Mr. X and Summer Dreams…[Aleutia], Aphrodite Heart Homes, Emo-tions

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I asked Mr. X, so what’s wrong with summer  daydreams… he admitted nothing that he knew of… and what better than a romantic picnic on the beach for two as designed for Aphrodite at Heart Homes. Just look at the detail in this… right down to the romantic shell shaped flower strewn place settings, candles, flowers and yes, wine by Aphrodite of course… red and white! I have paired this with great new crop pants and shoes by [Aleutia] and hair by Emo-tions and a boho top by Pink Pearl.

This beach picnic is a set for two although it can accommodate  up to four people. There is also a friends set that can accommodate up to eight people.  The beach set is super comfy because it comes with plenty of pillows and blankets in complementary mix and match patterns. The table decorations can be moved around (even though they are placed perfectly) and all of the items are copy.

And there are three types of poses for couples including tasties where you can feed  each other chocolate or strawberries and drink champagne or wine.  There are also two dances and 30 cuddle time poses.  In addition to this there are  13 poses for singles and eight dining poses!

You can also use the Experiences feature that comes with this set if your land allows it. If you have the newest Firestorm or Linden Lab viewer, you find the feature under “About Land” -> Experiences.  Press “Add”, then enter “Avsitter”.. it shows you the Avsitter (that’s the pose engine this set works with), made by Code Violet. Press OK to add it in the Land Experiences

And, I found the purrfect thing to wear to this beach party… the new Violet leggings from [Aleutia] that is an exclusive at TLC along with the new hair by Emo-tions also an exclusive @ TLC called Windblown.  I could not resist wearing the matching sandals also by [Aleutia] called Fleur Heels that are an exclusive @ Swank.

The “Violet” leggings from [Aleutia] are delightfully adorable and an absolute essential for your wardrobe! Just in time for Spring, these leggings come with the signature [Aleutia] HUD, featuring 30 of the season’s top trending tones, perfect for any mix and match you may want to do.

Tailored to hug those beautiful curves, these leggings offer a sleek silhouette that gives all of the right places that perfect curve while boasting a sweet cutout of a stylized violet for that flirty bit of fun. Grab a pair of these and start your own daydream of summer.  These are a  100% Original Mesh. Exclusive Maitreya Design. The top shown below is called Karma by [Aleutia] and is available at the main shop or  on MP.

Set – Beach Picnic for Two (also available for Friends) – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – ON9 Exclusive

Outfit – [Aleutia] Violet Leggings – The Liaison Collective Exclusive (thru 3/31)

Shoes [Aleutia] – Fleur – Exclusive @ Swank

Purple Top – Karma [Aleutia]

Hair – Emo-tions – Windblown – Browns – Exclusive @ The Liaison Collective

Necklace – Emo-tions -Taipa –

Top – One in a Million – Pink Pearl

Shake Your Shamrocks with Sage @Swank! Plus Aphrodite @ Heart Homes and Emotions

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St. Patrick’s Day, also referred to as the feast of St. Patrick, is celebrated every 17th of March in remembrance of the first patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick and it is around the corner.  This day’s celebrations involve the wearing of green shamrocks, festivals, parades and the consumption of alcohol… even green beer!  With that in mind I went to Swank in Search of a new outfit to wear for my St. Patrick’s Day Mini Party Set from Aphrodite @ Heart Homes and I found the perfect outfit by Sage @ Swank!

I love this new outfit by sage with’s its tight jeans and cute tank top that comes in a variety of colors.  I particularly liked Lucky Jeans and Tank Top # 7 uncommon… I mean who wouldn’t like to be “Magically Delicious”!!!

Lucky Jeans # 6 is cute too with its giant shamrock on the front of the tank top!  All of these outfits come with a color changing hud that allows you to change the trim on the tank top and on the jeans… so you can mix and match with the click of a button.

I also love #10, I think it is my favorite…after all… I can’t wait to see Mr. X and “Shake my Shamrocks… or better yet… his !  I have paired this with the new short bob cut with its asymmetrical bangs by Emo-tions called Mirella… I love the look. As with all of Emo-tions hair this comes with hair base appliers for catwa, lelutka and omega mesh heads as well as classic heads.

The set is from Aphrodite at Heart Homes and is the Mini St. Patrick’s Day Party Set and includes everything you can possibly think of to throw a party… from interactive leprechaun lollipops and shamrock balloons and other goodies right down to green beer!  

Swank Exclusives:
Wearing: Sage – Lucky Jeans and Tank Top # 10,6 and 7

Shoes – Aleutia – Fleur

Set: St. Patrick’s Day Mini Party Set from Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Hair – Emo-tions – Mirella – Blonde Hud

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Two Homes 88

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Two traditional homes that could easily reside next door to one another. One open plan; one family friendly. Both with plenty of style.

Up first from Trompe Loeil, the Jenica Cottage with details galore. If you love patterns of light coming through paned windows, this may be the house for you.

For those with families or just lots of stuff, the roomy Bannock Cottage from barnesworth anubis offers plenty of space both inside and out.

Wide decks and interior stairs let you maneuver gracefully, always a plus.

The Jenica Wicker Chair by Trompe Loeil (top photo) comes in both light and dark versions with and without pillows.

Find all this goodness at COLLABOR88.

Plants by Little Branch.

Mr. X and Ch @ Swank plus Heart Homes Margarita Machine and new Jumo

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I told Mr. X that it must be 5 p.m. somewhere and in SL — that depends where in the world you are literally I suppose!  I have waited a bit to showcase the new splendid Margarita and Smoothie maker by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes… I think it is my fav thing yet (love that ouiji board though!).  And, I also love this flirty new dress @ Swank called Aspen by Ch’s not to mention the sexy new hair by Jumo called Gisele that is perfect for this boho like look

Aphrodite @ Heart Homes  has made  a great addition for any home or beach party in SL — a Margarita Machine… and believe me, it is fun!  Press a button and the drink starts to be made before your very eyes!!!!!! You have a choice of whether to make Smoothies or Margarita’s.  If it is before 5 Mr. X suggests the banana smoothie… after 5 definitely the chocolate margarita!  You can attach the drink after it is made and when finished with it, the drink disappears like magic.  There is even a “cleanup” option that ensures you  don’t leave drinks laying around melting in the SL sun!

A Margarita is a cocktail that is made from triple sec, tequila, and lime…the story goes that it was invented in 1938 by Carlos “Danny” Herrera at his restaurant Rancho La Gloria, located between Tijuana and Rosarito Mexico… and that it was created for a former Ziegfeld dancer – Marjorie King.  Another story has this iconic drink created in 1941 @ Hussong’s Cafe in Mexico for Margarita Henkel and yet another  claims the Margarita was first mixed in Juarez, Mexico @ Tommy’s Place in 1942.   Yanks think Dallas socialite, Margarita Sames invented it in 1948 when she made it for her friends in Acapulco and Tommy Hilton brought it back to his chain hotels.  Yes, a long history!

This Lace shift like dress is so light and breezy. I love the lace overlay and the lace around the hemline and sleeves that add a touch of feminine allure.  Aspen comes with a massive color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of this dress at the click of a button… the blues and pinks offered are really pretty, the yellows and greens are bright… and the orange red reminds me of a tropical sunset!  I love this dress with the new hair by Jumo which also offers a massive color changing hud for hair that is straight colors, with roots and even an ombre option.

Dress – Aspen by Ch’s – Swank Exclusive

Hair – *new*  Jumo – Gisele – Blonde Roots

Margarita Machine – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Chairs – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Posiden Fishing chairs (Contains 6 single sits, 2 fishing and 2 other activities, supported by 5 props! including fishing!)

Massage Table – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Thai Couple Massage Table (2 prims – – 20 couple cuddles – 6 beauty Treatments like Thalassotherapy, Chocolade Treatment or hot jade stones.. – 50 couple massage animationd 
-16 resting/laying couple animations)

Lanterns – Hades Lamp in 4 Sizes – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Mr. X & Vianney- ::ALter, EED Homes & Gardens, L.A. BoS, Letitiuier,Kaya’s Ray of Sunshine @ Swank

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I told Mr. X I had a surprise for him… if you promise not to tell him…. I will share my idea… I want to create a timelessly stylish space for Valentine’s Day — a place that is classically contemporary… a place to capture magical moments together… but nothing to “gushy” !!!  With this in mind, I searched the grid and ended up at Swank. I found a perfect setting by EED Home and Garden that I am sure will set the “mood” for romance. Each piece is sold individually so  you can pick and choose according to your needs… but oh they look so good together !

I love the fireplace  with its fancy fire screen and blazing fire, best of all it is only  4 prims… unbelievable!  The  Valentine’s Day wreath embellished with roses looks fab over the fireplace and again is only  4 prims. I placed two plants on either side of the fireplace for a little greenery and to  bring more red into the room, each plant is only 2 prims.  One of my favorite pieces is the opulent heart sculpture on the wall  is only 6 prims the detail is beautiful — it is eye catching and really helps to tie the room together.  On the mantel of the fireplace, I used two finds from Swank, the K Soft Valentine Candle 2  and Valentine Day’s Heart that comes in  9 colors by Kaya’s Ray of Sunshine.

This Valentine’s Day love seat called Valentine’s  Day Romance in Red by EED also an exclusive at Swank is just what I was looking for.  I love the sinuous metal curves of the love seat with silk velvet red pillow cushions, floral throw and decorative floral pillows.  The detail is amazing  on the base of the seat with its floral rosettes and graceful French legs.   The couch comes with poses for couples (8) and for singles(3) it is easy to adjust and is only 8 prims.

Of course, this would not be complete without a sexy Valentine’s Day Dress… and I found a skin tight square neckline sheath dress  by ::Alter called Vianney and this dress comes loaded!  It is made for classic mesh bodies as well as for slink, maitreya (worn) and belleza bodies.  It also comes with shoes for slink high feet and maitreya (worn)… they are black and red and can be used with so many other looks.  They are so stylish.

Vianney also comes with a complete set of matching jewelry. I love the rubies set in gold and this set is perfect…. not too big and not too small… I especially like the dazzling dangling earrings…. I have paired this outfit with another Swank exclusive by Letitiuier  called Angel Hair that is in an updated bob look — I am wearing it with a mesh head and it fits beautifully… so you can easily wear it with a regular or mesh head with no worries. The poses are Bag It by L.A. BoS – a Swank exclusive as well!

Swank Exclusives –

Furniture – EED – Fireplace, rug, plants, loveseat, heart shaped poofer, Valentine’s Day wreath, Heart Sculpture

Kaya’s Ray of Sunshine – candle on fireplace and Valentine’s Day Love Sign

Hair – Letitiuier – Angel Hair – Light Blonde

Dress and Jewelry and Shoes – ::Alter called Vianney

Poses – L.A. BoS – Bag It

House – LA GALLERIA – Wildflower Cabin

Interactive Classic French Kitchen and Dining Room – Heart Homes & AlaFolie

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I told Mr. X that I have never ever been so good in the kitchen as I am in SL !  And, with the new French Kitchen by Aphrodite at Heart Homes, cooking, dining and playing around in the kitchen is a snap.  The details as always in any build by Aphrodite at Heart Homes is simply amazing. I love the soft French blue of this kitchen and all the cute details including the flowers, pots and pans and cabinets full of all kinds of goodies that one would expect to find in a kitchen.

Mr. X likes the fact that you can even have a snack at the kitchen counter.  Here you can eat, drink, while you watch your partner slave away in the kitchen!  This burger is so realistic steam comes out of it!!! All you have to do is sit and touch the placemat and wait for a series of options to come up. The best part is that when you stand up, everything disappears… I wish that would happen in RL instead of always having to clean up my mess in the kitchen !

 There are options for two kids, a couple option with kisses in the kitchen(!) and solo options for serious cooking! When you touch the stove area… the burners even go on…  you have a series of options to choose from… you can, for example read a cookbook in order to make your favorite valentine’s day dessert for your sweetie!  Mr. X loves and hates this idea as he knows I am not “chef” material and my knife and measuring skills are not great!

And, thank God, a watched pot in SL never boils over…ever!  You can rezz a pot and make soup, check a pie by peeking in the oven and much more… this kitchen is not only beautiful, it will provide interactive fun for a family, couples, friends and even kids!  Hours of entertainment on many levels.

And, to go along with this gorgeous kitchen, Aphrodite at Heart Homes has created a formal country French styled dining room. This elegant set in neutral tones is easy to match anywhere and in any style home.

The set comes with a dining table with a runner and flowers where your guests can eat, drink and relax.  It also comes with a French styled Bombay chest with a lamp and books and a lovely French styled hutch filled with curios. Best of all everything is copy so you can  rezz more than one mirror, hutch or bombay. The wall lamps that match the mirror complete this elegant vintage look.

I am wearing a gorgeous sweater skirt and top by XXX called XXXX that was an exclusive @ Swank.  I love the texture of this elegant outfit that is perfect for a dinner party. It is made for mesh bodies in 5 sizes as well as for slink and maitreya (worn).

I have combined XXX with the new hair by Jumo called Kiko and the new mesh eyes by Jumo and the new Eye shadow by Jumo made for classic avatars, letluka, catwa and bento heads.  I love its glitter in all six shades.

French Kitchen – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Main Store LM

Demos here:…/Shopping%20City/…/243/999

– Chair: Solo: 10 Animations , 6 props – Work Area:  – Solo: 1 Pose  – Couple(PG): 13 Poses  – Couple(ADULT): 31 Poses m-46 Props – Kitchen:  – Solo: 1 Pose  – Couple(PG): 24 Poses  – 17 Props
French Dining Room – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Hair – Jumo -Kiko – blonde with roots

Eyeshadow – Jumo – Power

Eyes – Jumo – Pink Topaz

Dress – AlaFolie – Zoe –
Store LM
Swank LM –

Mr. X and Lotus Chill Out – Heart Homes, Zed Sensations and Jumo

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A new chill out by Heart Homes…  oh la la and a new dress by Zed Sensations….  The Lotus Chillout is a pavilion constructed of the finest teak that is made for a couple, a single and for 1-4 friends. It is so easy to use, just rezz it and click on where you want to sit.

In addition to couples and single and friend poses, there are also props, like watching the movies, drinking coffee, eating popcorn, etc.  The props ask if you want to attach them… just say yes!  When you stop the pose, the attachment vanishes. There is also a couples “experiences” feature to this for added fun. As always you can turn the fire and lights on and off.

And, what to wear.. Zed Sensations of course… a  gorgeous shimmering silk mini dress called Yeppuda Pretty Dress with lavish cutouts… it is a bandage type  dress with a different color bra top and swirling sleeves  that beguile… I like the silver jewelry at the neck of the dress  and all the way down the front that gives Yeppuda added style.

I am in love with this new updo hair by Jumo called Behati Hair. It comes in tons of shades with an easy changing hud.  You can buy the hair with or without roots but really the roots are some of the best that I have seen. If you can’t decide you can also buy the best of Ombres, roots and straights colors to make things easy.  I am wearing the best of ombres shades for this blog.

Oh, yes and new cat blog !


Outfit – Yeppuda Pretty Dress- Zed Sensations

Hair – Behati Hair – Jumo

Heart Homes Lotus Chill Out Set-

Mr. X and the Asian Shower – Heart Homes @ ON9

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I love the idea of an outdoor shower… under the sky… and once again, Heart Homes has come through with a fabulous low prim shower perfect for one or two people.  The poses are really fun and simple to use.

Just sit on the shower to use it’s poses… you can choose to use it as a single or as a couple …. there are nine fun single poses sure to keep you clean! The side wall has the nine poses in it. If you want to use the shower as a couple, ladies sit first… so remember to be a gentleman!

To get the shower on there are two “hot” and “cold” faucets and the one in the middle turns the water on and off. You can also turn the tealights on and off with a simple click.

The bench comes with nine poses and includes everything from a ground sit to comfy, flirting and dangling.    As with all of Heart Home produces, the details are amazing from the slatted oriental feel of the wood to the towels, soap and candles.  This is a must have for any beach setting. I love it and so does Mr. X.

Asian Beach Shower – Heart Homes- Exclusive @ On9

Outfit – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Thalia
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Arm and Leg Bands – Rare  Gatcha

Galland Homes Cloverleaf II

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House: ***Cloverleaf II Galland Homes  NEW!
Optional: Galland Homes  Cloverleaf Models Snow NEW!

Galland Homes is pleased to introduce the Cloverleaf II, a new original mesh release.
Please note that as of November 7, 2016, this product now comes with two versions. The version you see rezzed before you as well as a version where the garage has been replaced by a third bedroom. Both rezz boxes are included in your package.

❖ House: 151 Prim LI;
❖ Antique White Kitchen: 31 Prim LI;
❖ Cloverleaf Master Bath: 21 LI;
❖ With all items above rezzed: 203 Prim LI;

❖ With all items above rezzed: 197Prim LI;

❖ All items noted above are included with the purchase price of the home.
❖ Other landscaping and furnishings used for staging purposes are not included with this house.
❖ Neither The Antique White Kitchen nor the Cloverleaf Master Bath are linked to the house structure should you wish to easily remove them. However, these items will rezz for your convenience in their assigned locations within the house.
❖ Approx 36 Meters wide by 31 Meters deep – best for 3072 Sq. M. or larger lots. *A Free footprint is available at the store.

❖Copy/Mod/No Tran (Some scripts are no modify, which will make the package appear “No Modify” when in your inventory. When the house is rezzed, you can modify the home.)


The Cloverleaf II is a modern crafstman home plan which features an open master suite, kitchen, dining area, living room, two-car garage, and second bedroom. The design blends traditional European and American styles (Chalet, Colonial, etc.) featuring intersecting roof lines and eaves. Careful attention has been paid to provide for ease of traffic flow in line with modern design which emphasizes open floor plans.

Still, the home includes more traditional elements such as baseboards, crown molding, and other custom wood trim aspects like the included mantels.

The home uses neutral tones throughout and all walls, while mesh, can be painted by simply recoloring them. In this manner, you will not lose the baked in ambient occlusion (shadow) effect. Shadow maps for the interior walls are included should you wish to apply other textures using your favorite photo editing software. (wall paper, faux paint, etc.)

***Cloverleaf II Galland Homes
Cloverleaf II Snow Roof

The kitchen is an animated product which includes an island with 14 animations and 10 poses. The main kitchen includes 21 animations and 11 poses (PG couples poses included). Each sink has running water and various props are included to help you prepare your favorite meals for you and your friends.

The master bath includes the shower, double vanity, bath tub, and toilet and also features animated products. The shower includes 16 animations and 11 poses (with PG couples poses). The bath tub includes 11 animations and 8 poses (3 PG couples poses included)

Finally, the home features custom mesh components such as the double hung windows, french doors, and the stable-style custom garage doors.

All landscaping in the advertising materials was assembled by Sera Bellic of Lick Sim Design.

The house control system offers menu controlled:

❖ Security – Allows the owner to add avatars to one of two classes of users: 1) Those who have access to the house controls and land parcel; and 2) Those who are permitted access to the land parcel, but will not have the ability to control house features;

❖ Lockable Doors;

❖ Windows with privacy features (This model has mesh wooden blinds);

❖ Working fireplaces in the great room and master suite;

❖ Media controls for radio and tv (you provide the URL’s) and the ability for you to store your favorite media URL’s in the house system for continued use;

❖ A teleport feature which allows you to store SLURL’s to your favorite SL destinations and teleport to them by using the house control system; and a

❖ Customizable security system;

The home rezzes using a reliable rezz system – instructions included.