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Eve Lingerie gacha @ on9

By – Sheep Clouds. Visit Eve Lingerie gacha @ on9 for original post.


Dear reader.
Finally i bought Maitreya body!! wooo…

Have you visit to On9 October?  Its running to the 28th. So you still have enough time!!
Visit and find discount item <3

I would love to share Me Sew Sexy released “Eve Gown Gacha” for On9 October round.
Fitmesh only for Maitreya body.

picture1 & picture2
 Lingerie : MSS Eve Gown Gacha @ On9 (3 rare / 12 common)
 Hair : Mithral – Seasons Story *TSS GIFT* @ The Season Story Gift
 Head : Catwa  Dyana
 Skin : Insol Ashly Peach

Happy shopping <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.

I’m Gonna Make You PAY for this! but don’t worry it’s a bargain priced Gacha.

By zanbeck – Pure Eggs & Spam. Visit I’m Gonna Make You PAY for this! but don’t worry it’s a bargain priced Gacha. for original post.

So I’ve done my cheapy for the day so now I’m going to make you pay, for this New Mina hair.  Hair and skin are almost the last things that you have to pay to get the quality, fortunately there is a couple of top quality shops out there who do an occasional amazing free gift for skins and hairs such as Dura and Ann Hurley but the reality is that quality is few and far between so my aim in SL is to make you save Lindens on the stuff I can find for free so you can spend your Lindens on great hair/skin.

Firstly ignore the top as it’s an old freebie and long gone, although I might just check that out because I could be wrong, it’s the hair I want to show you.


Sim set at Nams, the very soft face light I am now wearing on a permanent basis and no photo editing.


I want this hair in RL, I want this short slightly scrappy cut, cutie hair but then again I also want thick flowing locks or a ratted Bee Hive look I wish changing hair in RL was as easy as SL.

This hair called Anika, that’s the same name as the top I’m wearing which is why I’m using this top LOL.  Anika is only available at the new round of The Epiphany and I’m NOT GOING TO GO,  mainly because I’m too poor and there is too much temptation!

Mina doesn’t stint on her hairs even the ones is the bargain 75Ld Gacha because as I’ve said previously you do get a colour pack so 5 shades of blondes, brunettes, reds (the best red hair in SL) all in a simple to use Hud and I almost forgot that a lot of Mina hairs come with 2 styles, sometimes the difference can be very slight but sometimes it still makes all the difference.  I decided to do a quick log in to check out the second version in the pack and I couldn’t help but take a quick snap just as I was on my working platform with no pose because SOD IT my AV is GORGEOUS just like the real me…stop sniggering!


PS Remember the Epithany is special because if you don’t want to keep what you win or end up with too many of the same things then DO NOT UNPACK them.  A pop up menu pops up giving you the option of keeping or trading it in for points and with these points you get to treat yourself to a special that can only be purchased with these points and in Mina’s case it’s a beautiful hair flower.

Follow the link to the Seraphim web site, an amazing scource of all things SL, for the piccies and lMs and don’t panic if the place is packed because it’s on for a whole month.

Seraphim for The Epiphany 

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2016 1004 Astralia – Fame gacha [email protected] Crossroad

By – Clau’s Closet. Visit 2016 1004 Astralia – Fame gacha [email protected] Crossroad for original post.


— Astralia – Fame gacha collection@The Crossroads

Astralia – Fame curtains
Astralia – Fame customizable pictures board
Astralia – Fame vintage speakers
Astralia – Fame poses dance bar (static pose and animated)
Astralia – Fame dancers wall decors
Astralia – Fame clothes hanger
Astralia – Fame wall bar with mat
Astralia – Fame workout mat
Astralia – Fame skybox gym RARE

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Steaming into the Gacha Guardian

By roxifiranelli – On the Rox. Visit Steaming into the Gacha Guardian for original post.


The Gacha Guardians opened for their 3rd round today and yayyyyy…so far I see 2 steampunk outfits!  I am a huge steampunk fan and it makes me sooo happy to see some newness.

In case you forgot how to play, A) go to the Gacha Guardian website  Or B):

  • Players will start by grabbing a special HUD that can be found at either our main starting location or at any of the participating stores.
  • The HUD will allow them to find and collect special rune stones at each location
  • Once the rune stone at one location has been touched the HUD will allow the player to either move on to the next location or play the machine at the current one.
  • Next to each locations gacha machine you will find a very special item known as the “Gift of The Guardians”
  • This gift cannot be won by chance. Players will be gifted a key after playing a single creators machine 10 times. If they play 20 times they will receive two keys and so on and so forth.
  • Once a player has visited all participating locations and touched each rune stone a special portal will open allowing the players to enter the Guardian’s Treasure Room.
  • There, using the keys won while playing machines, Players can unlock their special gifts. These gifts will be no copy / yes transfer just as any normal gacha would be.
  • After the event ends The Gifts of the Guardians are retired and will never be made available again.

You can also peruse the shopping guide under the “prizes” tab on the website to formulate a list❤

Doe: Mari Hair (twotone) for The Gacha Guardians
Doe: Eyeball Roses (unrigged) for The Gacha Guardians
Birth – Winter Skin, Tone 02 *RARE* for The Gacha Guardians
ERSCH – Royal Steam Gacha Hat RARE for The Gacha Guardians
ERSCH – Royal Steam Gacha Wings for The Gacha Guardians
ERSCH – Royal Steam Gacha Necklace 01 (gold) for The Gacha Guardians
ERSCH – Royal Steam Gacha Earrings 04 for The Gacha Guardians
ERSCH – Royal Steam Gacha Ring 16 (gold) for The Gacha Guardians
The Annex – Anneke – Short – Dove – Maitreya for The Gacha Guardians
Catwa – Candy mesh head
Garden of Dreams – Atelier Skybox
Del May – Never Pose (50L)


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2016 1001 Astralia – Dead bird for The Gacha Guardian

By – Clau’s Closet. Visit 2016 1001 Astralia – Dead bird for The Gacha Guardian for original post.

Dead Bird Town

— Astralia for The Gacha Guardian

Astralia – Dead Bird mask blue
Astralia – Dead Bird necklace blue
Astralia – Dead bird cage blue
Astralia – Dead Bird RARE L wing
Astralia – Dead Bird RARE R wing
Astralia – Dead Bird sickle (Gift of the guardians!)

How to play @Gacha Guardians event!
Get the HUD (you can find it @Astralia mainstore), it will lead you in all the participating stores.
In each location click the magic stone and if you want play the gacha.
Every time you play 10 times the same gacha machine you will be given a key.

After visiting ALL the stores (this means you touched all the stones) you will gain the access to the treasure prizes location.
There you will receive the special prizes using the keys you have collected previously playing the different brands’ gachas. 1 key = 1 prize!

NB: To unlock a treasure prize of a certain brand you need to win the key in the same brand machine located at the mainstore. So if you want to win special “Dead Bird sickle” you need to play 10 times the gacha machine @Astralia Mainstore.

Good luck!

— Avatar

*ARGRACE* Saki – Strawberry Blonde
Insol: Skin Mia, ST03 ‘Peach’ (Tres Chic)
Maitreya Mesh Body & Feet  – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – L – Elegant
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 – R – bag
[White~Widow] Invictus Tattoo

— Scene

DRD MM2 hanging dolls 1
DRD MM2 Eowyn’s pile of junk
DRD MM2 Jaimy’s pile of junk
DRD MM2 Toys  Haunted rocking horse
*Shai*  Skelly Dinner Guest – Eat
*Shai*  Skelly Dinner Guest – On Ground
*Shai*  Skelly Dinner Guest – Reach
{anc} mist cloud
Apt B // Forgotten Corner – Setup RARE

— Pose

*ED* Alassra 01 Animare

Astralia – Dead bird @Gacha Guardians

By – blue…. Visit Astralia – Dead bird @Gacha Guardians for original post.

Astralia - Dead bird @Gacha Guardians

Astralia – Dead bird cage black @Gacha Guardians(Oct. 1st start)
Astralia – Dead Bird necklace red@Gacha Guardians
Astralia – Dead Bird RARE  wing@Gacha Guardians
Astralia – Dead Bird sickle (Gift of the guardians!)@Gacha Guardians
…Scars…Shirring sarrouel pants M / short [Black]
[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket – pinstripe black – M
[Men’s] Studded Long boots-M/L(Black)
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Zet hair-Basic set
~Tableau Vivant~ Samedy Hat
Astralia – Dead bird cage black@Gacha Guardians
[we’re CLOSED] grass field winter 01 – random

+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vine – Black (left)

Lushish Catz You Me Gacha Collection at Gachapalooza

By enelyaswansong – The Muse of Fashion. Visit Lushish Catz You Me Gacha Collection at Gachapalooza for original post.



Gacha Items are: Gato (two black cats), Green Plant (3 of them), Heart Silver Table, Candle Carriage in Black and Silver, Chillin Rug & Pillows, You & Me Frames, Love Birds, Heart Black Table and Beautiful 4 Set Frame