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Sunny Day with my cute friends!

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Sunny Day with my cute friends!

Nya´s Shop
Ruffle Top
Satin Shorts by Nya´s Shop
Nya´s Shop Marketplace
Nya´s Shop Facebook
I Love My Style Group
Model and Photographer; Marissa

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Ice Cream Friends

Previously posted by Wendz Tempest at CozeySL.

Only fun is allowed_2000

A magnificent obsession with this delectable treat, makes for an afternooning party that can’t be beat! 

Why play cat and mouse any longer? Let the chase end at the behest of Luxe Box’ brand spanking new release(s) for the month of June! At the risk of melting puddles of cream and soggy waffle bottoms… (soggy waffle bottoms, oh my god) DO visit Strawberry Singh’s blog for an in depth review of this month’s Luxe Box goodies.

I thank you kind lurker for stopping by Cozey today, and even though enrollment for LuxeBox is now closed for June, you will be able to nab last month’s box if you join up. Find the details here.

These items are exclusives for LuxeBoxSL for the month of June!
*tarte. mina lounger
*tarte. mina umbrella
*MishMish – Beary Ice Cream Companion
*MishMish – Beary Ice Cream -banana
*MishMish – Beary Ice Cream -mint
*Moon. Hair. // California
*Stories&Co. Lisa Top
*Blueberry Lover Skirts
>>Visit LuxeBox Boutique here

*E-Clipse Art Studio Mordrem Cuff | On9
*HAYSURIZA Eyewear Kyoto Sakura | On9
*MINIMAL – Spesa Necklace -Gold- | Liaison Collaborative
*[ kunst ] – Endurance cuff | Liaison Collaborative
*[ kunst ] – Endurance ring | Liaison Collaborative

These items are prizes you can win at the Arcade Gacha Event through June 30th!
*Mutresse-Begging-Witty Cats | Arcade
*Mutresse-Wiggling-Witty Cats
*{Koalificiations & Razzberry Inc.} Flamingo Towel {C}
*{Koalifications & Razzberry Inc.} Womans Tube
*Tentacio Fan 02
*Tentacio Coconut drink
*15 *YS&YS* Memories Morning Tray
*MudHoney Piper Rug Cream
*C L A Vv. Apocalypse Music Helmet
*-David Heather-Dinner Basket
>>See the June Arcade Shopping Guide here!

*[PM]Pixel Mode – Dune Fence – | LTD The Event
*Little Branch GreenBamboo (Cluster) | Click here for TP

*[PM]Pixel Mode – The Backyard Garden Pool
*MishMish* Mouse – Light Tea
*MishMish – Teacup Pomeranian – Sleep (rainbow) | Past LUXE BOX May!

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Tropic Friends

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Slink Physique Mesh Body 
Hands and Feets :
Slink  Avatar Enhancement 
Skin :
[the Skinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee)
MINA – Mena – Black @FaMeshed

ANOIRCRE Tropique Dress
@Tropical Summer 2016
G&D Sandals Pineapple @Tropical Summer 2016
Rir Summer Hat Whit HUD

Skin :
[the Skinnery] Bella – Bare face(toffee)
Lamb. Sometimes – Ombre Pack @The Arcade

[ SAKIDE ] Tropic Tunic
@Tropical Summer 2016
[ SAKIDE ] Tropic Wedges Heels
@Tropical Summer 2016
Rir Summer Hat Whit HUD

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Hanging out with friends in Second Life

Previously posted by ℳøηї at Moni’s World.

I remember when I first started Second Life, it seemed easier to meet people. I used to meet a lot of people just going around the grid. Maybe it’s because when you are new, other new people gravitate to you easier. After a while, you may find yourself with a group of friends. If you stay in SL long enough, you will see that people will leave, or maybe you will be the one to leave. What happens when you come back? The people you knew are gone or have moved on to new friends, and places you used to go to are gone. Also, it seems like more people are keeping to themselves due to lack of interest or time, and not looking to meet anyone new. This is why when I do get a chance to spend time with friends, I always enjoy myself.

I went out on the grid with a friend the other day, and we hung out at the mirrored Arcade sim. We both commented how amazing it was that we were able to be on the sim on Day 3, for once upon a time the first several days would be packed and very difficult to get in. Next, he took me around to a place where you can simulate the destruction that a tornado can cause.

friends_001webWe then went to the Luna sim, where the Luna Oaks shopping mall is located. There was a lot of old school items, but I can see how a place like that was popular in earlier years. We tried to take the trolley to Dore, but I guess we hopped on at the wrong time because we got thrown off. So we walked to Dore, passing through Sistiana, Barcola, and Miramare. It seemed so surreal because seeing sims like that remind you how old Second Life is, and it doesn’t just consist of the few places that you choose to frequent.

We arrived at Dore/ Ahern, where my friend explained how this was one of the oldest welcome centers. About 10 people were gathered there, talking in voice or text. It reminded me of when I first came to SL and had my little apartment,. Every morning after logging in I would go to the circular dance area and talk to other residents. It created a sense of routine and belonging, which is important for newbies. We then walked over to the building area at Morris. My friend explained how back in the day, SL residents didn’t have build rights so they all went there to build/rez out items. He also said they did not have IMs either. I knew the ability to voice came in later on, but no IMs? Wow…


My best friends

Previously posted by at Poison Girls – The fashion world at your fingertips..

Bikini Top .tsg. AquaBabe Bikini Top – White [Maitreya Exp Fit] @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Bikini Pants .tsg. AquaBabe Bikini Bottoms – White [Maitreya Exp Fit] @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Sandal .tsg. Inflatable Pool Heels – Pink SLINK HIGH FEET @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
tsg. Holographic Goggles @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
.tsg. Waterproof Camera Necklace @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
.tsg. Yellow Heart Inner Tube @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Ice Cream something. EAT ME! – RARE 01
Head VCO _ Mesh head _ Tia {basic} (Wear)
Hair [Taketomi]_Yurisa_Bento

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My Sweet Friends!

Previously posted by at I love my style..ofertas, regalos y demás cosas de chicas.

My Sweet Friends!

Anne Bikini (With hud, regular mesh sizes, Sunglasses and heels)
Nala The Dog
Shady Lady Cat
Roman and Marissa Fb Page
I Love My Style Group
Model and Photographer; Marissa

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With my animal friends

Previously posted by at LouAnn fashion style.

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Friends, laughs and Icecream!

Previously posted by at Nat the Cat.

Sunday was a very fun evening, we ate ice cream and I could not avoid fall in love with the blond boy walked near us, Sunday was an evening of laughter fun
 Thank you all for help, Goizane, Leo, Eva, Muna, Carlo, it  was funny! 
We order from left to right Eva in Rare lying pose, Muna, me , Goizane, 
 I’m wearing:

Glasses: [Z O O M] Laian Glasses @ Tres Chic
Bikini: [Cynful] Poolside Bikini – @ Whimsical
Hair: MINA Hair – Faith Blogpack for @ Tres Chic
[evoLove]  Icecream ultrare @Sanarae
  [evoLove] – Icecream 2 – Rare @Sanarae
[evoLove]  – Icecream 1 (pose boy) @Sanarae
[evoLove]  – Icecream 3 –  @Sanarae
[evoLove]  – Icecream 4 –  @Sanarae
[evoLove]  – Icecream 5 –  @Sanarae

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Forest friends …

Previously posted by satine Sabra at Noisy Princess Garden.

Hello lovelies ! Let me introduce the Kitoro Friends! From {LOVE} Nyan~ and available at Foxville ! They are to collect and to win at gacha. To speak about it, I’ll use the words of Leeoh Fox because she speaks better than me! A cute colabreation between {LoveFox} and NYAN, Kitoro and friends are here to bring you…

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Today is a nice day for good friends

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On me
Shoes ~ [M]Motivaction ~ Florencia black ~ market
On Aeris
Mesh head ~ SOMEMORE ~ SaeBom mesh head 12
Sweater ~ *COCO*HighNeckCropTop(Red) 
Pants ~ *COCO*SkinnyJeans
Sneakers ~ *COCO*PlatformSneakers(UnionJack)
Furniture ~ [CIRCA] ~ SWANK
“Cafe Volo” Tall Seat A – Dk Cocoa/Cherry

“Cafe Volo” Tall Table – Cherry/Dk Cocoa

 “Cafe Volo” Tall Seat B – Ash/Red

“Cafe Volo” Flower Vase & Shakers1

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