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Meet the New Girls in Town

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LeLutka – or Undivided, whichever you want to say are releasing THREE new heads! YAY!  Stella, Karin and Lotte are out in a couple of days time and you’ve probably already seen a sneaky peak, but I couldn’t resist doing one myself too.

LeLutka - Stella

There are a lot of opinions out there on mesh heads – “everyone looks the same” – “why does nobody look unique anymore” – “why can’t I have a mesh head I can change, pfft” – there really isn’t anything I can say to sway anyones opinion, I once looked at mesh heads and was like PFFT – I wanna look like ME! I have been in SL since 2004 and my face (minus a few tweaks here and there) has ALWAYS been my face – nothing was ever going to change that, not even if I fell in love with a skin that made me look ridiculous, I wouldn’t change my face. But I have to say I am LOVING the mesh heads.  Yes, ok – we may wear them and look slightly similar, but I honestly do not look at these pictures, then say go over to Sasys blog, or Grazias and think OH HEY – TWINS! I think I look like my version of me in the mesh head, and they look like theirs.

LeLutka - Karin

I’ve shown the heads in three different skins – Glam Affair (the skin it comes with) – Adam N Eve, and then Izzies – of course the ability to mix and match skins and makeups on these heads also give you the chance to make a look really your own.   I see lots of SL avs who I know people think are stunning, and I look and think “really? wow” – it’s just not my bag.  They think they are pretty tho and that’s what matters, just like I think Willis’ face is pretty – I wear it, it’s mine, I don’t care what others think – It’s the same with the mesh heads really – you may say I look like others, but I just don’t FEEL like I do.  You could stand me in a room with 40 people wearing the same one, in different skins/makeups and I would still feel like me.

LeLutka - Lotte

Thats the beauty of SL and always has been, you can be what and who you want to be, however you choose to be it, and by golly I choose to be a mesh head lover – I don’t think I look like anyone else, I don’t FEEL like anyone else, and I don’t dress or blog to please others (well ok,  I don’t mean you – store owners/blogger group owners – I WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!).  Some people choose tattoos and piercings, some people choose to have grey hair, or neon pink hair, some choose hand drawn skins, some choose photosourced skins, some like mesh bodies, some won’t embrace.. it’s the same with heads – some love them, some hate them, some want to love them but feel they have to hate them, some hate them but want to love them.

Personally, I want a whole army of mesh heads – and thanks to the lovely ladies at LeLutka, that army is growing!

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Girls just wanna have fun…

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Have you had a chance to check out designer circle or 100 block :) if not, you definitely should it is the best fix for a shopaholic…and that’s how much fun you’re going to have – points to picture…yay!!!! :)
Hair: enVOGUE HAIR – Selina
Skin: .:WoW Skins::.  V2 Susse Golden CL (100 Block)
Dress: A Piece of Chic – Gabriella Black Shorts (Designer Circle)
Tattoo: Suicide Gurls  – Azaziel Tattoo
Boots: .HW. Kurb Stompers // Dots (100 Block)
Pose: Eternal Dream Harley  (Designer Circle)
Location: The fabulous It all starts with a smile Sim


Previously posted @ Lolita Oleander ¿Qué Pasó?.

“They smile, that smile
They bat those eyes
They steal you with “hello”
They kill you with “goodbye”
They’re the perfect drug and I can’t break free
Yeah, the trouble with girls is nobody loves trouble as much as me…”

Takeo loves us so much! Who else would rush home and come play with us girls? *giggles* We love him also and we try to tell him as much as we can. We try not to get into too much trouble but sometimes it just can’t be helped. *laughing* I hope you all are having a day full of fun and joy!

Takeo, Lolita and Payton Oleander

What I’m listening to.
Check out this tune and enjoy it with me.
Scotty McCreery – The Trouble With Girls

What I’m wearing:
Hair: TRUTH – Nayeli
Flower crown: +Half-Deer+
Sunglasses: REDGRAVE – Sunglasses Aviator PILOT
Eyes: IKON
Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley
Outfit: Atomic – Kiss Me Goodnight set
Bracelet: +Half-Deer+ -Petals N Pearls Bracelet
Hands & Feet: SLINK
Nail Polish: Hello Dave
Couple Pose: .click. – Summer Love
Location: Rainforest de la Oleander – Will be available for rent soon.

Love Quote of the Day:
A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.
Rupert Brooke

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Previously posted @ Whitt-icisms.

Grab your bestie and have fun with some fabulous poses just perfect for some girly time and be sure to go shopping at Klepsydra to find some yummy stuff to wear!

Lacy Panties and Princess Tiara from Klepsydra – both these cute items are dollarbie gifts instore now.  Swing by and snap them up before they disappear.  Beautiful Feeling pose from Ma Vie – at the Pose Fair now!

Victoria Dress and Lorelei Dress from Klepsydra – two gorgeous long dresses sure to sizzle this season.  Victoria is full mesh and Lorelei is partial mesh with system and applier layers for the top.  Ivy & Neet pose from Ma Vie – available at the Pose Fair.

Angie Top and Zenaida Skirt and Lilly Top and Lilly Skirt from Klepsydra – another dollarbie is the super cute Zenaida Skirt, so while you are there grabbing it, pick up a super sexy top to go with it and check out the Lilly tops and skirts and add to your wardrobe for the new season.  Strength pose from Ma Vie – at the Pose Fair now.

Harmony from Rack Poses – a stunning pose to bring out your inner harmony.  It’s available at the Xiasumi School Festival until the 21st April, so scoot on in now if you haven’t already grabbed it.

Desire from Rack Poses – totally naughty and for the girls, get ready to Hunt for your Inner Slut and add this hawt pose to your collection.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (641)

Previously posted @ Susanne´s Ideas.

Here comes now two nice dresses for girls. You can get them at Genre. My hairs are new too…

Dolly and Frankie

What I wear:

Click to view slideshow.







Good Morning ladies! Can we get a hell yeah for Girls ROCK!?! Putting together this post, I had the pleasure of going down memory lane of all of the amazing women that played a role in the music industry & a huge part of my growing up. HEART, PAT BENETAR, LITA FORD, JOAN JETT (yes Gia, I see ya girl ;)), JANICE, & STEVIE NICKS. These are just a few of the women that rocked my teenage years, and I remember memorizing every word to their songs, playing air guitar & drums & jammin out in my bedroom, lol. Since those days, there has been so many more incredible female musicians, but if I started listing them all we`d never get to the post 😉

A few things brought me to creating this post. First from IMAGE ESSENTIALS, “Drummer” set featured at RAFF – ROCK ATTITUDE FASHION FAIR. And then at CARNEVIL, the outfit from BISCUIT, that I`ll describe below – between these 2 creators & their items, I had no choice but to bring out my inner rocker & get it done 😉

Hope you enjoy ♥

– all photos in this shoot are completely untouched, no edits.


Next we have a NEW release from DEETALEZ, “Brianna” with exclusive versions of this skin only at 100 BLOCK. (wearing one of the exclusive versions)


The vest with sequin top & the pants below are from BISCUIT & are featured at this round of CARNEVIL. Ayo Pants (hud driven) and Matisse Smock.


Also at CARNEVIL – the awesome heels by HOLLYWEIRD. – Zylpha Heels

Flame nails by DARK PASSIONS @ 100 BLOCK – Hot Rod 50`s flames

Necklace & earrings set by CAE @ 100 BLOCK – Lumiere Set

Cutie Pipe (cig) with hud (shown below) by DIRTY STORIES – Circus Party Hat is also from DIRTY STORIES @ CARNEVIL.


Thanks for stopping by & enjoy shopping!

credits NOT mentioned above –

Mesh body – MAITREYA – lara v3

mesh hands & feet – SLINK – high & elegant1

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Aileen Eyes

lashes – MON CHERI – falsies

hair – MOON – Montauk Monster

tattoo – Omega appliers included – PMS – royal henna

face chain – KEYSTONE

arm chains – NOODLES – esme arm chains


7ca90baa51709ac50872678e6b6b0cf5 dd5f4091b484ecdaffd7f134232c1bb8

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Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Previously posted @ The Rainbow Fashionista.

So Fallen Gods is participating in the Magic of Oz Holi Hunt and well after seeing the paint splatter tattoo that is their prize and the paintbrushes in the newest hairs from Olive I was kinda sold on where the look was going. I didn’t expect to fully take the turn towards less being more, but it just fit to well to let anything else interfere. Then again this picture pretty much speaks for itself…

Now to give credit where credit is due!

Skin: ::JOLI:: – Satine Skin – Bare – Sunkissed
Hair: .Olive. – the Donut Hair (Available at the Xiasumi School Festival)
Lashes:  * Mon Cheri * – “Falsies”
Eyes: .ID. – Opulent Eyes – Crashing Waves (Gift in the Store)
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ – HOLI – Phalgun Purnima (Available at The Magic of Oz Holi Hunt)
Bag: MOON – Suede Fringe Bag – Camel Art
Hand: Slink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant1
Feet: Slink – AvEnhance Feet Female – High
Pose: Apple Spice – Sexy Pose 002

♥ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ♥

Previously posted @ Inside the world of….

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

*YS&YS* – Edith Rockabilly Tone 02 – By Monyka Benelli *NEW@THE DECK*
Marketplace InworldThe Deck

*Body Parts*
*Hands* – Slink – Elegant 1 *MESH*
*Foot* – Slink – High *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro

Catwa – Flora – Dark A *MESH* – By Catwa Clip
Marketplace Inworld

[Etchaflesh] – Cherie Sweet Lingerie – Pink *MESH* – By Shaodie Parx
Marketplace Inworld

*Scene Credits*

Brentwood Bathtub Adult – Rose *MESH*
Stratford Industrial Loft – Light *MESH*
Patchwork Table White *MESH*
Patchwork Cubby White *MESH*
Sherwood Candles *MESH*
Sherwood Tealights Brown *MESH*
Sherwood Recycled Birdcage Light *MESH*
– By ShuteDeLory

*Tres Blah*
Vanity – Mirror 2 *MESH*
Bon Voyage – Clock Radio – Pink *MESH*
Vanity – Nail Polishes *MESH*
Hodgepodge – Paper Pile *MESH/NEW@Arcade*
Hodgepodge – Stacked Magazines *MESH/NEW@Arcade*
Hodgepodge – Wine Duet *MESH/NEW@Arcade*
Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag *MESH/NEW@Arcade* *RARE*
Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes *MESH/NEW@Arcade*
– By Julliette Westerburg
MarketplaceInworldThe Arcade

*Second Spaces*
Bathroom Clutter – Recycled Towel Rack *MESH*
Bathroom Clutter – Freshness *MESH*
Bathroom Clutter – Bucket Of Things – Male *MESH*
Cluttered House – Beauty Clutter *MESH/NEW@Arcade* *RARE*
Sick day pills, cough syrup *MESH*
– By Elle Kirshner

Alouette – Vintage Fabrics Stool *MESH*NEW*
– By Scarlet Chandrayaan

8f8 – Cupcake Light – *Brown* – Hanging *MESH*
– By iBi
Marketplace Inworld

*Pixel Mode*
Sable Vanity Table – Antique White *MESH*
Sable Vanity Chair – Floral 3 *MESH*
– By Tya Fallingbridge
Marketplace Inworld

White Crown Decor *MESH*– By EllissDi

*+Half-Deer+ *
Fairy Curtain – Tied – Pink *MESH* – By Halogen Magic

Ceiling String Lights *MESH* – By alixxbella

Naughty Girls Need Love Too

Previously posted @ {K}iss {K}iss.

Every woman (some men too!) has an “inner” whore in them. A bad girl who likes to come out and play naughty, filthy games on occasion. wink If that describes you, then be sure to visit the Whore Couture Fair. It’s the perfect event to let your inner wild girl loose!

Beautiful Dirty Rich has two exclusive items that will have all the girls questioning your reputation and all the guys wanting to get closer!

bdr at wcf

On the left is the outfit “It’s Rainin’ Hundred’s.” It comes in seven colors and includes the bodysuit, matching stockings and shoes. It’s compatible with most appliers and does need the Slink High Mesh Foot for the heels to be worn as shown.

On the right is the Clubbin’ outfit. It’s available in four colors and comes with the bodysuit and heels. The heels come with a mini HUD that changes the sole and insole colors.

Whore Couture Fair runs thru April 1, so have just over a week to get over there and check things out!



  • skins: gina and della skins by zoul creations (available at skin fair)
  • hairs: by action and catwa
  • necklace: strike necklace, mixed metals by 7891.
  • earrings: 3 row hoop platinum by ryca
  • hand money: wad o’ money by lap/ long awkward pose (part of  Filthy Rich pose set)
  • mesh attachments: physique mesh body and elegant hands by slink

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