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Last Holidays

By – Alessandro & Aurora Style. Visit Last Holidays for original post.

Skin: Go&See *Jasmine*
Hairbase: Unorthodox Marc Hairbase Chestnut  – OMEGA Applier
Hair:  Unorthodox Marc Hair
Ears:  ^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears 0.2
Top: Vinyl – Amber Leather Club Top @ Uber
Skirt: Vinyl – Amber Leather Club Skirt @ Uber
Rings: [AR2 Style] Alexia Rings @ Shiny Shabby
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] Leroy Tattoo @ MOM (August Round)
Sunglasses: [Z O O M] Waaho Wood Glasses @ MOM (August Round)

It is the holidays, lives the camping

By – LouAnn fashion style. Visit It is the holidays, lives the camping for original post.

¨¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ From Aphrodite Shop  ¯°º¤◆¤º•°¯
  • “Family Fun” Complete Camping Set :
  1. Camping igloo tent (3 textures)
  2. Single Airbed kid and grownup
  3. Air bed PG
  4. Trunk set
  5. Thermos flask with drinks
  6. Multifunction chair
  7. Milk pot deco
  8. Log Family 1
  9. Log Couple PG
  10. Fire pit ring
  11. Deco tent bag
  12. Deco sleeping bag stack
  13. Deco bag x 2
  14. Cooking station
  15. Coffee pitcher
  16. Camping cooler (animated)
  17. Oil lantern (click on/off)
  18. Deco rug

Tanzania holidays

By – El Baul de la Moda en SL. Visit Tanzania holidays for original post.

Aires africanos en exclusiva dentro de la SWANK, por parte de la firma POSH PIXELS, que también ha viajado alrededor del mundo para traernos este bonito vestido, con sombrero incluido, para cuando vayamos de viaje al continente negro.

Y otra de las poses individuales de la firma Q Poses, en un fatpack mixto de 4 poses exclusivas,  para el evento Cosmopolitan en la ronda de agosto, que abrió sus puertas el pasado día 14.

El recogido tan coqueto de flequillo sobre el ojo es de NewSea & rezology, que no deja de sorprendernos siempre con cabellos y peinados originales y de actualidad, muchas veces inspirados en series de televisión o películas muy conocidas.

{POSH PIXELS} Serengeti (mesh, not free) SWANK
{Q Poses´} Ladies Pride (not free) Cosmopolitan
NewSea & rezology Butterfly 137 (mesh, not free)

{POSH PIXELS} Serengeti hat (mesh, not free) SWANK

Localización Meva

Yeah it’s the holidays !!!

By – LouAnn fashion style. Visit Yeah it’s the holidays !!! for original post.

    1. Pant : “Coll_Down Overall #01”
    2. Top : “Coll_String Bikini Top”
    3. Bag : “Summer Bag”
    4. Shoes : “Flip Flops #01”
    5. Sunglasses : “Sunglasses #01”
    6. Bikini : “Valentine Band Bikini” (with appliers mesh body)
    7.  Lollipop

    Summer Holidays

    By – Feel the Rush. Visit Summer Holidays for original post.

    Beach Holidays

    Body& Cosmetics
    HairenVOGUE HAIR – Estelle (Ombres) 
    Skin: .: fiore :. Jing Mesh Head Applier SPF15 (comes with makeup)
    Body: Maitreya – Lara
    Top & Skirt : Evani- Moon (White) @The Crystal Heart NEW
    Shoes: Essenz – Boa Vista (Hud 1) @Pyoyect 7 – NEW
    Necklace: [Modern.Couture]  – Silk (Blue)
    Bracelet: RealEvil Marilyn 
    Body& Cosmetics
    Hair: booN Lab – 005 hair
    Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic – set 12 for Catwa @TheShowroom – NEW
    Skin: [PUMEC]- Karlie applier for Catwa (June) – @Shiny Shabby – NEW
    Brows: Just Magnetized – Perfect Eyebrows – set 07 – NEW
    Top: KitjaYasmin (White with Hud)
    Skirt: PromagicSummer Skirt – NEW
    Shoes: Essenz – Rosario (Hud 1) @Shiny Shabby – NEW
    Necklace: (Yummy) -Tuareg Beaded Necklace (Fatpack) @Uber – NEW

    Scenary: RAMAbackgrounds Beach Collection. gacha (Cotage Shore)

    Home for the Holidays (PART ONE)

    By – Coffee and Flowers. Visit Home for the Holidays (PART ONE) for original post.

    Have I mentioned? This Dust Bunny cottage is fabulous! Living room, kitchen, nook, bedroom… what else could a woman ask for? Okay. Puppies:

    Want more? OKAY THEN!

    PIANO: :HAIKEI: [Collaboration School gacha; 68L per play] [KEY]

    CLOCK: Ariskea @ Arcade! [KEY]

    As you may already know, Scarlet passed away in May 2015. But you can still buy things from her store.

    MINI TREE: [zerkalo] @ Arcade! [KEY] – [Tinted]

    SIDE TABLE: Dust Bunny. [Springtime gacha; 50L per play] [KEY]

    TWINKLY TWIG THINGER: Dust Bunny. [A Warm Winter gacha; 50L per play] [KEY]

    COAT RACK with BOOTS: -tres blah- @ Arcade! [KEY]

    CANDLE STAND: [zerkalo] @ The Chapter Four!


    RADIO: -tres blah- [Bon Voyage gacha; 50L per play] [KEY]

    CHAIRS, YARN BASKET, RUG: Dust Bunny. @ Arcade! [KEY]

    JACKALOPE: Half-Deer @ Arcade! [KEY]

    FRAMES: floorplan.

    TWINKLY TWIGGY TREE THINGER: Ariskea @ Tannenbaum!

    CHRISTMAS LETTERBOX: {vespertine} (from last year’s Snowflake Hunt; no longer available)

    FOOT RUB-tres blah- @ Arcade! [KEY]

    SCATTERED PAPERS: floorplan. @ kustom9!

    RADIATOR TABLE: floorplan. @ Collabor88!

    “LET IT SNOW” SIGN: -tres blah- @ Arcade! [KEY]

    BABYBREATH VASE: Dust Bunny. [Springtime gacha; 50L per play] [KEY]

    FIREPLACE: {vespertine} @ Arcade! [KEY]


    COUCH: Scarlet Creative

    PLANTS CABINET: Dust Bunny. [Springtime gacha; 50L per play] [KEY]

    CLOCK TABLE: Pixel Mode

    TEA TRAY: -tres blah- @ Arcade! [RARE] [KEY]

    MINIATURE FELT TREES: {vespertine} (from last year’s Snowflake Hunt; no longer available)

    TIN HOUSES; SNOWMAN FIGURINE: -tres blah- @ Arcade! [KEY]


    POSTCARD HOLDER: junk. [Homespun Junk gacha; 50L per play] [KEY]

    CURTAINS: Ariskea @ Arcade! [KEY]

    CHAIR and CHRISTMAS PRESENTS with BOW: Kalopsia @ Lost and Found!

    BUNNY (in chair) and TOYS: Kalopsia @ Tannenbaum!

    CHRISTMAS TREE: {anc} [Noel gacha; 50L per play] [RARE] [KEY]

    OTHER CHRISTMAS PRESENTS: Alouette; {vespertine} (from last year’s Snowflake Hunt; no longer available)

    DEER RUG: [CIRCA] Living


    BOX o’ ORNAMENTSDust Bunny. [A Warm Winter; 50L per play] [KEY]


    TREE TOPPER (in first picture): TORO. @ Tannenbaum! [RARE] [KEY]
    — [Tree Hugger’s Christmas Tree Topper gacha; 25L per play]


    Home for the Holidays (PART TWO)

    By – Coffee and Flowers. Visit Home for the Holidays (PART TWO) for original post.

    First, a correction: The Dust Bunny Poppy Cottage has FIVE rooms, not just four. For some reason, I’d forgotten the door in the living room isn’t just drawn on; it opens! And it opens into a room, like doors so often do!

    That said, let’s see some more of this cottage. Here’s my cozy nook:

    BASKET with BLANKET: Dust Bunny. @ Arcade! [KEY]

    YELLOW LAB PUPPY: O.M.E.N. @ Arcade! [KEY]

    PUPPY TREATS: Half-Deer @ The Chapter Four!

    SOFA and CANOPY: [zerkalo] [All White collection]

    BAUBLE CHANDELIER: Uncertain Smile @ Winter Trend 2015!

    COFFEE TABLE: DRD [The Studios gacha; 50L per play]

    WHITE ROSE PITCHER: Dust Bunny. @ Arcade! [KEY]

    RUG: floorplan.
    texture-change by touch!

    PILLOWS: Llorisen

    STAG WALL DECOR: Fancy Decor

    TWINKLY TWIGGLY TREE THINGER: Ariskea @ Tannenbaum!

    BASKET TABLE: Dust Bunny. @ Arcade! [KEY]

    FOX FRAME: floorplan.

    And ze bedroom:

    FRAMES (unlinked and moved about)
    Ariskea @ Arcade! [KEY]

    BED: Vagabond

    BED CLUTTER: {vespertine} @ Arcade! [KEY]

    LAMP and JEWELRY BOX: Dust Bunny. @ Arcade! [KEY]

    DRESS: =EliBaily= [Dover Clothes gacha; 50L per play]
    texture-change dress and hanger 

    GRAMOPHONE: *bbqq*

    WALL and FLOOR CLUTTER: Lark @ Arcade! [KEY]

    BASKET: [zerkalo] (All White collection)

    PILLOW: [zerkalo] [Vintage Treasures gacha; 75L per play]

    CAT: Tentacio – [My Life With a Cat gacha; 55L per play]