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The Photographers Hunt – [INFO]

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1st – 3st October 2015

The hunt will feature some of the best pose and furniture makers in SL, some well known brands and some new ones that you may not know about.

All items in the hunt will be related to photography – poses, props, furniture, decor. The Photographers Hunt will be a Grid Wide hunt offering hunters a wide range of items designed exclusively for the hunt.

Images of the gifts and hints will all be published on the hunt blog and on Flickr closer to the date.

Landmarks will not be in the hunt prims – you can join the inworld group ‘Stuff My Inventory Hunts‘ for a landmark notecard or look at the blog, where the slurls will be posted.

Hunt items cost 5L each.

Participating stores:
Black Tulip
22769 ~ [bauwerk]Little Llama
[Tillie]Bounce This Poses
Grafica Poses
.snaphappy. poses
{Rook} Poses
{xoxo} Poses
oOo Studio
Uncertain Smile
Something New
RM Art of Poses
Dreamscapes Art Gallery
The Vintage Touch

Your Friday Hunt Report

MOH6 - FAREWELL SUMMER HUNTI’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I still have a lot of fun going out hunting. My partner and I go together while we’re discussing the hints via Skype, and fan out looking for the hunt prizes. Hunting in pairs and groups makes it a social event! Then there’s all the free (or very low cost) stuff that we come home with, so it’s a win-win.

There are some really good hunts going on right now. I’m planning to complete the Men Only Hunt 6 before it’s over, and then maybe take a run at the Bleeping Bunny Hunt 3. These are just the ones at the top of my own personal selections. I’m sure that you too can find a hunt or two to love as well. So take a gander at all these hunts and then check a few of them out.

New to hunting? Both FabFree and HUNT SL have pages full of tips to help you get going. I recommend them to novice and veteran hunters alike.


802. ::K:: [NEW @ FaMESHed and MOH Hunt] & Half-Deer [NEW @ The Arcade Gacha]

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Hair : Beusy: June Hair FATPACK [Exclusive Dollarbie] – By Colorless
Tops : ::K:: Renoir Tops Homme/Femme Navy NEWFaMESHed Event – By Kitt Ragu
Jeans : Blueberry – Luna – Rolled Cuff Jeans – Light Blue – By blueberryxx
andika poses [Loves Me Loves Me Not] – By littlelinda littlebird
Hair : .:CHEVEUX:.Group3000ThanksGiftHair! – G.Gift (fee to join 300L) – By mariru catnap
Vest : ::K:: Villa Vest Homme/Femme Marsala – Men Only Hunt 6 – By Kitt Ragu
Jeans : Blueberry – Luna – Rolled Cuff Jeans – Blue By blueberryxx 
Boots : ::GB::Summer boots G.Gift – By Takuya Jinn
+Half-Deer+ Candy Chickadee Birds – By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu – Wave Hello (rez) Gacha  NEWThe Arcade Gacha Event – By halogen
+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu – Sleepy (rez) Gacha  NEWThe Arcade Gacha Event – By halogen
Photo taken at :
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On The Hunt Once Again!

whc moh razor3_001

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my favorite time of the year in Second Life (which is any time a major men’s clothing hunt is going on). Everyone knows I have been waiting for this hunt for weeks and I am happy to say it has been a highly enjoyable event, providing some excellent quality items. Before describing the items in the above picture, I would like you to click on it. That will bring you to my flickr. Then, click once more to see the picture in its’ original resolution. The reason I invite you to do this is because the more detailed picture, the more impressed you will be with the items’ quality.

The first item I want to show you from The Men’s Only Hunt is the tattoo I am wearing. Honestly, it is the best, most comprehensive FREE gift tattoo I have ever seen. The level of detail in this tattoo is simply unbelievable! Take a close look at the About That Life Tattoo & Sleeves from Inhale and you will probably understand why I am so excited. While the level of detail packed in this tat makes it an excellent hunt gift, there is something else that makes it a must-have hunt item. In addition to being wearable for regular basic avies, it also contains appliers for Omega, Signature and TMP Mesh avies! Inhale has even included a Slink hands version! This is a fantastic tattoo and, if you later decide to go with a Mesh avatar, it is highly likely you will still be able to wear it. The Men’s Only Hunt is a FREE hunt and will be going on until September 13th. Look for the cool, frothy beer hunt object to find your gift. Don’t miss out on this tat!

This is the first time I am posting this style of sweatpants. While undoubtedly popular, they aren’t my usual style in real life. Until now, I have never gotten one in a hunt that was so excellent that I literally HAD to post them! Take a look at these Blue Mack Sweats, the FREE Men’s Only Hunt prize from Razor. I am a long-time fan of their high quality, edgy style of street wear. When I unpacked these sweatpants, I was blown away with their first-rate quality. The material looks soft, and the mesh design looks highly realistic, right down to having a great amount of pocket space. Combine that with the brilliant blue and black colors of the sweatpants and you have another must pickup from The Men’s Only Hunt. I know many Fab Free readers will be interested to learn that this gift includes a FEMALE VERSION in addition to the male one. It isn’t every day I get to catch the ladies’ attention, so thank you very much Razor!

A friend of mine who helped me on the hunt was looking for a cool pair of sunglasses. The Farewell Summer Glasses from 7Mad;Ravens fit the bill perfectly. Dark and stylish, this FREE Men’s Only Hunt gift has a very subtle touch of color across the top of the frame, and WOW, do I love that touch! These glasses look superb and are another item from the above pic that will impress you more the closer you look.

I couldn’t resist going all out for the pic, so I included the FREE Men’s Only Hunt gift from Legal Insanity for a touch of street cred. The Biker Necklace is a tough-looking heavy pair of gold chains. Often gold jewelry on SL can look unrealistic, but this necklace does not suffer from the common mistake of being overly yellow and bright. I was truly impressed with the looks of this pixel treasure from the fine folks at Legal Insanity and I hope you will enjoy it too.

The final item to highlight in the above picture is my new bracelet. A FREE Men’s Only Hunt gift from Apple May Designs, the Men’s Forged Cuffs look fantastic. The texture gives it a hammered by hand look, making it appear to be a piece of finely crafted jewelry. My picture does not even showcase the entire gift. Although I show it on my right wrist alone, the hunt prize actually includes both right and left wrist versions. Both come in two colors: chocolate bronze and steel finish. It is a highly versatile hunt gift, and yet another reason you should be doing the Men’s Only Hunt this month!

whc laundry day 1_001

I usually wear the same type of clothing in Second Life that I would wear in real life, simple like soft cotton T-Shirts and jeans, or something smart and dressy looking. A perfect example of my kind of T-Shirt is this wonderfully textured Dexter Mesh Tee from Sharp By [ZD]. Emblazoned with the words “Laundry Today OR naked tomorrow,” I even feel as if it fits into my rl lifestyle. I am naked a lot of the time, but I am not actually a naturist. I am just too lazy to do laundry very often. For all the guys out there that totally understand where I am coming from, this T-Shirt is for you. It comes in three Mesh sizes and two FitMesh ones, and is actually pre-stained to give it that authentic laundry day apparel look! Like the other items from the Men’s Only Hunt this month, it is FREE for the taking.

Lately, I have been posting a surprising amount of hair. Usually, male hair is a very tough find for free or even extremely inexpensive. It is one of the main challenges as far as building a new male avy for a reasonable price. I don’t know why we have been blessed with such a wide variety of good free hair lately, but I am quite happy about it. My wash day hair is the new FREE Men’s Only Hunt gift from Ayashi. Their Toma hair in black was perfect for this pic, just the right mix of spiky and unkempt for the Laundromat. Remember, for this and all the other items on the Men’s Only Hunt, the hunt object you are looking for is a cool, frothy beer.

Finally, I couldn’t hit the “send” button on this post without mentioning the pose I used for the wash day picture. It is one of three poses included in the FREE Men’s Only Hunt gift from Verocity! It looks excellent and is a pose I will undoubtedly use many more times over the years to show off men’s garments.

Hopefully, that’s enough to tempt you to discover the joys of hunting in Second Life. With patience, it can be highly rewarding. Stay tuned for next week’s continued coverage of The Men’s Only Hunt where I will try to tempt you into hunting by sharing more of the rich treasures to be had for FREE! Until then my friends, see you on the grid.—–WHC Riler

WHC is wearing…


Tattoo – Inhale About That Life Tattoo & Sleeves (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)

Sweatpants – Razor Blue Mack Sweats (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)
Note – There is a Women’s version included in the box as well.

Sunglasses – 7Mad;Ravens The Farewell Summer Glasses  (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)

Necklace – Legal Insanity The Biker Necklace  (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)

Bracelets – Apple May Designs The Men’s Forged Cuffs  (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)

Skin – Belleza Mathieu
Hair – Argrace Minato (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)
(We saw it posted here first)
Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes – Pewter (Unisex)
Washday T-Shirt – Sharp By [ZD] The Dexter Mesh Tee (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)

Washday Hair – Ayashi Toma hair (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)

Pose – Verocity The Men’s Only Hunt Gift  (FREE Hunt Prize/The Men’s Only Hunt)



. The Hunt .

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Fantasy Gacha Carnival
I hope you guys like this look(´` )
*Body Part*
Skin :  -Belleza- Leila Pale 3 BL
Meshbody : -Belleza- Freya
*Appeal & Acc*
Hair : little bones. Titania @ Collabor88
HairPiece : [The Forge] Drulla Headpiece, Black UltraRare @ FGC
Top : [The Forge] Drulla Top, Black @ FGC
Pantie : [The Forge] Drulla Panties, Black @ FGC
Thight : [The Forge] Drulla Thigh Guards, Black @ FGC
Shoulder : [The Forge] Drulla Pauldrons, Black @ FGC
Bracelet : [The Forge] Drulla Bracers, Black @ FGC
Weapon : [CX] Tidal Trident @ Enchantment
Eyelash : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes <Tintable>
DM – Warrior


DRD Roman chariot (Battlefield)
{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue]
:Fanatik Architecture: RUINS Summer 512
Go to my Flickr❤

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While On The Enchantment Hunt

Previously posted @ Rubilyn’s Fantasy Wardrobe.

This is a busy weekend! I really put some effort in a few posts to show you more great things from Enchantment before it would be too late. You have one more week until Sept 5 to check out all the great offers — and to go hunting!
In the Enchantment Hunt, you will find many gifts which complete sets you can buy, or which match to an offer. So it’s really worth it! You will be lead through 23 participating stores where you have to find a blue seashell. A notecard is available in the group notices of the event group. Grab it before you start, or you’ll end up like me! I started the hunt way too tired and made a monkey out of myself when I had to ask in the group for help just because my brain was not fully functioning anymore. Don’t fall for this trap! *lol*
Even if this is a quite short hunt, and even if the gifts are really easy to find, I recommend to take your time. Some of the shops are totally worth to be explored! One of my favourites was BoOgErS where I had to take snapshots immediately. My main snapshot for this post was made in the garden of Les Encantades where I also grabbed a yellow dress from the current 30 L$ Saturday Sale.
While On The Enchantment Hunt
SKIN: Essences Ariel05. medium01. cranberry @ Enchantment tyvm!
BODY: Maitreya Lara body/hands/feet
SHAPE: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Temperance tyvm!
HAIR: Entwined Ariel @ Enchantment tyvm!
EYES: IKON Odyssey. Clarity
EYELASHES: Mon Cheri Falsies

TIARA / NECKLACE: Gaeline Creations Celeste @ Enchantment tyvm!
HEADDRESS: The Plastik The Ursula @ Enchantment tyvm!
EARRINGS: The Plastik The Ursula @ Enchantment tyvm!
BRA: The Plastik The Ursula @ Enchantment tyvm!
DRESS: Sweet Lies Sirenas @ Enchantment – Gacha tyvm!

POSE (first pic): elephante poses Part of Your World @ Enchantment tyvm!

:: HEYDRA :: Ellen [Women Stuff Hunt]

Previously posted @ Latina Cupcake of Fashion.

This amazing Women Stuff Hunt begins September 1st…So mark those calendars.
Delirium Style ~ Aiyana Wicca Dress w.HUD
DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Coleen Mixedtype
Own Shape – Not Sold
:Diamante: Fairytale Eyes w.HUD
:Diamante: Fairytale Makeup 2
MOON // Hair //Ombres – Light Headed Wanderer
{Scene} Kitten Choker w.HUD @ Kinky Event
:Diamante: Fairytale Lashes
Unisex [MANDALA]Steking_Ears_Season 5
:: HEYDRA :: Ellen Shoes – Special Edition for Women Stuff Hunt
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High
 SLink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

Failure is Not an Option: Men Only Hunt Opens Tomorrow

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Failure is Not An Option2-jpgx

Summer always involves a lot of running around in SL and RL both. With a huge collection of events, one can hardly be faulted for running out of energy. Today’s model refuses to settle, however, and he’s marshaled his two canine companions to play personal trainer. Good cop and bad cop, the doberman spurs our model on with barks (and bites) while the gentle Labrador coaxes with sweet doggy smiles and melting “Please finish so you can feed me” looks.

The exercise comes just in time, for August has been a really great month for male fashion lovers. Uber is offering a fantastic collection of sports themed items, including this really great treadmill put out by N4RS.  I’m a huge fan of N4RS decor for the lovely textures, the smooth and sensual animations, and the inclusive options. The treadmill doesn’t disappoint, offering options for M/M and F/M and PG/Adult.  That’s not all. Flair for Events, the group behind the excellent Men Only Monthly event will present the MOH6: Farewell Summer Hunt starting tomorrow August 29th. Hunters will be searching for a beer inside the participating stores.


MOH6 - FAREWELL SUMMER HUNTJPGMen Only Hunt 6: Farewell Summer   August 29th – September 13th

Flair for Events: WebsiteFacebook

MOH: WebsiteFacebookFlickr


Mesh Body, Mesh Hands: The Mesh Project – Male Deluxe Body

Hair: Mina Hair – David@Men Only Monthly

Beard: Dossier – Beard & Moustache V1

Glasses: Haysuriza_Glasses_Michel2_(advance_M)

Necklace: Rebellion – Faith Necklace@Men Only Monthly

Shirt: AR2 Style – Military V-Neck Shirt for MOH6

Bracelet: Apple May Designs – Forged Cuffs for MOH6

Pants: UrbnW. – Trent Jeans@Men Only Monthly

Boots: UC – Classy_boots_unisex@kustom9

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Reverie Tattoo Fresh for MOH6

Bag: Caligula – Combat Duffle Bag



Build: Glam Affair – Tomoto – Skybox ( bricks ) RARE (past Gacha)

Treadmill: N4RS Treadmill@UBER

Gym Flag, Folded Towels: N4RS





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Your Friday Hunt Report

Fi_s_Hunts_-_African_Summer_Hunt_-_POSTER_IMAGEGood morning Fabulous Friends! August is drawing to a close and a bunch of hunts will be taking their final bows this weekend, so if you been procrastinating, it’s time to get MOVING. All that free (or nearly free) stuff is laying around just waiting for you to come by and pick it up, but time grows short.

There will, of course, be some shiny new hunts to partake of starting on Tuesday, September 1st, but I’ll get in to telling you about those when the time comes.

I hope that all of you are enjoying the hunts. Myself… I need to get out on more of them too… or at least start unpacking all the boxes from the last few hunts, which is almost as fun as Christmas morning!

New to hunting? Both FabFree and HUNT SL have pages full of tips to help you get going. I recommend them to novice and veteran hunters alike.


Your Friday Hunt Report

hunt SL final addicted to applier signGood Morning Fabulous Hunters! It’s hard to believe that Labor Day (the sort of official end of of the summer here in the USA) is almost upon us. There’s lots to be happy about in the hunt world this weekend here in the last bit of summer vacation.

So take a gander at all these fine hunts and find the one that’s just right for you. Your bulging inventory will thank you for all the free (or very nearly free) stuff before it’s time to head back to school.

New to hunting? Both FabFree and HUNT SL have pages full of tips to help you get going. I recommend them to novice and veteran hunters alike.