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The Live Interview with MISS VIRTUAL WORLD

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Photographed by the sensational Tempest Rosca


The Live Interview

So we were given a bit of a fun styling challenge for this and told……be comfy. *laughs* So at first I went and found this really fun dino hoodie that would have been crazy and fun and I’d have been laughing about the whole time. But then I thought about it….be comfy. What would I actually wear? So I tossed the dino hoodie back in my closet cuz yes, I totally plan on wearing it at some point, and created a look that I love. That is me. And that is comfy. I’m Alaskan, so going outside and out and about requires snow pants, boots, and a range of other outer wear. But when I’m inside and just relaxing, I tend to just be in a tank top and jeans or leggings. So voila…made a pixel version of the Alaskan me. Hair tossed in a bun, some tinted chapstick, one of my favorite necklaces, and off I went to the interview.

What were the questions? Well…that’d be telling, huh? :p

Though seriously, it was a fun experience. Not hard or bad at all. And it’s funny because I had no idea what the interview process entailed. So to actually land and blink out the grey and see was an adventure in and of itself. But the questions were fun to answer and the entire process didn’t take long. At all. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? Who knows? I guess we’ll find out in a couple lot weeks. *laughs*


miss chelsea. | Nina Zip Leggings Maitreya Chocolate
Addams | Thelma Wool Cardigan w/ Turtleneck // S
Blueberry | Tank Top

Just Design | UGZ Ankle Maitreya
EarthStones | Doji Necklace – Love

[MANDALA] | STEKING_ears_ver3

**RealEvil Industries** | LUX – Nose piercing

*ARGRACE* | AZAMI – Platinum

*Mon Cheri* | “Falsies” Eyelashes

-Glam Affair- | Prezioso Lipstick 23

Madrid Solo | Lip Designs- Bubble Gloss Lips- Gloss Only

-Glam Affair- | Yolandi skin – Europa

IKON | Hope Eyes – Fjord

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