@236@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring Bomshie ADALET Gowns .. now @ SL VOGUE’s New Year New Trends

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The Surreal Lyfe featuring Bomshie ADALET Gowns .. now @ SL VOGUE's New Year New Trendsv

Cherish is wearing:
<*>B<*>ADALET Snow Diamond Gown.. now @ SL VOGUE’s New Year New Trends
<*>B<*>ADALET Aurora Diamond Gown .. now @ SL VOGUE’s New Year New Trends
<*>B<*>ADALET Cobalt Diamond Gown .. now @ SL VOGUE’s New Year New Trends
<*>B<*>ADALET Cypress Diamond Gown .. now @ SL VOGUE’s New Year New Trends
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.:EMO-tions:. *VARI * Jewelry

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Free The Evening Gowns.

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I am thinking of starting a movement for nursing homes.

I want to take in the most fabulous gowns ever … Bridal gowns, evening gowns, strippers gowns, show girl gowns … and encourage the women to wear them.  I don’t care if they are in a wheel chair, using a walker or completely bed ridden.  I don’t care if the tulle is scratchy and the sequins get stuck up their bums.  I don’t care if things hang out.
I don’t care because when we are young we are not allowed to wear the fabulous dresses because they are too old for us or they are not modest enough.  When we get out on our own in our wild and carefree days, we can’t afford them.  Then we can’t wear them because we are mother’s and our husbands don’t like us to be exposed or our children might be embarrassed.  Then when we are able to afford them, our children are grown and we don’t care what people think, we realize we don’t really have anywhere to wear them and we have become sensible about our money and can’t justify spending that much money on a dress we will only wear once.  Then we are old and we shouldn’t wear them because people don’t want to see wrinkled, sagging, somewhat overweight women’s bits.
So when the hell do we get to enjoy them?
We take the joy of life and we  “suppose to,”  “must do,”  “Should do,” it right out of us, letting others define it until we are brainwashed enough to keep our own selves prisoners in a “socially acceptable” life.
I say to heck with all of it.  Put the gowns on the women in the nursing homes.  Have cocktail parties – even if it is only Kool-Aid in the champagne glasses.  Let them do each other’s hair.  Get the bedazzler out.  Have mock weddings with everyone having a chance to be the bride … one at a time or all at once.  Release the doves.  Eat lots of cake.   Tell them they look beautiful.


It may not technically be evening except for these women who are facing the evening of their lives.  Free the evening gowns.  Lets make them every day, every way gowns. 

And let’s dance.

(no flowers were injured in the making of this blogpost and the model was force fed)

SKIN:  -Glam Affair – Cassia skin – Jamaica
tram  D427 hair
EYES:  Ibanez  Ltd Edition Natural Eyes Grey
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
EYE ACCENT:  Mons Face Tattoo Heart
BLUSH:  essences
JEWELLERY:  Dark Mouse
GOWN:  *VoguE* AnanyaMai Gown (Partial Mesh) ~ Wine
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Exclusive MVW Gowns & Designer Gift Cards to be Auctioned for RFL

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Sunday, October 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM an auction will be held for exclusive MVW gowns and designer gift cards to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life!

More information here:


MVW Gowns to be Auctioned

Season’s Gowns

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These will be my last 2 festive gowns of the year. The gowns come with SLink High Heels and Fur Shawls. The mesh dresses can also be worn without the flexi skirts.

Isolde(picture unedited)



{FS}Isolde Beaded Ivory Lace Gown Fur Shawl & High Heel Pumps

{FS}Brooke Black Beaded Organza Gown Fur Shawl & Heels

Available now at the Mainstore and Marketplace. As always, please try the demo.

Have a wonderful New Year!