I’d share my fries with you

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Style Details:
PantsLegal Insanity –  skinny sweats knitted (unisex)- New in store
Sweater: /// offbeat /// crush and blush 02
Shoes: Mikunch / canvas shoes black at Kustom9
Hair: *Soonsiki! Julian
Skin: [theSkinnery] Meysha – Bare face(toffee)  New in store! 
Glasses: {MYNX} Shades – Tortoise

And I promised I’d never let you down…

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Sunday musings…

There is another new year among us. I’ve been looking forward to this year, mostly because of the ending of treatment and the view that is coming due to that. 2014 had started rough – I empowered myself to be a better person and to let go of those who caused me strife. I engaged myself to step up and move on, in my real and second. I started work again, bought a car, did some traveling, stepped back into the dating pool and even was planning a trip to Europe for my birthday. Yet, life likes to challenge you and 2014 challenged the crap out of me. Being diagnosed with cancer was a huge set-back. I didn’t view it as “Oh crap..I’m sick” – I viewed it as “Seriously? Everything I want to do I cannot now due to having to stay in, stay healthy, stay away from crowds.”I’m tired of staying in bed, tired of exhaustion, tired of just being sick…

So, I’ve been looking forward to 2015. 2015 means I’ll slide into home base on being healthy. Cancer will leave, I will be able to do things again. I will be able to travel, see the world (September!) and expand my horizons.

I’ve learned a lot due to this road block though. My body was challenged, tossed through the ringer. I am stronger than I look, mentally and physically. I had my moments (as one should) where I pitied myself because of the unfair situation. But it was just “bad luck”. Cells mutated, divided and chose to play games. I’m okay with that. If I can get through this – than anything that is tossed my way in 2015 I can handle.

As for Second Life – my SL will be mine. an lár [poses] has a new location, TLC is taking off and has new surprises in store (who says we have to be like everyone else?), the support group is always going strong with the help of Asthenia Pinazzo, and I still love to blog…when I can. I am fortunate for what I have done and accomplished here as well as forever grateful.

Thank you to those that held my hand through…you’ve been an inspiration to me. Your words, thoughts, prayers and good karma have surrounded me: Kristen, Billy, Gazi (we miss you), Caelan, Asthenia, Kirsty, Autumn, Harvest, Apple, Agustkov, Jaxon, Howard, Diarmuid, LouLou, Gos, Evankeel, Kaelyn, Arica, and numerous others.

For credits and landmarks, see below <3

For a moment this good time would never end

And I promised I'd never let you downFirst Picture:
On Kat:
coldLogic combo – Wayne in Grey / Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe, & Zyrra Falcone
coldLogic scarf – Wayne in Cocoa Snowflake / Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe, & Zyrra Falcone
coldLogic leggings – Johns in Pink (cuff1) / Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe, & Zyrra Falcone
*League* Winter Wedge Boots / Nena Janus
Glam Affair – Amberly II in Jamiaca 02 G / Aida Ewing
TRUTH Hair – Aspen / Truth Hawks

On Billy:
FATEwear Coat – Harrington in Snow / Damien Fate
FATEwear Pants – Brad in Void / Damien Fate
FATEwear Scarf – Harrington in Snow / Damien Fate
ISPACHI – Leopold Boots / Diarmuid Miklos
*Birth* Thor Skin in Light
Exile – Unravel / Kavar Cleanslate

Pose: Sari-Sari – Caught You! (RARE) / AnneAbby *TLC*

Second Picture:
On Kat:
[monso] My Mouton Jacket in Black/ Morphine Jannick *Uber*
Emery – Zoe Leopard Skirt in Pure / Sunami Black *FaMESHed*
REIGN – Moccasin Boots in Black / Kenadeecole
Glam Affair – December II in Jamiaca 01 F / Aida Ewing *Uber*
Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara / Oynx LeShelle
TRUTH Hair – Harmony / Truth Hawks *NEW*

MANDALA – Steking Ears Season 5 / Kikunosuke Eel

On Billy:
[monso] My Mouton Jacket in Brown/ Morphine Jannick *Uber*
ISPACHI – Casual Jeans / Diarmuid Miklos
ISPACHI – Leopold Boots / Diarmuid Miklos
*Birth* Reese in Light
Exile – Better Days / Kavar Cleanslate

Pose: RACK Poses “Dreams” / Kirsty Oherlihy *OneWord*

Location: An Lar Estates


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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Josh Hoge – “Snowed In” ]

[ MOOD: Iffy ]

Another gloomy day here for me. Ran out in RL with Morg for a bit, since she’s feeling better (maybe ya’ll will see a post from her soon huh?). However, I’ve got my Christmas music playing while I show you guys some more stuff coming from FROST!




HAIR: Lamb. Waiting On You – Variety Pack (@ C88 )

SKIN: Pink Acid Skin – Airashi – Ivory (@ WINTER TREND)

EYES: adoness : littus : eyes : dark hazel (@ WINTER TREND)

CROP SWEATER: [Slutcookie] – Cropped Sweaters (Snowflake)

BODYSUIT: MoDANNA [Crystalline Collection] Chiffon Bodysuit White (COMING SOON @ FROST)

SOCKS: :FY: PomPom Socks

I’d Wait All Day, Just For A Maybe

Hi everyone! I hope our US readers had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed themselves. Im on the other side of the pond so we don’t celebrate over here.. so to all those on this side of the world, I hope you had a great Thursday! Mine was spent mostly fighting with my computer connection again .. Im hoping for a full fix soon!

Anyways I had just enough time today to grab these gorgeous Megan coats from by Diram that are group dollarbies. Join the group for free and pay L$ 1 to get them! They are absolutley amazing and are perfect for the winter season. I want to grab that Fuchsia coloured one right out into RL if I could! There are other group gifts there too so be sure to take a peek. Below I am showing the patchwork version.
The vests worn underneath are the new Heart Cut Back Tank Top group gift from Addams. They come with a colour HUD that has presets and also a colour changer so you can pretty much make them any colour you want!

My hair is the new group gift from Little Bones that they released to celebrate Turkey Day, called Lovestruck. It comes with the Ink Dipped HUD that has 15 colours to choose from! If you like brights, pastels or normal colours there will be a tone here for you to enjoy! The group is L$ 100 to join but there are lots of gifts, a few of them full colour packs. Nova really knows how to spoil her group!


.HAIR. Lovestruck by Little Bones [Group Gift / L$ 100 to Join]
.EYES. Faery Eyes (Chocolate) by Buzzeri
.SKIN. Miko (Asia 01) by Glam Affar [The Kawaii Project]
.COAT. Megan Coat – Fuchsia and Patchwork by Diram [L$ 1 / Group Gift / FREE to Join]
.TOP. Heart Cut Back Tank Top by Addams [FREE / Group Gift]
.JEANS. Marley Bellbottoms by Moon
.HANDS. by SLink

.POSE. by Label Motion and oOo Studios

Tiana Name Card

There’s no place I’d rather be!

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We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be
I would wait forever, exalted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat

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Rather Be – Pentatonix

(Clean Bandit Cover)

While hanging out with, Tiseral last night..
I wanted to take him over too Pink Fuel so,
he could try on some of the Andro skins.

He ended up buying, Ash…

As some of you know,
I have a male alt that I blog with.
Jared Shelter.

I went by Pink Fuel a couple days ago and,
purchased Ashton.

Here is a “pretty much unedited” photo of how Ashton looks on Jared.

Pink Fuel skin on Jared

As you can see, I did not touch the face at all.
The only thing I did was clean up the jagged lines on my neck.

I will take a photo of how Ash looks on, Tiseral the next time we are on SL together.

Before I logged out last night, I put on a nice casual outfit and,
since I loved how it looked…
I decided to go out and take a photo…
I was not intending on blogging, I just wanted a nice photo of it..
but, friends that saw me last night, asked me to blog it..

So, here we are!

Exploring - Blog in Que

I actually purchased one of, Mochi’s Andro skins for Morgie as well!
Which I am wearing it now, it is called, Avery!
This is the only one of the skins as far as I know that also comes with lipsticks.
I would also like to point out this skin looks awesome on MALES!
Honestly, if I had, had the means, I would have purchased all of them on Jared….
and, Morgie for that matter.
I love how non gender specific they are.
And the skins all come with layers for definition…
So, if you would like to be “ripped” no problem..
How about flat chested?
She has you covered!

Look at me, going on and on and on about Pink Fuel…
hahaha, I can not help it..

It’s a great skin line!

Awesome work Mochi!

Oh yes and, this top is another sweet thing..

It’s from Foxes and, I believe this is another store of,
Tyr Rozenblum and, Nina Helix!
I could be wrong but, that is my understanding.

I saw this top on, Tyr’s flickrstream and, I had totally missed it at,
Kustom9 so, you know what that meant……


So, of course I bought a pink sweater!

I honestly could not choose so, I went with what I know…
I was tempted to get a different color though..
This top is great…
I can wear my bell bottoms from, Moon and not have my big butt,
poking through my top!

Anyway… I ended up chatting alot more then I had intended but,
you have to admit.. there is alot of awesome info here… and,
totally worth checking out!

And, yes, my photos are edited but, you can see the awesome value and,
talent even with some filters and windlighting.

OH and.. one more thing…
Yes yes… I know.. on and on…..

As a bonus photo!
I got to spend sometime with, Tiseral last night..
And, while I was driving myself batty trying to find the song from the previous post..
He took this cute pic!

Sunshine ,Puppies and You

Do me a big favor and, go add him, like the photo and, say HI from me in the comments!
o k a y ..

hehehe… thank you for my puppies, Tis!




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Eyes | {S0NG} | Yuki – Pale Grass Eye | funeral plutonian | @Kustom9 (Nov. 2014)

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Feet | Slink |  AvEnhance Feet Female – Flat | Siddean Munro |

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Nail Polish | League | Natural French Manicure Fingernails | Nena Janus |


Top | Foxes | Frumpy Sweater – Oh! Deer –  Pink | Tyr Rozenblum /Nina Helix | Kustom9 (Nov. 2014)

Jeans | MOON}. | Marly BellBottoms – Light Fade | silent acoustic | 50% Off In store Sale (Nov. 2014 Unknown end Date)






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