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Genre: Curb-Stomping Kawaii

Previously posted @ Prim Dolls. The Military has rolled into Genre-town, and the results are… mixed. There’s lot of camouflage in some very interesting places, and by far one of […]

Shore Leave for Genre

Previously posted @ Shopping Therapy with Shay.   Genre is open and the theme is Military.   The gorgeous Vivian Dress is by Fission available there, sadly it doesn`t work with the […]

Camo Girls Genre

Previously posted @ Shopping Therapy with Shay.   Genre opens later today and the theme is Military   Fission makes you look real great:   Wilma Tshirt Yvette Capri Hiking Boots Visit […]

Genre (Anime): Cherry Blossom Decadence

Previously posted @ Prim Dolls. There are many themes which Anime has brought out of Japan, and one of the most evocative and enduring is cherry blossoms. They represent ephemeral […]

Genre (Anime): Scarlet Luck

Previously posted @ Prim Dolls. I have a deep and abiding love for anime, the theme for this month's Genre. My actual favorites are the magical girl anime, where one […]

Genre: Blown Out

Previously posted @ Prim Dolls. As I’ve said before, the Genre theme this month is Rockabilly – and this month is continuing for another couple of days, until the twelfth, […]

Skipping this Genre Round. – Not!

Previously posted @ Shopping Therapy with Shay.   Paula and Rita Dresses by Fission for Genre   On the Dot nailpolish by Vengeful Threads for Genre   Daisa Flats by […]

My Favorite Genre

Previously posted @ {K}iss {K}iss. Genre kicks off another round of great shopping under the theme of “rockabilly.” YAHOO! I just love retro fashions and Fission and Lumae are supplying everything […]

Genre: Rebel Yell

Previously posted @ Prim Dolls. This is a bit of a departure from my usual look. The theme for Genre this month is Sons of Genre, and Bikers have taken […]

Supernatural – Irish Fair and Genre

Previously posted @ *** Mundo da Shel ***. Clique nas imagens para ampliar Jessie Hair – CaTwA – NFRigged Mesh hairIncludesBangs – Rigged MeshHair – 2 Versions Flat/Puffy – 4 sizes eachMKTBijoux […]