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KittyCatS – March MEOW Madness!

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Hi KittyCatS Lovers!!

We have a fun March Meow Madness planned!

We are having a “Surprise! Surprise!” time, and an EASTER collar contest, and who knows what else?

A bit about “Surprise! Surprise!”

During the surprise times, you have a chance (once per avatar) for your cats to give birth to a holiday surprise kitten!

• It’s 2 different surprise births!
• Your cats can have a surprise baby during 2 time frames in March.
• March 14-18 for St. Patrick’s Day
• March 24-28 for Easter

*If you get a cat you’ve been breeding for and do NOT want the surprise cat and you get one, we will remove the “costume” off your cat for you)

So get your kitties ready and get your creative juices flowing for the collar contest!

Your KittyCatS Team

PS: Due to Easter being so early this year, we are going to release a REALLY COOL spring collection in late April! (We’ll keep you posted on that!)

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LoveBirds and CrazyLove KittyCats

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Today KittyCats came out with their Valentine Kitties Love Collectibles, the CrazyLove KittyCats and their Spring Collection, LoveBirds Collectibles. If you’re an avid fan of KittyCats Costume Kitties like I am, you’d want to collect these colourful beauties.

See how colourful they are?

My LoveBirds Kitties Forever Yours and Hopelessly Devoted. Reminds me of a Canary and a Budgie.

My CrazyLove Kitties Delirious and Overtaken. These reminds me of watercolour batik prints. You can read more about the LoveBirds Collectible here and the Crazy Love KittyCats here,

Jaynie wanted me to hug her.

Can’t forget Mic either.

There are a lot of kitty sales going on during this Valentine season. I’ve been searching for ‘within-my-budget’ and affordable Love Bees Kitty and a CookieCats since last year and I finally got mine for 500L and 1000L which are bargains! They’re still recuperating. There are still a lot of other coloured LoveBees and 1 CookieCat left and if you’re fast enough, you can get them here.

And of course Jaynie wants to say hello KittyCats.

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Happy Birthday KittyCats

Previously posted at Rock the Moon.

KittyCats has turned 5 and with their birthday, they’ve given us twin kitties!

These kitties are wearing some colourful costumes which are a combination of the past years’ birthday kitties’ costumes. They remind me of the colourful Mardi Gras.

You can get them at the KittyCats Mainstore. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get these 2 free kitties because in the previous years, we had to go on a hunt to find the second kitty and you know how time consuming that can be for some of us.

At the moment I’m not building any new houses. I’ve been busy turning my little parcel into my KittyCats’ Home and Garden and it’s still an ongoing process. The house is still the Summer Island Lake House but extensively renovated. I’m happy that my kitties can now roam around further than they used to. I’ve even put out my Bloodhound from Virtual Kennel Club(VKC) and it’s so funny watching him try to get into ridiculous places and even climbing up the roof of the house! But he sure loves the kitties and always hang around them.

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KittyCatS 2015 Advent Calendar – free gifts for all!

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Hey guys! I’m here to let you know of another advent calendar in Second Life. KittyCatS now has their Advent Calendar out at the KittyCatS sim.

“Each day, from December 1st through the 24th, a new gift will be available on our Advent Calendar, culminating in a special gift from KittyCatS! to all of you on December 24th. There are even some special gifts for your KittyCatS too! And the best part is the gifts will stay available, all through the month of December! So even if you miss a day or two, you can still go back and pick up your gifts.”
PurpleMoon and KittyCatS advent calendars 2015 - second life

Eve is helping me again by showing us three items – the je suis FelineS Christmas clutch in gold, Amacci mesh Stargazer eyes and Simon hair, and the WoW Skins for the advent calendar in tan. Now, the skin is bare faced, so you can add your own makeup to make you stand out a bit. Eve is wearing makeup from mock cosmetics and Glamorize – both having very affordable makeup.

Days 8 and 9 - Snowflake Sweater and Venice jewelry in white

Eve is also wearing Days 8 and 9 from the PurpleMoon advent calendar. My previous post has been updated to reflect the recent additions.

What are some other advent calendars that you would like to see featured? I know there are many out there, but which ones do you feel need more shine because of the AWESOME items that they have? Let me know in comments ^^

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It’s an icy blue, KittyCatS, wonderland!

Previously posted at FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL.

Hello again all you lovely FabFreebers! I thought I would do a wintry feeling post, filled with items that are not specifically for a holiday, but most certainly make you think of winter, and I was able to put together a very cool, icy blue look to show you all. Plus, it gave me a chance to take Pirlti out for a stroll, and I know she loves it when I am wearing blue to match her. She’s so vain. You all remember her from last Christmas right? She was the gift for the Dec 24th door on the KittyCats Advent calendar? Here’s a reminder of how tiny she was back then. It’s also rather fitting for her to be in my post, as many of the items I am going to show you are from the current KittyCats Advent calendar. So let’s get started.


My pretty, icy blue mini dress is the gift you will find behind door 5, and it is courtesy of Stellajane. It is mesh, and comes in the standard sizes. The texture on this, especially the faint snowflakes all over, is so lovely. In the picture below, you get a closer look at the 2 other gifts I grabbed from the KittyCats Advent gift. My silvery, dark-rooted hair is the day 1 gift, and it is from Amacci. The Simon hair is unisex, and comes in a male and a female size. Not shown, are 2 pairs of eyes included with this gift, a blue pair, and a green pair. The last gift I am showing off is from day 4, and it is a pair ro cat’s head earrings from !RebelHope. I am wearing the silver pair, and you also get a gold pair. Do I need to say anything else..other than cat’s head earrings? I think not. LOL. The KittyCats Advent Calendar is free for everyone, and even if you have missed a day, you can still grab past days. New doors open each day up until the 24, and if I remember correctly, you have a few days after that as well. So you can wait, but why would you want to?


Also being shown off in my headshot, is the newest L$ 75 special skin from Lumae. With a decidedly holiday flare, this version of the Adore face is called Tinselberry, and I just love the bright red lips and rosy cheeks. With each skin tone, you get all the appliers you could ask for, as well as options like the amount of cleavage you have, or eyebrow colour. You have until Dec 31 to pick this beauty up.

Coincidently, the sexy shoes I have on are also called Adore. They are a free group gift from KC Couture, and are meant for SLink High, Belleza, and Maitreya feet. You get a colour change hud that will change almost every part of the shoe, as well, there is a button on the hud that says 2in1, if you touch that, the straps around your ankle will go away. Hit it again, and they come back. Seriously…just think of the number of possibilities in looks you will have from one pair of shoes! The KC Couture group is L$ 75 to join, but it is well worth it for this one pair of shoes alone, not to mention the many other group gifts still available. You will have to pay the vendor L$ 1, but it will be refunded back right away.


My last find, comes from La Boheme. My mani and pedi are the 2015 Holiday Nails : Christmas Star appliers, for SLink, Omega and Maitreya. They are L$ 10, however, there is the added bonus that when you buy them, your name will automatically be entered into a draw that will take place on Dec 25. What will you have a chance at winning you ask? Why every single set of OMNI nail appliers La Boheme has! That’s 457 nail sets…really! What a fantastic Christmas present that would be. Since the draw takes place on the 25th, I’m going to assume you have until the 24th to get these beautiful nails, and have your name entered into the draw, so I wouldn’t wait too long.

It’s funny, any time I’m in SL, spending time with my cats here, my RL cats always seem to choose that moment to bug me. One of them just tried to lay on my keyboard in fact. I think it’s jealousy. The see me in SL, colour coordinated with one of my in-world cats, and all I do for the RL ones, is choose not to wear black so as to not have to deal with the cat fur. LOL. SIlly SL and in RL, I just can’t escape them, but I also wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you liked my icy look this evening. I must be off. Until next time, TTFN *waves*

What is Calle showing you…

Dress – Stellajane Mini Dress (M) – Ice Blue Velvet Snowflake (free KittyCatS Advent Calendar gift – Day 5)
Earrings – !RebelHope – KittyCats Earrings Silver (free KittyCatS Advent Calendar gift – Day 4)
Shoes – .:KC:. ADORE HEELS FOR SLINK HIGH, MAITREYA & BELLEZA (free group gift/L$ 75 to join)
Bracelets – [monso] My Kitty Bangle – Winter Pack (exclusive @ current round of Collabor88)
Ring – [tea.s] Kitty Ring – Onyx [R]
Hair – Amacci Hair – Simon(F) – Black fade 5 (free KittyCatS Advent Calendar gift – Day 1)
Hairbase – Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Jet Black
Skin – Lumae :: Adore : 3 – Rosy :: Tinselberry {Freck/NoBrow} :L$ 75 until Dec 31)
Brows – Soiree – Sloane Brows #Ebony
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Silverleaf(right) & Fjord(left)
Hands and Feet – SLink
Mani and Pedi – La Boheme 2015 Holiday Nails: Christmas Star (L$ 10)

Poses – Kirin Poses – Momo Pose Pack *TSS Gift* (old gift, no longer available)

Location – Winter Flakes


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