1hs_cropped

HAIR:  TRUTH HAIR Kasimire Light Browns HUD,
Includes Silver & Red Clip on Back of Hair,
GACHA Prize from Main Store Game (NEW)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Yasmine in Darktan Skin Tone Omega Applier (NEW)
(Note:  Also used Maitreya and SLink Appliers)

MESH HEAD:  LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid
Avatar Head – Omega Version (NEW)

EYES:  LOGO Chloe v5.0 Eyes Omega Compatible (NEW)

EYELASHES:  LOGO Chloe v5.0 Eyelashes
and Eyelids Omega Compatible (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Yasmine Shape (NEW)
(Modified a Little to Fit LOGO Mesh Head/Eyes)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 (NEW)

POSE:  Elephante Poses Elizabeth Pose Set, Pose #1 (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo so close #1 headshot_cropped(Recap:  WoW Skins Yasmine Dark Tan @ Main Store,
LOGO Mesh Head Chloe @ Main Store,
Eluzion Aily Black Facial Piercing @ Main Store,
Kunglers Navajo Earrings Free @ We❤ Role Play,
Dark Passion Koffin Nail Goth Macabre Nail Polish @
Dark Style Fair 3, and Yummy Flower Ring Free@
We❤ Role Play)

POSE:  Elephante Poses So Close Pose Set, Pose #1 (NEW)

PIERCING:  Eluzion  Aily in Black Facial Piercing,
New Release Promo Price $ 5 Lindens (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Kunglers Navajo Hoops,
Exclusive Gift for We<3 Role Play Anniversary (FREE)

NECKLACE:  D-Style Magical Pendant w.HUD,
Exclusive for The Dark Style Fair 3 (NEW)

BRACELET:  AZOURY Flowers 1 Bracelet,
Exclusive Gift for The Chapter Four 3rd B-Day (FREE JOIN)
(Note:  No longer available, as Round is Over)

RING:  Yummy Flower Ring Pink w.Gold,
Exclusive Gift for We<3 Role Play Anniversary ($ 10 Lindens)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passion Koffin Nails Goth Macabre Maitreya HUD,
Exclusive for The Dark Style Fair 3 (NEW)

HANDS: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Hands v3.5 (NEW)

May 21st Blog Photo Eliz. #2hs_cropped

POSE:  Elephante Poses Elizabeth Pose Set, Pose #2 (NEW)


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A Quick Squeeeee (Freebies).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

OHMAI is not just a fav saying of Faiths but also an SL shop.

This is going to be such a quick post and a bit random but I want to get these Freebies in before I have to log out for the evening.


I dare you NOT to go “squeee” when you see this cute little piggie.  She is actually a wearable but I always rezz wearables because sometimes they can make great home decor items and since rezzed on the ground this cute little piggie is just 1 prim so woo hoo a lovely item for your home as well as a wearable.

“Miss Piggie” is in the hair shop but check out the main shop for this oldie but classic simple shirt.


I can’t remember the last time I showed you this basic top but it’s still holding its SL ground plus you do get a large fat pack of not just sizes but also colours.  There is also another pack of sleeveless shirts with logos on the front which are equally as wearable.  Just great basics.

It’s also given me the excuse of using these jeans which came from the La La Fashion Shop I mentioned 2 posts ago.  As you can see yet again another great basic standby pair of shorts.  I’ll put the link to that post as well because there was much more Freebies than I had shown you.

Interested in the hair?  Sorry not a Freebie or even a Mina! Yes I do spend Lindens on hair.  As it happens the Hairology event is not only still open but so much quieter now so if you’ve not been GO, not just for the Mina hair but this little and select event always has some new and fresh designs and is well worth a visit.  This hair from the Emotions stand is actually right next to the Mina stand and both are very easy to find.

Time to log off so ignore any bad grammar and spelling mistakes and have a great Saturday night.

DOH I said good night to quickly because I forgot to say that Miss Piggy, her name is more like “Pigunzell” is to be found in the little hair shop but if I remember correctly the clothes come from the slightly bigger clothes shop attached which is called something else.  I’ve made it sound very confusing but it isn’t really as both shops are linked and not only not particularly large they are STUFFED with some adorable things so well worth a wander around and in fact when I do get back inworld it’s time for me to buy some of the quaint and quirky hair which is in the Ohmai shop and I’ve admired for a long time.  OK thats it I’m done.



La La Fashions

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Clicking pays. (Freebies).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

OK I’m a Brit so bare with me, its EFFING FREEZING, I’m so cold the fire is on and I’m wearing a Cardie, the cats yowled so much I put the fire on and then went online to check my fuel bill and it’s no wonder I never get a refund when the bloddy fire HAS to be on all the time.

OK seething is over but you can work out why I’ve jacked up the sun setting in these picture, I need Vitamin D even if it’s just from a fake sun and not the real thing.


I popped over to La La Fashions and was disappointed that the Freebies haven’t changed but I decided to plonk myself in front of the Lucky Balloons as the prizes looked nice and yes sort through more notes.  Once I’d cleaned up a few more and slapped the MM boards, and my initial hadn’t come up yet,  I decided to have a quick look around the La La shop and price check, very reasonably priced items, it was only when I clicked on this outfit to check its price I noticed that it’s not just free but all of them on that wall are FREEBIES.  Actually it was only then I noticed the small “gifts” sign underneath LOL.  This mesh skirt with a system layer top, Omega Applier inc, comes in a choice of 3 shades.


I’m glad I found this pose or else I would have had to pixelate my bikini line a little bit LOL. Low and sexy.  This is a system layer bikini but also comes with the Omega Appliers and 5 colours to snag.


This is a mesh skirt and system top, again the top comes with the Omega Applier and I can’t remember how many colour choices with this one.

OK I’ve picked 3 very similar outfits because I wanted some peach in my life LOL and yes the editing has enhanced the colours but they’re not only really good quality but damn there is much more than these.

What I’m not showing you because basically I ran out of time is some excellent baggy jeans, cropped jeans and jean shorts! I only grabbed a pair of the shorts as these knee-length ones will be so handy.  Icing on the cake is even the jeans come with a choice of colour or you can just be greedy and grab the lot!  There was also a couple of other items as well but it’s time to click “Publish” and get back to RL work.

PS the original gifts which I have shown you before are next to the desk but all of these freebies are on the wall next to the Gachas, don’t worry it’s not a big shop and you won’t have trouble finding anything here.

La La Fashions

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Red Hot Redo’s (Freebies).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

I took some lovely pictures of all the freebies I picked up from Blac and then managed to make them look like sculptie rags so I had to redo them and since they are freebies I had fun with the picture and the red has been enhanced BUT they are still pretty blood-red I just notched it up a bit.


4 Freebies and 1 sub giftie but I’m not showing you them all, cos I iz lazy, plus the other items will be a nice surprise.  This is 2 gifts, the sweater/jacket and cropped sports pants are in 1 pack and the matching cropped top in another.  Gonna be honest, because my invent is STUFFED I will be bining both the jacket and the top but only because I wouldn’t ever wear the jacket again and I already have plenty of tops like that but the cropped joggers for me are a definite keeper. As I said because I have too much I really have to pick and chose what to keep and usually it’s not because the item I’m bining is lacking it’s just because I am a HOARDER!

Of course I’m wearing the New Mina hair but this time I’m showing you it from the front in this picture.  I’ll put the Link to that post at the bottom.


Same outfit again but without the jacket.  The cropped top doesn’t have an alpha in the pack but that’s not an issue as it’s a standard mesh fit so chances are you will have a ton of alphas that will do the job.


Cropped pants cropped pictures LOL.  My choice of shoes blended too well into the steps and it look odd but I rather liked this picture angle so I decided to go for it.  You may notice that the pants start off a darker blood-red and then is lighter at the top and that’s the ombre effect of the outfit.  I’m going to be bining it but this is the sort of outfit that makes bining stuff hard because it’s a really good quality item and a great addition to any invent just not mine!

The other 2 items waiting to pick up is another Free GG and I do believe a Sub gift which I forgot to sub to but it’s definitely going to be slapped when I LM grab.

Blac (Black Label Boutique)

Mina’s Hair Post


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Sunday Brain! (New Mina hairs & Oodles of FREEBIES).

Previously posted by zanbeck at Pure Eggs & Spam.

DOH!  I did this post yesterday and just as I was bragging to a friend how good my internet is my internet crashed! Typical but it’s now Monday and I’m up and running and yes I am clutching wood as I type this.

If you scroll back through my last few posts you might just have noticed that I am wearing a new Mina hair, ok probably not as this hair, Marion, is pretty subtle from the front.  A simple middle parting with the hair going down either side of your face but as you can see from the back this hair goes right down to your waist.  As always I’ve stuck to the standard me colour, brown in SL brown in RL LOL but of course you can chose any hair colour pack you want.


Marion is from the latest round of Hairology which is a really nice little event, loads of fresh new designs but not so many you get overwhelmed and  give up half way and miss out on something new for your invent.

I also finally managed to get my sorry AV Ass over to the “We love roleplay” event which is having it’s 3rd Birthday in SL and you know what SL Birthdays means?…FREEEEEBIES!  Oooodles and ooodles of them.  Almost each stand has a giftie set out for us to snag and of course I snagged and snagged and then gave up.  Honestly so many goodies I just didn’t have enough time to grab them all and unpack etc I literally just walked straigth ahead then turned right and after a few more stalls that side I just ran out of time so can you imagine how much is still there waiting to be grabbed.  I do know there seems to be a wonderful mix, plenty of jewelry and accessories but also lots of decor items.  I didn’t actually come across any free clothes,which is why I am naked..yeah right LOL any excuse.


Not the hair though, just in case you thought it was.  This hair is another Mina’s but it’s not available yet but the reason I am showing you it now and not in a couple of days when the Tres Chic event is up and running is because this hair, Faith is very similar to another hair called Bridget which I have already shown to you. Bridget is from what I can see simply a shorter version of this hair and because “Faith” isn’t available yet I thought I would mention that Bridget is now in the mainshop but it’s a Gacha.  If you want a super bargain and not to set on a particular colour, you do of course get a colour pack just not of your choice, then you may want to try it.  Not 100% sure but I am pretty sure it’s only 75Ld a pop but check it out first and of course there is a Demo of Bridget and if you like Bridget but don’t want to risk the colour pack you get then give it a day and go try the Faith version @Tres Chic when it’s opened tomorrow but that one I do believe will be the standard full price.

So apart from the hair everything else is free.  The excellent backdrop/draped wall decor behind me which has 2 sides, this earthy painted look and the back is black.  And look closely at the leafy brown/ginger plant.  This is stunning, it’s a pretty tall and light from…nope sorry can’t remember but I promise I will try to put an update at the end.

The biggest Freebie I found so far is the skin, don’t clean your glasses I have pixellated the nips LOL.  This skin came off the Plastik stall.  You only get 2 skins but also a whole FAT PACK of addons and Appliers, everything from lipsticks to a “nipless” skin.  I will admit something though, because the backdrop was so dark I edited the picture a bit and it has slightly changed the skin colour.  The skin has a slightly dusty ethereal look to it which is actually in keeping with the style of the Plastik shop.  It’s been a while since I was last over there so time to check it out….once I’ve been back to the I love to RP event of course.


A couple of hints though, I snapped this picture at the RP event and as you can see the windlight is stunning so change it LOL.  It’s hard to see the lovely stuff here in such a dark setting so once you’ve admired it change to a lighter setting.  The other big thing to do is click everything because some of the Freebies are pretty obviously in their little gift boxes or bags but  a lot are a picture on the wall or just in another object.  Plus not everything is free I did pick up a few 10Ld items but it looks like most of them are set at 0 but make sure if you have to be super careful with your Lindens.

But remember to treat yourself.  A lot of items here are discounted and I ended up grabbing so many demos and I also treated myself to a stunning head dress which only cost 35Lds so this event has something for everyones wallet.

Tree is from the E.V.E stall and trust me it’s worth a visit for that alone.

Backdrop/drape is from the Unkindness stall.

We Love Role Play

[email protected]

Mina Mainshop

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Color Me Project, Designer Showcase, Pose Hop, SWANK, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, {ZOZ} and Freebies!

Previously posted by Lilli at Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

It’s late on Saturday Night here in New York Right now, well actually it’s Sunday.  I was running around most of the Day in RL Today.  I bought LOGO’s Chloe Mesh Head last night and wanted to blog a Skin for it.  So whipped up Today’s Post around Chloe.   I also wanted to talk about my Newest Event that I am part of.  The Pose Hop starts Tomorrow.  If you like Poses try this one.  You’ll get a HUD and you will be Hopping around to different Pose Designers Stores to get there Exclusive.

Besides The Pose Hop, The other Events I visited were Color Me Project, Designer Showcase, SWANK, Mesh Body Addicts, and Anybody Monthly.  My Designers are Wertina, Lindy, Rebel Hope, Indigo Poses, {Letituier}, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Luminesse, {ZOZ} and Flash Friendly Poses.  I have 3 Freebies for you too Today, found at The Chapter Four and The Instruments.  The Gifts are by *(OO)*YUKI, [sYs] and Boutique #187.  Check the Post out Today, I think you’ll like it.  You’ll at least know where to pick up a Freebie:)

Lilliana’s Dress is Wertina Web Dress.  The Web Dress by Wertina comes in a pack with two versions.  A Dark Version like Lilliana is wearing and a White Version where the Webs on the Dress are White and stand out more.  Wertina’s Web Dress is an Exclusive for this Month’s Color Me Project.  Lilliana is wearing Heels by Lindy Today.  The Della Heels in Nude are one of the many Exclusives for Designer Showcase that Lindy has at the current Round.  Lilliana is wearing the Maitreya High Version, but Della is sold as a pack with the SLink and Mesh Project Versions as well as Maitreya.

There’s a lovely Updo by {Letituier} called Karina at SWANK this Month.  Karina is sold as a Fat Pack with 11 Natural Hair Colors, Lilli is wearing the Dark Brown Version. I have two SWANK Designers, my second SWANK Exclusive is Luminesse.  Lilli is wearing Luminesse’s Kosazana Lustra Gold Necklace Set.  The Set Includes Earrings, and Necklace it’s part Mesh and resizable.

I’ve been contemplating purchasing a LOGO Mesh Head for a while.  I finally did, I bought Chloe and I think she is very sweet, especially wearing 7 Deadly s[K]ins Dawn.  Dawn is an Exclusive for the Mesh Body Addicts7 Deadly s[K]ins is selling Dawn as a Mesh Skin Box.  You get 5 Omega Face Appliers (5 Skin Tones), SLink Hands / Feet / Body Applier, Tango, Phatazz and Omega Body Appliers.  Lilli is wearing the Taupe Skin Tone, I used the Omega Appliers for both my  LOGO Mesh Head, and Maitreya Lara.

I have three Freebies for you Today.  The First are Lil’s Eyes.  The Eyes are *(OO)*YUKI Oat Eye Set. There are 4 Mesh Eye Colors in the Set, Lil is wearing #03.  The Oat Eyes by *(OO)*YUKI is an Exclusive Gift for The Chapter Four.  All you have to do is join The Chapter Four Group, touch the gift box and the Eye Set is yours.  My Second Freebie for you is another Chapter Four Gift.  The Bracelet Lil is wearing is [sYs] RIO Bracelet Colors Gold Set.  Lil is wearing the straight Gold Version, you also get 6 more colors, plus the same colors for both the right and left hands.  My Third and final Freebie can be found at The InstrumentsThe Instruments is celebrating an Anniversary as well.  You don’t have to join a group to get this Gift, just buy it for 0 Lindens.  The Ring on Lil’s Right Hand is Boutique #187 KD Ring Oval Gold / Silver an Exclusive Gift for The Instruments Anniversary.

Coming to the end of my Post for Today.  LC is wearing Nail Polish by {ZOZ}, that is an Exclusive for the Anybody Monthly.  LC used the Maitreya HUD of {ZOZ} Glitter Floral I Polish.  You can purchase {ZOZ’s} Glitter Floral I Polish as a ZOZ Mesh Nail Applier, Belleza Applier, SLink Applier or Omega Applier, you can also buy a Fat Pack of all the Appliers.

Above I told you all about the Newest Event that Ms. Corleone has joined as an Exclusive Blogger.  Starting Tomorrow, May 15th, if you want to get some great bargains on Poses you will be Hopping around the Grid to some fine Poses Makers.  The Theme for this Months Pose Hop is Celebrations.  What is a better celebration then a Wedding.  I used Indigo Poses Bridal Pose Set.  Although Ms. Corleone is a married women, you could also use these poses to take photos of your bridesmaids.  I ran out and even picked up a Bridesmaids Bouquet, it’s Rebel Hopes Calla Lily Bridesmaids Bouquet in Red. The Bridal Pose Set by Indigo Poses is 6 static poses and can easily be used to take awesome photos on your big SL Wedding Day. My close up photos were taken with Poses I found in my Inventory by Flash Friendly Poses. What a great set of Poses the Jewels Pose Set, by Flash Friendly Poses is.  These Poses show off hand perfectly!  Sadly Flash Friendly Poses is no more.  There is a MarketPlace Store, but not many items.  The Jewels Pose Set isn’t there.  There are a few others and I have the link to the MarketPlace Below.

I have a really beautiful SIM for you all to visit.  You can take pictures or Explore.  Have fun and make sure you visit the Yorkshire Dales and Rayne SIM, go .:HERE:.

May 14th Blog Photo #1_cropped

DRESS:  Wertina Web Dress Bordeaux Dark,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

BOUQUET:  Rebel Hope  Calla Lily Bridesmaids Bouquet Red (NEW)

SHOES:  Lindy Della in Nude, Maitreya Version,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Mesh Body Feet v3.5 (NEW)

POSE:  Indigo Poses Bridal Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for the New Pose Hop Event (NEW)
(Grand Opening Tomorrow, May 15th, 2016)

May 14th Blog Photo #3_cropped

POSE:  Indigo Poses Bridal Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive for the New Pose Hop Event (NEW)
(Grand Opening Tomorrow, May 15th, 2016)

May 14th Blog Photo #4_cropped

POSE:  Indigo Poses Bridal Pose Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive for the New Pose Hop Event (NEW)
(Grand Opening Tomorrow, May 15th, 2016)

May 14th Blog Photo #5_cropped

POSE:  Indigo Poses Bridal Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive for the New Pose Hop Event (NEW)
(Grand Opening Tomorrow, May 15th, 2016)

May 14th Blog Photo hs #1_cropped

HAIR:  {Letituier} Karina Hair, Worn Dark Brown,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins DAWN Mesh Skin Box, Taupe Skin Tone,
Used Omega Applier for LOGO Chloe Mesh Head,
Also Used Maitreya Applier for Lara Mesh Body
Exclusive for Mesh Body Addicts (NEW)

HEAD:  LOGO Infinity Chloe v5.0.2 Hybrid Mesh Avatar Head (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara v3.5 (NEW)

SHAPE:  LOGO Infinity Hybrid Avatar Shape 6 BF20 (NEW)

EYES:  *(OO)*YUKI Oat Eye Set, Worn #03,
Exclusive Gift for The Chapter Four (FREE JOIN)

May 14th Blog Photo headshot_cropped

JEWELRY SET:  Luminesse Kosazana Lustra Gold Necklace Set,
Includes Earrings, and Necklace,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

BRACELET:  [sYs] RIO Bracelet Set Worn Gold,
Exclusive Gift for The Chapter Four (FREE JOIN)

RING:  Boutique #187 KD Ring Oval Gold / Silver,
Exclusive Gift for The Instruments Anniversary (FREE)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ} Glitter Floral I Polish, Maitreya HUD,
Exclusive for Anybody Monthly (NEW)

HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Hands v3.5 (NEW)

WEDDING RING:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

POSE:  Flash Friendly Poses Jewels Pose Set, Pose #1 MarketPlace (NEW)

May 14th Blog Photo hs #4_cropped

POSE:  Flash Friendly Poses Jewels Pose Set, Pose #4 MarketPlace (NEW)

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It’s over! (Freebies).

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Summer that is because I woke up this morning to a cold rainy day, the wash on the line is soaking wet, can’t find my glasses so having to use a cheapo pair from Poundland, raging headache, cat decided to fill the litter tray and the stench was so bad it’s permeated the whole house and my OH had stolen all the quilt so I was freezing and all of this was before 8am!  LOL I wonder how many people can relate to this sort of RL situations.  Still going to the gym though once I’ve worked my way through some RL work but I didn’t want to not do a post today as it’s been a bit of a quiet week for blogging.

Prism, free group gift, cropped pants and top GO GET EM! They come as a set but you can wear them as separates and those cropped pants with a raw linen look are going to be really handy.


Have a good day peeps and remember it’s FRIDAY! ….oh wait I work weekends as well! Damn I don’t even get Friday off!


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Angelica Group Gift, TCF & Fameshed Freebies!

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I have been having computer issues for the past week. I ended up having to reformat and now I am finally back to normal! I am still having some SL viewer issues, but those should be fixed soon.

Here’s an outfit I took photos for last week but was unable to blog until now! Just an FYI both The Chapter Four and Fameshed are having BIRTHDAY ROUNDS this month so that means LOTS of freebies. 😀

hair: Runaway – Amber *new* at We Love RP
hairbow: Atooly – The Blair Bow rainbow *new* at The Chapter Four *free*
skin: Angelica – Sora *new* VIP GROUP GIFT
eyeshadow: Veechi – Blossom Smoke Shadow Pearl
eyebrows: Enfer Sombre – Gaby Eyebrows *new* at SaNaRae
lipstick: Angelica – MingMing lpink T
top: Lazybones – Estelle Attire *new* at The Chapter Four
necklace: Junbug – Crystal Acorn Choker *new* at Fameshed *free*
bracelet: Glow Studio – India Bangle *new* at The Dressing Room
arm band: Just Because – Elegant Arm Cuff *new* at Fameshed *free*

pose by Infiniti – Blown Away *free* at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

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