Second Life: SL Main Viewer Update 2017 w16 – New Features

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4/14 the main viewer updated to version If you have automatic update on, you likely already have the update installed. This version was the RC maintenance version. Release Notes This version will now remember if you want to Fully Render a specific avatar that exceeds your ACI setting. You can set an avatar to … Continue reading

The main, … I mean… the anim course

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New animations for Lelutka heads can be grabbed at the Skinfair 2017.
They are so much fun!
The event starts on friday 🙂 so you have to wait
a teeny wheeny bit…..

-Belleza- Isis 
JamBee > Clothes > PVC cutout dress @ Whore Couture
L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#13] 
tram F516 hair
_CD_ Yani Peach Heels – Belleza Isis 
_CD_Mary Collection Ears Headband Black

Have fun 🙂

ROQUAI’s Shadow Puppet Friends@ MAIN STORE / [Gild] Loop Tank_gray [email protected]

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Shadow Puppet Friends

SIGNATURE [Gild] Loop Tank_gray strok@CCB

.Shi x Messiah Gift : NeckWarmer / Unisex . Him
.Shi x Messiah Gift : TankBag . Him

[BURLEY] – Matt (Unrigged;MultiStyler)

ROQUAI’s  Shadow Puppet Friends@ MAIN STORE

ROQUAI’s ShadowPuppet Wolf w. Light
a full bento active release (hands/wings/tail

The Main Event

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“Three kinds of people get talked about: The fascinating, the freaks and the nefarious.”
-Donna Lynn Hope

Blog 10-31-16

Tiger: The Mint Condition
Hat: Zibska – Chichi
Bowtie: Zibska – Chichi
Hair: Kokolores – Jules
Head: Akeruka – Gigi’ Mesh Head Vers. 1.3 (brown hairbase, more details here)
Skin: Nephilim – Fallen (Zombina) @Scala Freakshow Event
Eyeshadow: Slackgirl – FlashLine Shadow (Akeruka applier)
Lips: Izzie’s
Chest Blood: Conviction
Gloves: Zibska – Mallt Deux @We❤ RP
Outfit: Athena Couture – Athena (Circus) @Scala Freakshow Event
Garters: Suicidal Unborn
Shoes: Faster Pussycat – Wicked Doll Wedge @Scala Freakshow Event
Whip: Elymode
Star: Keke

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The Main Attraction

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[Black Bantam] 
Pray For Us Cross Choker Chrome
@ No21

[Black Bantam] 
Sphynx Halloween Edition Orange Male
Sphynx Halloween Edition Dual Female
Sphynx Halloween Edition Blue Male 
@ No21

[ kunst ]
Perseus bracelets
@ Haus of Swag Fair 2016

Spiked Sock Garters Boots (Black)
@ Kustom9

Shiny Shabby


@ Shiny Shabby

!dM Doll
bodiceRuffles **BALLERINA**
Lara SpangledBodice **BALLERINA**
Lara SpangledBodice w/ tail **BALLERINA**
topHat **BALLERINA**

@ FREAKSHOW Carnivale (Starts Oct. 28th)


Amelie Head


Mesh Body

.Identity. Body Shop
Heart Lock I Tattoo

Yuurei Eyes / LIMBO 

Morphine Skin

2016 1023 E.V.E Asgard Wings and Headpiece (Main store update)

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E.V.E Asgard Wings and Headpiece

— E.V.E@Main Store

E.V.E Asgard Wings and Headpiece (blog)


[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enabled/ Unisex/  Asgard Collection/ Wings & Headpiece /  Colors & FATPACK / Resizer and Copy]

•  Original Colors: Gold, Silver, & Black

• Updated Colors: Black/Silver & Black/Gold (Fatpack Only)

Inside FATPACK box you will find:
– All color packs of Wings & Headpiece

Inside Color Pack boxes you will find:
– 1 colorWings & Headpiece

E.V.E@Lost & Found (Starts 22nd)

E.V.E Tree of Nightmares {Burnt Virgin Snow} (blog)

Read more »

BURN2 2016: Main Attractions To Visit

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Here are some of the main attractions to get started at this year’s BURN2 2016 festival happening right now through until Sunday 23rd October 2016. There are so many great exhibits this year worth checking out along with live music events around the clock.

The best time to visit the regions is in the early hours (SLT) of the morning for less lag and with fewer people around. Let’s get started > Click the SLURLs below to teleport to them and have a great adventure around the regions!🙂

Please spread the word and this useful BURN2 2016 landmarks guide!🙂

Welcome Gate SLURL

BURN2 2016

Center Camp SLURL  

BURN2 2016


BURN2 2016

The Temple SLURL

BURN2 2016

The Lamplighters Village SLURL

BURN2 2016

Live Stage SLURL



BURN2 2016

Inner Child Camp SLURL

BURN2 2016

Da Vinci GnomeTrap SLURL


DaVinci’s Backyard SLURL

BURN2 2016

Da Vinci Steampunk Carousel SLURL

BURN2 2016

More info at

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1220 The main thing that it was worth it

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+HILU+NABIKI kimono @Main Store

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+HILU+NABIKI kimono@Main Store

+HILU+NABIKI kimono@Main Store
:ENIGMA: Smuggler Belt [Rigged/WIDE] Limited
:ENIGMA: Smuggler Pants Limited [Graffiti] Wide No S
:Enigma: Smuggler plates Limited
[CX] Male Fang Geta L (Dark)
[CX] Male Fang Geta R (Dark)
[CX] Serpent’s Pipe (Mouth) Rough SilverCCB

[[RH]] MOMIJI -Maple- Set@CCB

[[RH]] MOMIJI (small) Set@CCB
Air_Kikka W white_CM*@Tha Chapter Four
Air_Kikka black_CM*@Tha Chapter Four
{anc} ocean dust // animated@TMD

Garden by anc slight wildgrass {pastels FAT}