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Evil Bunny ~ Jerky Turkey Hunt Look #2

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Naughty and Twisted
Cute as a Button
Physique Hourglass Body by Slink
Shannon Lux Skin by Hush
A Winter’s Tale (hair) by Exile
Lighting/Shadowing using LUMIPro
Pose by me using Anypose
Lola Dress by Foxy
*Tempest* Jerky Eyes by Inkheart
Thigh High Leg Warmers by 
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Graffiti Hunt at Foxy

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Why stop dreaming
when you wake up?
Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya
Shannon Lux Skin by Hush
Ryleigh by Truth Hair
Lighting/Shadowing using LUMIPro
“Don’t be a Cheetah” pants
 (1L Graffiti Hunt through 11/15) 
at Foxy
Sponsored by Foxy

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Kiss my Boo Boo (Freebie, Hunt &Gift from me to you).

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I spent my RL morning digging around my Xmas Deccies desperately waiting for the time I can put them up without family/friends and neighbours labelling me as a Nutter and it looks like I’ve pricked my finger on one of the glass ornaments so I’m sulking.  To feed my inner need to Xmas decorate I decided to check out the M Law Christmas Lane and see if I could track down another item for our sim and I found this which is NOT a freebie but a 60Lds Gacha win.  I have another Gacha cottage from M Law which I love and so for that small a price I decided to grab another one.  The Gacha only has these houses in them so they’re all wins in my opinion.


I’ve deliberately taken these pictures in my Nams setting.  Everything you see comes attached to it so rezz in edit mode.  There are some very nice touches ie the canopies, lights, plants etc


I especially like the bay window.


The porch is small but big enough to squeeze a chair on but the side window of the bay window is a nice touch.

OK so apart from the last picture “why no inside ones” The outside of the house is lovely with a lot of attention to details but the inside is what I would call a “blank canvas”.  There is one bricked wall with a fireplace but the rest is a large amount of windows and even more grey walls.  A lot of prims as well, just under 100, but this is Mod and I for one would be tempted to deconstruct and reconstruct BUT since its non copy it would actually be a shame to muck up a pretty good home so this is a GIFT from me to whoever.  If you think you would like this house just drop me a NOTE! not a IM but a NOTE (IMs are capped) and the first one who asks will have this sent to them.


I have to return to the Christmas Lane soon as it looks packed with enough Christmas Deccies to make even Santas little heart sing and I literally just grabbed the above feebleness and tried one of the Gachas but I’m looking forward to getting back inworld for a proper look.

“Bee Designs” (M Law Designs) seem to be the same shop and it has a gift set out for the Perfect Seduction Hunt, I think it’s a little sleigh you’re looking for and there is a link to the LM’s, piccies and hints and the one at M Laws Design was so easy to find.  The prize is the table with all the items on top and comes linked which means of course I unlinked the lot of them.  The reason is simply because I have more use for them as separates.  That table is a pretty good industrial style table, the mugs will look great on a shelf, the flask is always a good decor item in any kitchen and the berries a lovely bright pop of colour in fact all I binned was the vase and the cream out of the cups LOL.  Linked it comes to 11 prims but unlinked each item is just a prim.  You can also see the delivery packaging the house and this gift comes in which will also make really good decor items as well.  As someone who has a stuffed invent I have to be really harsh as to what I keep and what I bin and when something can be broken down and I can cherry pick the items I either don’t have to will have a use for is much appreciated.

UPDATE so I’m back at the Christmas Lane event and obviously there are lots of small decor items Santa’s snowmen, elves etc but also lots and lost of snow covered builds so if you’re after a snowy retreat and not just a Santa check this place out.

Christmas Lane

Perfect Seduction Hunt Hint’s n LMs

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Blithe Photo Scavenger Hunt Winners!

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ScavengerHuntWinnersFirst, and foremost I have to say how thrilled I am that we had so many people who completed the scavenger hunt! It was so much fun having everyone participate!  Above was the randomizer results for all 21 of you who completed the hunt and posted your photos properly in the Blithe Flickr Group.  There were a few people who posted multiple collages from the hunt. I only included your name once in the randomizer to be fair to everyone. Prize money will be passed out today! Congratulations!!

Thanks again for your love and support towards Blithe!



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Hunt#013 – The Dirty Turkey Hunt 6.0

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Acontecendo ate 30 de Novembro a 6ª Edição da The Dirty Turkey Hunt.  Caçada que marca o início de eventos organizados por Depraved Nation e apresenta uma grande variedade de lojas que dão, aos caçadores, um presente gratuito ao encontrar o objeto escondido.
Junte-se ao grupo para ficar por dentro das novidades. Maiores informações aqui.

Going until 30 November to 6th Edition of The Dirty Turkey Hunt. Hunt marking the beginning of events organized by Depraved Nation and offers a wide range of shops that give, the hunters, a free gift to find the hidden object.
Join the group to stay on top of news. More information here.

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The hunt is on! 3 box are lost in the store…Good luck! ^^

More information in the store.


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Your Friday Hunt Report

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HUNT SL The Peatonville AsylumGood morning Fabulous Friends! Here’s your Friday listing of hunts on the Second Life grid.

There are a bunch of great hunts going on right now, but one I still need to fit in before the end of the month is the Peatonville Asylum. If you’ve ever been on a MadPea hunt before you know that the macabre as well as attention to detail are their hallmarks. They are very much like interactive games. Finding things and solving riddles are all part of the fun.

If horror isn’t your cup of tea, you can find lots of other themes to choose from. Just check the list and poke the hunt names for more information on each one. There are lots of free (or nearly free) prizes out there waiting for you to find them.

New to hunting? Both FabFree and HUNT SL have pages full of tips to help you get going. I recommend them to novice and veteran hunters alike.


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Hunt#010 – Twisted Tale Hunt (TTH)

Previously posted at Seleção Especial.

  Do dia 20 a 30 de Outubro o evento que agitará nossas emoções é a Twisted Tale Hunt. Tendo como objeto da caçada um livro mágico, que nos levará a lugares fabulosos. Prepare-se para participar e desvendar este mistério!

Informações: Site.

On 20 to 30 October the event that stir our emotions is the Twisted Tale Hunt. Having as object hunt a magic book, which will lead us to fabulous places. Get ready to participate and unravel this mystery!

Information: Site.

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Hunt#009/1 – Witchy Hour Hunt

Previously posted at Seleção Especial.

* Cabelo/Hair: Dura – *DG*64 HAIR – Light ColorA
* Tattoo: .::GID::. God & Science Tattoo – WHH
* Botas/Boots: [MODA] Charade Platform

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PurpleMoon KCGC Hunt – Prize 01

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Keep Calm And Give Me Candy Hunt – PurpleMoon 
Outfit: PM   KCGC 01 
SLink:! Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High Mesh 
Body: Belleza Venus V.3
SLink:! Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High ! & ! Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual !
Shoes:.:KC:. ALANA BLACK SLink SHoes HIGH Feet
Hair: Magika – 01 – Darkness Falls
Skin:Glam Affair – Katra & Summerv3 – FLF Polar
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea

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