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Best friends

Look 1
Outfit =Zenith=Big sleeves loose skirt @Kustom9 NEW!
Shoes Ariskea [Sirene]Flats Collections @Fameshed NEW!
Bag =Zenith=Leather Calceolaria (Cherry)@Kustom9 NEW!
Hair MINA – Elvira @Fameshed NEW!
Skin [PF] Sora <Peach> – Flushed
Eyes [ MUDSKIN ]_My @FamouStation NEW!
Hair Bow *kata0tnik* (skull) Texture Change Gift@ Oporuto

Look 2
Outfit .Atomic. {Electric Cutie} Fluffy @Uber NEW!
Sneaker [BLK2.0] NO RUSH – #Pink THE MENS DEPT NEW!
Skin Enfant—Blossom Secret1 RARE@Kustom9 NEW!
Hair ~*Damselfly* Sample (Jentry)Womens @One9 NEW!
Sunglasses Izzie’s – Miami Neon @Uber NEW!
Bracelet Izzie’s – Miami Neon Bracelet pink gold@Uber NEW!
Tatto NEO** : Dance with @Xiasumi NEW!
PoseLabel Motion – My Hot Drink *Subscriber Gift*

New friends

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playing blog

Hair-Magika-The Wish

Hair base-Paperbag-Twigs 4

Necklaces-Viv.a! Kids-Shika-Necklace -(BOTH RARE’S GACHA)

Headband-Viv.a! Kids-Shika TIara Crown- (RARE GACHA)

Outfit-Little Cutes-Tina Fit-NEW-This outfit includes pants,jumper round waist,and top

Shoes-Fieracita-ballet flats 

Skin-Essences– CHO-noisette

Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl

Shape- my own (custom)

Cute friends

Dress Fawny – Guest of 50s @ Shiny Shabby NEW!
Shoes [NOIR] Nuts n Bolts @ The Kawaii Project NEW!
Hair “”D!va”” Hair “Ami2″
Headband ASO! Ajisai (purple) @CREATORS COLLECTION BOX NEW!
Unicorn..Atomic. {Gacha} Carousel Unicorn Light TAG gacha RARE NEW!

♥ Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love! ♥

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Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!

The Happy Gardener – Cabinet *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Happy Cherry Tree *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Happy Lemon Tree *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Happy Orange Tree *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Washtub Plants *MESH*
Happy Gardener – Happy Yucca *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Supply Box *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Potted Daisy *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Flowering Cactus *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Seed Basket *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Clay pots *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Seed Packets *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Happy Vine Plant *MESH*
The Happy Gardener – Bottles *MESH*
– By Damascusvera *NEW@TLC*
Marketplace Inworld TLC

Mini Greenhouse – White *MESH/NEW*
Basil Plant – Potted *MESH/NEW*
Triple Bird House *MESH/NEW*
– By Scarlet Chandrayaan

What Next
Love on two wheels – Female Bike *Mesh* – By Winter Thorn
Marketplace Inworld

T-Spot Design
Grass *MESH* – By Teresa Matfield

Mesh Plants
Hedge Long – Dark
Wild Bush – Tall
– By Reid Parkin

Funky Junk
Spring Veggie Garden – By Ulaa Coronet
Marketplace Inworld

Potted Plant Shelves *MESH*
Garden Tools *MESH*
– BY Kaz Nayar

LAQ Decor
Picket Fence – White *MESH* – By Winter DiPrima

[we’re CLOSED]
Water Tap *MESH* – By Wendy Xeno

O.M.E.N - The Happy Gardener Set

Gnome my friends?

Previously posted @ Shoptart Insanity.
*waves* Welcome to the Gnome Invasion. 
Yes recently I received a blogger pack from the talented [Geek.]  filled with many different gnome names, styles, and they were just so cute I could not pass up putting them together in what I would like to call various pattern Mori look. I realized I have more fun not matching my clothes than I do trying to find ways to match them. 

Unrelated to SL I have been working so hard in RL and due to a schedule switch ( which basically means my new boss puts me wherever she wants me to now ) I have trouble catching some deadlines that I cant make a solid look with ( Don’t you fret I am trying my best! ). I am working hard in RL and SL so thank you for those who stick by me and sorry to those who I have failed. 

Back to the happy news, you will notice in the pictures I have two different hair looks going on and that I because I actually put two hair releases together, both from [Ayashi]: One a long, flowing, wavy hair and the other a short messy shoulder length. I put them together because I wanted the look to be fun and whimsical. Which is also proving with the [Ayashi] Hud all her hairs can be put the exact same manner to blend ^^ …..roll credits.
·.·• New-Venties •·.·
Hair 1 (Long style) :: [Ayashi] :: Selena Hair (Hudded) :: * Create Your Own Tarot *
Hair 2 (Short Style) :: [Ayashi] :: Tami Hair (Hudded):: * Black Fashion Fair *
Shoes:: EMPORIUM :: Miley Platform Sneakers (Hudded) :: *Store*
( I honestly think I missed this event, however check the store and pick them up )
Dress:: NS:: :: Mesh Sweater Dress (Hudded) :: * Limited Cheap Release *
( LIMITED TIME ONLY get this dress for 100L until April 30th )
Hat:: Pink Acid :: Cutie Wicker Hat :: * Wayward Hunt *
( There is also another prize of a holographic clutch, two for one! )
Seasonings (floor) :: O.M.E.N :: Noodle Shop ( Table Seasonings ) ( Gacha ):: *TAG GACHA*
Hand:: {Vespertine} :: Golden Hand ( Gacha ) :: * TAG GACHA *
Gnomes:: [Geek.] :: Hows it Gnoming? ( Gacha ):* TAG GACHA *
( Each one has a different name in different color combinations/styles I shall name the ones that I am currently posting in this post and include the Key below  ) 
Two on the floor::
Black Hat – Mustachio RARE
Blue Hat – Rodrigo RARE
Located on my body::
Dark Brown Hat – Boris ( Common 4 )
Green Hat– Schweppe ( Common 3 )
Yellow Hat – Sven ( Common 4 )
Light Brown Hat – Tem ( Common )

·.·•Dress Me Up•·.·
Collar:: .Atomic. :: Sweet Deer ( Mossy Fur Collar ) 
Ears:: Mandala :: Fantasy Elf 
Monocle :: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Lullaby ( Gold ) 
Antlers:: +Half-Deer+ :: Mr Mousies Matching Antlers
Teeth:: SHINE :: Prim Teeth Human
( The staple to all my looks are prim teeth )
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Adam ( Dark Brown ) 
Lipstick:: Pink Acid :: Hollywood Lip Shine ( Rose ) 
Makeup:: +Half-Deer+ :: Faun Face v.2
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush ( Light Freckles ) 
Blush:: {Sugar Heart} :: My Deer Blush 
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna ( B Tone ) 
Muffins:: Tentacio :: Making Muffins 
Stand Pose:: //Elephante Poses// :: Goddess of Love #2 & #3 
( However because of the Tentacio Muffin pan the hands were not posed ) 
Chair:: LISP :: Butterfly Admiral Chair ( 9Sits )
In the end of this my friend Lauren stopped by while I was taking pictures so while she was playing with the poses ————- gnome decided to get comfortable within her

Friends with style

Look 1
Sweater /// offbeat /// be the original gacha @Kustom9 NEW!
Skirt Bueno – Skirt Rose @Kustom9 NEW!
Shoes fri. – Bailey.Loafers (Mint) – Maitreya@Kustom9 NEW!
Hair MINA Hair – Yuliya @ Shiny Shabby NEW!
Camera*Tentacio* Retro toys @ The Kawaii Project NEW!

Look 2
Outfit [MotiAme] Stripe Blouse / Mesh Pleated Skirt @Kustom9 NEW!
Boots { V I N C U E } Rainy+Boots – Sky IDK – NEW
Hair Wasabi Pills  Rose Mesh Hair – Browns Pack
Bag B.C.C. Simple School @Kustom9 NEW!

Look 3
Outfit * Cocoroni : Roy sweatshirt with skirt 1 RARE@Kustom9 NEW!
Shoes Apple May Designs – Sleepy Bunny Flats
Hair  Wasabi Pills Maiko Mesh Hair – Browns Pack
Toaster*Tentacio* cooking class @Xiasumi NEW!
Watch Izzie’s – Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet  (Wayward Hunt) NEW!

The most important are Friends!!


Mila’s Wear:
Hair- Tameless Hair Michele
Outfit- DN Mesh: Notre Outfit w HUD
Gloves- DN Mesh: Nailed gloves w HUD
HeadPiece- :(SH): Sing to me – Bronze – Army
Shoes- .::Supernatural::. Yesod Heels Black
Eyes- Adoness : lucus : eyes : sunny @The100Block
Glasses- Missnoise_style + CARRE EYEGLASSES BLACK GOLD
Juh’s Wear:
Hair- Magyka
Shape- My Own
Skin- Hush Ella
Shirt-  Mag<3.B Knotted Flower Shirt by
Jeans- >>>Poison<<< Denim & tartan zipped jeans_mesh_female
Waist Sweater- :: Miss Canning :: [ Waist Sweater ] 12 Colors Pack!
Shoes- scb

Story Time with Delilah Dolly & Friends…



Welcome to my real life dollhouse :) This is where the magic happens. Where I paint, build, create outfits, and breath life into my dollies. This is my favorite room in the entire house. I was thrown down here as the children of the house got older, I guess I was no longer wanted….or needed. It was lonely, boring, dark & quiet. So I began to look around and found some things that could keep me busy, an old can of paint, some wood, a few tools, and suddenly I wasn`t as lonely, I found purpose. Who cares if the “people” of the house no longer wanted to be around me, I`d build my own friends, build my own toys, build a new life. And so it began, my days as a toy maker began. My name is Delilah Dolly, and these are my friends. I hope you enjoy this little visit, I don`t get to share with many people/ dollies outside of this room, so you`re in for a treat.

Delilah and Evil Lynn dollies…


Here I am with one of my favorite Dolly friends, Evil Lynn. As you see I sit the others in the cabinet sometimes so they can get some rest…..


But I worry that they may get scared in there, all alone, so I go in to make sure they are ok….


We all play dress-ups and have so much fun…


Sometimes we play & build new friends until the wee hours of the morning, and yes, even a dolly gets sleepy…

Some of us are even silly at times, look over there at Bloody Mary sitting on top of the table twisting her head upside down, imagine the laughter right now, she`s such a silly dolly!


Don`t even think about leaving Iva Plague out of the fun, cuz she`s really good at playing tricks on us, always trying to scare us!!! “Iva! Put your head back on!!” loooool


2 of my beautiful friends in their new Pram, they love this new toy!….. Evil Lynn & Iva Plague…..yes Lynn is the selfie queen, she loves to take pics 😉


Sometimes we just sit around and gossip like girls always do…. “I want blonde hair next week” – “I want a blue dress” – “Hey when are we going to make some shoes?!” – “Yay to shoes!!!” the others hollered. We`re just typical dollies I tell ya 😉


Looks like Mary may have had an accident with the tools, hence her name…Bloody Mary…. it`s ok, she doesn`t feel physical pain…she does however feel emotional pain, so be sure to give her lots of hugs everyday!  Although right now all this feisty dolly wants to do is go for a joy ride!!!……Vroom Vroom!!


Here`s a closer look at some of our dress-up fun!


That`s about all we have time to show you today, but stop back again soon, we`ll probably have some new toys to share with you :) Hugss & stuff from Delilah & friends :)



Doll Makers – REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Eyeris, Iva Plague, Debbie Downer, Misty Marsh, Bloody Mary & Evil Lynn. TAG GACHA starting point (must be wearing the gachatopia Tag Gacha tag, click the board at gachatopia sim, walk into the tent to activate, wear your tag & be on your way, you can then play any of the gacha tag machines as long as you`re wearing the tag :) You find the machines at the creators main store!



Artist Studio – Paint props – drop cloth, easel, bench, paintings – WINX

Black & White toys GACHA – soccer ball, bowling, tic tac toe, Old racer toy car – SERENITY STYLE – BLACK FASHION FAIR

pile of books & pillows – FLOORPLAN

Cuki bags – (toolbox & toolbox with tools & toys) – SERENITY STYLE


Candelabras & Tiffany Lamps  – NOCTIS

Toy Work Table (with horses) – DWARFINS

Salon Table – ~ by NACHT ~


skin – [PS] PIXI STIX – Doll Parts – includes appliers for Slink Mesh Head, body & hands & feet.

hair – ARGRACE – Hikari

hat/veil – :SE: (Style.Edit) – Chelsea Veil hat

earrings – KEYSTONE – Occult earrings – BLACK FASHION FAIR

shoulders – E-CLIPSE – Ophelia Silver & black – BLACK FASHION FAIR

dress – THE PLASTIK – Crotan Gown/ latex – 100 BLOCK FASHION FAIR

heels – DEADPOOL – spider embrace – 100 BLOCK FASHION FAIR

mannequin ring w/belt  – POMPOSITY

multi – rings – IZZIE`S – important: These rings are completely mod, meaning you can edit each part individually. Yay!! I can never get rings like this to look perfect, having the ability to edit them like this is perfect! ty Izzie`s! – BLACK FASHION FAIR

necklace – SWALLOW – Rosary – BLACK FASHION FAIR

nails – DARK PASSIONS – Musette manus – BLACK FASHION FAIR

nose piercing – [ADN]

eyes – A:S:S – ghost eyes

mesh head – SLINK – Visage

mesh body – SLINK – physique

mesh hands & feet – SLINK – high & elegant1

Koffin Nails - Musette's Manus - Slink AD

Thank you, hope you enjoyed the post :) Punki <3

logo pink black


  11020754_614456145367212_1557119020212337214_nthe-100-block-flyer-2015Slink Avatar Enhancement LogoRO      

****Friends For Life****

Previously posted @ CATRONIS.

True friendship is not seen with the eyes; and we feel with the heart when there is trust, understanding, secrets, loyalty, and shared moments. 

Friendship is a feeling that is rarely found in life, but when it finds the cause a profound impact on our well-being, our strength and our character.

When two people have shared their feelings, dreams, thoughts and fears; when they have opened their hearts … 

When two people know enough to discover the sadness hidden behind a smile or the happiness in the brightness of the eyes …

When they have shared so many laughs, and when the pain of another sometimes causes tears; when two people believe one in the other and are always sincere among themselves. 

When both mutually trust in the truth always present in them, you can be sure that they share a friendship for life.

Ian Catronis:

Hair:  *Soonsiki~ Tothe *Essentials*

Shoulder Pat: C L A Vv. Armored Ular Shoulder Pad Metallic @ The Arena

Wings:  C L A Vv. Tengu Wings Noir RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival

Earpiece:  C L A Vv. Wired Elven Earpiece Silver @ The Arena

Jewelry: [MANDALA]LUSTFUL-Jewelry-set ( Ring, Necklace, Bracelet) TMD!!!

Pants:  *chronokit* Long Sarouel Pants black
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots for Men – Worn

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.” ― Mandy Hale

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.”  ― Mandy Hale

. aisling . Dame des Fleurs Jewelry Set
.aisling. Knight of Flowers Eyepatch @ Coming Soon! to The Season’s Story April 2015
.::Dead Dollz::. Starfly Dress – White @ We ♥ RP  April 2015
.::Dead Dollz::. Starfly Wings @ We ♥ RP  April 2015
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.0
Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Aria skin Applier [ Jamaica ] 06

.aisling. Candles- White @ We ♥ RP  April 2015

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