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Mr. X & Flower Power! New Culco @ The Instruments and Heart Homes for Valentine’s Day

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I love Valentine’s Day and I love the new Valentine’s Day Buffet Table by Aphrodite at Heart Homes… it is perfect for the surprise Valentine’s Party I am planning for Mr. X.  If you are reading this… please don’t tell him !!  You would not believe all the interactive items that this Valentine’s Day Buffet comes with …. Chocolate Beer, a Heart shaped cheese Board, a Pizza Warmer, beef empanadas, Strawberry and Raspberry pie and Valentine donuts and cookies.

The set come with two buffet tables that are just loaded with goodies that you can attach. The table linens are a festive red and white and there are even roses and rose champagne and a delicious looking three layer Valentine’s Day Cake — chocolate of course!

I am also really excited about the new cocktail dress I found by Culco simply called Floral Print Dress. This dress is an exclusive at the Feb./ March Instruments and it’s just gorgeous. I love it’s sexy peek a boo floral bodice and it’s full fit and flair bell skirt and with lace details.  This texture is as intricate as it is beautiful.

Tonight  Mr. X and I will dance and sing, laughing until late. We both try every vintage dance from the foxtrott to the jitterbug.  Later, it starts to rain.  He tells me a little rain never hurt anyone as we make our way hand in hand back to our hotel along the White Nile.

Dress – *Exclusive* at The Instruments
Culco – Floral Print Dress

Skin – *new* – Guiselle Blossom – October 4 Season Skins

Valentine’s Day Buffet  *new*– Aphrodite at Heart Homes

Hair – Vanity – LA Confidential

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Mr. X and the Winter Garden Heart Homes and Unique Boutique @ Poe

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Mr. X was in a festive mood this morning… talking about the peace and tranquility of nature… and his love for just getting away from it all to a place where he  hears just birdsong and the rustle of leaves in the wind… and fragrant pine scented air.  With that in mind, I went to Heart Homes and picked up their new Winter  Garden Patio set that is made for singles and couples.

I love the excellent rattan texture of the Winter Garden Patio Set that is covered in a dupioni silk texture that matches the rattan perfectly.  This winter porch set  comes with two chairs, a coffee table, a couch and a handy side table, all loaded with single and couple poses.  There is also an activity option that offers cuddles (PG), dancing, reading together and drinks.

I am waiting here in this beautiful winter garden in this comfy set … the hot chocolate is brewing.. the snow is falling as gently as a tear on the cheek of time… I always tell Mr. X we have time enough… I am excited to show him this new low prim winter garden set.

I think I will suggest to Mr. X that we have a winter garden party…I like that idea… and to be festive as it is the holiday season, I think I will wear this fun gown that I found on the POE hunt (still time to hunt through January 6) by Unique Boutique called Tangled.  I love the texture of this gown that glimmers and glows and the added christmas lights that add a touch a whimsy to this outfit.

I love the idea that the christmas lights — that change color and intensity form a “stole” for this gown…best of all the Tangled gown is free, just look for the globe 20 meters from your landing point at the store…and get there before January 6.  And, the skin, it is October 4 Season Skins new Guiselle in Blonde… it is gorgeous from the beauty mark above the lip to the 5 make-ups and natural look it comes with… perfect for blondes.

Furniture By Aphrodite at Heart Homes – Winter Garden Set
InWorld –
Online  Market Place –

Gown – Unique Boutique – POE Exclusive

Skin – October 4 Season Skins – *NEW* Guiselle Blossom

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Winter Super Wonder Land, POTOMAC Signature Homes, Shabby Tabby, UNTAMED DESIGNS, lilith’s den, FERRET AND HEDGIE SHOPPE and TRS DESIGNS are at Let It Snow

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Check this out!



Outfit: TRS DESIGNS: Dress

Hair: enVOGUE: Charlotte in Dark Greys

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: smoke

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Eyes: Amacci: 9 – Big in Emerald

Footwear: Sheba: Wendy heels


Chair: UNTAMED DESIGNS: Frosty The Bunnyman

Surface: Winter Super Wonder Land: Snowflake Angeltable

Decorations: POTOMAC Signature Homes: Kissing Penguins, Shabby Tabby: Festive Candle and lilith’s den: Dramatic Snowflake Carpet

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Check out my old A:S:S (oodles of Free Homes).

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I was going to title this “check out my cheap old ass” or “ass for free” or “cheap asses” the possibilities is endless.  So OK I’ve yet again changed my mind about the house I’m going to “overwinter” in and decided to work through some of the Top Home builders in SL and I decided to get my ass over to A:S:S.


A:S:S isn’t known for it’s builds it’s mainly a clothing, make up, jewelry range with the tag line of “proudly serving subcultures since 2007” but they also had a range of interesting and affordable homes/skyboxes etc to buy but it looks as though they have stopped making the homes however they’ve kindly put the whole lot out in one box for anyone to come and snag which of course I did and then I spent a lovely happy time rezzing and rerezzing all the builds.


I’ve just took random shots as there is such a variety of homes from attics, land homes and skyboxes.


OK some of the builds are showing their age in the sense that mesh and texturing had become so amazing in recent years BUT a lot of these builds still stand the test of time and even if they don’t the is a whole variety of prim counts so if you just want a great back drop for pictures a work room or just want to keep your SL life on the cheap then they’re perfect.


Some of the builds are big enough to be shops if you are tempted to start a SL business.


Yup this is a skybox.  I’ve taken an arty picture but it has distinctive rooms and each area has sparkling light decor.

Apart from the variety of styles a lot of these homes are also Mod/Copy.  I think most people start learning to edit in SL by grabbing a build and slowly learning how to deconstruct and then reconstruct it and these will be perfect as they’re a great start which can only be made better or if you screw up it doesn’t matter as long as it’s one of the copy version.

The LM should take you to the notice board outside and you will see the Buy old homes option.


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Land Ho! Mr. X and Heart Homes & YPBLAG @ FAD

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Songs that set men  free — Land  Ho!   Sirens and ships that sail the  azure seas… they stand at the mast and let — the cool tropic breezes….whirl and blow around them…. check out the new low prim Ferry Boat by Heart Homes — best of all it is seaworthy !!

And, yes I am “wrapped up” in FAD’s  exclusive called Fall into Place  by YPBLAG,  maybe Mr. X will be walking the plank on this fab love boat when he sees me in this —or visa versa ….shhhhh

Sailors  love  lavish nights.   Don’t  ask how I know. I never kiss and tell.  Aphrodite at Heart Homes has just released a new  boat it is great for a back drop, a party, a love nest or just because… 
The captain’s quarters are best and I am in perfect form  wearing YPBLAG’s Fall into Place – the captain likes this so does Mr. X… it is so much fun…with it’s  sexy off the shoulder look and low rise sweatpants plus the elegant scarf with fringe.  Fall into Place comes with an 8 color changing hud  
Mr. X — do you think he  is  rowing hard to get to this boat and hop on  board….  shall I make him walk the plank???? or let him on… and give him kisses and a  well deserved …  coughs for a cranky pants…. my readers… you decide…

And so,  shall we hold hands and watch the dolphins dance …  and  look at the stars tonight in this boat by Heart Homes… it is  easy… and look I am almost  Titanic…. I guess I made up my mind about three years ago……….

The Fabulous * New* Boat  – Ferry Boat –  Aphrodite at Heart Homes –

Outfit – FAD  Exclusive – YPBLAG   Fall into Place Mono (also in  brick, sage, storm, oak, orchid)

Skin – October 4 Seasons – J’adore Pearl

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Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Halloween Party & Fright Night by Ghee

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If you are not planning to have a Halloween Party this year, after you see this new creation called “Halloween Party” by Aphrodite at Heart Homes… you will start planning your guest list because the goodies and decor are all taken care of.
Mr. X and I have so much fun with everything Aphrodite at Heart Homes makes… this set comes complete with two bewitching tables and spooktacular balloons… and lots of “interactive” food for you and your guests.   None of the items are linked, once you rezz them you can place them in your home or in your venue any way you like. And, best of all, since they are copy you can also set up multiple tables, food, drinks and balloons.
Mr. X and I took a fancy to the witch’s fingers centerpiece, I mean, really, who can resist that!   Your guests can choose from many  items such as: “Mummy Pops” – a holiday favorite, Banana Ghost for fruit lovers, Monster Cookies for big eaters (!), Mummy Sodas, Puff Pastry Intestines for meat eaters, deviled eyeballs and my favorite, Black Cat Cookies!
I am wearing a new release by Ghee called “Fright Night” that is available at the main store for just 25 L — it is made of the sleekest red silk embellished with a black outline and has a “devilish” symbol emblazed on the front of the gown.
Table and Goodies – *New* Halloween Exclusive – Aphrodite at Heart Homes – “Halloween Party”
Gown – *New* 25L Exclusive – Ghee – Fright Night
Skin – October 4 Seasons – Queen of Hearts – White Dahila
Jewelry – Violator – DownCross- Unisex – Platinum
Eye make – up – Madrid Solo – Tentacles
Hair – Nikita – Gothic III

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