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Lounge with me

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I had this thought the other day. I'm not much of a cuddler, in fact…it was one of the things that annoyed my ex about me. He'd try to suffocate me with his arms while I laid in bed and I'd always ninja my way outta that. I get that it's annoying when you wanna love on someone but seriously, couldn't breathe. And I'm not sure why it bothers me, maybe just because guys are warm to begin with! So it's like hi, furnace. Kindly detach from my thigh bone aiiiight! Anyway LOL I thought a place like this…with pillows and a beautiful view, music and ambiance might help those cuddle blues. Because truth be told, I do like the kissing part that comes with the snugs :P

Shell: Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse
floorplan. cafe frame * @N21 *
tarte. ceiling string lights * @N21 *
tarte. dreams print * @N21 *
tarte. love print * @N21 *
Silent Sparrow – Black Spid-eek! Spider (Static) * @Level Up! *
PM Laptop Prop
[Con.] FLF Naptime Bookcase
tarte. restored desk * @N21 *
Alouette – Vintage Fabrics Stool * New Release *
[Fetch] Spring Prints – Spring Flowers * @Lazy Sunday 3.22.15 *
floorplan. lounge bed / stained PG * @N21 *
7 – Unstrung Classical Guitar

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BlackLace Lounge – Jewell Noir

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Blacklace lounge - dress for burlesque event_004

I wish I could make it easy
Easy to love me, love me
But still I reach
To find a way
I’m stuck here in between
I’m looking for the right words to say

Waves – Mr. Probz

What She Styled:

Blacklace lounge - dress for burlesque event_002

Blacklace Lounge – Jewell Noir – available at Burlesque event
Chop Zuey – Dancin Daisies Wht/PK Necklace
Chop Zuey – Dancin Daisies Wht/Pk Bangles
Chop Zuey – Dancin Daisies earrings
Lode – Viora pink
Little Bones – Girl
Whatever Iodine – Pink available at the Fashion Fair
PF – Glossy pout
Glam Affair Dark line
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner

Pose by Slouch

It is Burlesque Time with Blacklace Lounge

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Gin and kisses is this amazing sexy original mesh Creation by Mariska Simons and Erielle Deschanel for The Burlesque Event. It comes with the stockings and can be used with some mesh bodies as well. A trully pleasure to style this creation. Picture by my dear Logan McMahn
2 blacklace dream_003

Corset: ~ Blacklace Lounge ~ Gin & Kisses – Corset

Panties:  ~ Blacklace Lounge ~ Gin & Kisses – Panties

Stockings: ~ Blacklace Lounge ~ Gin & Kisses Stockings

Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Celestia


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