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Gateway Grasses

I first ran into gacha on Japanese language sims as a fun diversion. Usually costs weren’t more than 30$ L, and it was fun variations on a single theme – a bunch of popsicles, or a bunch of flowers – with one or two rares that were mildly harder to get but which were only slightly more interesting than the regulars. I would go to these gacha festivals with friends, each of us spending Linden wildly and giving away our extras with blithe indifference. It would end with everyone wearing what they had won and taking goofy pictures, giggling the whole while.

At some point, gacha left the Japanese language sims and moved into more general sims, and with that the tenor of the gacha changed. The prices increased – now it is not unusual to see gacha for 75$ L or even 100$ L – and the uniformality of the prizes dropped. Rares became not only harder to get, but critical pieces to outfits or desirable display cases, and after about a year the ultra-rare made it’s inevitable appearance. Commons became accessories and add-ons to the valuable rare main pieces, and people began putting thousands of linden into a single gacha machine to try to get a desired item. The side-effect of more and more difficult to attain rares then kicked in, leaving people with incomplete outfits or accessory sets.

Caught Up

With the rise in costs, the rise of the secondary market came; people had spent so much that they wanted to recoup their losses by selling the commons and any extra or unwanted rares they might have. Prices went up again – some rares going for 500$ L to 1000$ L. The culture of giving away, of sharing, died before it ever had a chance in this new market.  From the creators’ perspective, it was hard to see other people making more off of selling their items than the creator made; from the perspective of the consumer, having fifty accessories and one main outfit – the entirety costing more than simply purchasing an outfit or fatpack might – left them feeling used and disgruntled. Discontent rose on both sides, bolstered by the reluctance of individuals in Second Life to talk about anything negative or render any critique except anonymously.

Personally, I’ve put in place several rules. I never pay for a gacha where there’s an outfit unless one version of all of the pieces is a common – it’s simply not worth it to me. I consciously only expect to get commons, so if the only things available that I like are rares, I don’t pay in at all. And most of the time, I stop playing as soon as I get a double common, which usually is between three and five plays, sometimes more. The exceptions are places where otherwise I’d be inclined to purchase a fatpack – in which case I keep going a while longer and then hit the yard sales. I give away my extras to people I think will like them, or consolidate them on an alt for spreading among my many alts. Now and then, if I end up with double rares, I will try to trade them for other rares of the same set – I’ve had some luck with this and met some lovely people. Overall, though, I’m increasingly reluctant to play into gacha even while I admire the gorgeous creations being funneled through them. It’s a conundrum, to be sure!

Through the Doorway

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Skin: Izzie’s, Irene
Sparkles: Folly, Rainbow Sheen
Hair: Clawtooth, Willows
FLowers: Buglets, Floral Tiara
Ears: Illusions, Seelie
Eyes: .:Soul:., RooMee
Eyeshadow: cheLLe, Cleo Called
Lipstick: Adore & Abhor, 13 Lips
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai, Songe Floral Necklace
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Hands & Feet: SLink, Rigged Mesh Hands & Feet
Nails: Bliensen + MaiTai, Pixiedust
Clothes: Asteria Creations, My Ahu
Stockings: Stellar, In Bloom Tights
Shoes: Sax Shepherd Designs, Buttons Mules

Pose: !bang

Location: Annon, The Gate
Light Settings: Phototools, Horizon Building Light 002
Water Settings: Nacon’s Lake Water

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

TAG Gacha – Spooky!

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Yay Halloween is coming! I absolutely LOVE that holiday! If you haven’t heard of or been to the Tag! Gacha game, you should check it out! It’s an interactive gacha game with tons of fun gachas that have amazing prizes, and a chance to get extra mystery prizes! One of the cute items I have to show you today is this adorable little Freddy guy! He just follows you around lookin’ cute and spooky! :3

Taxi to Tag! Gacha!

Skin – Lara Hurley – Ivy in Pale
Hair – Exile – Sway My Way
Eyes – IKON - Eternal Eyes in Azure
Dress – Evie’s Closet – Iseult Dress (Only 75L Until Halloween!!)
Witch Hat – Remarkable Oblivian – SpellBinder Oracle Hat Rare (Tag!)
Earrings – Yummy – Monster Party Earrings Jack (Tag!)
Little Monster – MishMish – Scawy Monster Freddy (Tag!)
Pose – Marukin – Kook Pack
Location – Screaming Woods

Fantasy Gacha Carnival – November 2014

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Both the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and We Love Role Play are open until the 30th of November. That gives you some time to get your butt down there to have some fun playing the gachas and to grab the fantasy goodies you want for your roleplay / cosplay needs.

Haste has got some great body armour at We Love Role Play

Fantasy - We Love RP Nov 2014 - Haste

Gorgeous or what. I love the big spikes on the Spiked Harness and you can use the hud to change the colour of the spikes themselves. The leather harness stays the colour of the pack you choose to buy so please make sure you’re picking the colour you want. Comes in male and female sizes so there’s something for you guys too!

At the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Haste have another release.

Fantasy - FGC Nov 2014 - Haste

The Nsia Harness comes in several pieces that range from commons to ultrarares. The top is a rare piece, the bottom of the harness is an ultra rare and the arm and leg ropes are commons. You can mix and match the colours or try and collect a set. It’s a lovely harness set and well worth a few gatcha plays.

Alchemy always have a lovely gatcha offering and I was over the moon to land a rare outfit pack on my first play. I admit, I did a little chair dance.

Fantasy - FGC Nov 2014 - Alchemy

You get all the pieces in the rare Air Pack of the The Magi gatcha. I hope you are as lucky as I was because this is a lovely set. It’s really detailed and and fits like a dream. Unfortunately the style of the armour didn’t suit anything larger than a standard size medium because large and extra large are just SO different from the extra small to medium. As someone who’s watched a friend make standard sizes the frustration is real when trying to fit anything larger than a medium. The best bet is to try a demo to make sure it’s going to fit you first or mod your shape to fit a standard sized medium.

The hair is from the Ploom Mystic V2 gacha. Again I lucked out with a rare and I decided to go with this lovely blond to white fade colour. The hud lets you change the colour of the headband and you also get a pack of curly hairbases to match all the colours.

The adorable little Eagle, I’ve called Jeff, and the Staff are from the Rack Poses Priestess gacha. You get both the props and the both with each pull which is great. I love Jeff, he’s a feathery wonder.

If you like long dresses then there are a couple of great ones you can grab at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Fantasy - FGC Nov 2014 - May's Soul

The Arcana Dress from May’s Soul is a great buy. All the colours are fantastic and are commons so you’re guaranteed to get one. The rares include a special dress colour hud and an optional set of sleeves. It’s a great dress and I love that the rares are not a much needed part of the outfit.

The hair is the Ploom Mystic V1 gatcha hair. The V1 has a fringe (or as you Americans on the other side of the pond call it – bangs) but has the same style at the back. You can get one, or both.

The swords and the pose are from the Rack Poses  Paladin gacha. The poses are recommended for male avatars but of course you can use them for women too!

Luas have the Orianna Dress in their gacha and all are commons! yay!

Fantasy - FGC Nov 2014 - Luas

The rare is armour that matches the dress (not shown) but go and definitely grab yourself a dress while the carnival is still open!

The Ranger hair you can snag from the Little Bones gacha.

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Harness & Arm Spikes – Haste – Spiked Harness – Black @We Love Role Play
Panties – Erratic – Giselle Lingerie – Black
Hair – Truth – Feronia – Gingers Pack
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Feline
Body – SLink – Physique Mesh Body (with League appliers)
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Casual (with League appliers)
Ears – CheerNo – Human Ears – Tragus
Pose – Le Poppycock – Bite Me En La Boca

Pic 2:
*Top Harness – Haste – Nsia Harness Top – White RARE @FGC
*Bottom Harness – Haste – Nsia Harness Bottom White ULTRARARE @FGC
*Arm Ropes – Haste – Nsia Harness Arm Ropes – White @FGC
*Leg Ropes – Haste – Nsia Harness Leg Ropes – White @FGC
Hair – Truth – Feronia – Gingers Pack
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Feline
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Casual (with League appliers)
Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet – Flat (with League appliers)
Breasts – Lush – Mesh Breasts V1.4
Ears – CheerNo – Human Ears – Tragus
Eyes – Ikon – Spectral Eyes – Moor
Pose – Double Take – The Sun

Pic 3:
Outfit – Alchemy – The Magi – Air Set RARE @FGC
Hair – Ploom – Mystic V2 – Candy RARE @FGC
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Feline
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Bag (with League appliers)
Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet – Flat (with League appliers)
Ears – CheerNo – Human Ears – Tragus
Eyes – Ikon – Spectral Eyes – Moor
Pose – Rack Poses – The Priestess – Pose 1 (includes eagle and staff) @FGC

Pic 4:
Dress – May’s Soul – Arcana Dress – Leather Black @FGC
Hair – Ploom – Mystic – Blondes Pack @FGC
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Feline
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Bag (with League appliers)
Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet – Flat (with League appliers)
Ears – CheerNo – Human Ears – Tragus
Eyes – Ikon – Spectral Eyes – Moor
Pose – Rack Poses – Paladin Male – Pose 2 (includes swords) @FGC

Pic 5:
Dress – Luas – Orianna Dress – Golden Black @FGC
Circlet – Plastik – Muse Circlet – Salmon @FGC
Necklace – Junbug – Grecian Goddess Collar – Rose @FGC
Hair – Little Bones – Ranger – Browns Pack @FGC
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Feline
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands – Bag (with League appliers)
Ears – CheerNo – Human Ears – Tragus
Eyes – Ikon – Spectral Eyes – Moor
Pose – Rack Poses – Priestess – Pose 3 (includes eagle and staff) @FGC

House – Dysfunctional Designs – Open-Front Rustic Building

534. Tentacio [NEW @ Kawaii Vs Creepy Gacha Fair Event]

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Hair : little bones. Hurt Group Gift (fee to join 100L) – By nova faerye
Top : 9ty- Strippe blue Top Group Gift – By zombiehill
Jeans : ~SB~Pastel skinny jeans Group Gift – By sugarbuttonbaxton
Backpack : *Tentacio* Kawaii backpack. Bunny RARE NEW Gacha @ Kawaii VS Creepy Gacha Fair  Event – By May Tolsen
Kirin Poses – My Cute Pinwheel Colorful Dots – By carolina sautereau
Photo taken at :

531. Tentacio [NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event]

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Hair : -LaViere- momo Hair Color (Demo Gift) – By azure electricteeth
Hat : *Tentacio* Clara witch hat (with massive color HUD) RARE NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event – By May Tolsen
Necklace : *Tentacio* Clara witch necklace NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event – By May Tolsen
Dress : *Tentacio* Clara witch dress yellow NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event – By May Tolsen
Broom : *Tentacio* Clara witch broom (with fly animation) NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event – By May Tolsen
Pets : *Tentacio* Clara witch Flu blue & Flu green (Pets animated) RARE NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event – By May Tolsen 
Shoes : *Tentacio* Bubble gum heels (for SLINK High feet) – By May Tolsen
Photo taken at :
Website Event

532. Half-Deer [NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event]

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Head (doll) : *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Lily Gift – By cocoro Lemon
Body : *DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) – Past Gift – By cocoro Lemon
Outfit : *COCO*_Doll_SheepSweaterOutfit_Stripe – By cocoro Lemon
Wings : *COCO*Doll_Gift_BatWings – By cocoro Lemon
 Bat : +Half-Deer+ Hearthugger Bats NEW @ TAG! Gacha Event - By halogen magic
Website Event

TAG! Gacha

Erotigacha ~ Adult Gacha Fair

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Erotigacha 3 Amorous Autumn Logo

Erotigacha is an Adult Gacha Fair, on an Adult sim, BUT items DO NOT HAVE to be adult themed (although some are!).

Where: Hard Alley

When: Nov 1-15

SL Group for information, trading, but no selling:


Event Blog:

Erotigacha 3 Amorous Autumn Participants

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At Peace (Soon @ Oh My Gacha)

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My store Riske will be taking part in Oh my Gacha starting July 1st with the My Summer Horns and My Summer Scoops. Items can be worn together or separately, each have 10 commons and 3 rares to be collected and all flavors minus the rares have corresponding flavors in the other machine. Its 50L per play. I hope you all like them! xoxo
See the Gacha flickr group for other exclusives. 


Riske – Oh My Summer Horns @ Oh My Gacha
LaViere – Nadia
u.f.o Neck Ruffle Maxi dress @ COLLBOR88
Reckless – Grandads
Yayo – Canvas tattoo 
Random Matter – Perfectly Flawed eye bags @ Thrift Shop
:[P]:- Dena’ina Collar

Urban United: Halloween Blackout Gacha Event INFO

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Halloween Blackout Gacha

►DATES: October 10th – October 31st, 2014

Sponsored By
♦ ::A&A:: Diamante
♦ ::Toxxic:: Pandora
♦ .HollyWeird.
♦ Bad Apple Designs
♦ deer
♦ Deadpool Fashion
♦ Something New
♦ Cute Poison
♦ *Tiffany Designs*
♦ PMS – Pimp My Shit
♦ .twenty13.

Who doesn’t LOVE epic gacha events??  I mean come on!  Coming up in less than one week opens Urban United’s Halloween Blackout Gacha Event.  Not only will this event have some of the best designers, but it also have some of the most epic deals, parties, gifts, ect!  Expect more information and posts as the time get closer!!  

Next Round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival Begins November 4th! ~

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I’m almost ready to post my first blog for this upcoming round because I got accepted to blog again! (For some reason my name is not on the blogger list on the website, but I am sure it’s just a mistake.)  I hope everyone is getting excited for this next round because I sure am!
MMORPG Battle field is the theme!