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Glamistry – LINARIA Heels

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DeeTaleZ Smilla (Brows1) black Eastern
-Belleza- Venus V 0.02
Asteria Creations – Lola Mesh Jacket – Ivory
Glamistry – LINARIA Heels [PF1016]
Cae :: Ethereal :: Earring
Cae :: Ethereal :: Necklace

The Shoes….Featuring Ghee SS15 Long Fringe Heels

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The difficult and temperamental, triple threat, award winning actress, singer, and dancer, held up production on a 60 million dollar movie, for a pair of shoes!!!  We have a rare glimpse, into her luxurious trailer and witness as she throws her Emerald studded cell phone at her assistant, and demands her to get the unreleased Ghee SS15 Long Fringe Heels! After several frantic phone calls, to Beatrice Serendipity, Ghee’s designer, of the lusted after shoes, the harried assistant made arrangement to have the gorgeous, Coal, long fringed shoes, that sweeps the front of the foot and begs to be touch, Suede Stilettos delivered, immediately, to her vain and catered to employer.


The star coos, as she moves her pampered feet around…these are walking sex for the feet…. they make me feel so much more a woman, than any of my 6 husbands ever did! She sits and admires herself in the, yet to be release and soon to make their debut, next month, shoes…and screams WHERE IS MY DRESS!!!!


The Ghee Spring and Summer Collection 2015 Fringe Shoes, will be available, in a variety of colors, which are super sexy and will have you drooling, will make their long anticipated appearance , next month! They are, very much, worth the wait! Stay tuned for further information on their release.

Photographer and
Ghee SS15 Long Fringe Heels in Coal by Beatrice Serendipity, Ghee

Ghee Main Store…taxi



21Shoe – Love me some heels (gift inc.)

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21Shoe free gift! Anklets by Sax Shepherd

The next round of 21 Shoe is almost here yippeee! It really has become one of my favourite events – no waiting for hours to try to get in – you can zap around to the stores you want to buy from easily. So there are changes “afoot” (I know bad pun) The 21 Shoe group will have a free gift each month – just for group members, above is this months gift from Sax Shepherd – gorgeous anklets that come with a zippy HUD to colour the gems and metals – really SO much choice. The group is free to join until the end of this month – so if you’d like to hop in now for free – do it – after this month its going to be $ 150L to get in.

21Shoe Sax Shepherd NEW

On to the treats for your trotters without further ado, this is the offering from Sax Shepherd “Lupa”, really different from his other items, totally lush with teeteringly high heels, as is usual with the 21 Shoe event, you get two pairs of these for the price of one – good huh?! (these are for Slink high feet btw)

21Shoe SSD Lupa

You will find a HUD in the box and one pair of shoes – in the HUD are the two colours, the frivolous Mardi Gras  and the steel grey above. Both have ooodles of options on the HUD for gem tones etc.

Don’t forget : 21 Shoe is for 24 hours only and opens on the 21st of March !

Sax Shepherd Designs

21 Shoe blog

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Heels and Nights out

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Heels and Nights out

Style Card Details
Glimmer Mesh Cocktail Dress by ~Blacklace~
Veronica Platforms for Maitreya Mesh Feet by Fri.
.ploom. Sharla Hair **New release @Kawaii Fair**

My Fashion Canvas
Lara Mesh Body V2.1 w/Hands & Feet by Maitreya
Human Mesh Ears by [theSkinnery] Lara Hurley Heidi Skin

Arabella Wild Pearls Earrings by Maxi Gossamer **@FaMESHed**
Arabella Wild Pearls Necklace by Maxi Gossamer **@FaMESHed**
Manga Mag. Clutch by -FAUN-

Poses & Props
Le Poppycock *By Design* Pose

**LM can be found on the stores and events page

Visit for original post date.



Hair – eXxEsS : INDRA Black

Skin – [HUSH] June – Tease – Cocoa (db)

Outfit – “DEW” Boardwalk red collection basic


@324@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring . K E L I N I . Sensuality Leather Dress Black, [Mundos] Kachina Heels &

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The Surreal Lyfe featuring . K E L I N I . Sensuality Leather Dress Black, [Mundos] Kachina Heels & CATWA HAIR RockStar.. now  @ Biker’s Choice Fair

Cherish is wearing:
. K E L I N I . Sensuality Leather Dress@ Biker’s Choice Fair
[Mundos] Kachina Heels@ Biker’s Choice Fair
CATWA HAIR RockStar Exclusive @ Biker’s Choice Fair
Aphrodite Fashions!  Goddess Dark Silver jewelry set

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E C R U Cassandra Outfit & Haunt Heels @ Designers Showcase

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Swing into Spring. E C R U Cassandra Black Suspender Skirt & Top Ensemble is Exclusive at Designers Showcase. Consider all the options in looking great this Spring…

Putting it all together for that WOW look!


“Cassandra” can be worn in three variations:
1) The ‘complete’ version links the mid length top to the skirt with suspenders (as Shown)
2) The mid length top can be worn separate from the skirt & comes with a HUD in sets 01 & 02,  8 colors each set.
  –100L per 8 color or,
  –150L for the full 16 colors (savings).
 3) The skirt/suspenders can be worn by itself.
      All in 5 standard sizes.

Add the amazing “Haunt” Stilettos (shown in gold), which are NON Exclusive (REG: 399 per 8, 599 for 16) but at @ Designers Showcase, on sale with color HUDs seen below.
100L- Each set per 8  colors
150L-The full 16 colors

Color selection for the Haunt Heels


* Slink High Heels of Rigged Mesh can fit standard Avatar feet.

Outfit: ECRU Cassandra Ensemble @ Designers Showcase
Shoes: ECRU Haunt Heels @ Designers Showcase
Pose: Nantra Kitten Set @ Designers Showcase

Running in High Heels.

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morning coffee 2
My brother tried to run away from home in high heels once.
He made it just passed the corrals down by the slough.  Then he slipped on a cow patty, caught his heel in a gopher hole, and he was down for the count.  
A couple of cows tried to revive him.  Well maybe the one who licked him did.  The one who peed on him may have remembered him from an unfortunate milking incident earlier.  People pee on people here in Australia when they get stung by a jelly fish and that is a good thing.  I am not sure about the whole cow take on it.  Humanitarian or not?  Discuss amongst yourselves.  
morning coffee  1
I saw him go down and heard something like bones crunching.  Sound carries really well in the empty prairies.  He broke his ankle. 
At least I think it was broken.  I could hear him screaming, “OH F**K, Holy Mother of God, I’ve broken my F**king ankle.”
But I don’t like to speculate.
I watched him crawl back across the cow patty infested field, through the duck pond, under the electric fence which he didn’t quite clear, and then up to the steps of the house.  I was sitting there eating some popcorn and sipping green kool aid.
I figured the pain must have really messed with his mind.
It was the only way I could explain why he would have dragged himself  all the way back to the very same people he had sworn at earlier and said that he would not get in the car to drive with them anywhere if they were the last people on earth giving him the only ride left to get off a burning planet.
Being as those people were probably not going to want to drive him anywhere after that out burst, I thought he might have been smarter to drag his broken foot towards the hospital.
morning coffee 3
It might be an interesting study for Harvard to take a bunch of brothers, dress them in high heels after a fight with their parents where they insult them , and have them flee across the prairies.  We could figure out how many make it, how many break their ankles, and how many have enough common sense to drag themselves in the right direction. 
I think my brother would be up for it again, in the name of science, I mean.  If not, that is what cattle prods are for, right?
SKIN:  LAQ ~ Elena [Peach] Glow skin
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes – Oil
HAT and HAIR:  MaitreyaYmre
EARRINGS:  AandAna Limited Simple Earrings
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails   Drow
BAG:  **SHINE** Mesh Satchel bag/ Black
SCARF:  Ce Cubic effect stole(Dark Gray)
SHOES:  EC  Box Ysaline Heels
SUIT:  [LeLutka]-Aviva Suit-Bean
LOCATION:  Mayfair

Heels & a Dress in the Apocolypse

Previously posted @ hump muffin.


I took a trip to an apocalyptic sim for this blog post. I have been seeing a lot of people photograph Everwinter on flickr and decided to go explore myself.


It is the good kind of creepy. I recommend a visit. Unless you are scared of clowns, there is a clown head lurking around…


This outfit is made up of newness from The Sugar Garden, Noodles and Wall Flower! Check below for details.



on guin:
hair: Tableau Vivant – springflower
eyes: adored – glitter girl eyes
head & skin: the sugar garden – dakota *new* and coming to the skin fair!
dress: OAKEN by Noodles – Laura Dress *new* at collabor88
bracelet l: pritty – floral bracelet
bracelet r: Revanche – legacy bracelet
nails: chu – blahh nails monotone *$ 1L* here
shoes: wall flower – corset pumps *new* on mp

poses by Infiniti – carefree. photos taken at everwinter

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