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Imagine her surprise to come home from work to discover her furniture gets more action then she does

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The Look
Dress Coquet Maritza Mystery @ Fameshed
Boots Rosie Boots @ Shiny Shabby
Tablet Plethora Tablet – Blush @ Romp
Pose An Lar The Polished Series @ Romp
Lamps Zerkalo Kinky Games @ Romp
Bed Zerkalo Kinky Games @ Romp
Gin Bottles Kunst @ Uber
Art Kunst Dandelion pallete art @ Uber
Clock Kunst Wood planks clock @ Uber
Pillows Kunst  & Hoorenbeek Pillows @ Shiny Shabby
Rug  Kunst & Hoorenbeek  Autumn carpet @ Shiny Shabby

#191 And I came home to the mess

Links Soon!
Jian :: Saxton Dining Setting (Messy) @ROMP’s October round.
Jian :: Saxton Dining Table @ROMP’s October round.
Jian :: Saxton Dining Chair @ROMP’s October round.
Aphrodite – Heart Homes “Autumns Glow”
tarte. reused birdcage {iron} @C88
Blues. Scarlet @Fashion Fair
POSEL ~ Model Posepack 6 ~ Pose 5 @Fashion Fair
< nova > Gracia Lipsticks – LELUTKA APPLIER < WEAR ME > @Fashion Fair
MoDANNA [Merle Collection] Faux-Peplum Coat Beige S @Fashion Fair
“Tres Chic” Soho Leather Bag Onyx @Tres Chic Event – Group Gift
fri. – Rosie.Boots (Coal) – Right @Shiny Shabby

Fi’s Creations stops at A Totally Wrong before returning home

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Check this out!


Outfit: Fi’s Creations: HEARTBURN

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Eyes: Amacci: 9 – Big in Emerald

Hands: Slink: Elegant1

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: Green 3

Footwear: Sheba: Wendy heels



Tog: Fi’s Creations: LARA Dress in colds

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Eyes: Amacci: 9 – Big in Emerald

Hands: Slink: Elegant1

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: Green 3

Footwear: Sheba: Wendy heels


Go Baggy Or Go Home

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I love clothes but it’s a struggle for me to get out of jeans and a baggy jumper. Lily James     OUTFIT:  E-Clipe Jolie V4 @ Shiny Shabby  (August 20 – Sept 15) BOOTS:  E-Clipse Jolie  Boots  Fitted Sand @ Shiny Shabby (Sept 22 – Oct 15) SKIN:  –Belleza– Shyla Sk 4 HANDS:  Slink… More Go Baggy Or Go Home

Sweet Home Alabama

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Not quite home sweet home, but this is one sweet deal! Essenz is at the current round of My Attic and they are offering up the fashionable Alabama shoe. Alabama is available in 12 single colors and requires either Slink or Maitreya high feet. Demo is available. On sale now for 95L, exclusively at My Attic until Sept. […]

I realize that sometimes I am still the girl who waits for someone to tell me I’ve been in a nightmare this whole time, and this isn’t my life. As they lead me to the place where my real home is, and hand me the keys.

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This is the newest fishing outfit from Sn@tch and I’m in love!! As always there are various colors of the sweater and skirt along with shoes, socks, and lip gloss that aren’t pictured here! All of this is free so grab a pole and head on over!!

Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Lashes B Black – No Hair
Belleza– Freya
Belleza– Amelia Med Makeup 8
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – White M
:::Sn@tch Back to School Fishing Outfit:::

Don’t Try This At Home.

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Don’t try to run away with a baby animal.
It may look cute in real life and everyone is going “aww” around the computer, but it sucks big time.
First of all they have no sense of the “are we there yet” part of travel, that helps to remind everyone that people need to stop and go to the bathroom.  Animals don’t stop when they bathroom.  They can’t tell you.  They don’t hold on for 5 more minutes.  They just go. 
They don’t understand “share” or   “make last.”  They just understand “eat now,” “eat it all,” and “I am a fawn, I can kick you to death and hoof that donut right out of your mouth.”

They always back wash into your drink.
You can carry a bunny, a kitty, and even a small dog if they are tired.   Not so easy to carry a deer, a cow or a polar bear.  They will not return the favour and carry you when you are tired.  They will jump on you or even leave you and go off and have fawn fun without you.  If someone pets them and feeds them, they won’t give you a nano thought  as they chow down, nor will they confess they have already eaten when they return and you are eating the last of your granola bar.  They will probably complain that the half you gave them is not as big as yours.
They have big eyes that blink and make you feel like a horrible human being for wanting to sleep on the blanket when they have to sleep on the ground. 
They don’t do “share. ” They also are not impacted by your sad eyes, no matter how often you blink them.
They don’t actually talk like in the Disney movies, neither do they have lots of other animal friends that they can call on when you are in trouble.  They pretty much stand there and watch while you get beat up, or they see whether anyone else in the car has food or can be turned with big blinking eyes.
They grow up and attract a lot of attention.  The PETA people show up because someone complains that you are making a deer sleep in the park at night with just one crocheted blanket that barely covers them.  You end up being arrested.  The deer gets taken to a fabulous home for deer with constant deer buffets set out, fluffy warm deer bathrobes and slippers, and lots of other deer friends to hang out with.  Disney comes by and does a movie on them as this amazing deer that survived being kidnapped by a psychopath human being who held them captive in a park for months with hardly any food and just a crappy crocheted blanket to keep them warm at night.  It is a story of survival and everyone weeps for the deer and sends money and wants their picture taken with it.  The deer becomes a millionaire.  
You get sent back home, which is worse than jail.  Everyone hates you even more and you have to explain what happened to grandma’s blanket and what all the stains on it are about.     Then you are banned from all baby animals and are put on a PETA watch list and Facebook kicks you off because if you can’t post pics of baby animals … what point is there to your life???

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::.  V2 Nour Bronz
HAIR:  Bens Hair Style – Almeda Hair
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Intense Collection
LASHES:  ATIA’s Whisper Lashes
PURSE:  =Zenith=Vintage Leather Handbag(Leather)
DRESS:  Vintage & Cool Fair – Gift Box (shine by [ZD])
JACKET:  (fd) Denim Jacket – Denim
Essenz – Lisbon (Cream)
POSES: Fly Lily

At Home

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When I purchased my mesh body at the beginning of the year, I faithfully went through my inventory and deleted all the clothes “it” could not wear. That of course left large gaps in my wardrobe — including system layers.

Mesh is wonderful, but there are times when you REALLY need basics.  Enter this makes-ya-smile undies set from *Lacuna*, the Camille Gingham Lingerie. Legacy avatar garments are included of course as well as appliers for many mesh bodies and Lola.  Whatever your favorite color, you will likely find it in this fourteen hue release.

Find your favorites at My Attic!  I know that YOU know you can also wear the bra as a layer under jackets and overalls. We are SO smart.

Isla Gealach has been working her mouse and computer way too hard of late, producing some great Fall releases. I haven’t been keeping up there are SO many!  This cute little Cheeky Pea Autumn Step Frame decor piece comes in three wood versions (this is dark) and weighs in at 1 land impact.  The lantern and frame duo is a separate piece and can be moved or unlinked to use elsewhere.

Look for it at My Attic also.

If your pose selection is low on what I have labeled as “stances”, these Attic Poses (six in the set) from Label Motion may be just what you need to fill that void.

You guessed it, My Attic!

Hair: ploom Telephone (very old but still fun)

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Pose by: Label Motion

Flying Home

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HAIR:   Charlene   LELUTKA
EYESHADOW:   Divinity (Pack 6 Colors)   NEW!!   DULCE SECRETS
(Pack 3 Colors)
FEET:   Flat   SLINK

The Burton’s came home to find someone had been sitting in their Chairs……

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Chairs Cheeky Pea Burton Tea Chairs Damask @ The Fantasy Collective
Cupcake Patter Cheeky Pea  Burton Tea Cake Plate @ The Fantasy Collective
Pot Cheeky Pea  Burton Teapot @ The Fantasy Collective
Cup Cheeky Pea  Burton Teacup Full @ The Fantasy Collective
Pictures Cheeky Pea  Burton Art – Hoot And Arched Cat @ The Fantasy Collective
Radio DRD Mystery Mansion Radio @ The Arcade
Table DRD Sidetable DarkBrown  @ The Arcade
Frames on Ground DRD Mystery Mansion Frames 2 and 3 @ The Arcade
Red Couch DRD Mystery Mansion Couch Broken @ The Arcade