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I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara (by Onyx LeShelle) NEW
Head: Genesis Lab – Head_Lilith_2.0 (by GenesisLab) NEW@The Dark Style Fair 2
Applier Skin: Genesis Lab – Milk Skin – for PhatAzz/Slink Hands&Feet/Lolas/Maitreya (by GenesisLab) NEW@The Dark Style Fair 2
Hair: +Spellbound+ Cursed // Chapter I : Earth  (by Kohana Xue) NEW@The Dark Style Fair 2
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season 5 (by Kikunosuke Eel)
Ladybug face: AZOURY – Belissende – Ladybug (by Mayhem Seetan) NEW@Très Chic Avenue
Cats: -Pixicat- Wonderland.BasketCat RARE w/hud colors cats (by areve) Last Arcade
Handkerchief Neck: *_M.birdie Story_* Matryoshka look handkerchief 1-4 (by MONIMANI) NEW@Shiny Shabby – April/May Ed.
Rose: *_M.birdie Story_* Matryoshka look rose2  (by MONIMANI) NEW@Shiny Shabby – April/May Ed.
Dress: *_M.birdie Story_* Matryoshka look clothing3  (by MONIMANI) NEW@Shiny Shabby – April/May Ed.
Shoes: -Duncan Giano- Sydney Boots  Brown for Slink/TMP/Maitreya/Belleza (by Duncan Giano)
Pose: (marukin) [orion] be brave (by Valencia Southard)

[MeshedUp] @ Home Show 2015

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MeshedUp 004

As you can see there is lots of variety when it comes to the choices you have for home decor.  If you are more into a Vintage style then [MeshedUp] has created a living room set for the Home Show that consists of the couch, the chair next to it, the top rug and the wall decor in front of it.  I mixed this decor with other pieces that have been previously released by the creator along with a few items that I found at the Creators Collection Box event and a few pieces from Dysfunctional Designs.

Happy Shopping days.

*Vintage Candles, Wall & Frame Decor, Coffee Table, Carpet, Couch & Chair – [MeshedUp] @ Home Show 2015
*Chair Brown Rare, Chair Red Rare, Carpet C Common & Gor Map Common – [MeshedUp] {just passed Gorean Gacha}
Akebia Lamps – Caco’s Greenhouse @ Creators Collectors Box
Akebia Basket (dark & natural) – Caco’s Greenhouse @ Creators Collection Box
Vintage Hall Bench – [MeshedUp] 
Tailoring Shop Dress Form  & Stand of Rolls – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
Neva Chapel – Scarlet Creative @ Shiny Shabby

*Review copy.

Home Show 2015 – Part 1

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Home Show is back for 2015 and it opened yesterday. You have until the 30th to get your butt around the sim to check out all the brand new goodies on offer for this year.

I’ve got lots to show you so I’m going to break it up into several posts. Here’s my first!

Artisan Fantasy have their brand new Mission Bedroom set as their brand new release for this year.

Home Show 2015 - Artisan Fantasy

You can choose between a warm or weathered wood effect. I went for the warm because I felt it was a much nicer finish to the wood but it’s always fun to have choices!

Speaking of choices, you have a choice of a single or double version of the bed. The double version also has the additional option of PG or Adult animations. (Single version is PG only). The set comprises of the beds, a bedside table, a set of drawers, a stool (not shown), a trunk, a water basin, a collection of candles and a cluster of frames. The frames have the option of using the included artwork or a set where you can add your own pictures.

It’s a stunning, cozy, warm feeling set that would be perfect for any family home. Especially if you wanted all your bedroom furniture to match perfectly.

With summer creeping in quickly it’s always nice to have some lovely holiday feeling furniture tucked away in your inventory.

Home Show 2015 - Follow Us

If you’re like me and constantly changing you house to suit the season then your beach hut is going to need the Spring Break Living Room Set and Bar Set from Follow Us.

The Living Room set includes a sofa, 2 styles of armchair and a table (with fruit bowl). The Bar set includes a bar (with drinks and bottles) and three stools.

Perfect for sitting in the sun and sipping cocktails!

There’s loads more to see and I’ll be posting more too but please go and check out the Home Show 2015!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
Bed – Artisan Fantasy – Mission Bed Double – Warm @Home Show 2015
Side Tables – Artisan Fantasy – Mission Bedside Table – Warm @Home Show 2015
Trunk – Artisan Fantasy – Mission ToL Trunk – Warm @Home Show 2015
Drawers – Artisan Fantasy – Mission Drawers – Warm @Home Show 2015
Frames – Artisan Fantasy – Mission Frame Cluster – Warm @Home Show 2015
Water Bowl – Artisan Fantasy – Mission Water Basin @Home Show 2015
Candles – Artisan Fantasy – Mission Tripod Candle Group Large @Home Show 2015
Rug – Dust Bunny – Braided Rug
Lamps – 22769 – Leafers Lamp – Gold
Cat – Fashionably Dead – Cat – 02 Sleeping Curled
Drapes – Kalopsia – Arabella Drapes

Pic 2:
Sofa – Follow Us – Spring Beak – Sofa @Home Show 2015
Chair – Follow Us – Spring Beak – Chair 1 @Home Show 2015
Table – Follow Us – Spring Beak – Living Room Table @Home Show 2015
Bar – Follow Us – Spring Beak – Bar @Home Show 2015
Stools – Follow Us – Spring Beak – Stool V1, V2 & V3 @Home Show 2015
Coconut Drink – Cheeky Pea – Tiki Pea Drinkable Coconut Smoothie Giver
Rug – Bazar – Toronto Living Room – Rug
Blinds – What Next – White Blind – Wide
Building – Trompe Loeil – Beach Bungalow – Teal & Yellow

Jian for Home Show

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Jian 056

This is a bit of a long post, though somewhat very therapeutic for me as this was not one of my best weeks and ended yesterday in not a very pleasant way. Though today is a new day and I look forward to just relaxing this whole weekend.

There is a new store called Jian coming to the grid, even though the creator behind it is not new and many know her work as a mesh artist under the brand of Dsyfunctional Designs.  The sister store will be on the same sim as Dysfunctional and while it is now open to the public it will have its grand opening on June 1st.  The creator has already made good on her renewed commitment to bring high quality mesh goods with low impact in geometry, textures and script time with their items at the Home Show 2015.

The first item that I want to mention is the ash trees.  The new system that Jian is utilizing works exclusively with their products and Jian foliage.  It’s such an easy system.  You rezz your trees and attach the HUD and click it.  There will be several options that you will be able to choose to work with the products… by season (spring, summer, autumn and winter), product or individual items.  The last is quite handy when you want to individualize and give it that personal touch by changing each tree with its own season, the leaves and bark.  I have a mixture of the spring, summer and autumn trees in this picture.

The next item is the bird bath that also can be customized with a texture choice menu that has 12 textures for you to choose from.

Jian 057

The last item that I want to point out is the hanging lanterns that too can be customized by just clicking on them.  You will be able to change the texture as well as make a choice for the lights being on, off or set to day cycle based on the sim daylight settings.

As always with script items, make sure you work with a copy and keep a spare in your inventory in case something goes haywire.  Then when you’re all done getting it exactly how you want it then you have the option to also delete the script so that it can reduce potential lag that scripts sometimes can create.  I know that whenever I have landscaped with lots of greenery, grass always seems to create lag for me and I have to make sure and delete scripts once I get everything looking exactly as I like.

The remaining items being shown are from various creators that participated in the just finished round of TAG! Gacha.  I don’t know if the machines will be available at the stores now that the event is over, but if they are and you get a mystery coupon you will not be able to claim those as that redemption location is now closed.

*Ash Trees – Jian  @ Home Show 2015
*Yusri Bird Bath – Jian @ Home Show 2015
*Vintera Hanging Lanterns – Jian @ Home Show 2015
Knife Throwing Set, Air Balloon {secret rare}, Welcome Sign, Zantor – DRD {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Fortunes Teller Divinatory Table, Panel, Crystal Ball, String Light & Wagon (Mystery), Gypsy Rugs – Milk Motion  {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Curtain Kit 3, Rug Set 2, Pillow Set 1 & Pillow Set 3, Fortune Set, Fortune Tent, Fortune Teller Table, Wooden Chest (dark) – Ison {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Medium Sign, Levitation Table, Astrology Painting, Tree of Life Rug, Tarot Cards – Kalopsia {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Carnival Picture Machine, Carnival Ticket Booth – Apt B {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Just Like A Circus Hula Hoops & Jugglings PIns – Exposeur  {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Storage Bench & Elephant Pull Toy – Lark  {just passed TAG! Gacha}

*Review copy.

The social media for Jian can be found at the following links:
Website: (coming soon!)

Their public update group can be joined by copying and pasting the following link into local chat, then clicking on it.

Shutter Field @ Home Show 2015

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Country Living 053

The Home Show 2015 just started and will run until the end of the month.   You can find exclusive home and garden items available at this event.  I am showing a shower and bath set by Shutter Field.  The shower set includes the outdoor shower that has single and couple animations and a decor stool with soap and washcloth.   The rest of the items are from the bath set that also has single and couple animations in the bath and only single animations in the sink and the bath mat is texture change.  Shutter Field will offer each of these sets in various colors.

Have a great time shopping!

*Shower Set – White – Shutter Field @ Home Show 2015
*Bath Set – Shutter Field @ Home Show 2015
Shed/Finished Rare – Oyasumi {Seasons Story July 2014 Gacha}
Shed/Unfinished Rare – Oyasumi {Seasons Story July 2014 Gacha}
Itchy Grass [Dark Green] & [Brown] – *alirium*
Titan [Old Gold] – *alirium*
Hermit [Green] – *alirium*
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] – *alirium*
Pig – Just Animals 

*Review copy.

The Butterfly Bath Suite at The Home Show

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Stockholm and Lima make some of my favorite pieces of furniture in Second Life. I like the animations and the style as well as the naughtiness of some of their items. I was so excited to see a bathroom set for this year’s home show. You can see the set for yourself (until May 31st) in person here:


I found the relevant info for this set on Stockholm and Lima’s flickr page.

Stockholm&Lima’s Butterfly Bath Suite:
Bathtub with 24 Couples animations (13 are adult)
3 metal textures, 3 tub textures
Toliet with 8 solo animations and 6 adult animations, custom props and 3 metal and 3 toliet textures.
Toliet paper caddy, hanging bath towels and towel rack, all with 3 metal textures and 7 cloth textures including 2 tintable versions for light or darker colors.
Dresser Sink with 3 solo and 4 adult animations, 4 wood textures, 3 metals, and 3 sink bowl textures.
Mirror, with matching wood textures.
The entire set is 33 prims, original mesh and fully material enabled. All pieces in this set are Mod and Copy.




1029 [Home is where the heart is…♥]

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Hair: TRUTH HAIR Mireya
Dress: Legal Insanity – Bellatrix spiked dress  @The Darkstyle Fair
Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Eliza leaf necklace @Comopolitan Sale Room 
Shoes: SHEY – Esin Stilettos *NEW*
Fancy Decor: Fireplace @Cosmopolitan Sale Room 
uk – Malcontent Chair  @Cosmopolitan Sale Room 
uk – Malcontent Side Table @Cosmopolitan Sale Room 
URBAN DAISIES – Twinkle Wreath
Sway’s [Filis] Tulips . colorful

The Home Show opens today!

Previously posted @ Sylvia Olivier .


The Home Show opens today and goes on until May 31st! This is one of the nicest Second Life Home and Garden events that I look forward to going to each year. For a map and list of stores go here:

[Brixley] Cecelia mirror
[Brixley] Hanging Poster
[Brixley] retro media console
Fancy Decor Warm Words plaques
Fancy Decor Wood Clock
Toro Big Sur Bed {Navajo}
Soy House [Machikouba]


Pose by: oOoStudios
Special thanks to my wifey: Autumn Hykova

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