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#.[ My Style 665 ].# VINTAGE FRIENDS VII

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                                    Details Look Auryn: CLICK HERE GO BLOG AURYN
                                                                                      Details Look Maria:     HERE PICTURE  DOWN

          • Dress: [ILAYA] # Long Pencil Dress # (Vintage Cool) NEW
          • Shoes:N-core  # NORMA for Belleza High Feet # (Vintage Cool) NEW
          • Pose: PURPLE POSES Grace 02 (Vintage Cool)  NEW
          • Necklace: =Zenith= # vintage pearl necklace with key # (Shiny Shabby) Gacha 
          • Skin: -Belleza- # Lola Skin # (FLF) PROMO 50 L$
          • Body mesh : -Belleza- # Venus V3 # NEW
          • Hair:Magika  # [01] Mint # NO FREE

                      Thanks for patience Auryn Ruby & thanks team Vintage & Cool ♥♥

                                                                   Landscape take photo: PSY City


                                         ILAYA~ PURPLE POSES~ N-CORE ~ BELLEZA~ ZENITH ~ MAGIKA

          My new friends ♥

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          My new friends ♥

          Crown Floral*   Zuri * Rayna-Zahra *Ruby Crimson Gold. * Exclusive at Fair Play Event
          Dress* Mistique –  Elora Red* Exclusive at  Illusion Point
          Skin * Lara Hurley * Skin – Ale* free!!  (Group Gift)*
          Shape*Pléyades* Siriia

          BLush* !Musa! Blush Be Shy Girl Pale Orange* Exclusive at  Illusion Point
          Hair * Catwa  *Aimee
          Eyes* IKON* free!!  Group Gift – August 2015
          Find more notice and follow us in 
          Enjoy and thank you for you visit , kisses 

          Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. ― Mark Twain

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          Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. ― Mark Twain

          I finally installed Firestorm 4.7.3 (47323) release, though I was still crashing after doing a clean install and crashing every time I teleport or rezz item or even see myself, I just felt hmm.. yesterday wasn’t my day and I logged off.

          Today I decided to give it a try and see what comes out of it and I must say it was very stable and great, I was able to teleport, rezz items and see myself better for the first times in weeks. That is not only the excitement I got, after setting the scene for my blog post, I usually play around with different photo shot and angles to see which I prefer only to see the Second Life Snapshot screen now comes with a filter option yooohooooo.

          Firestorm Snapshot Filters

          That was the most exciting discovery for me and I did play with some of the filters.  The one I really liked and which didn’t take so much out of my photo shot was the Blown Highlight, others are great such as the Sephia, Lens Flare etc. People who love to take pictures would love this feature so so much. Am surely going to be having lot of fun and I guess others bloggers and photographers are going to love this features..

          Today I decide to show off some home decor, 22769 ~ Bauwerk release these lovely set for the Love to Decorate – The Event and I love this set so much and didn’t want to take so much from. This set is available for the event from August 10th – September 10th, 2015

          22769 ~ [bauwerk] Paris Coffee Table Chair White
          22769 ~ [bauwerk] Paris Table Lamp
          22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Letter Box
          22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cafe Au Lait
          22769 ~ [bauwerk] Paris Coffee Table Books
          22769 ~ [bauwerk] Postcards from Paris
          Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study)
          Scarlet Creative Tree Tops House

          SL Weddings – A Sure Sign That You Ignore Your Friends’ Advice!


          Weddings…on Second Life you only get married six or seven times a year. If that were the case in real life, no one would rent tuxes. They would be part of our regular wardrobe. I know, sometimes SL marriages do work, occasionally in spectacular fashion. It’s that hope that keeps a lot of us going, and going, and going- (much to the dismay of our friends). My point is: the longer you are here on Second Life, the more impossible it is not to become partnered in some way to someone you care about. When that happens, you must have something fantastic to wear.

          Tiffany’s Designs have recently changed their monthly group gift. Previously, it was a beautiful white suit that I wear often when I wander around the grid. This time, they have outdone even that gorgeous garment! The Mae Men’s Wedding Suit *Paris consists of two pieces meant to be worn together, so it is simple to wear. Each part is offered in five Mesh sizes to help make the fit just plain easy. The first piece is the jacket, which is black and nicely textured, complete with long tails. The remaining piece is the rest of the tux including the shirt, tie, pants and waistcoat in one combined garment. When worn, it is an elegant tux that will turn heads, whether you are standing at the altar or slow dancing with someone you adore. The Tiffany’s Designs group is not free (it will set you back 50L), but the quality of the gifts make it well worth it!


          This August is another great month to be a guy on Second Life. Currently, running is the fourteen store Fashion Play For Men Hunt. The eyes I choose to wear with this tux are Fashion Eyes – Charm, the Fashion Play For Men Hunt prize from Inkheart . They are light gray with a slight greenish tint. They look pretty realistic and I am very pleased with them. One nice thing about Inkheart . is they participate in a lot of hunts and are quite generous with their gifts. The Fashion Play For Men Hunt prizes cost 1L each and are expected to be out all month. As if that’s not enough, starting August 29th is the Men’s Only Hunt 6 which should have over sixty participating merchants. I can hardly wait!

          Second Life, where romance blooms all year around! (Amazing how fertile the soil is when so much fertilizer is laid down first.) Seriously, part of SL is the romance and mystery of blossoming relationships, and if you choose not to take the time for a romantic dance every so often, you are missing out on a great deal of fun. Go pick up some seriously dashing clothes and give it a shot. Your Second Life just might become even more amazing. That’s it for now, my friends. See you on the grid.—–WHC Riler

          WHC is wearing…


          Wedding Suit – Tiffany’s Designs Mae Men’s Wedding Suit *Paris (FREE Group Gift/50L Group Joiner)
          NOTE – There is a free all white version of this item in the lucky chairs, no group needed :-)

          Eyes – Inkheart Fashion Eyes – Charm (1L Hunt Gift/Fashion Play For Men Hunt)

          Skin – Belleza Mathieu
          Hair – Dura *Dura-Boy*59





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          The best beach days are bud days, so I’ve dragged Thrust out of her closet to play! We’re out and about in Second Life and what do we find? A super cute little beach scene in the corner of Retroville, complete with this amazingly colorful fence for a bit of “privacy’. Who could ask for more?! Love it.

          What Jaded is wearing: 
          Head: Lelutka – Stella
          Applier: Deetalez – Dove (Medi)
          Body: Maitreya – Lara
          Glasses: Reckless – Aviators
          Hair: Truth Hair – Carrie
          Eyes: IKON – Odyssey Eyes (QuickSilver)
          Necklace: Yummy – Heart Locket (Silver)
          Top: Delirium Style – Fringe Tanktop **NEW**
          Skirt: Blueberry – Vio Belted Skirt
          Watch: Mandala – Sitennoah (Silver)
          Rings: Izzie’s – Celestial Midi Rings (Silver)
          Shoes: FLite – Lowtop Ducks (Grey)

          What Thrust is wearing: 
          Head: Lelutka – Karin
          Body: Maitreya – Lara
          Hair: Truth Hair – Melita
          Eyes: IKON – Odyssey Eyes (Oak)
          Necklace: Mandala – Shamira DogTags (Silver)
          Top: Blueberry – Cassy Knotted Shirt (White)
          Skirt: Blueberry – Letia Skirt
          Tote Bag: REIGN – Summer Lovin Totes- SET 2 #13  **Epiphany Event**
          Shoes: REIGN – Flower Flops (White)

          Pose Used: Thrust Poses – Friends001 *NEW**

          Location: Retroville

          Reunion of Friends

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          freckles: {e} Beauty Marks & Freckles
          eyes: [Buzz] Faerie Eyes – Caramel

          teeths: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3.2
          eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
          skin:Essences  ~ Whisper *peche* blonde @Mainstore 
          body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara @Mainstore 

          hair: +Spellbound+ Wednesday + Hat // Grimoire : Complete  @Wizarding Faire 2015 NEW
          glasses: (Yummy) Leigh Frames – Tortoise
          jumper: [KRAVE/Strike it] Yellow School Pride Jumpers  @Wizarding Faire 2015 NEW
          wand: 3 -STRIKE IT- Badger Wand @Wizarding Faire 2015 NEW
          octopus: :MoonAmore: + ~DearDeer~ Octopulpo PULPOPOTTER @Mainstore 
          short: [Brixley] Winter Shorts – black  @Mainstore
          shocks: .Atomic. Slouchy Knee Socks – Pink
          shoes: fri. – Susie.Qs (Coal) – Maitreya @Shiny Shabby NEW

          Location in Bitacora Travel Blog:  Mischief Managed RP

           Besis 😉


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          The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it ~Hubert H. Humphrey


          Current bid on the Skip Staheli picture is 15,000 Lindens. Bidding ends July 26,2015. The first picture, which can be taken with me in the background with you, (I was thinking ala Hitchock style)  with the style of your choice. And my besty Skip has very graciously announced he will offer a Second picture of you for FREE! See why I love him so much? Follow this LINK to see some of his other work.

          My gorgie girl friend Becky so smartly pointed out that I have given no times for the shoot and, well duh, Cao moment! We DO all live in other corners of this very rounded world. I rang up Skip and he filled in the blanks for me! He typically works betwixt 1 to 3PM SLT (Monday thru Friday only) and since he is booked solid until October, the appointment will have to be made for after that point. Just be assured, you WILL get the appointment, and it will be of no cost to you because every single linden of the winning bid will go directly to Hair Fair 2015 and deposited to the Wigs for Kids charity. Every single bit.


          So if it’s better to give than to receive, just guess how amazing it’s going to feel to give AND receive! I’ve included some of the many pictures Skip has taken of me through the years of our friendship and trust me, it was very hard to decide which to post up. I just love them ALL! I just know you will too, it’s quite simply, a work of art to be treasured for years to come!


          Ear Worm

          Visit for original post date.

          Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.

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          Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears. ― John Lennon

          The Instrument First Anniversary.

          Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears. 
                                                                                                  ― John Lennon

          WEARING WHAT?
          Gown: LENNIE Julia Ball Pula Gown @ The Instrument First Anniversary
          Jewelry : Baubles! by Phe  TarnishedPetalSet  @ The Instrument First Anniversary
          Hair : “”D!va”” Hair “Averil” (Black amber)
          Hat :  *LODE* Hat – Lilou [original] Past Gacha
          Lip : no. 7 Adventure Lipstick @ The Instrument First Anniversary
          POSE : {NANTRA} PRO Syzygy @ The Instrument First Anniversary

          Belle and Pearls Are a Girl’s Best Friends

          We probably all remember the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” I remember thinking: “But diamonds are hard and why do boys get dogs?!” Because dogs were man’s best friend — what was up with that? Life was so unfair! Well MINA @ the Hair Fair, Belle Epoque and Empyrean Forge are here to save the day with outstanding fashion (as usual!) to make up for all the insanity!

          Belle and Pearls are a Girl's Best Friends [2]

          I had spent a hard day’s work braving Hair Fair, where I picked up this amazing FREE gift from MINA @ the Hair Fair called Selenia. This gift is only available in Grey tones (which was fine by me as it fits my roleplay character (a glass fae) just perfectly! But it would also be terrific for mature looks or even in the very lightest shade to pass for a platinum blonde.

          The great thing is that this is one of those second chance gifts! You first saw this hair HERE where it was blogged as an amazing find by Love Trill at The Arcade Gacha! So if you missed it then, now it’s available for a second go ’round!

          My next stop was a quick jump to Belle Epoque for their amazing FREE group gift which is perfect for any roleplayer’s wardrobe and can be worn as is — or over the top of system clothes or applier clothes for more modesty if desired. The group is FREE to join and the gift is FREE as well. It is fully mesh in all the standard sizes, and includes three great colors (I’m only showing you the green but there is also a beautiful blue and a fabulous brown shade inside the package as well!).

          Belle and Pearls are a Girl's Best Friends [1]

          I had decided that the evening now called for a little relaxation, which meant I headed home to sit by the fire and did the rest of my shopping via the marketplace where I was thrilled to discover that one of my favorite designers — Empyrean Forge — is spoiling us all with a special promo! A 1L giftie of their Contessa ring in either a lustrous white or sexy black pearl option (depending upon which way you go)!

          This is great because you can give it as a gift to a friend as well if you like. I finished my look off with a lovely manicure set by alaskametro in a french silver finish for slink hands. The applier kit is on the Marketplace and has a great palette choice of 25 colors for only 25L. That’s a hard deal to beat for such a great color set!

          Belle and Pearls Are a Girl's Best Friends [3]

          In case you were wondering, yes I did splurge. With all the mullah I saved on my other goodies for this get-up, I did buy the jewelry that matches the Contessa ring! Empyrean forge is offering a lovely matching necklace and matching bracelet and with a color change hud, each with two metal choices, and 12 gemstone finishes. I just couldn’t resist!


          Here’s the details!

          Skin – -Glam Affair – Elvi – Fairy

          Eyes – Ikon Hope Starfall

          Hair – MINA @ The Hair Fair – Selenia (Hair Fair gift – FREE)

          Hands – Slink

          Manicure and Pedicure – alaskametro<3 metallic pack nail polish – Neutral/Silver (25L on the Marketplace)

          Dress – Belle Epoque Dana (0L Group Gift/0L to join)

          Jewelry – Empyrean Forge Contessa Ring – Pearl (1 L on the Marketplace); also available in Black (1L on the Marketplace); matching jewelry available from the same creator at their Marketplace Store.

          Signature use 320 size

          Dear Lybra Friends

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          Originally posted on Lybra:

          visit Lybra sim

          Dear Lybra friends,
          our new sim is now open and we have many news for you :

          As many of you saw in the past months we started to go through a massive rebrand creating original mesh items and working hard to deliver high quality original pieces.
          Today we are able to propose new original mesh clothing with a rigging system that will make easier for you to wear them : our dresses are now meant to fit everyone, females and males, and to enhance your own shape as you created it whitout distorting the original idea of the dress.
          We called it easy mesh cause every dress labeled like this will be come in 3 sizes each of them will fit you perfectly but wearing your correct size will make the alpha working very smootlhy on your movements.

          .Lybra Accessories and Jewelry.
          Following our commitment…

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