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‘Pure & Simple’ ft Amara Beauty, Analog Dog, Ikon, Moon Elixir, Catwa, Slink, Forever Young

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I just got this gorgeous emerald green jacket on the Moon Elixir gacha at Epiphany – I REALLY wanted the skirt and bustier but I couldn’t afford to keep throwing lindens at it, so I stopped – but this is a lovely colour and looks stunning over a little black dress! Quartz Necklace is from Kibitz.

The skin I’m wearing today is Gabriela (tone 5) one of the three new releases at Amara Beauty, formerly Zoul Creations. There are omega head appliers included with the skin which I’m using on the Catwa Gwen head today. The lipstick here is also from Amara Beauty. Eyes are Ikon Promise in Moor colour, and the dress is Forever Young – Ava Dress. Hair is one of my favourites from Analog Dog – Sassafras. Pose is from oOo Studio and called henrietta_one.

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Genesis Lab + IKON + Moon + MC + Indyra + La Boheme + BELLE EPOQUE + N-core + Shey

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Голова /Head   Genesis Lab. – Julia Mesh Head – 7.  Gacha – 99L 
Глаза /Eyes    IKON VIP  – August 2015 – Подарок группе /Group Gift
Прическа /Hairstyle    Moon. Hair // – Greyscales – Ninth Ave Reverie – LB
Серьги /Earrings    *MC* – Vintage & Cool Fair Gift  / 4 colors – 0L
Ожерелье /Necklace    {Indyra} – Vintage & Cool Fair Gift – 0L
Маникюр /Manicure   La Boheme – Vintage & Cool Fair Gift – 1L
Платье /Dress   BELLE EPOQUE – Mar [Pink] – Подарок группе /Group Gift
Туфли /Shoes   N-core  – Vintage & Cool Fair Gift – 0L
Сумка /Bag    Shey – Relax Club Handbag Gift – 0L
Руки + Ноги /Hands + Feet   Slink
Спасибо дизайнерам =)

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1063 IKON – New!

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‘Black & white, a beautiful sight’ ft Rowena’s Designs, Emo-tions, Designs by Kira, Maxi Gossamer, Ikon

Previously posted at Suzy’s Gladrags.

When Rowena Springflower showed me this new Gabbie skirt. overall and top outfit I checked out the hud and immediately decided the black/white option was my favourite! This comes in several sizes, including this one, which is meant for the Slink Physique body. I am wearing it with the Maitreya Lara though and apart from needing a bit of the alpha on the bottom, it’s a perfect fit.

Jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer – I have had this ‘True Hearts’ necklace for ages, you can change the colour so of course I chose black and the Neon ChuChu earrings/bangles I got this weekend as they are on a promo offer at the store – these are also color change.

Hair is ‘Mystery’ from Emo-tions – I love this style, it’s two styles in one really, you can also wear it up in a bun just by clicking on it,  and there’s another style with a head band in two options. Eyes are Ikon ‘Promise’ in Glass.

This gorgeous new Vivica skin is from Style by Kira, on sale at The Makeover Room, in three skin tones and appliers are also available there.The freckles tattoo was with a hair I got at Besom (new name for milk/soonsiki hair). Brows here are LDP and the lips from Pekka (now called Kibitz)

The matching Gabbie heels for Slink high feet from Rowena’s Designs also have a colour change hud and are damn cute arent they?

I took the pics at Afterlife again :) Thanks for checking out my blog and come back soon x

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‘Like a Butterfly’ ft Zoul Creations, Ikon, Besom, RE, Maitreya, The Secret Store, Pure Poison

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Zoul Creations – Iza skin, shadow, lips @ We <3 Roleplay
Ikon – Charm Eyes – Storm
Besom Hair – India @ Collabor88
Aaliya Necklace & Bracelets Set – RealEvil Industries
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara 3.4

 The Secret Store – Nathalie Tutu Dress – Sequins @ Collabor88

Pure Poison – Artizan Cloud Pumps @ Collabor88

Yeah – I finally got out of Collabor88 with a few goodies tucked under my arms!

Thanks for checking my blog and come back soon xx

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‘Love me love my pet..’ ft Rowena’s Designs, Zoul Creations, Birdy, Ikon, Pr!tty, Modern Couture, le Poppycock, *RE*, Pomposity

Previously posted at Suzy’s Gladrags.

Yeah it’s  a bit of a cheat using the ‘love me love my dog’ song with this blog, but this birdy white sphinx cat from the latest arcade round could pass for a Chihuahua at a pinch – call it artistic licence!

I haven’t blogged so much lately, not as easy with RL work and keeping up with the Afterlife Club when I am on SL, so I was really pleased to see that Rowena Springflower now has dresses especially designed to fit mesh bodies – great for me as I own almost all of them lol

Also new out is this gorgeous new Janya skin from Zoul Creations – so pretty that it even convinced me to take off my mesh head in favour of the good old SL variety – it’s been a while lol. I do feel sorry for creators sometimes, they work their asses off to bring us gorgeous skins and clothes, then someone moves the goalposts and it’s back to the drawing board! Janya is on sale now at The Makeover Room, comes in 8 skin tones and appliers are available for almost everything (except mesh heads).

As always with Rowena Springflower’s fashions, there’s matching shoes – the Calandra Cami Dress is no exception – this sexy dress has a hud to change the texture and the same goes for the shoes which are for slink high feet. Eyes here are from Ikon – old faithfuls ‘Promise’ in Coffee. Hair is Pr!tty ‘Daisy’ from The Dressing Room and the Earrings are the black ‘Soraya’ from Modern Couture – also on sale at The Dressing Room.

If you’re wanting a cat like this – or any other September Arcade Gacha items you really can’t live without – try looking round a yard sale – I found a great one A La Venta, picked up lots of stuff before I could even get into the arcade, it was always busy! I also love Death Row Designs, so I picked up a few creepy looking things for the outside of the club there too.

Above are the other beautiful colours on the hud for the sexy cami dress – make sure you pop on over to Rowena’s Designs and check out the store, there are always freebies and special offers – and with so many colours for each outfit, you can’t go wrong can you?
Also above – silver wire bracelets from marketplace HERE and the ring I never take off these days is a friendship ring with twinkle from Pomposity . The watch is RealEvil Fabiana also on MP HERE.
Poses I used are from Le Poppycock at Chapter4.

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‘BLVD of Broken Dreams’ ft WOW, No-Match, Maitreya, Maxi Gossamer, Argrace, Ikon, Canday Shop, Focus Poses, Del May, Addiction, LeLutka

Previously posted at Suzy’s Gladrags.

I already blogged this morning so wasn’t planning on doing another, but then I saw this posing box on someone else’s blog and it was only 90$ L on marketplace so I thought I’d give it a go! It has lots of poses built into it, you can change the colour and also use your own poses if you like. No need for fancy scenery if you just want to show off the skins or clothes you’re blogging.

I never heard of BLVD either before today – so it just shows the power of bloggers – I saw, I went, I blew a wad of lindens lol!

Firstly I got this Lace Sapphire sexy lingerie set for $ L100 at Addiction – there are lots of other colours to choose from too plus another exclusive design to check out. They are appliers only, so will only work on mesh bodies, not the regular SL avatar.

The cowboy hat was a previous gift from Argrace – the hair is No.Call from a new favourite store of mine, No_Match – I found this store through a blogger friend KidJoe – check out his fab blog for male fashions. Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee, mesh head is Stella from LeLutka and the skin applier is Mary from WOW skins.

The Austin Boots are my favourite cowboy boots by Chillie – these are the brown, but there are other colours available on marketplace. NOX Alegoria Bracelet is from *RE* and the ‘Skylla Immortal’ necklace/earrings are from Maxi Gossamer.

The pose below is from Del May – all the others were built in to the pose box. So, while I was looking round BLVD, I found this cute ‘Keelie’ tank dress below at the Canday Shop – $ 75L at the moment if you look at the back of the store. Includes a size for Slink, Maitreya & Belleza as well as regular mesh sizes.

Think that’s about it for now, thanks for checking my blog and come back soon x

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‘When The Lights Go Out’ ft Pomposity, Orchid, LeLutka, No.Match, Tuty’s, Maxi Gossamer, WOW, ZOZ, Arise, Ikon, Xxxtasi

Previously posted at Suzy’s Gladrags.

I can’t believe I took all these photos without realising that one of the earrings is smaller than the other one! Duh… still, pretend you haven’t noticed and I might just get away with it!

I logged on this morning as a cloud, so looks like I won’t be able to take any pics this morning, I can just about remember what I am wearing here to finish this blog. It’s been a while since I blogged this often, but I’m hooked again already. Loving this Xxxtasi City Girl Pink dress I found at the new XXL Event

One of my favourite hair designers at the moment has to be No.Match, I think I must have half their hair in my inventory already. This is my latest guilty pleasure – No.Freedom – in black. Headband is from another hair at the store – No.Heat which is a free group gift. The hoop earrings are Vallari from Maxi Gossamer. Mesh head is Stella from LeLutka and the duo eyeliner is from Arise on marketplace HERE

These gorgeous shoes are ‘Eloise’ from Orchid – they have versions in the pack for Maitreya, TMP, N-Core and Slink High feet. Poses here are from Tuty’s – they have some fantastic static poses at the store as well as the AOs, and not too expensive either. This is the ‘idea’ set of female modelling poses.

Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee. The large link chain bracelet is from Pomposity – if you click on it you can change the colour. The nail applier here is Iced Metals from ZOZ for Maitreya hands. Skin applier for the LeLutka Stella head is ‘Mary’ from WOW. Photos taken at Afterlife.

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‘Stolen Moments’ ft YS&YS, *TKW*, Pomposity, ZOZ, Ikon, Maitreya, LeLutka, NYU, Cheeky Pea

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“A few stolen moments is all that we share
You’ve got your family and they need you there..

Though I’ve tried to resist being last on your list
But no other man’s gonna do..

So I’m saving all my love for you”

The Bedroom Set is called ‘Mimi’s Bakery’ and is from Cheeky Pea, it’s just lovely, I got the whole set for my skybox.

Hair – *TKW* ‘Franka’ Browns @ On9
Poses – Top 2 pic – Tuty’s ‘Idea’ female modelling poses
             Bottom Pic – DeePosed – ‘Laid Back 6’
Jewelry – Pomposity – Large Link Bracelet, Friendship Ring & Heart Necklace (Longer)
Mesh Head – LeLutka – Stella
Mesh Body – Maitreya – Lara
Skin Appliers – YS&YS – Samantha Tone 3
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Hands – ZOZ – Summer Echo Glitter Tips
Nude Flora Silk Romper – free group gift at On9 by NYU
Eyes – Ikon Promise in Coffee

Thank you for checking my blog & come back soon!

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‘Funk You’ ft Besom, Deesses, Pomposity, Ikon, ZOZ, Emporium,

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