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World Goth Fair 2015 – Fallen Gods Inc. & Faida

Previously posted @ Ticklemetummy. From Fallen Gods Inc. & Faida comes the Jolie Proie Dress.  The dress is a mix and match beauty in velvet and rich silver lace.  The […]

World Goth Fair 2015 – Fission

Previously posted @ Ticklemetummy. From Fission comes the Shea and Trista Dresses.  The Shea dress is featured in standard and fitted mesh sizing and comes in 4 fun colours.  The […]

World Goth Fair 2015 – Spyralle

Previously posted @ Ticklemetummy. From Spyralle comes the Old Lace Tea Gown Collection.  The collection, featured in standard mesh sizing, comes in 4 different colour packs, with each colour pack […]

World Goth Fair 2015 – The Pale Empress & 22769~[bauwerk]

Previously posted @ Ticklemetummy. Never fear there’s still time to check out the amazing offerings on tap at World Goth Fair 2015.  From The Pale Empress comes the Nevermore Dress.  […]

Fission ~ World Goth Fair

Previously posted @ {K}iss {K}iss. World Goth Fair (WGF) has been underway for some time now. But it is coming to a close on June 1. It’s one of the […]

World Goth Fair 2015 – [ SAKIDE ], -{ZOZ}-, [Black Tulip] & Dark Passions

Previously posted @ Ticklemetummy. From [ Sakide ] comes the Merula Outfit.  The outfit features system layer body suit, standard and fitted mesh sizing for skirt, hud allowing for 9 […]

World Goth Fair 2015 – !Chop Shop!, Chaos, Panic & Disorder! & Pin Me Down

Previously posted @ Ticklemetummy. From !Chop Shop! comes the Lil Gothette Dress Collection.  The collection is featured in standard mesh sizing and is available in 9 beautiful colour options for […]

World Goth Fair 2015 – *Atomic Faery*, Senzafine & Bliensen + MaiTai

Previously posted @ Ticklemetummy. World Goth Fair is always one of my favourite events of the year.  Not only are there some amazing designers participating, but also the event brings […]

World Goth Fair – Space Station

Previously posted @ Chic at Phil’s Place. Some take your breath away beauties can be found at the World Goth Fair still going strong.  From Eclectica,  Steamgoth Necklace and Earrings […]

World Goth Fair: What We Do In Cursed, 5

Previously posted @ Bishie Style SL. (click to enlarge) STORYLINE: Maximilian Spyder was the first democratically elected leader in the history of Cursed. He won in a landslide against his […]