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Hair Fair Bandana Day Info

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How can you help? Read on.  Content in this post copied from Hair Fair 2016 website.  Thank you for allowing us to reblog!

Bandana Day.

Are you creative?  Can you texture?
Bandanas are an excellent way to help out the cause of the annual hair fair, Wigs for kids.
Every year kits are sent out to anyone who wants to make bandanas for this cause. Follow the instructions below and feel good knowing you contributed.

Bandana Day - Make a Bandana

If you have the Hair Fair Bandana Day kit it is because you will be creating a Bandana for Hair Fair 2016 that will be sold by the Hair Fair Committee exclusively.

If you need a kit, please contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx. Or you can purchase it for 0L at Winx & Flair in world where you will also find the Hair Fair Subscribo, so you can keep up to date with all news. Please only use this kit for what it is intended for.
Bandana Day in Second Life, started in 2007, It’s a day we encourage people from all over SL to remove their hair and wear bandanas decorated by Residents (not just hair creators!) grid wide.
The Bandana’s in this Kit have been created by Mel Vanbeeck ,and are not to be used for anything other than Bandana Day Bandanas.
The idea is to decorate the bandanas provided with either a texture (textures must not have images or logos of RL products or copyright material) prims/sculpts/mesh, or both (NO HAIR) and return it full perms to CharitySasy String – Perms will be changed to No Copy and sold Mod/Transfer as we do every year, so people can buy for others.
We also encourage you to create a notecard that explains why you have decorated the bandana, as many people have their own stories as to why they support this cause. You do not have to do this, it is just something we will include in your bandanas box to share with the person that buys them.
All money from the sale of these bandanas will go to Wigs for Kids and will only be sold by the Hair Fair Committee at Hair Fair 2016. After the event the bandanas will be destroyed, so after Hair Fair there is no reason for you to keep these other than for personal wear, but we hope also that you will buy some for that.
You all have your own friends/fans/customers so putting your own logo/name/blog on the ad is recommended, that way customers will know at a glance whose bandanas they want to buy if they are limited to purchasing only a few.
you can add your logo to the bottom right hand corner of the template we provided in the kit.
Thank you, in advance, if you choose to participate.

1. Rez the bandanas and add your own textures or prims. Remember these also work as a lag reducing option for many, so please try and keep the items you add to it to a minimum. Be as creative as you want, but it is a must that anything you use on the bandana be legitimately yours to use – they must be full perms items you purchased, have permission to use, or have created yourself.
The kit comes with one mesh bandana and two baked textures that can be used over your textures by using an editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp. You do not have to use the bakes, but they do add some shading and realism to the look.
Once you open the bake maps in your editing software,  use multiply which is in the drop down option at the top of your layers menus, and it will show your own texture underneath. The bake may look very dark, but those blackest sections will not be visible once layed on the bandana.
Please do not add scripts or things to your items that make them not able to be sold in no copy/mod ways. If you are in doubt contact Sasy Scarborough
Make sure to name your bandana, including your name or store name, so that people know who created it.
example: Flair – Bandana – Hipster Navy
2. Take picture and add it to the Vendor Ad template provided with your store logo on it. We would very much like the ads to stay the same, and you must not remove the Wigs for Kids or the Hair Fair info.

example:        Hair Fair - Bandana Ad Hipster Navy by Sasy Scarborough

IMPORTANT :::The ad picture must be for ONE bandana only. If you are making a few then one ad is needed for each one. These pictures are for the actual boxes the bandanas will be sold from.
Even if both mens and womens are done with the same texture they must have separate pictures so people know which one to buy , this is very important! as they will be sold separately
3. Put bandanas, ad picture and your notecard in a folder and name it “Bandana Day (YOUR NAME/STORE)” and send back to CharitySasy String.
All items except your personal notecard MUST be FULL PERMS. Your notecard, if you do one, can be NO MOD. Limit of 5 per person please.
All finished bandanas must be in by July 6th 2016
Again thank you so much for helping us make Bandana Day and Hair Fair 2016 a success!
Check out this tutorial on for using the Hair Fair Bandana Kit.
For any further info please send Sasy Scarborough an IM and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Luxe Box Info & More

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Morning Dolls!
Today I don’t have as many freebies in here but there are a few  Always look for the red text in my posts and they will lead you in the right direction
Today’s look is centered around Blueberry’s Clare romper at Collabor88!!  I am so happy for this designer to be in this event, in my eyes it is one of the best events on the grid so Congrats Blue, good things for good people ♥
Also I need to discuss these shoes from Reign
Have you heard of Luxe Box?
 It is a monthly paid subscription group you join, this round was 1500L and on the 15th of the month you get a HUD full of designer goodies. 
You just add the HUD and click the photos and delivery commences. 
Anyway for me this round is worth the fee just for these shoes.
 They are above and beyond fat pack. They come with a studded option that you can turn off ( YAY)  Reign colour Fat pack + Colours to match Blueberry & Foxes who are both also a part of the Luxe Box.  
I think you have to wait until July to be able to purchase this months box in the Luxe Sky box But check out the website here and see what you think.
 You can purchase May’s box there now for 2000L You do get a LOT for that price, Check out May’s goodies here –
And this months box here
I hope I was able to explain things well enough here. if not feel free to message me in SL and ask, I love to help others so if I don’t know the answer I sure will find out for you.
Hope you’ve had a happy Weekend.

****Please Note ****
Some of these items are located at Events right now. 
If you see a second Hyperlinked name in the credit line.
  ( BOLD LETTERING Different colour) like this..
  • Thingy – | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer’s Name | NAME OF EVENT

  Take The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink)


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    SCALA™ Models Academy – INFO DAY

    Previously posted by kryptonia at Kryptonia Paperdoll.

    Are you new to the fashion world in SL and wants to walk on the runway or an experienced model who wants to refresh your skills, you are all welcome on SCALA™ Models  Academy. Our classes starting soon and it … Continue reading

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    30/31 Event [INFO]

    Previously posted by at Your Clothes Fashions.

    30/31 invites artists and creators to be part of a new bimonthly event! This event is managed and ran by Windlight Magazine ( This event is designed to promote 2D, 3D, and decorative arts and to introduce people to the amazing artists of Second life! The goal is to bring people to you!
    -Rounds begin on the end of every two months (either the 30th or 31st at 12pm slt)

    Jamie Wolf Photography
    Club LA & Gallery
    Original Art by ilyra
    Saul’s Place Steampunk Cafe
    Artemis Corner
    saoirse’s eccentricities
    Emmalena Damour Art Gallery and Photo Studio
    Darkly Gallery
    B E N D E R
    Dreem Gallery Soho
    VN Creations
    Art Gallery
    Sweet Garden
    Epic Chromatic
    The Edge Gallery

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    Where have you been? [INFO]

    Previously posted at Your Clothes Fashions.

    Hello all my fashionistas and all !! I have to say something.

    I’ve been very busy, I’m busy because of my RL so I was not able to blog.
    Tomorrow or these days I’m going to start blogging but irregularly I hope you understand my followers and sponsors <3
    I love you all! 


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    SCALA™ Models Academy – INFO DAY 2016

    Previously posted at Kryptonia Paperdoll.

    Another amazing group of trainees from the SCALA™ Models Academy graduated last January 9, 2016 with the support if our SCALA™ Models and lovely Designers who sponsored our Graduation and 2nd Anniversary show. Our courses is for all gender, even … Continue reading

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    SCALA™ Models Academy – INFO DAY for September 2015 Class

    Previously posted at Kryptonia Paperdoll.

    Another batch of our lovely trainees graduated last August 22, 2015. Thanks to all who supported and joined us last saturday. September Classes is about to start. We are having another INFO DAY this coming August 30 and 31 for … Continue reading

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    Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 – [INFO]

    Previously posted at Your Clothes Fashions.

    Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016
    Feb. 26th-March 5th, 2016

    In Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret

    Ladies and Gentlemen Siren Productions and SCALA invite you to a world of sin and depravity where the Boylesque Boys are HOT and the Cabaret Girls are dangerous. Come and join us along with Designing SL, ModeLS Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, THEMA Publications, ModeLS Magazine, Dope Magazine, L’Homme, MENStuff, WOMENStuff, and, SL Live Radio as we hit the world of burlesque for this years Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016. Feb. 26th-March 5th, 2016 will be at the Cabaret with a little bit of vintage touches. We will see a bit of Dorothy Parkers NY, Cole Porters Broadway, Tin Pan Alley, and the Follies with a dash of a modern aesthetic to bring it all together. Find classic vintage finds mixed with seamed stockings and just a hint of modern to make it current.  

    Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 is set to kick off on Feb 26th, 2016 with shows from Lazuri and Zibska. Not to mention a host of wonderful other designers including Wicca’s Wardrobe, Lavian & Co., and Taox Tattoo to name a few. We have fun in store for you from over 60 fabulous designers of Jewelry, Shoes, Purses, Hats, Belts, Make-up, Headbands, Body Jewelry, and more. Faster Pussycat, PurpleMoon Creations, Tres Beau, Kunglers, and Meva, are only a small fraction of the designers who will be present. You will get to see all the creations from the designers on the runway on Friday Feb. 26th, 2015 at  5pm with Siren Productions and SCALA. There are shows and parties planned the entire week!

    To stay up to date with goings on including an exciting Boylesque Boys show and one featuring the Cabaret Girls at Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 please be sure to visit to grab a complete schedule and more info. Do not forget to bring something to cool you down because your temperature is going to rise.

    Prepare yourself for a rip roarin’ good time…

    Lexie Jansma
    Siren Productions CEO

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    Oh Goodies…Plus Contest, Info Below! :D

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    I am Enjoying being a kid, brings out the best in me 😀

    I can get up to all sorts and whats best is unlimited supply of candy \o/

    Oh and i passed a really cute store for kids {Petite Bowtique} which has adorable outfits and Gachas ♥

    Also few Freebies outside by the carts and a cute contest *Build a snowman*

    Do you want to build a snowman?!

    You could win up to 1000L in {PB} gift cards and 500L in cash!
    Just TP down to grab the snowman kit (50l) for directions & rules!
    Plus lots of other events on the sim to for fun with the family


             >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Hair: Magika – Itch

    Flowers: =Zenith=Tulips bloom Corolla

    Tee: {Petite Bowtique} Magical Unicorn Tee RARE (GACHA)♥

    Jeans: {Petite Bowtique} Dark Wash Jeans (GACHA) ♥

    Pumps: {k} Letterman – Sneaker (Apart of an outfit)



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    Winter Trend 2015 – [INFO]

    Previously posted at Your Clothes Fashions.

    Hello all my fashionistas ! I’m covering this event \o/ 
    The event started yesterday 4th December until the 18th
    Above you can see all our sponsors for this event. 
    But soon you find also a list of all the designers who are exposing their exclusive creations for this winter!
    The Winter Trend SL 2015  wish to introduce the main trends this winter.
    We want to show what is heating up this winter.
    What is trend for this season …
    What is must-to-have for this winter.
    What is heating up this winter?
    Here’s the map :

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