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Hot Time with Cool Looks

Previously posted by Starr at Follow Myself & Dena .

Another scorcher of a day then it will be cloudy for a week ~ am not complaining really at least am inside with the a/c running getting things done before I start heading to the beach ~ am really finding some nice affordable items at this event ~ and yes the gacha’s pulled me in again *hey isn’t that the mysterious power they have over everyone ~ those cute items just tempting you for hey one little pull and then another and another and it is like OMG here you are going what just happened LOL …well let me show you this outfit that I absolutely LOVE it ~


Lady Dragon Designs

Is this an adorable outfit or what?  First I do like that you have a choice of purchasing it all separate or as one entire outfit ~ it is all mesh another factor I like as well giving you standard sizes plus Maitreya and Slink ~ the pants are standard sizes ~ really love the stripes on this in the criss cross way ~ especially when am not a RL stripe wearer just makes me look top heavy but this is fresh and just love also how the stripe pattern is carried down to the waist band ~ pants just hug your hips giving you a leaner look…now the back of the top is so unique let me show that off


Enter a caption

Again the criss cross of the straps with the bow tie giving it such a nice finished look ~ really smart and you can also see just a little of your bum peeking out to give all those perving you a tease *winks*


Flip Flops

These striped flip flops also can be purchased separate if you choose ~ shows off those tootsies and that fabulous polish ~ shoes are made for either Slink or Maitreya ~ Entire outfit is only 150L which includes all 3 items or you can just get the top for 50L, jeans are 75L and flip flops are 100L ~ for me this outfit can be made even dressier by exchanging the flips for nice pair of stilettos and there you have a great nighttime outfit ~ even the top can be worn with a nice long skirt or even a mini for another look ~ the pants can be matched up with a cropped t-shirt for a complete new look as well ~ that is a big plus in my eyes to get more bang for my money ~ great job and thank you along with kudos to Lilyanna Mandrake for letting me show off this fantastic outfit…


[mock] Purple Rain Mad Woman Smokey Shadow [Eyeshadow only]
-CG- 5. Charmed Black (chronosalp)
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
“”D!va”” Hair “Bambi” 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
Lady Dragon’s Design BW Halter Top ~ found at Jersey Shore 
Lady Dragon’s Design BW Pants ~ found at Jersey Shore 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 
IKON Lucid Eyes – Spearmint 

Shot on location at my studio using Lumi Pro and  [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Kimberly 01


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#240. Looks like the weight of the world’s on your shoulders now

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Beard: [Deadwool] Full beard – greys – NEW!
Outfit: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Outfit – Jed (Jacket + Shirt + Pants + Belt + Beanie + Necklace + Boots)
Bike: Turlaccor Custombike BOX – REVOLUTION ZERO – EVO – NEW!


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Welcome Spring/Summer 2016! Mina is ready for you. She looks amazing with Prism Design.

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Hello ladies.

Mexico is hot!!! I’m burning now. The weater so intense, I don’t know what to do. I’m desesparate. For this reason: Thanks SECOND LIFE for exist because I’m happy when I post. In this time, I’m going to write about another favorite brand: Prism Design. Journey McLaglen and JEZZIXA Cazalet created fabulous designs so fresh and young, perfect to hot temperatures or go to beach the next summer. 
1st. picture. Mina wears “Kiki”by Journey McLaglen. This a femenine garment that gives to woman a innocent. Romper in colors white/blue, totally trend Spring/Sumer 2016. You can mix & match with a heels style dolly and give to the garment a vintage touch. If you like the contrast, the best option is the yellow color. 
My avatar looks pretty and femenine with “Kiki” by Prism Design. . She complements her style with:
*enVOGUE  HAIR – Madalyn (Variety).
*Izzie’s – Miami Neon Sunglasses yellow (yellow lenses).
*erratic / twisted bracelets recolorable.
*Lordes Lipstick Lelutka Applier by Zibska
*REIGN.- Dolly Plats (Maitreya Body).
Another fabulous design is “Lyric” by JEZZIXA Cazalet. Fabulous swimsuit, chic and fresh. Includes a ribbon fringe shirt. Sensual and femenine. If you have a body mesh, you can use it. Includes applies to Belleza, Maitreta and Slink Body Mesh; classic avatar versión and OMEGA version applier. 
Mina wears “Lyric” – apple model by Prism Design. She uses as complements:
* enVOGUE HAIR – Whitney.
* Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (black lenses) (mesh)
* REIGN.- Jessica Plats (M-HIGH)- WHITE.
* :: PM :: ModernSet_002 Bracelet

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Blogger Behind the looks | Hope By Wow Skins

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Hey my loves!
So this was originally planned for Sunday but some things came up and it got pushed a night back but doesn't mean it means any less to me 😀 I feel like after so long of doing this blog you all don't really know me like you know ME, Liliandra Baxter, but not really ME, Jazmyn and you know that kind of bothers me. So not only am I showing you a skin that makes me feel a little more like myself but I'll be sharing 10 random facts about myself! Maybe in the future if you guys seem to like it I'll do more yes?
If you'd like to read the facts they are right below and if not just scroll on down to read the credits and skin details! Mwahs & Love you forever
Love Always
1. I absolutely HATE the taste of Coconut but I love the smell of it so there are random times I will buy coconut products just to smell it
2. I am that girl who cries during shows. If I'm happy or sad either way I'm shedding a tear because I get so emotionally attached to the characters. What they feel…I feel.
3. Speaking of Characters, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and my favorite character has always been Severus Snape and when Alan Rickman passed away I went into a small depression 🙁
4. Usually while I'm writing a post I have a podcast playing in the background so when I'm done typing I have to proofread and make sure I didn't type something from the podcast I was listening to
5. Since my mind is usually a clutter of ideas sadly that comes out in my surroundings. I'll start off with a box from amazon with my kindle case and magically ALL my kindle cases end up in there for storage.
6. For two years I didn't wear my glasses the way I was supposed to and missed out on life so hardcore since I could barely see anything and I think that's why in most of my posts I have glasses of some sort.
7. I've always been obsessed with Boy bands. Up until I was 17 there were Nsync and Backstreet boys posters covering my wall head to toe! Now I just….keep them all in a binder in my desk.
8. No Surprise to you all but…I love summer clothes but HATE summer weather. I tend to walk around in tank top and shorts during winter while relaxing around the house.
9. Even though I'm very good with Children, the possibility of ever becoming a parent TERRIFIES me.
10. I'm OBSESSED with Tim Burton inspired art. 

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Motherboard looks at Second Life

Previously posted by Inara Pey at Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World.

There have been a couple of interesting articles which have appeared in Motherboard over the last couple of days which make interesting reading. In the first, Men Are Working Out Their Issues By Playing As Their Lovers and Exes in RPGs, published on April 28th, Cecilia D’Anastasio looks at a little researched aspect of avatar […]

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Motherboard looks at Second Life

Previously posted by Inara Pey at Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World.

There have been a couple of interesting articles which have appeared in Motherboard over the last couple of days which make interesting reading. In the first, Men Are Working Out Their Issues By Playing As Their Lovers and Exes in RPGs, published on April 28th, Cecilia D’Anastasio looks at a little researched aspect of avatar […]

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# 186 Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.

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On Him

◈ ..::THOR::.. Bowl Sign
◈ ..::THOR::.. Magazine Holder
◈ ..::THOR::.. DIY Fruit Boxes Table
◈ ..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 2
◈ ..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 3
◈ ..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 5
◈ ..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 7
◈ ..::THOR::.. Metal Drawers
◈ ..::THOR::.. Newspaper
◈ ..::THOR::.. Vintage Car Magazine
◈ ..::THOR::.. Poe Tales Book
◈ ..::THOR::.. Carroll Tales Book
◈ ..::THOR::.. Pen Holder Mug
floorplan. marquee board / dance @Kustom9
floorplan. no vacancy plank
14- Frayed Knot Rug @Cosmopolitan
Apple Fall Tournament Billiards Table (PG)

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When the path looks clear..

Previously posted by SunnyGeorge at Clothes and Accessories – StyleQu0tient.

When the path looks clear..

Pose by: Nrage Pose Studio [Saul Set]

no.match_ ~ NO_CRIME ~ Pack of BLACKS

[Deadwool] Ed shirt – navy
[Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) – trousers – grey 2

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Looks like rain

Previously posted at Lil Thug Princess.


It looks like rain today so i am all equipped in my wellys ready to do some puddle jumping.Want to join me? You most certainly can just head on down to Tiny [email protected] Kids Gacha (opens tomorrow)and play this awesome Rainy Day Gacha. Heres what you are playing for~

  1. Umbrella Boat rezzable-Auto driven with 2 adjustable animations.Plays Oars sounds -(RARE)
  2. Hat
  3. Nails Applier
  4. Glossy Leggings hud
  5. Rain shirt
  6. Ducky Buddy Purse~AO Holdable with custom pose
  7. Necklace
  8. Earrings
  9. Rain Boots
  10. My personal wearable Rain

Heres me in the boat having a fabby time even though its raining on me!


Everything else i am wearing-

  • Hair-Truth-Lottie
  • Binky-Petite Bowtique (Easter Egg hunt gift) 17 Eggs to collect go and find yours.
  • Skin-Vco-Bella
  • Mouth-Vco-Pony Cold mesh lip
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl
  • Shape- I made it myself (currently not taking custom orders)

    Gacha ad~




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Mr. X & Captivating Looks @ J&A and Jumo

Previously posted at Perceptions Sita Writer.

The Jewelry and Accessories Show produced by Siren Productions is around the corner.  Mr. X and I can’t wait to go exploring all the goodies to be found there from February 26- March 5.  I did have the opportunity to get a few items to show you, my choice to wet your appetite!

Captivating Looks is offering a great many quality and unique items at this event.  The orange Tensha beads caught my eye. They are Japanese beads that are handmade by applying elegant artwork to an acrylic bead.  The bead is then sealed and coated with more acrylic to protect it.  Gold or silver accents are the finishing touch to these stunning beads.  The set comes with earrings, a necklace and two bracelets.

Another find by Captivating Looks is the Beachcomber Set.  I like the unisex vibe of this necklace with its draping leather necklace, carved beads, shells and even a shark’s tooth.  Wear it casually or formally for a hipper vibe with a gown or cocktail dress.

The beachcomber set comes with two wire bracelets laced with beads and shells, sweet shell earrings and this gorgeous necklace.

I have paired the Tensha beads and the Beachcomber set  with the *new* gown by Jumo called Rivoli in Apricot. I love how versatile all of Jumo’s designs are and I liked the way the colors worked with these pieces by Captivating Looks.  I love Rivoli’s swank midriff top that is perfect for showing off all kinds of  jewelry with or without the fur sleeves. Mr. X says the fur sleeve accents make a statement.  The abstract texture of Rivoli is stunning and the long wide skirt begs for a dance!


Jewelry – Captivating Look – Exclusive at J&A Expo – Feb. 26-March 5.

Main Store –

Siren Productions Info

Gown – *new* Jumo – Rivoli in Apricot

Skin – *new* – October 4 Season Skins – Guiselle Papavar

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