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Finding The Best Upholstery Cleaner For Your Furniture

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Furniture use is inevitable in day-to-day life and only with the knowhow of the best upholstery cleaner can people rest assured that their favorite plush loveseat or their heirloom armchair will stay in pristine condition.The demand for experienced technicians in this field is higher now than ever before. Most people do not

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Furniture Fridays – Featuring: [CIRCA]

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[CIRCA] is participating in the 1 year anniversary round of Color Me Project. As you have already seen in Wer’s post HERE, there are many gift to celebrate the occasion.

Everything in the shot above is currently at the round, made by [CIRCA], but if you want something new to don on your walls, then you are in luck. [CIRCA] has generously offered the lovely framed painting above as a free gift for everyone to pick up.

TP to Color Me Project

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*Sugar`s Style&…Chez Moi Furniture*

Previously posted at Sugar`s Second Life Style.

Sugar504Click Pic for bigger size…


*Chez Moi Furniture*  Supreme Bathroom + Vanity Place…NEW

Supreme Bathtube, Bathtube Rack, Daybed, Slippers and Panties, Sink & Vanity, Toilet, Vanity Table, Rug Ipanema, Print Bathroom rules, Towel Rack, Long Mirror

*Ariskea*  (Chic Baby) Rosy Babybreath Suspender…Shiny Shabby

*Ariskea*  (Petite Paris)  Rose Vase Ivoire, Hybrid Roses Violet

*Dutchie*  Spa necessites, Stack of towels

*Dust Bunny*  Rag wreath, Babybreath Vase

*Pilot*  Chandelier

*Meva*  Candelholder

*Nomad*  Brocante Candelabra

*Apple Fall*  Roses Box

*TA*  Champagne and Petals

*Anc*  Lace Curtain

*Ink*  Plain Curtain

*Pixel Mode*  Victoria´s Bath – Soap Basket

Greetings Sugar

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Furniture As Art

Previously posted at Chic at Phil’s Place.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] has a lot of great releases out for this month’s round of events. Difficult to choose what to show you, I picked the Old Door Gaderobe set which I spied over at Shiny Shabby earlier in the week.

While I could have plunked myself down on the oh so cute chair in a charming animation, I decided that this layout (JUST as I pulled the various pieces out of the folder) was already perfect. Much like a set up one would use in art class, this was in its own way art.

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Yes, Master! – part 2 – FURNITURE! [SORTA NSFW]

Previously posted at The Skyclad Fashionista.

Continuing from my last post [HERE], Here are all of the home goodies that I picked up at FRESH, which has sadly just ended, however, MOST of these items are currently available in the main store locations of their respective creators!

(The lovely view my neighbors are being treated to right now)

Decor card:

Bookshelves, books, bookends: Lost Junction – Pertinent bookends / shelf – black – M/F
Clock: Plethora – It’s business time clock – Gold luxe
Plants: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Floor Vase
Bench: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Black Tied Leather Bench ADULT
Chairs: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Decadence Leather Chair ADULT
Lamp: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Little Glowing Friend
Bed: Frogstar – Capture me bed – Deviant (ADULT)
Nightstand/Ice: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Alligator Skin Nightstand / Black Bowl with Ice
Carpet: Lost Junction – Novelty rug – leashed

Dildo: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Dildo
Whip: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Leather Whip
Handcuffs: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Handcuffs
Buttplug: Lost Junction – “pet” plug
Tray with “accessories”: Plethora – Kink tray – for her

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Today: Furniture

Previously posted at morochabites.




Buy next items at Cosmopolitan Event




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*Sugar`s Style&…Chez Moi Furniture*

Previously posted at Sugar`s Second Life Style.


Click Pic for bigger size…


*Chez Moi Furniture*  Cozy Christmas…NEW

Cozy Christmas Wrap Station with Poses

Cozy Christmas Tree with songs…with Poses

Cozy Christmas Rug with Pillows Multiposes

Cozy Christmas Chair with Poses

Cozy Xmas Fireplace (Adult) with Poses

*Apt B*  Winter Deco Gacha…Snow, Crate, Moose, Hanging Lights…TMD

*O.M.E.N.*  Waiting for Santa Paws…The Arcade Gacha Event

*Nomad*  Jack in the Box RARE…The Arcade Gacha Event

*Ariskea*  Petite Paris Curtain…The Arcade Gacha Event

*Keke*  Winter Ornaments…The Arcade Gacha Event

*PM*  Remington Luminar…The Arcade Gacha Event

*Pewpew*  Old Santa…Tannenbaum Holiday Market

*Hive*  Noel Tin Train…Tannenbaum Holiday Market

*Kalopsia*  Bunny FooFoo…Tannenbaum Holiday Market

*8f8*  Granny`s Winter Cottage, Horsey Toy

*Ionic*  A hot chocolate…The Chapter four

Greetings Sugar

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*Sugar`s Style&…Chez Moi Furniture*

Previously posted at Sugar`s Second Life Style.

sugar425Click Pic for bigger size…


*Chez Moi Furniture*  Ice Skating…with Skating Poses and Free Ice Skates, Ice Skating Sign, Lighting, Trees, Lamps…Tres Chic Event

*Dust Bunny*  Willow Farmhouse…Collabor88

*Sari-Sari*  Glühwein Stand

*Trompe Loeil*  Decorative Sleigh

*What next*  Christmas Reindeer Gift Boxes

Greetings Sugar

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Chez Moi furniture – Shabby ktichen

Previously posted at Dama’s passion for clothes & furniture.

An amazing new release with so many single and couple poses in every detail, you really wanna have this kitchen.

Just take a look around to all the accessory’s in this kitchen, that will fitt perfect in your house.


Shabby kitchen – Chez Moi Furniture




Here is the link of Chez Moi for seeing all great poses >

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*Sugar`s Style&…Chez Moi Furniture*

Previously posted at Sugar`s Second Life Style.

Sugar408Click Pic for bigger size…


*Chez Moi Furniture*  Romantic Winter Lift Seat…Tres Chic

– 50 single poses
– 20 alone poses
– 12 activities
– 28 couple poses (28×2)
– Props: Mug, pillow, newspaper, book, guitar, birds etc

– Texture change options:
* 5 seat colors
* 4 woods
* 6 slads

– Lights on and off (touch the bulb)

– Tap the Right lantern to display the scenes menu:
* White Lights: 25 LI
* Bush and Ice: 34 LI
* Ice: 25 LI
* Colorful Lights: 28 LI

*What next*  Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray…Collabor88

*What next*  Silver Alpach Tree Lantern, One Seater Sled

*Ionic*  Tickets Booth…Gacha

*CP*  Aneto Skis

*Vespertine*  sledge natural…Gacha

*Reverie*  A Weasels Story…Gacha

Greetings Sugar

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