Insolence is Back

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It is no secret that I love virtual lingerie and for several years the Insolence brand, created by camilla Yosuke, was one of my favourites in Second Life. Then the releases stopped coming and once I moved to a mesh body I could no longer wear the existing pieces either. But a few weeks ago, a surprise notice arrived. Insolence was back, with mesh lingerie. The initial release was only for the Maitreya body, but the release notice promised that versions for other mesh bodies would be coming along. And just before I took off for Barcelona, the Slink versions (for the original and the hourglass body) arrived.

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Oh The Insolence

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Insolence has decided to return to the land of the living MESH Lingerie that we can wear on our Maitreya bodies! Word on the street is that lingerie for Belleza and SLINK bodies are coming soon as well.

If you’re old enough you’ll remember Insolence as one of the best brands that stood the test of time but with the advent of mesh world their products got shelved by most of us. I’m very excited to see them back on point.
Eyes: Banana Banshee – Autumn – Purples applier HUD (wear me)
Head: CATWA HEAD Bibi V4.10
Skin: PXL Creations – Heidi
Lingerie: Dahlia Violet Mesh Bra – Maitreya – by INSOLENCE
Dahlia Violet Mesh Panties – Maitreya – by INSOLENCE
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Debra
Pose: Pretense

Insolence – Coming Soon! Preview

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hi girls!
I haven’t been posting in ages… BUT…. this occasion merits a special post.

Camilla Yosuke of Insolence IMed me some days ago. For those of you new to SL, her store was once perhaps the best and biggest lingerie stores in SL. Back in the days of prim clothes lol. In fact she sold skins too, one of which I had and loved and is gone forever, and very nice shoes, boots and also real pantyhose up to the waist. Not to mention her naughty leather Misty line… šŸ˜›

She had been out of SL for a while, and then studying and learning about mesh like many designers, and this was her first test for the new markets. To say the least… WOW

Well as I was saying, she IMed me, perhaps because we had worked together with Look Elite for an event back in 2010. I remember her being so happy at the success her store had for that event! But that’s neither here nor there. She called me up to tell me that she was making new outfits! And guess what – they were fit mesh for all the current mesh bodies! And she asked me if I would  help and give her some advice. With this request came a sample of her new bra/panties set, for various different mesh bodies. She also asked me if I knew other people who could help her.

So of course I called up Bety and we started trying on the lingerie and each in her own style, commenting about what we liked, and it got to be a whole event and we eventually called up Camilla and TP’d her over. The bra and panties were nothing short of amazing! The detail of the bra was such that it looked like RL, especially the back and clasps and everything but the lace design on it too.

I love this lingerie and hope to see more styles and colors soon!
Needless to say the panties are just as good. The lace on them is just yummy and adorably cute. 
This set will also have a pair of stockings as Appliers which are a perfect match to the lace on the outfit. 
These photos are all done with Maitreya Lara body, and have not been post processed in any way, they are straight out of SL.
I’m anxious to see what else Camilla has up her sleeve, or in her lingerie drawer, because if it’s all like this we’re in for a sexy time!
See you soon!
Pose Prop by Exposeur