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GizzA @ Shiny Shabby

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GizzA – Norsk Jacket with Cardigan

GizzA – Jayson Meggings

Taxi  to  Event Shiny Shabby

Made by GizzA

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Elikatira NS Gizza Rowne Hucci Kirin

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Hair: [e] Becca @ Shiny Shabby
Scarf: NS:: Old gift
Dress: Gizza October (Group gift)
Bag: Rowne Buckett Leather (Group gift)
Boots: Hucci Zadar (Group gift)
Poses: Kirin (Group gift)

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My Hestro-Look: GizzA & MUA

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My Hestro-Look: GizzA & MUA

 GizzA – Padded Vest – W [Burgundy – Black]

GizzA – Nico Skinny Jeans [Denim Blue- Black]

{MUA} Bag – Yumi : {MUA} give the welcome to MESH ITEMS!

{MUA} Lipstick – Volume with  {MUA} Lipstick – Lelutka Hud – Volume : new item after the            GrandOpening of the shop

Pose : Vestige Female Bag set

My Hestro-Look: GizzA & MUA




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My Hestro-Look: GizzA & MUA

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    GizzA – Padded Vest – W [Burgundy – Black]    GizzA – Nico Skinny Jeans [Denim Blue- Black]    {MUA} Bag – Yumi : {MUA} give the welcome to MESH ITEMS!
    {MUA} Lipstick – Volume with  {MUA} Lipstick – Lelutka Hud – Volume : new item after the            GrandOpening of the shop
    Pose : Vestige Female Bag set


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Look of the day … Gizza, Dot-be Fashion, Grafica

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Wondering around with my brand new jacket from Gizza and my pants from Dot-be Fashion. I went to visit the halloween village that is still there until 7 november… The new gizza jacket comes with a texture hud and is available in multiple colors so everyone can find what they like, the elegant pants from dot-be fashion is also controled with a hud so you can combine both of them to your taste.

jacket : GizzAPadded Vest
pants : Dot-Be Fashionelegant jeans
pose : grafica ~ ffon v mirror


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My Hestro – Look : GizzA , 7 Deadly Skins, Vestige Creations, LeLutka & Emo-tions

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Outfit : GizzA – Tiffany Romper [Floral Blue] (New!)
Jewels : GizzA – Tribal Set (New!)
Accessories : .LeLutka.Glare Sunglasses-Sheer @ GIFT Hair Fair
Hair : .:EMO-tions:. * LIV * BRAID-attachment  with Hat @ GIFT Hair Fair
Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Sientje Pineapple V2 (New!)
Make up : {MUA} Lipstick – Suzanne – Teal
Pose : Vestige Sitting  poses @ EVA

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My Hestro-Look: GizzA, ExxesS, PurpleMoon Creations

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Outfit : GizzA – Annie Pleated Short [ Blue]
GizzA – Annie Pleated Shirt [Pink – Purple] (unpacked)
Annie Set @ Shiny Shabby
Hair : eXxEsS : SIVA A 
Accessories: :: PM :: Rubik Purse {Pastel} @ ON9

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#498 I have the dreamers disease with GizzA Creations, Cinphul, and [sYs] Design.

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I have heard the song, I understand the meaning, but why do I have the Dreamers Disease?
It is a disease that feels good, makes me relax and finds myself thinking of other solutions or different ways of re-inventing ideas. It is something I cannot heal. I have this disease because I choose not to face every challenge that comes my way and stoop into this moment of fantasy, this dream.
I consider myself as a dreamer, they say there is nothing wrong in dreaming. What I believe is wrong is not having a dream. If you don’t have a dream you can’t be creative, plan, and make good.
In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort. I say Dream!!, Dream as big as the sky, for what would the world be like if we did not have dreamers.!! Do you have the dreamer’s disease?

Sitting back here dreaming of my next blog, I bring to you our destination for today: –

Outfit: – Sophia Sleeveless Top and Skirt (New) Instore @ Gizza Creations 
Hair:  – Lelutka  – Billie Hair Praline includes Scarf
Bag: – [sYs] Design –  Boheme Bag – Natural (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event (August Round)
Gokstad: – Cinphul Gokstad (Faering) Boat and Sickle (New) @ The Cosmopolitan Event (August)
Bench: – Kalopsia & Vagabond Country Porch Bench (Dark Brown)

Pose: – Autumn by Bauhaus Movement

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#500 Cassie is mixing with the Wrong-Right! crowd with Gizza Creations, Zerkalo and Truth

Previously posted at SL Destinations R Us.

I have so many blogs to complete, I sort of got happy snappy in Flickr for a while and then went YIKES!! I’ve forgotten to blog the items. 

I must say that one of my designers that I blog for she was streaming out clothes as fast as I could blink and that being GizzA Creations. I just truly adore Gizza’s clothes, and I hope you do as well.

Wearing the beautiful new ‘Cassie Outfit’ which entails – Double Shirt, and a gorgeous platted Skirt which i wear in Beige above, with the beautiful creatiions of Zerkalo being my backdrop for today, with her Secret Hideout available @ TMD. So hurry before you miss out the next round starts soon, I bring to you our destinations for today: –

Destination: – Gizza Creations, TMD and Truth

Hair: – Truth Hair – He Loisa (New) @ Truth
Outfit: – GizzA Cassie Outfit – Double Platted Shirt in Blk, and Platted Skirt in Beige (New) @ Gizza
Table: – Zerkalo Secret Hideout Crate Table (New) @ TMD
Old Couch: – Zerkalo Secret Hideout Couch (Adult) (New) @ TMD
Head:  – Lelutka Mesh Head Stella.

Pose:  – Contained within Old Couch – Zerkalo Secret Hideout Couch

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#512 Leaving the Nest with GizzA Creations

Previously posted at SL Destinations R Us.

I never understood the concept of Empty Nest syndrome, but of late have been listening to friends and family of what it means and how it affects both the family and the child.
Your first kiss. Your first love. Your first child. Your first … adult child moves out? I am sure that would be scary for both the child who is whooping for joy and ready to face life and the parent/s who think what am I going to do now.

I understand there are five family life cycles:

  1. Independence from your parents
  2. Settling down with a partner
  3. Becoming a parent to your own children
  4. Launching your adult children into their own independence stage
  5. and then your retirement years
When children-turned-young-adults begin to move out of the family home, parents may find themselves deciding not only what to do with the spare bedroom, but also what to do with themselves.
Empty nest syndrome, sometimes known as the post-parental period, isn’t a medical condition. It can be a combination of separation anxiety, sadness, satisfaction and possibility — maybe with a dash of adventure thrown into the mix. And just like the family life cycle, it too has stages, although they’re less defined. Life can be full of unexpected changes, but transitioning from full house to empty nest is one that all parents know will eventually come. Learning how to embrace your newly empty nest is just one part of the journey of parenthood. Children leaving home can change you just as bringing home your first child once did.  Often, though, it’s the anticipation of children leaving home that’s worse than the reality of the empty nest.
 It is a new life for both the child and the parent as you watch them from afar. Children leaving the nest is hardly the end — it’s not the end of being a parent or the end of your relationship with your kids. Its knowing that you have done your best as a parent and that child is on their own with your support and love.

Wearing the gorgeous new outfit from Gizza Creations called “Shake with me”, I bring to your our destination for today: –

Destination:Gizza Creations

Outfit: – Shake with Me from Gizza in Black available @ Gizza Creations
Hair: – Elikatira called Zanna available @ Instore
Luggage Bag: – Apple Fall Plaid Luggage Bag available @ Instore
Chaise Lounge: – Nomad Brocante Chaise Lounge available @ The Arcade

Pose: – Anlar Poses – The Rochester Series

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