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Red Dot Hunt @ VERO MODERO

By – Sheep Clouds. Visit Red Dot Hunt @ VERO MODERO for original post.


Dear reader.  Hope your FAB weekend <3

VeroModero is running [VM] Vero Modero Red Dot Hunt.
You can buy that outfit for only 25L$ paying the Red Dot. you will find 5 Red Dots in Male side & 5 Red Dots in Female side.
Hope you enjoy this hunt!! and get VeroModero awesome outfit with special price but this is only in limit time.

 JumpSuit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Irem Jumpsuit Blue @ Red Dot Hunt item
  (Including Gold Bracelet / Gold Necklace)
 Hair : .:CHEVEUX:. M083*Hair*TSS GIFT* @ The Season Story
  (anniversary round close on 31th)
 pose : Kirin – Alma Pose 6   @ The Season Story

(Men outfit)
 Suit : [VM] VERO MODERO / John Set Cotton Green @ Red Dot Hunt item

(Woman outfit)
 [VM] VERO MODERO / Flaming Dress Salmon @ Red Dot Hunt item

pose : Repose MF MR. & MRS. (Closing sale until 31th)

location : ~Nouvelles Aventures~ 

Hope you enjoy for yourself  or with somebody you like one <3

Thanks for coming to my blog.

[CIRCA] – Dia de Muertos – enMESHed Hunt Prize

By Tilly Thirdborn – Brayden Thirdborn or Tilly Arun. Visit [CIRCA] – Dia de Muertos – enMESHed Hunt Prize for original post.

[CIRCA] "Dia de Muertos"

Hello Guys & Girls!

Happy Saturday to you, thank goodness the weekend is finally here!  We hope you all have some lovely things lined up – hopefully the weather won’t be too chilly.

My gorgeous Bray is working away in RL, so I wanted to create a fun blog post, as I received this amazing set by [CIRCA] today. This is a really cute set, and is the enMESHed Into Fall Hunt – “Dia de Muertos”  Set.  You can get this item for free at the [CIRCA] Main store!  This item is available as part of the enMESHed Hunt until November 15th, so make sure to go grab it while you still can! While you are there, make sure to check out all the other amazing designs there.  There is something for every style, you wont be disappointed.

My amazing guy Bray, and I are both wearing the brand new hair release by Dura.   As you can see, this is a unisex style, and we both love it!  You can go check this hair out at the Haus of Swag Event, which runs until November 4th.

I am also wearing this super cute Elvira Outfit Halloween Edition by Hilly Haalan.   It looks amazing, and would be great for those upcoming Halloween parties.  My shoes are the High TipToe Sneakers by Delirium Style.  They come with an amazing texture HUD so you can customise your own colours.   You can also grab these at the Haus of Swag Event, until November 4th.

My very amazing Bray, is wearing the cool ‘Sam’ Shirt by A&D.  His jeans are the Dirty Dean jeans by 7mad Ravens. They look awesome on him, and I particularly love the shirt!   You guys can go grab these, and lots of other cool mens items from the Men Only Monthly round which is on right now.

That is all for now, but we will be back again really soon!   Take care, have a great weekend, and be safe!


~Bray & Tilly~


On Tilly:

On Bray:


  • [CIRCA] – enMESHed Hunt Prize – “Dia de Muertos”


Bray’s Robot Pet:










URGH! (50Ld Group Gift & “Keep calm and give me candy” Hunt).

By zanbeck – Pure Eggs & Spam. Visit URGH! (50Ld Group Gift & “Keep calm and give me candy” Hunt). for original post.

Achoo…drat my BBF has given me her cold! So I’m sat here with my nose running and sneezing so hard I’m having “whoopsie” moments and I guess I must have sneezed just as I clicked to take this picture as I’m blinking!


This sexy Pirate outfit comes from Purplemoon Creations and for a 50Ld joining fee you get the hat the..achoo..dress…achoo…gloves…whoopsie…and a sword.  As an added incentive, once you’ve joined you can then also join in the “Keep calm and give me candy hunt”.  This is another hunt which time and effort have been spent in the design of it and fortunately, the hidden ..achoo…Mermaids aren’t hidden particularly well and you don’t have any …achoo…puzzles to work out.

I’ve had to take some Night Nurse just to try to dry up my streaming hooter!

Anyhow check out a close-up so you can see my skin as well and all in my Nams setting so you can see it how I see it.


The skin is of course a PumeC because although most of the stock is human skin there is a small range of Elven skin from this white one to black and they’re all so stunning and the hair is a New Mina but obviously it’s hidden mainly by the hat but of course although I don’t often use one of the white/grey shades as I always say Mina’s has everything from the blackest of blacks to the whitest of whites.  This hair is from the Kustom 9 event and I’m going over there soon because I think there maybe FREEBIES! and not even a snotty nose keeps me away from them.

Here are some piccies of the hunt.


Where you land is where you can join the Group and the Group Gift is there, remember it’s 50Lds to join, but to get to the hunt just follow the wooden bridge which is just there.


I did most of the hunt it’s not over a vast area  and managed to find most of the Mermaids which I’ve not unpacked as yet but I can see from what I have found that they have CLOTHES in them and I own a couple of items from Purplemoon which have survived many an invent culling esp a super sexy ladies suit! So I can’t wait to get back inworld and hunt down the rest of the prizes because I don’t want to miss any.

ACHOOO I mean Purplemoon Creations

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Lots of Events in October! Boo! Bunny Hunt, SWANK, Mad Circus, Twe12ve!

By – Jenie’s SL Fashion Life. Visit Lots of Events in October! Boo! Bunny Hunt, SWANK, Mad Circus, Twe12ve! for original post.
For Hints for the Boo! Bunny Hunt here Hints

Lacrime dell’anima – Cute Boo! Hearts (Pink Ghost) B!BHunt
~ASW~ The All Hallows Punch Line B!BHunt
Rekt – Hanging Bats Set B!BHunt
Dreamscapes Art Gallery *Halloween* Chair B!BHunt
*Finishing Touches* Ghost Family Happy Halloween B!BHunt
DE.Boutique AW16 Cruella Heels Colors @ SWANK Until Oct 31
 MESANGE – Storm Eyes B!BHunt
Kingswood Store – Light Hart Backpack B!BHunt
!IT! – Spiderweb Ear Cuffs 1-6 @Twe12ve Event Until Oct 31
AppleTini – Broken Nails Applier @ Mad Circus Until Oct 31
.::WoW Skins::. Emily Catwa applier @Twe12ve Event Until Oct 31
beautiful hustler. hocus pocus mug B!BHunt

The Freebies are the icing on the cake!(Free Hunt).

By zanbeck – Pure Eggs & Spam. Visit The Freebies are the icing on the cake!(Free Hunt). for original post.

OMG if it wasn’t for one of our regular readers,Shi, contacting me I would have completely missed this excellent hunt called “The Nightmare Event” which would have been such a shame as  I had such a blast.  It was so much fun I actually stayed up well past my bedtime, what a rebel!


OK I have to confess she sent me a cheat sheet but then again she must have read about how useless I am at hunts and without this cheat sheet I would actually not even manage to get to the first room LOL.  However, I did try my best not to cheat too much and it was only when I couldn’t get through one door and when I was killed 3 times in a row that I finally decided enough is enough and I peeked for the answers.  Don’t worry though if you get killed because you only get “bumped” back a little bit and not right back at the start.


You go from scene to scene everything from a street full of ghosts to a giant sized child’s bedroom.


You creep and crawl and wade through tunnels walk through rooms all in the hunt for teeth and keys, 25 teeth and I think it’s 5 keys but not sure but don’t worry as the Hud you must use shows you not only how many teeth/keys you need but how many you have managed to find.  Fortunately, both these items are big and esp the teeth very easy to find but I think a lot of people find the last “room” the sewers a real maze but I persevered and once I’d found the last tooth you can then return to the shopping area and on most stands is the Hunt prize.  The stands of course also have lots of spooky clothes, decor and nasty stuff for you to buy and I was so tempted by some of the stuff for sale but since I’ve not had time to unpack all 25 gifts I thought I would check them out first as I did spot amongst the usual jewels etc some stuff which suits my ghoulish side perfectly.

This is a FREE to join hunt so when you TP in stay where you are and click the glowing platform and TP again to the entrance of this Hunt, on the wall you will see instructions and click for a wearable torch and click the other side for the Hud you need and then click the door and you’re on your way.

So a BIG FAT FRENCH KISS to Shi, full name not given as I don’t know if I have permission, for the heads up and of course a BIG FAT FRENCH KISS to the people who have spent so much time, effort and Lindens to make this a fun thing for all.  All I need to do now is LM for you lot and then spend a happy hour unpacking all 25 prizes.

The Nightmare Event

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Moolto Madness Hunt With POSHPixels

By phenellaresident – Phenart. Visit Moolto Madness Hunt With POSHPixels for original post.



The Moolto Madness Hunt starts in just a few hours. Are you ready? I’m ready…

15th October – 15th November

I got my outfit and glasses HERE

I joined the inworld group

I have the tag activated

I am wearing the moolto special glasses


I have the page for the hunt locations ready HERE  (Join the group on moolto too!)

Wear the tag throughout all the hunt to receive your gifts.

The tag will allow you to wear your magic glasses

Have fun and enjoy the hunt.!


There are some AWESOME prizes for this hunt and it’s a 0L hunt you are gonna get some great bargains. Including this fantastic Photo Globe from Pam Nightshadow at Posh Pixels. It has 10 beautiful poses (located in the bunny) Im just showing you a couple of them here.


Prop/pose – Posh Pixels Wicked Wonderland Photo Globe Moolto Madness Hunt Prize

Outfit – Moolto  Hunt Outfit Female (Includes top, jeans, running shoes and the special glasses)


Black Dahlia Hunt

By cassierosemiddles – The Magical life of Cassie Middles. Visit Black Dahlia Hunt for original post.

This was a really fun interactive hunt in secondlife that I highly recommend! It’s free to play, and you get 15 really cool mesh furniture pieces for your halloween, from Death Row Designs! Each item is very well hidden in a black dahlia in and around the store, and you collect them by wearing the hud when you have your group tag activated. This hunt runs from October 1st-31st, so go play while you can!

Useful Links and Information for the Black Dahlia Hunt and DRD:


Black Dahlia info ad
Flickr Group
flickr Page
Group Joiner

Items Featured:
Dahlia’s Carpet
Dahlia’s Decor Lanterns
Dahlia’s Decor Sign
Dahlia’s Decor Tray
Dahlia’s Light
Dahlia’s Pumpkin Decor
Dahlia’s Remains 1
Dahlia’s Remains 2
Dahlia’s Remains 3
Dahlia’s Resting Place
Dahlia’s Table
Dahlia’s Tombstone 1
Dahlia’s Tombstone 2
Lost Her Way Signs
Mourning Dahlia Chair

My Feeds:


Got something you want me to review? Send me a message with requests, or if you’re a store wanting something showcased, send me a message inworld to CassandraMiddles Resident. I normally review monthly events, FLF, Luxebox, and occasionally do full hauls of stores I really love. i also started reviewing sims and doing a few machinimas. If you ever have any suggestions as well, let me know! I also post almost daily on my flickr and tumblr, when not doing vlogs, and would love to see your stuff as well!
-CassandraMiddles Resident

Mr. X – Krystin & Leslie – Ghostyss and Heartsdale Jewelry @ Swank plus the Hunt!

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X – Krystin & Leslie – Ghostyss and Heartsdale Jewelry @ Swank plus the Hunt! for original post.

I asked Mr. X to come to Swank with me and to explore the Haunted House that is set up there. Along the way, naturally, I had to pick up a couple of exclusives at Swank to wear  by Ghostyss.

 I love the side cutouts of this dress and the the way it has a sweet empire waistline with the words…”Rebel Soul” written in glittering diamonds…after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!  I like the detail of the cross in the center of the waistline belt — little details count and this one gives the dress the right amount of sexy goth drama… ok those side cutouts are sexy too!

Krystin is available for mesh bodies including Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and, you can also wear it with  classic bodies.  The flaring hemline will surely make hearts flutter and turn up the heat!

Another find by Ghostyss is called Leslie.  This gown has a sweetheart corset bustline with  deep slits up each leg making it darkly evocative and definitely alluring. Leslie is made from a sophisticated brocade fabric covered by Victorian Lace that gives sunny days a splash of darkness!  You can wear Leslie with  Belleza, Slink, TMP and classic avatar bodies.

The corset top elongates your figure and gives you a mysteriously sexy look…Mr. X likes that. It is a perfect start to an eerie evening of dark romance and exploration of the Haunted House … oh la la..and remember there is also a hunt going on this month @ Swank.

I have paired Leslie by Ghostyss with a gothic styled necklace of red blood beads on a black chain along with dripping ruby earrings and a nose ring by Heartsdale Jewellery appropriately called “Dark Passions”.  It is minimal in size and makes a fabulous impact. Matching Dark Passion Bracelets are sold separately.

There are over 100 designers featured @ Swank and products range from clothes and accessories to home decor.  There is even a special halloween spooktacular hunt going on not to be missed!  While you are at Swank, don’t miss the “Haunted Mansion”  It is great fun… and combines a ride to a spooky old house that is well worth the time to explore!

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Dress #1 – Ghostyss – Krystin
Dress #2 – Ghostyss – Leslie
Jewelry – Heartsdale – Dark Passions
Poses – Glitter

Swank LM –

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Catalina Lily

Out of the Box Hunt

By roxifiranelli – On the Rox. Visit Out of the Box Hunt for original post.




So you know you love hunts…I love hunts…everybody loves hunts.  I have one for you that started today……the Out of The Box Hunt @ The ScratchNpost.  It started today and runs through the 27th, culminating in a wild end of hunt party on the sim.

This Hunt is sponsored by Second U Magazine, [ kunst ], Essences, unKindness, 7mad;Ravens, Heartsdale Jewellery, Flippant, Whisper, Baby Monkey, Digitize, Dekute Dekore/Dekute Pet Depot, KOSMETIK, Winterwood, Paprika Designs & [RUBY]. Total boxes to look for is 16.  At this moment there are 14 boxes out, so expect a few more to be slid in any minute! I wrangled Darth into doing the hunt with me earlier and I don’t wanna throw out any spoilers, but the awesome shoes I’m wearing may or may not be in the hunt (okay, they are….jeez)  Not just the tan color either, there’s a HUD with 10 gorgeous Fall colors….and did I mention all the hunt prizes are freeeeee!  Go grab them!!


So to recap… hunt….free stuff…move it or lose it!

Click here to get to the starting point!

The hunt item you will be looking for is this:



Baby Monkey – Lucie Pumps, Maitreya @ the Out of The Box Hunt

[SURPLUS MOTORS] Chevelle MOG2 – old group gift
~Dirty Rat~Diner
~Dirty Rat~Gas Station
Bauhaus Movement – Zina pose (tipped sideways, lol)

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Lakewood Heaven Pr!tty & Tree hunt + extra LOTD! First…

By – ∞ Shop ’til Drop ∞. Visit Lakewood Heaven Pr!tty & Tree hunt + extra LOTD! First… for original post.

Lakewood Heaven Pr!tty & Tree hunt + extra LOTD!

First two pictures are the look I created with some stuff that I found hunting in the event!My hair,my sparkly ears and all the room furniture(including decoratives)are all GIFTS!Everything is just what I found hunting,I am so excited they look extremelly cute 😀

The other two pictures are from me having a blast at the beautiful sim! You guys should totally check it out,it’s like a magical paradise! The hunt is an amazing reason to make you wanna explore the sim and check out that amazingly beautiful place! I was speachless and really wish that was my RL hometown haha! You can even rent those amazing houses that are built there (either with the GORGEOUS furniture they come with or use your own! Go guys check it out @ Lakewood Heaven

And now let’s talk about my LOTD 😀

As I said above my hair & ears I found at the sim,hidden behind furniture or out there in the world,so LM is above! (they are from – pr!tty & .tree – )

Top : Blueberry – October’s Group Gift

Chest Tattoo : ISUKA Mehndi

Legs Tattoo :  [White~Widow] Charade

Shorts : part of… Blueberry – Dana Set

Heels :  ::ROC:: Mary Jane Heels

Hope you liked it and see you soon again! <3