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Hi everyone.  I got something cool to show you!  I got a new house and I am loving it.  Its called the Skwer.  Its by Maven Homes.  Normally his houses are a bit on the larger side, so when I see the smaller ones I get all excited.  This house is more like a mini resort house in my opinion where as you would see it at a ski resort or something of that nature, but I made it look that way with all the bushes and stuff in front and the snow.  But this house would look amazing by a lake or anywhere really.  It all depends on how you decorate it.

It has two floors.  First floor is your basic living room and kitchen layout.  The mini kitchen is built in.  This house is modifiable so if you want to remove items you can do so.  Just make sure you keep the backup ready to go in case you are like me and make mistakes.

Then going up the stairs you will find a huge bedroom and bathroom.  I am not sure how I did it but in my picture of the bedroom I managed to get a reflection light off the lamp by the bed to hit the door.  That was pretty flipping cool if you ask me I never seen that before.   This house is small but yet so spacious on the inside and perfect for one person or a couple to live in.

I am going to try something new, since I have 8 pictures, I am going to embed a slide show into my post.  I am going to see how it works, if you don’t like it don’t hesitate to tell me so.  I am curious to see how this works ♥  You can always see the pictures on my flickr as well just click the flickr slide show at the top ♥

Make sure you check out Maven Homes.  There are two sims full of houses.

Also I am not going to detail my inside home .. but I will list all designers featured in it .. I will do another post later with all the insides because I am not done decorating just yet!


Random Furniture around the house by these designers:
Shabby Tabby (Rosemaery Lorienfield)
Aphrodite (Marina Ramer)
8f8 (iBi)
Circa (Cherelle Capra)
Common Grounds (Emery Milneaux)
Vespertine (Amelie Knelstrom)
La Galleria (Pamela Galli)
Noodles (Natalee Oodles)
Fetch (distoreddreams)
Alouette (Scarlet Chandrayann)
Plethroa (PlethoraSL)
Convair (Tobias Convair)
Kalsia (Isabeau Baragula)
Bazar (Ria Bazar)
Half Deer (Halogen Magic)
FloorPlan (Tegan Serin)
Dust Bunny (lxlnoel)
Oyasumi (Kenzo Gateaux)
Ispachi (Andred Qinan)
What Next (Winter Thorn)
Pilot (Kaz Nayar)
Cozy Homes (Paige Raven)

New Year and Mr. X – New releases by Heart Homes and Jumo @ Sneak Peek

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New Year and resolutions… I asked Mr. X if he had any and he scoffed at me because he believes you should continually try to better yourself and be “nice” to people every day not just on New Year’s Day.

Sitting around the new Candlelight Dinner Set by Aphrodite at Heart Homes we wondered just how the tradition of New Years Resolutions began.

This table comes with a 5 step menu of options from rezzing plates, lights, hats and even tiara’s (just touch the New Year’s sign by the champagne) to turning the lights on and off.  And, because it is Aphrodite at Heart Homes, the dinner is delicious and romantic!

As for resolutions, the earliest recorded were traced to the ancient Babylonians that made promises to return stolen objects and pay their debts.  The Romans made promises to Janus, in medieval times knights took a “peacock” vow… and the this tradition has continued through the centuries……So Mr. X what will you New Year’s resolution be?  We  want to know.

Since I am in a festive mood, I am wearing Jumo’s exclusive cocktail dress called Khanna Outfit in Lavender (it comes in many jewel tone colors.  This dress is brilliantly embellished  with jewels and an applique of flexi plumes that scream Happy New Year!

Khanna comes with a gorgeous diamond necklace and earrings as well as divine High High High heels for slink high feet — of course!

New Years Candlelight Table – Aphrodite at Heart Homes

Wearing: Jumo Khanna Outfit in Lavender – the exclusive at Sneak Peek
Event Landmark:

Skin- Morphine Skins

Heart Homes Gift ♥

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Hiiii everyone! Before you miss it I want to tell you about a little BIG gift that you can get from Heart Homes, Also known for its products by Aphrodite!  Right now for the holiday season you can get a COMPLETE full out bedroom set for the winter.   I am going to post what the owners wrote so you can totally take advantage of the amazing gift that is being presented.
Message from the owners:   Marina Ramer

1500 THANK YOU to all of you!!! Thank you for your support and for following everyday, thank you for liking us! Here is the promised bedroom set in two versions, adult or PG also for kids and teenagers! How to get it? Please IM me in FB. I will send you a personal code. With that code, please TP to Aphrodite Shop here
Type the code on the terminals and get it! As simple as that. and if you also missed our last first gift please get it also now with same code!
PS If the terminal says OFFLINE is because needs to be refilled, each terminal only allows 50 gifts so please be patient I will keep refilling them, enjoy your Xmas bedroom everyone!

Facebook Site: 

So not only do you get one gift you get TWO if you missed the last one! ♥  This is just great.

The bedroom set comes with TONS and TONS of poses, great items to use for single players and yet for your love one at night.  Or morning for that matter as there is breakfast in bed.    So on to the pictures.  Oh … wait one last thing.  These items are single placed after out of the rezzer so if you don’t want the Christmas tree out anymore, you can easily pick it right back up and place it away for next year!

Mr. X — Santa has come to town — Aphrodite at Heart Homes

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As always… Mr. X is magic this time of year… so caring… and extra nice… I know, he always is so extra nice is hard to believe…. but Aphrodite at Heart Homes has made a Santa that has warmed our hearts and is sure to warm yours……
It looks like a simple  fireplace — see the santa in the back peeking at you…. well touch him and he comes down the chimney!
He slides out and gives gifts… I love that… just ask Mr. X!

And then magically like santa does… he goes up the chimney… please don’t forget his milk and cookies!
And,  a helpful hint, don’t miss this fabulous Group Gift Skin — Danika Christmas Doll in two shades by October 4Seasons.


Aphrodite at Heart Homes — Silly Santa Fireplace

Skin – October 4Seasons Skins – Group Gift – December

Dress and Wig Boudoir – Holly Jolly

Shoes – Izzie’s Style- Christmas Shoes  for Fresh Styles -

Snowflakes and Mr. X – Deals from Heart Homes & Fresh Styles

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 I emerged into a winter wonderland last night…with the landscape painted in textured white. The snow  was clinging to evergreen trees like white fur stoles and the rain of snow flakes were swirling like flashing diamonds in the dark winter sky.

I told Mr. X it was time to unwind in a cozy new winter cottage… called Snowed Cozy Nest made by Heart Homes… it is adorable and romantic  a low prim beauty that is 35% off at the Cosmo Event.

One thing I love about this house is that it has three working fireplaces that are perfect for snuggling.  The custom wall pictures complete the cozy feel to this house which is totally customizable.

I love this red military styled coat with it’s fine brass buttons and  the sleek black cat suit worn under the coat.  This outfit is called Zelda and was created by  StormCrow Design.  It is an exclusive at  Fresh Styles. I was told it was understatedly sexy… Mr. X loves that.  This look even comes with spike heels.

Dreaming of Mr. X, I am keeping warm by the fire in the Snowed Cozy Nest’s living room in a seashell styled chair also by Heart Homes and sold separately.  The picture over the fireplace comes with the house.

The bedroom also has a working fireplace and long silk drapes giving this room a cozy feel.

Another find at Fresh Styles is the perfect short sleeve cocktail dress with a fitted velvet bodice, silk bow at the waist and a organza flirty flared skirt with a slight peplum creating a perfect silhouette.  Speaking of silhouette’s I love this wall in the snowcozy nest house.

The final room of the cozy winter cottage has neutral wall paper with a shadow of bare branches and birds adding a whimsical touch  to this well built romantic getaway…..Mr. X the hot chocolate is on….so come in from the cold!

House – Aphrodite at Heart Homes – Snowed Cozy Nest – Regular Price: $ 1450.  For Cosmo Round discounted to $ 950 – a 35% savings.  In addition to this house, there is a first snow couples tent marked down to $ 699 and a wild animals campfire set for $ 820.

Fresh Styles – Round 10 where everything is 25-150L
StormCrow Design’s – Zelda includes catsuit, coat and shoes
EccentriciXi – Velvet Dress in Red
Hair – Exile – Vodoo – Naturals
Skin – October’s 4Season – Liala Blossom Blonde (new)

First Snow and Mr. X – Round 11 – Fresh Styles & Heart Homes Tent Sale

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Mr. X and I decided that there is a certain romanticism to the first snowfall… and what better way to celebrate the fluffy white flakes than in Aphrodite’s at Heart Homes First Snow Winter Couple Tent

The tent comes loaded with low prim lanterns, a picnic basket and a romantic bed to cuddle, read, talk on the phone, write or even do some work on your laptop!  There are many animations for singles & couples to choose from. The tent is 25% off at the Cosmo Event.

Fresh Styles where prices range from 25L- 150 (plus lots of gifts) has started round 11 with tons of winter goodies like the Mimi Pants and Sweater set with earrings by CS Designs.
Standing outside the tent… I am trying to catch snowflakes!
The cozy midriff cabled  mock turtleneck sweater comes in a variety of colors and comes with matching skin tight jeans.  
Another find, also by CS Designs is a cute mini sweater dress with a sexy V-neck in a subtle snowflake pattern.  Mr. X please hurry and log on…. I am blowing you a kiss hello!
The Winter Sweater Dress comes in a variety of colors as well as with cozy fur lined alpha boots and a matching snowflake necklace!

Tent – First Snow Couples Tent – Aphrodite at  Heart Homes
First snow couples tent marked down to $ 699 at Cosmo Event
Cosmo LM:

 Fresh Styles Exclusives Nominated- Avi Choice Award
Wearing: Fresh Styles Exclusives by CS Designs (Camellia’s Sanctuary) – Mimi Pants and Sweater and Sweater Dress

Skin – October’s 4Seasons -  Liala Blossom Blonde – New and Soulful Eye Shadow – Blue new collection

Hair – D!va – Asami

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Hearth Homes & Aphrodite

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Hearth Homes  &  Aphrodite presents a fantastic line of products for this Christmas! Colors cozy and comfortable. An attractive design for your Cristhmas!
“Twinkle star” family cottage – 
Miamai_SnOWWW!Men_FreeHugs @arcade
38_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Sledge @arcade
34_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Mailbox @arcade
Living Room “Glowing Warm Christmas” 
Heart Homes Christmas Couple Tree 1.1
Heart Homes Christmas table

Aphrodite/Heart Homes – Autumn Love Nest II

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hii everyone, this is a home and garden post today.  I am showing off a new sweet house by Heart Homes, the creators of Aphrodite.  This is a quaint sized house, small and cute for any plot size.  There is a front porch, and three rooms inside.  So you can make them into what you want and live very comfortable. 

Its a mesh home that is 61LI, Terrace 21LI, Outdoor fireplace 11LI, Outdoor decorations 15LI

This can be found at the Kustom9 Even starting November 1. 

Created by Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood  Mainstore

Top of House
Front Porch
Front Room
Room One
Room Two