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Kittycat’s Creations, Nomiki’s Creations, CAKE FOX, by Chiana Oh, Sickley Sweet, HJM DESIGNS, Wicked, Lindy, RUPSY ROO, SANNA – SCIENCE AND ART, Octopus’ Garden Cafe Gift Shop and REDROSE JEWELLRY are at A Wrong Hunt

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Tog: Wicked: Kimmy Outfit

Footwear: Lindy: Bally


Hair: Stelloane: Lizzy

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Eyes: Amacci: 9 – Big in Emerald


Seats: RUPSY ROO: Electric Shock Chair and by Chiana Oh: “I Can’t Chair!” in Fingerpaint

Wall decorations: Nomiki’s Creations: TootSweet Candy Pack, Octopus’ Garden Cafe Gift Shop: Steampunk Motor Snail and HJM DESIGNS: Smelly Pig Lamp

Table with tray of beverages on it: Cake Fox: Tentacle Seat and Kittycat’s Creations: Unique Wines Tray

Empty pool: SANNA – SCIENCE AND ART: Demo

Surface with assorted things on it: Piggie Side Table

KittyCats Overload

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I feel like I’ve been away forever! My last blog post was in April. Although I have been logging into SL at least once a week since then, I have only been on to pay the rents and feed my KittyCats.

And talking about those adorable KittyCats, my massive collection of cats gave birth to an even massive litter of kitten boxes!

So since yesterday, I’ve been stocking up my stores with KittyCats:

My KittyCats at the Mainstore in Farshore.

My KittyCats at Schilli.

My KittyCats at Too Adorable. Of so many new kittens born, I only got one Megapuss, the chocolate Ocicat with yellow eyes and she is a beauty!

My KittyCats at ScratchNPost Too.

My KittyCats at Vygg. I’ve placed most of my lesser trait Australian Mist kittens here.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to work on future cat projects and also my house projects.

A pair of MegaPuss KittyCats

Previously posted @ Rock the Moon.

Yesterday I decided to birth my passion-eyed Domino Megapuss which was the offspring of my CupidCats.

I think the other KittyCats were as excited as I was to welcome the new kitty…. which is probably my imagination coz they are virtual cats, but who knows.

As you can see, Getrut the Forget Me Not kitty is blowing love bubbles at the Megapuss as we waited for him to birth.

Newborn Soy Soy with his babysitters.

Then today while I was browsing the Kitty market on Vygg sim, I happen upon a similar Megapuss with fire eyes and she was only 500L which is very cheap for a Megapuss and I only hesitated for a minute before I snapped her up.

Can you see Soy Soy infront of the Megapuss? He’s still just a small black dot.

So now I have 3 live Megapuss.

KittyCats and Gachas

Previously posted @ Rock the Moon.

My budget exploded this month.

Eversince I bought my first 2 costumed KittyCats, those adorable Forget Me Nots, I’ve become fascinated with them and I’ve been haunting the Kittycat markets to ‘adopt’ past Collectible Kitties. Most were unaffordable but when I find the ones that are within my price range, I will not resist.

I thought I was safe when I told myself  no more collectible kitties this month.

Then came The ARCADE.

I totally lost it. I’m not into gachas. I didn’t even buy anything at the last ARCADE. But this month’s ARCADE is interesting and I especially wanted ALL the cakes and deserts in the O.M.E.N Hansel and Gretel Fairytale Bakery Gacha and the display case which I absolutely needed to make my outdoor bakery.

When I couldn’t get what I wanted, I searched for the remaining items at Gacha Markets.
In the end, I got the complete set. COMPLETE! This really was hilarious because ME having a complete set?

I got the Fairytale Bakery building from the Gacha which is a RARE but I won’t be using it. Outdoor, remember. So that building will be put on sale in it’s original box at my mainstore  together with other extra deserts in their to-go boxes at a resell shop I have made on the upper floor above the Kitty shop.

Then there are the Sway’s cupcake Bears. I’ve always admired her bears and I have a few of them and when on the first attempt I got the bear with the crown, which is a RARE, I tried again and got the bear with the balloons, another RARE. The one with the Butterflies, which is also a rare, I bought from the Gacha Market because I couldn’t afford to test my luck anymore.

Also in the display case are fruit pies and breads from POCHE.

My Store finally looks the way I want it to be.

I also bought a few wagons from Pilot so that my KittyCats can sleep in them:)

Have a great Weekend!

Arcade & KittyCatS

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Arcade Christmas gift 2014
Подарки под ёлкой в центре локации.
MadPea – Candy Chew Chew Hat   –  Шляпа
8f8 – Milk Bottles – GIFT  –  Молоко
Pure Poison – Christmas Tree Frame  –  Рамка
Tentacio – The Arcade Season of Giving  –  Напитки
anc Ltd. – Season of Giving  –  Земляника
BALACLAVA!! Happy Get Lucky Tip Jar    –  Тип джар
:*BoOgErS*: Santa Bear Arcade Christmas Gift 2014 (Add Me)  –  Медведь
*MishMish* Hammie & Stocking  –  Хомык в носке
Schadenfreude Plate of Ginger Pigs   –  Тарелка с печеньями
Alouette – Christmas Deer Ornament (The Arcade 2014 Gift)  –  Подвеска
floorplan. happy holidays frame  –  Рамка
flowey’s publishing / 12 Restarts of Christmas by Laggy Claus  –  Книжка
.aisling. Monbo Sapin – Natural  – Ёлки
-Pixicat- Christmas.Wreath (ArcadeGift)  –  Сумка
Pixel Mode  – The Arcade Season of Giving  –  Ёлочные игрушки

KittyCatS – Advent 2014

Подарки на стенде календаря,все дни активны.
+CONVAIR+ Nutcracker Soldier  –  Солдатик
Pet Bed Table & Chairs – 2014 Advent : by Dekute Dekore  –  Кресла
The Loft – Noteworthy Candles  –  Канделябр
[ba] gallery wall frames – dark   –  Рамки

Спасибо дизайнерам =)

Don’t Panic – Sponsor – KittyCats

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Halloween might be over, but thanksgiving is on it’s way for those of you who are of the USA Nationality.

I think these little pop up kitties from KittyCats would be super cute on your Thanksgiving tables.

Do you roleplay? Are you sometimes a Witch or Wizard? This little crazy kitty on a broom would make for a good familiar. I’ll probably just be wearing it for the heck of it, it is so crazy. It moves around your body when worn.

All 3 of these are Hunt Items @ Don’t Panic.

Did you read on our intro to “Don’t Panic”? Best visit our post HERE. If you did, you can start your search HERE.