The Free Dove March 2017 Mini Hunts

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Surprise: Two posts in one day! Every month The Free Dove hosts mini hunts from three different designers. This month’s hunts include hair from Alli&Ali, jewelry from Chop Zuey, and clothing from Nala Designs. Read on to learn what to hunt for and see some of

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The Basics Of Second Life Hunts

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Hunting in Second Life may conjure up the image of virtual big game shooting experiences. While that probably exists on grid, it’s not what we’re talking about today; we’re focusing on shopping events! Second Life hunts are a fun way to collect items for both your

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The Free Dove’s February 2017 Mini Hunts!

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Looking for a free makeover? Look no further! The Free Dove is hosting three mini hunts featuring the works of Cero Style, alaskametro, and Marquesse. Read on for more details!

February Hunts at The Free Dove
Each designer has a small section showing you

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Hunts, and skins, and nails, Oh My! October is here!

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So, it is officially October (YAY!) and there is SO much going on this month it’s enough to make your head spin worse than Linda Blair’s when you see all the amazing stuff there is to do and buy…

So… why not jump into a few cool things at once? 

So.. The Boo! Bunny Hunt by Evil Bunny Productions started today! It runs 3 October to 31 October and the starting sim is Grumble Grumble. You can also check out Evil Bunny Productions website for event info and hints for the hunt

There’s a lot of fun shops and items included in this hunt and I’m only showing a few of them right now! 

So, starting with the Boo! Bunny Hunt fun Halloween bits n bobs…

Ghost Family Halloween Sign: *Finishing Touches* Ghost Family Happy Halloween Day (Comes in Night as well)

Hanging Bats: Rekt Hanging Bats Set (comes with Long, Short, and Sideways)

Dress: SEVYN EAST Spell On You Dress

Eyes: Mesange Storm Eyes

The sign and bats were some fun props to use, the eyes were really lovely and anyone who knows me knows I love any dress that has skulls on it! Especially in October! 

Now.. In addition to these awesome Evil Bunny Hunt Items I’ve also got on new items from both 7 Deadly S{k}ins AND Dark Passions Koffin Nails to complete and enhance the look! 

Nails: Dark Passions Koffin Nails in Skele-Kitty Tree

There’s a lot to do and buy and hunt in October this year! So be sure to check out 7 Deadly S{k}ins, Dark Passions, and don’t miss the fun and adventurous Boo! Bunny Hunt! 

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* Maple Rigged Mesh in Tuxedo (From the Crossroads Event running until 28 October)

Leaves: IOS Foating Leaves Fatpack in brown, gold, blue and maroon (From Color Me Project last round)

Boots: Envious Kinzy Boots (with color HUD)

Accessories and Jewelry:
Izzie’s Spring Midi Rings
Diamnte Pentagram Hand Wrap
PUNCH Nose Ring
[AdN] PUNCIOUS piercing Nose Studs
:BAMSE: Loyalty Necklace Brats Half
:BAMSE: Loyalty Necklace Best Sisters Half

@1523 The Surreal Lyfe featuring – JUST EVOLVE -Sneak Peek -Sandstone ..coming soon @ MOOLTO HUNTS in February

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JUST EVOLVE– Sneak Peek – Sandstone ..coming soon @ MOOLTO HUNTS
THEME: “Love is in the Air” Event
A Grid wide Hunt for Men & Wommen
Feb 1 – Mar 1, 2017
Blues. Dakota
.:JUMO:. Rivoli Gold Bracelet
https:[email protected]/

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Immortal Words? (Freebies, Hunts, Dollarbies, 10Lds,Christmas Market).

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Last night I was saying to my OH that it’s been such a busy week and I am going away this weekend to tomorrow, now today, I was going to take it easy, get up late, lay a breakfast out good enough to be “pinned” on Pinterest.  Snuggle on my chair with throws, kitties and a mug of coffee, surfing away at my leisure and all done in my Jim Jams….and then reality BITES and it’s now almost 1 o’clock and yes I’m still in my Jim Jams but that’s as relaxing as it’s been so far.


Even the Reindeer seems to be smirking at me!

OK, the reason for this one and only pictures is because a couple of days ago I popped over to The Artist Shed as I know there is a couple of hunts going on there at this moment so I went inside and did a bit of hunting around and once I’d found a few of the hunt items  I went back outside because there is a Christmas market on right there.  On each stall seems to be something priced at just 10Lds and I did spot a couple of gifts as well.

There is also another hunt going on outside and what you’re looking for is the snowballs you can see in this picture.  Each snowball costs 2Lds and so far I’ve only picked up 2 of them.  I’ve not had a chance to open anything I’ve picked up so far and I’ve already lined up the next hunt I want to do lol.

So basically in this one area you can find hunt’s,  bargains freebies and as a really nice touch there are piles of snowballs and if you click on these you get a snowball to wear and when you go into mouse mode and click your target you splatter your victim with a snowball.  One of the best snowball throwers I’ve tried out and you can even send a copy to your friend for a fair fight, or just ambush them.  There is even staged snowball walls for you to have a fight on the sim.  A lovely way to spend some time in SL for sure.

The Artist Shed, Hunts & Christmas Market

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Hunts and Freebs..

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Hunts are always a fun way to find some really cool new stores and designer that you may not know of, and on top of it for free! Womenstuff Hunt is an annual hunt in SL that has always had so many lovely items for the ladies that its really worth checking out. If you are new to the SL experience I’d highly reccommend doing a hunt or two.  I think its very generous of creators to participate in these hunts as they really are under no obligation to. And, the same goes for group gifts. I highly reccomend the next time you get a group gift from one of your groups, send a thank you note to the creator letting them know you appreciate it. I know most of them will appreciate knowing you like their gifts 🙂 The items I am showcasing here are from Alien Gizmo, the top is for the Womenstuff Hunt and the skirt is their group gift. If you haven’t heard of this designer be sure to check out more of their work in their store. See below for details.

top: Alien Gizmos
Marian top for Womenstuff Hunt
mesh, fits for Belleza bodies, Slink bodies, Maitreya and
stanrdard sizes
skirt: Alien Gizmos
Sandy Skirt, mesh, fits for Belleza bodies, Slink bodies, Maitreya, TMP
and standard sizes
skin: Glam Affair, Tecla appliers for LOGO
hair: Magika

eyes: L’Etre @ Epiphany

lipgloss applier: Dulce Secrets, Luster lipgloss

August Hunts Are Here!

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Just Started Clock HandGood morning fabulous friends! A bunch of fine new hunts just started up this morning. You can be the first kid on your block to run around and score some hunt prizes. So check these out and maybe I’ll run into you while we’re out there hunting.

Just poke the names for all of the particulars on each hunt.

See you out on the hunt!

Xia Name Card