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Lamu Fashion-T-Shirt Hipster Princess 12 Textures Change

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T-Shirt Hipster Princess

Lamu Fashion-T-Shirt Hipster Princess blog

*ARGRACE* Equestrian Cap/Fiona – Blondes — SLINK Stelloane Queenie — T-Shirt Hipster Princess By LAMU FASHION  — Jeans R@SE^__^M@RINE  — [MANDALA]SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet_white — K_gs Scorpius – Kumaki – Sunglasses – Glasses – Goggles. Pose VESTIGE

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Topic of Today – Grey Hipster

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          There is a ‘new’ trend in real life. Granny hair. Where younger woman, normally too young to have grey or silver hair, are having professionals give it to them. It looks fantastic! If you just google granny hair you will find so many links, results and photos of mostly woman dying their hair grey. I know the real world and the second life world are different, but we live here, so that is what is important to me. ^.^ Below are some links to the real world. Seems like a lot of the information is regurgitated over and over, depending on what ‘news’ sites you look into.
          I have been doing it in Second Life since, at least 2011. I always felt it was a very fashion forward idea, and I was right. Below are a few example of me in “Granny Hair”, with their flickr links and blog links. Starting from the oldest, to the newest. Below my photo you will find this trend done by others. I was not the only in Second Life, knowing this was a fantastic idea.
          Here are other example, where people with grey hair have rocked it before it became a real life popular trend. These other photos are easily found in the Second Life – White/Grey Hair Flickr Group. The group has been around since mid November 2007. This group pretty much proves that Second Life can be ahead of the real life trends, can start the trends, and Second Lifers can change the world around them!
Flickr | 2007
Blog | 2007
Flickr | 2008
Flickr | 2008
Flickr | 2009
Flickr | 2009
Flickr | 2010
Flickr | 2010
Flickr | 2011
Flickr | 2011
Flickr | 2012
Flickr | 2012
Flickr | 2013
Flickr | 2013
Flickr | 2014
Flickr | 2014
Blog | 2015
Blog | 2015
          Grey hair can be a lot of fun. The color is so neurtal that it can go with nearly, if not all other color palettes. It is a lot process to do in the real world. If you are really interested go to a professional for sure! They will have to strip your hair of as much color possible, and a fantastic product for that, that has all the buzz is, Olaplex. But from what I understand, only professional hair dressers can buy this, and for a project like this anyway, that is what you want. Then when you get it as light as possible without damaging the hair too much, dye it grey, then add a purple toner. There are other hair products out there to help maintain it as long as possible. So I love the grey hair, and even I have thought about doing it in the real world, but it is something to really think about, because it will cost a lot, and at least at first it takes a lot of work.
          Do you rock grey hair in Second life? How long have you? Would you? Maybe you have thought about doing grey/granny hair in the real world? If you have, in the real world, or in second life, leave a comment below, I would love to see how you rock it (even if you do it just for today)!

Hipster for Style Kingdom Magazine

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Hispter Website

Hispter for Style Kingdom Vol12



Top: Faster Pussycat – CHILL Cross
Pants: [M.o.w] – Knotted Jeans
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. – MaxSpeed Sneakers
Belt: *COCO* – WideBelt
Glasses: [URIZASK] – Vintage
Bracelet: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – NEVERMORE
Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – ENIGMA
Hair & Hat: [BURLEY] – Sirah

Photographer: Alex Griffin (Rodes)

Model & Stylist: Wicca Merlin

Hipster Look

Vestige Project Runaway Walk F 23(mesh hands) / Pack Vestige – Project Runway Walk 5
in promotion to 
*Hair with Hat:
Tameless Hair Stevie – Mega Pack

[:ME:] Luisa Tan Skintone (Nude/Brown w/ CL)

NS::  Mesh  Hipster Sweater incluide change texture (HUD)

!DHS Combo HUD-Rainbow Fun incluide 6 textures hud
20.FIVE Mesh – Rolled Pants incluide Hud for change in 5 colores
{kokoia}Vernon :: Woman :: 10 Colors combined in different parts of the shoe New for Men and woman

Bn Designs – Hipster – Gift

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Clique nas imagens para ampliar

Daizy Hair – CaTwA – NF
Rigged Mesh Hair – Without Bangs – 5 sizes
Rigged Mesh Bangs in 2 Styles
Christine Skin – [HUSH] – NF
App Hud Slink Hand/Feet  – [HUSH] – New
Hud with all Tones
Hipster Outfit – – **BN design**– New
Top – 5 sizes
Leggings – layer
Boho Sandals – Glam-Affair – Uber
Av Enhance Slink Hand – Slink – NF
Av Enhance Slink Feet – Slink – NF

Hipster exclusive



She called me hipster Link

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I’m a breath away from 200 posts here on Cat&Ama, that’s just wow. I don’t really have words for what the milestones I’ve passed have felt like. I’m really proud of the journey all of this has taken me on, I adore the people I’ve encountered simply because I put myself out there with open arms. Stay tuned for that 200th post, it’s going to be an exciting announcement for one my all time favourite stores and something I’ve been wishing for.

Right now I’m going to bask in this spring sunlight , this hair makes me feel a little like grown up, hipster Link. Not going to pretend I don’t nerdgasm over that.What hipster Link doesn’t need great plaid…

She called me hipster Link...

Hair : [Monso] : Robin : Brown

Skin : Pink Fuel : Ash : Peach

Hands : Slink : Male Hands : Relax {With Pink Fuel appliers}

Jacket : COLD ASH @The Mens Dept : HUNTSMAN Jacket w/Shirt : Plaid

Jeans : FATEwear : Straight Billy

Shoes : Kauna : Oxfords : Black

Pose and chair : Le Poppycock : Life of Man : Measure of All Things

Scene : Trompe Loeil @Collabor88 : Palmer Lodge

Trompe Loeil : Paxton Log Coffee Table

Trompe Loeil : Fireplace Candles

Trompe Loeil : Astrid Chair : Black

~BAZAR~ : Toronto-Sofa

Kalopsia : Washing Machine

~BAZAR~ : Toronto-Leather pouf

Frogstar : Chain Me Up Radiator : Silver*

(Fashionably Dead) Cat – 06 Caught in the Act 1

f loorplan. : farmhouse stool : silver

<3 Ama

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