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Galland Homes Cloverleaf II

By – Nat the Cat. Visit Galland Homes Cloverleaf II for original post.

House: ***Cloverleaf II Galland Homes  NEW!
Optional: Galland Homes  Cloverleaf Models Snow NEW!

Galland Homes is pleased to introduce the Cloverleaf II, a new original mesh release.
Please note that as of November 7, 2016, this product now comes with two versions. The version you see rezzed before you as well as a version where the garage has been replaced by a third bedroom. Both rezz boxes are included in your package.

❖ House: 151 Prim LI;
❖ Antique White Kitchen: 31 Prim LI;
❖ Cloverleaf Master Bath: 21 LI;
❖ With all items above rezzed: 203 Prim LI;

❖ With all items above rezzed: 197Prim LI;

❖ All items noted above are included with the purchase price of the home.
❖ Other landscaping and furnishings used for staging purposes are not included with this house.
❖ Neither The Antique White Kitchen nor the Cloverleaf Master Bath are linked to the house structure should you wish to easily remove them. However, these items will rezz for your convenience in their assigned locations within the house.
❖ Approx 36 Meters wide by 31 Meters deep – best for 3072 Sq. M. or larger lots. *A Free footprint is available at the store.

❖Copy/Mod/No Tran (Some scripts are no modify, which will make the package appear “No Modify” when in your inventory. When the house is rezzed, you can modify the home.)


The Cloverleaf II is a modern crafstman home plan which features an open master suite, kitchen, dining area, living room, two-car garage, and second bedroom. The design blends traditional European and American styles (Chalet, Colonial, etc.) featuring intersecting roof lines and eaves. Careful attention has been paid to provide for ease of traffic flow in line with modern design which emphasizes open floor plans.

Still, the home includes more traditional elements such as baseboards, crown molding, and other custom wood trim aspects like the included mantels.

The home uses neutral tones throughout and all walls, while mesh, can be painted by simply recoloring them. In this manner, you will not lose the baked in ambient occlusion (shadow) effect. Shadow maps for the interior walls are included should you wish to apply other textures using your favorite photo editing software. (wall paper, faux paint, etc.)

***Cloverleaf II Galland Homes
Cloverleaf II Snow Roof

The kitchen is an animated product which includes an island with 14 animations and 10 poses. The main kitchen includes 21 animations and 11 poses (PG couples poses included). Each sink has running water and various props are included to help you prepare your favorite meals for you and your friends.

The master bath includes the shower, double vanity, bath tub, and toilet and also features animated products. The shower includes 16 animations and 11 poses (with PG couples poses). The bath tub includes 11 animations and 8 poses (3 PG couples poses included)

Finally, the home features custom mesh components such as the double hung windows, french doors, and the stable-style custom garage doors.

All landscaping in the advertising materials was assembled by Sera Bellic of Lick Sim Design.

The house control system offers menu controlled:

❖ Security – Allows the owner to add avatars to one of two classes of users: 1) Those who have access to the house controls and land parcel; and 2) Those who are permitted access to the land parcel, but will not have the ability to control house features;

❖ Lockable Doors;

❖ Windows with privacy features (This model has mesh wooden blinds);

❖ Working fireplaces in the great room and master suite;

❖ Media controls for radio and tv (you provide the URL’s) and the ability for you to store your favorite media URL’s in the house system for continued use;

❖ A teleport feature which allows you to store SLURL’s to your favorite SL destinations and teleport to them by using the house control system; and a

❖ Customizable security system;

The home rezzes using a reliable rezz system – instructions included.

Mr. X & Miss Darcey – Winter of Love @ Swank and Heart Homes

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X & Miss Darcey – Winter of Love @ Swank and Heart Homes for original post.

I love Christmas and presents!  Mr. X knows this and tells me that Christmas is everyday for me… as he showers me with gifts… and his undying love… year-round!  Miss Darcy has created the coolest creation yet at the December Swank… on till the end of December.  This ensemble called Winter of Love is sure to keep you cosy! I love sitting under this new Christmas Tree for Couples by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes…. it is filled with presents and goodies!

I really love this exclusive @ Swank by Miss Darcey it has all my favorite colors.  I find this kimono style floral jacket so stylish especially when it is paired them with skin tight jeans worn perfectly faded jeans that pick up all the colors in the jacket.

Most of all I love the lavish orange (my fav color) fur collar and the arm warmers that are trending now… Winter of Love by Miss Darcey is sure to make you warm up to winter… all winter long!  It is available now, exclusively @ Swank! As an aside, the lamp that comes with the Sparkling Holiday set is so like my lamps in real life reminds me of a  Christopher Spitzmiller... lamp… they are gorgeous and this modern lamp is too.

Exclusive @ Swank
Miss Darcey – Winter of Love

Outfit – Miss Darcey – Winter of Love

Furniture – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Sparkling Holidays and Couples Christmas Tree
Heart Homes –

Aphrodite @ Heart Homes @ RFL Christmas Expo

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Aphrodite @ Heart Homes @ RFL Christmas Expo for original post.

Heart Homes is participating in this years Christmas Expo @ RFL and a visit to their store will put you in the holiday mood for sure. I found one of the most elegant sets ever called Sparkling Holidays there that is a perfect living room set that is made in a gorgeous red silk that is embellished by decorative pillows.

The sofa of this set comes loaded with 89 animations and ten props; each chair with its graceful legs and arms has 23 solo animations and 9 props. The chandelier sparkles… it is really gorgeous and you can turn the lights on and off. There is an elegant coffee table with a beautiful arrangement and again, you can turn the candles on and off. The set is completes with a silvery rug and a planter.

“Sparkling Holidays” from Aphrodite is made for a couples and has many poses plus a new “Experiences feature like eating popcorn while watching a movie… and popcorn is our very favorite thing!

Another experience is eating strawberries… there is nothing like fresh fruit on a cold winter day to remind you of the warmer months!

Heart Home Vendors at RFL Christmas Expo offer the perfect items for holiday decor for your home with 100% of your purchase going to RFL.  There is even a free gift at the store at RFL.

RFL Christmas Expo

Heart Homes – Vendor and Specialty Set
Direct LM

  • Friday December 9, 2016
  • 10am to 12pm slt – Savannah Coronet   Christmas Tree Lot
  • 12pm to 2pm slt –  DJ AngelBonita   Christmas Tree Lot
  • 2pm to 4pm slt –  DJ Joe Dude   Winter Cafe & Club
  • 4pm to 7pm slt –  Trans Siberian Orchestra    Location TBA
  • 7pm to 9pm slt – Saturday Night Dance Party -Anni Braveheart  Christmas Tree Lot

  • Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Cozy Winter Set Heart Homes PLUS LoS BoS & !IT! @ Marvelous

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit A Cozy Winter Set Heart Homes PLUS LoS BoS & !IT! @ Marvelous for original post.

It is  a cozy time of year, I  have the tea on Mr. X and the couch from Aphrodite@ Heart Homes holds a surprise… and, Marvelous Events is on… with fabulous exclusives… I  feel like Christmas has come early!! Please come and  join me… let’s be cozy… 
Aphrodite at Heart Homes has made “Merry Christmas Set”  it is really nice.  As a matter of fact  it is the perfect living room for a  smaller home — it is romantic and all items are  copy.   The bed sofa is filled with tender comfy cuddles for two as well as activities, sleep options plus  single aos —  and something even more….. Merry Christmas comes with  chairs, cuddly rug, fireplace, bed sofa, small  Christmas Tree, couch table, hot chocolate & cookies tray (YUM) and a  decorative bowl with candles.  
The Merry Christmas Set comes with something I have not seen in SL ever…  and I love it!! The  couch turns into a bed and  do I have to tell you how much Mr. X likes that ???   It is  really great… and so much fun —  it comes with so many activities — movies,  breakfast,coffee, reading and more… it also has a full set of  cute cuddles and sleeping aos. At the moment I am wistfully having a breakfast tray… I do love  breakfast in bed… don’t you Mr. X?
To be in the holiday  spirit, I am  wearing the Sweater Dress Called  Frankee by LA BoS; it is an  exclusive @ Marvelous Events.  I love the sexy off the shoulder look of this dress that is made for all mesh bodies including Lara that I am  wearing.  Best of all it comes with a color changing  hud that offers 10 colors  5 attractive  solids and 5 unique abstract patterns. Marvelous will run through  12/25 — check it out… it has  great exclusives by top designers… at fab prices… plus lots of fun events and special gifts!
I also found a great necklace and earrings at Marvelous Events called Majestique (Set 160) BY !IT! I love the  18 kt gold filigree necklace  and the gorgeous cameo  Christmas Tree.  The earrings are composed of the same filigree and cameo making it simply elegant.
Wearing  — 
Exclusives @ Marvelous Events
Dress – L.A. BoS – Frankee
 !IT!- Necklace and Earrings Majestique (Set 160)


Furniture – Aphrodite@ Heart Homes “Merry Christmas Set”

There is a different light in the fall. A need to leave summer and wrap crazy colors and homes.

By – Ɣour Ƨtɣlє Ɯaɲtєd. Visit There is a different light in the fall. A need to leave summer and wrap crazy colors and homes. for original post.

Head: CATWA HEAD Dyana V4.10 @ CATWA Mainstore

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 @ Maitreya Mainstore
Hair: Blues. December @ Blues Mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays 11/11
Shirt: [Cynful] Exposed – Maitreya Lara @ Ultra Event November 2016
Jeans: #EVANI-Emily jeans DARK NAVY-Maitreya @ Tres Chic October 2016
August 2016
Bench: Rounded Bench Multicolors (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter Four November 2016

Fall Modern Set – * New* Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Fall Modern Set – * New* Aphrodite @ Heart Homes for original post.

Modern — clean lines, vibrant colors, low prim, easy to place and copy… plus loaded with heaps of clever and unique animations defines the *new*  Autumn Modern Living Room Set by Aphrodite at Heart Homes.

I love the neutral tones  the chairs and the colorful pillows and throws… that blend perfectly with the rug… replete with falling leaves.  This set will fit well in just about any home.  This set offers single animations for men and women plus a series of PG couple poses (there is also an adult version) in addition to  a full menu of options from drinking to reading, talking on the phone, working on the computer and much more.

This set has:
 ~♥~Single chair: 17 single poses / 6 props

~♥~Couple chair: 13 single / 22 couple cuddle & activity / 7 props
~♥~Couple sofa: 12 single / 60 couple cuddle & activity / 9 props
TOTAL: 42 single / 164 couple = 206 total animations & 22 props.

New – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Modern Fall Set

MP Page for Set


The Horizons Homes

By – Across The Grid With Lindal Kidd!. Visit The Horizons Homes for original post.

For a long time now, Linden Lab has offered a free Linden Home to Premium members of Second Life.  These were always intended to be “starter homes” and as such, they have a number of limitations.  The most obvious is, they’re small.  They are on 512 square meter parcels, and until recently only allowed 117 prims (the recent prim limit increase to Mainland regions has raised that to 175.)

Besides being small, you can’t get rid of the Linden Home and put a house of your choosing on the parcel, or place a skybox above it.

Linden Lab is attempting to address these limitations with a new offering in the Horizons regions.  The Horizons Experience is a quest-type game against the clock, featuring a number of challenges.  But besides the game, the new Horizons regions offer residential parcels.  These are 1024 square meters in size.

You can rez your choice of several pre-installed Horizons-themed houses (which don’t count against your 350 prim allowance, similar to a Linden Home), or you can place your own structure.

Horizons parcels are NOT offered as a free Premium benefit.  You can, however, use your 512 sq. m. land allowance and apply it to your Horizons parcel.  That means that you will only pay tier on the remaining 512 sq. m., or $ 5.00 USD per month (in addition to your Premium membership fee.)

Horizons parcels are currently being sold on the Land Auctions page.  After they’ve been auctioned off, the only way to get one will be to buy it from another resident, or find one that has been Abandoned by its former owner and purchase it from “Governor Linden.”

For lots more about the new Horizons land parcels, see this Wiki entry:

I’m sure these will be of interest to many people, especially those fairly new to SL.  But, as a landlady, I’m feeling quite grumpy about them.  Once again, Linden Lab is setting itself up in direct competition with the Residents.  Phooey.

Galland Homes – Draftsman

By Nicol Kling – TRAP FASHION SL. Visit Galland Homes – Draftsman for original post.


Galland Homes Hanover Barn – Exclusive for  Draftsman Event.

The Hanover Barn by Galland Homes will be available beginning November 20, 2016 at the introductory round of the Draftsman Event.

Stone Well Butterfly – CHEZ MOI

Windimill – CHEZ MOI

Cows in field !! Follow US !! 

Autumn field  !! Follow US !! 

Orchard Ladder {what next} 

Orchard Basket {what next} 

Wood Slab Path (Autumn) Sari-Sari

 “Beach Drifter” Beach Fence – Dark Nut A [CIRCA]

Mr. X its Teatime – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes and Luxe Paris

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X its Teatime – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes and Luxe Paris for original post.

There is nothing cozier than a cuppa hot steaming tea on a cool fall day when the leaves drift slowly on the autumn breeze.  Aphrodite @ Heart Homes has made the perfect autumn tea set that sets the mood.

The autumn tea set is beautifully hand carved in a rich maple wood finish that just screams fall.  I love the leaf shape of the chairs and table and the graceful curves of the legs… making this set rustically elegant.

This set comes with trees, two chairs, a candle and festive placemat plus tons of animations for male, female and even child avatars.  Each  has 6 animations to choose from.  Everything is copy so it is not a problem to add additional items to your scene.  As with all of Aphrodite @ Heart Homes items this one comes loaded with interactive ao’s you can have soup, three types of drinks including tea — and you can even pray!

I am wearing a new release by Luxe Paris called Chic Devil crop top and pants.  I love the elegant detailing on the crop top with its lace-up embellishment at the decorative waistline that really shows off my curves. There is nothing more classic than black silk and gold.

I decided to dress down Chic Devil crop top and pants by pairing with the high lace boots also by Luxe Paris from the Saturday Hoodie Top, Shorts and Booties outfit.  It just goes to show you how versatile this outfit is…

Furniture – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Autumn Tea Set

Outfit – Wearing – Luxe Paris – Devil Chic Crop Top and Pants

Shoes – Luxe Paris -Saturday Hoodie Top, Shorts and Booties

Hair – Shi

New CAT blog

There is a different light in the fall. There is an ambition of truce, a need to leave the summer crowds and wrap themselves in the colors and in homes

By – Ɣour Ƨtɣlє Ɯaɲtєd. Visit There is a different light in the fall. There is an ambition of truce, a need to leave the summer crowds and wrap themselves in the colors and in homes for original post.


Hair: little bones. Gia  @ Collabor88 October 2016 
Head: CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10 @ Catwa Clip
Top: SPIRIT – Sera top [Maitreya Lara] @ Collabor 88 October 2016
Blouse : Zaara : Anisha ruffle blouse (maitreya) *canary* @ Collabor 88 October 2016


Hair: [taketomi]_Joker_Blondes (Full Hair) @ [taketomi] Mainstore
Head: CATWA HEAD Paul V4.11 @ Catwa Clip
Skin: {Akool Brand} Aydan Skin TAN Applier  @ {Akool Brand} Mainstore
Jacket & Bandage : ::GB::Hoodie Sweat jacket  Black 1 & ::GB:: Bandage @ Ultra Event September 2016
Pant: ::GB::  Sweat Pants (Slink) Black @ Ultra Event September 2016

Pose: *CS* September End @ Cosmopolitan first round October 2016