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Lotd #492View on Flickr — [Full] Mesh Body — Maitreya Mesh Body…

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Lotd #492
View on Flickr
 — [Full

Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara 

SkinL’Etre Skin Shop – Melissa Skin [Buttermilk Tone] (New!) 

Eyes [System Eyes | Mesh Eyes] — [Buzz] Celestial Eyes – Chocolate 

Eyebrows —  Power Brows Tattoo Layers (New!)

Facial Jewels — #Foxy Jupiter Face Jewels (New @ Cosmetic Fair Rainbow Edition! – November) 

Hair — BESOMxREIGN-Quite Spoiled *Browns* (New @ N°21! – November)

Choker — MONS / MESH – Extreme Choker (style2)

Top [Standard Size | Maitreya Exp.] — *HolliPocket* What Does Foxeh Say #8-Set 4

Bag — Bleich – Mesh MaryJane Bag – Black (New @ Kustom9! – November) 

Bracelet — [ dynasty ] – Ohm Bracelet – Gold & Noir 

Bottoms [Standard Size | Belleza | Maitreya | Slink]  — Addams // Laura High Rise Jeans // Ocean

Shoes [Belleza | Maitreya | Slink | TMP] — REIGN.– Native Boots- BLACK

Pose [Full] — Overlow Poses – Pack 47 ( 8 )

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Lotd #491View on Flickr — [Full]Mesh Body — Maitreya Mesh Body -…

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Lotd #491
View on Flickr — [Full]

Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Mesh Head — CATWA HEAD Annie
Skin [Made for Catwa Annie ONLY] — Egozy.Faiza(LightFair)Catwa (New!)
Eyebrows [Available in System Layers | Catwa | LeLutka | TMP] —  Bossie. lena painted eyebrows [catwa] (New @ Cosmetic Fair Rainbow Edition! – November)
Lipstick [System Layers | Catwa | LeLutka | Loud Mouth | Omega | [PXL]] — #adored – juicy lips – fatpack (New @ Cosmetic Fair Rainbow Edition! – November)
Eyes [System Eyes & Mesh Eyes] — .ARISE. Zoza Eyes / White (New @ The Fantasy Collective! – November)
Hair — Lovey Dovey :: Merula :: Natural Ombres (New @ Totally Top Shelf! – Dec. 2nd)
Mask — [LF] Bunny Secret Mask [BLACK] (New @ The Fantasy Collective! – November)
Collar [Unisex | Rigged Version for Maitreya | TMP & Unrigged Version] — [LF] Bunny Secret Collar [BLACK] (New @ The Fantasy Collective! – November)
Outfit [System Layers | Omega | TMP] — Bossie. dita catsuit [black] (New @ The Secret Affair! – November)
Pose [Full – Left] — Glamrus . Hadlee 01 (New @ Black Dot Project! – November)
Pose [Full – Right] — Bossie. dita pose 05 (New!)
Pose [Closeup] — Glamrus . Trinity 04 (New @ Black Dot Project! – November)

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Lotd #490View on Flickr — [Full]Mesh Body — Maitreya Mesh Body -…

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Lotd #490
View on Flickr
 — [Full]

Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara 

Mesh Head LeLutka Mesh Head-STELLA

Skin [For LeLutka ONLY] — L’Etre Skin Shop – Emma Skin [Cotton Tone] (New!)

Hair +elua+ Daria_Lightblonde pack (New @ Kustom9! – November) 

Eye Makeup [System Layers | Catwa | LeLutka] — #adored – festival liners – fatpack (New @ Cosmetic Fair Rainbow Edition! – November) 

Lipstick [System Layers | Catwa | Genesis Lab | LeLutka | Omega | TMP] — < nova > Chelsea Lipsticks (New @ Cosmetic Fair Rainbow Edition! – November)

Nose Ring — [whatever] TDH Nosering

Necklace — [Pure Melody] Vivian Necklace

Top [Standard Size | Maitreya | Slink] — _CandyDoll_Mika Top Black (New @ Kustom9! – November)

Shorts [Standard Size | Fitted Mesh] — Baiastice_Linn HW Shorts-Leaves (New @ Collabor88! – November)

Bracelet — Kibitz – Isis Cuff – Gold

Clutch — [whatever] Stud Clutch – FATPACK

Anklets [Unrigged | Slink High | Maitreya High] — [CX] Kaiken Anklets (Gold) (New @ Kustom9! – November) 

Shoes [Belleza | Maitreya | Slink] — Glamistry – ZINNIA Heels [PF1029]

Pose [Full] — Bree 01 – Purple Poses (New @ Cosmopolitan Event!)

Pose [Closeup] — Bree 05 – Purple Poses (New @ Cosmopolitan Event!)

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Lotd #487View on Flickr — [Full]Mesh Body — Maitreya Mesh Body -…

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Lotd #487
View on Flickr
 — [Full]

Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Mesh Head — 2.Genesis_Head_Emily_2.0_Emotions_RARE

Skin Applier —  Genesis_Lab_Skin_TARA_CREAM_GIFT (Group Gift!)

Lipstick [For Genesis Lab Heads Only] — 11 HUD_ Genesis _Lab_Lipstick_VAMPY (New @ Kustom9! – October)

Septum — :Moon Amore: Ukka Septum – Simple [Gold]

Hair — little bones. Unusual – The Brunette (New @ Collabor88! – October) 

Necklace — Kibitz – Hamsa Necklace – Gold

Cardigan — MoDANNA [Becaud Collection] Cascade Cardigan Khaki (New @ Sad November! – November) 

Top [Standard Size & Fitted] — [whatever] Tanktop – FATPACK

Bottoms [System Layers | Omega | Slink | TMP] — LAZYBONES – Side Cut Leggings – Burgundy (New @ Sad November! – November)

Shoes [Standard Size | Belleza | Maitreya | Slink] — phedora. Berlin Boots Choco (New @ Sad November! – November) 

Pose [Full] — POSEL ~ Umbrella Pack ~ 5 (New @ Sad November! – November) 

Pose [Closeup] — POSEL ~ Umbrella Pack ~ 6 (New @ Sad November! – November)

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Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

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I haven’t done a post about the Maitreya Lara mesh body.
When it originally came out I was going to but it got pushed to the back burner.
Above I gave some of my numbers of my current shape for this mesh body.
These pictures have not been edited to alter the appearance besides cropping and adding them together.   This was taken on High graphics with a bright windlight setting.
I’ll start off with the HUD.
It’s a simple layout with just 3 tabs.
It allows you to have up to 10 saved alpha slots.
They really made the body more customizable with the way they cut the alphas.
I would still like to have a better alpha system for the chest as it’s still too large for some of the clothing that I’d like to wear but I can always shrink my myself in certain areas to make it work.  Still the option to have that is nice.
The second tab of the layers are helpful with being able to turn them on and off via gloves and socks or all of the layers I have added turned off.
To have some of these saved as presets is a nice feature although I never use it.
I rarely use the glossiness but it can come in handy for photos in certain lighting.
I have had problems though with the layers eating each other so I do have to toggle the buttons 
to have them switch back on or I have to make them where it losses the detail that was there originally.
The third tab is one of my favorites because I don’t have to go all around for my appliers from glam affair.  It would be nice to have slots to save my other skin appliers like polar or the other skins i sometimes wear.
The BIGGEST love is the color display in the bottom left.
It allows me to tint my skins that do not have appliers for the Maitreya body and have them work.
You can save the tint that you have made in the 5 slots that are on the right of the Nail Length.
I thank them for making the HUD able to delete the scripts in the body.  Sometimes it’s just helpful for those instances where you need to lower your script count in roleplay situations, raiding, shopping, whatever you need to have low scripts for.
This is a great all in one HUD.
I took a few pictures of the body to show it off with it’s original hands and feet.
It is Slink compatible and besides the Slink body it fits it well.
You will notice some seams at the ankles when wearing the stockings/socks/etc with it depending on your angle but it’s really on key.  Nothing can be perfect but it’s darn close to it.
To keep the reading down with where it really counts here I’m going to bullet this stuff off.
  • Works for thin and thick shapes
  • Comes with hands and feet
  • Glam Affair skins are the default skin appliers
  • Has a simple HUD that is easily understood.
  • The HUD comes with a great choice of Alpha options
  •  The feet are smoother than the Slink
  • The ankles are actually ankles and do not look like cankles (sorry TMP you still have the best butt)
  • Tinting ability in the HUD
  • Save slots for Alphas & Tinted skins & Appliers
  •  Feet are all in 1 Flat, Mid, High
  • Works with Omega Appliers
  • Dev kit for appliers are available for the public to get for free
  • Slink hand and feet Compatible
  • They constantly update this body with the glitches that are there within the system
    • That is a big plus to the mesh bodies as most just stop or take long to update or never update (I’m eyeballing you TMP)


  •  Shoulders are not smooth and are very broad
  • Only 1 hand shape available
  • The layers Tattoo, Underwear, Clothing glitch on top of each other if wearing all 3
    • You can wear a mask for 1 of them to help with the glitching
    • Depending on high you are in the air will help with the glitching
  • Nails do not come off like slink or TMP do as an option.
  • There is only a sock layer for the feet and glove layer for the hands.  There is no actual tattoo layer for them and I’d love to see that happen as the gloves look very stupid if it was meant for a tattoo layer of the hand as it hovers over the hand greatly including for the feet.  It just wouldn’t work at all.
  • No Developers kit for the mesh body so no UV for those who wish to make things perfect.

 I honestly enjoy this body in how it works.
I would love for these changes to happen with the shoulders.
The hands would be a plus but it is already Slink compatible which is a big and major perk for this body as I have the mixture of Slink and Maitreya Shoes and the hands for certain animations.
The tinting is great for the skins I do have that do not have appliers for that body and may never I feel like T^T so that helps me out a lot.  Please update the hands and feet to have tattoo layers on them!

I hope that has helped any that haven’t gotten the body yet.
It’s just my opinion my feel with having used this body constantly for my photos.

 Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 3.4 Update
– Bug re-appearing gloves and socks fixed

Maitreya compiled a list of creators already working with the Maitreya Mesh Body
Maitreya Mesh Body Developers

Application for the Maitreya Developer Kit
(NOTE:  It has not been released yet to the public if you see clothes that say Fit Maitreya it is their own Beta.  The Kit for the body has not been released yet but people have done their own testing for the fit of Maitreya.  You will notice it is not perfect but it’s very close to it)

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Erratic Lingerie for Maitreya and Vintage & Cool Fair!

Previously posted at Behind These Emerald Eyes.

Greetings Fellow SL Lovers!

Guess who released Maitreya compatible mesh today?

Erratic Giselle now Maitreya size

Erratic! The Giselle lingerie and Alexis corset had come out in a past Uber for SLink Physique. I like the SLink Physique body but I am in love with my Maitreya body even more. I was sad that I was unable to wear this set and the creator of Erratic herd my prayers! You can pick up the Maitreya version at the Mainstore and there is a 30% markdown for group members for a short time.

Also important are these shoes and hair! The hair is from DeLa called Fern. The shoes are from G Field  and you can find them at Vintage & Cool Fair. In fact… I went to Vintage & Cool Fair for ONE THING. Well you know what happened next…

I went for one thing... pt 3

I went for one thing... pt 2

I went for one thing...

You can find the dresses, blonde hair, and the heels (not the boots) at Vintage & Cool Fair.

Liliana Aluveaux

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:::KC::: Musse Dress Pink Pale Maitreya NEW RELEASE

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HAIR-*Soonsiki~ Diamond GROUP GIFT


DRESS-:::KC::: Musse Dress Pink Pale Maitreya NEW RELEASE

TATOO-[Ner .Ink] HUD-> Maitreya <- Don’t Mind > NEW!!

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‘Waiting’ ft Zoul Creations, Tameless, Cynful, Ben’s Boutique, Revanche, Earthstones, DRD, Maitreya, Maxi Gossamer, Afterlife.

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Skin – Zoul Creations Kristy S4 @ The Makeover Room
Hair – Tameless – Lorna
Headband & Friendship Bracelet – Earthstones
Denim Jacket – Cynful
Dress – Revanche – Tonio @ Fi Friday
Shoes for Slink Feet – Marina Platform Heels – Ben’s Boutique
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.4
Zombie Hangout with poses – Death Row Designs
Pic taken @ Afterlife
Peace Necklace – Maxi Gossamer 

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‘When I look to the sky’ ft Zoul Creations, Mesh Berry, Blueberry, Maxi Gossamer, Maitreya, Tukinowaguma

Previously posted at Suzy’s Gladrags.

Oh dear.. I did try to stay away from blogging for a while but lately with all the great stuff that’s been released I need an excuse to shop – so I’m back lol. I splashed out on the new Bellezza Body but there was in issue with the omega applier from the skin I was using so I’ve gone back to my Maitreya Lara, which I still love, especially with the recent mesh clothes designed to fit perfectly, I like a curvy shape and it annoys me to have to keep shrinking the boobs and bum to nothing to fit into a dress!

The lovely creator of Zoul skins sent me this gorgeous new skin called Iza – which is really kind of her considering I haven’t been blogging very regularly! Iza comes in 8 skintones (2 in each pack) appliers are available FREE and you can also buy lipsticks and eyeshadows sets for 70L each. It’s on sale now at the We <3 Role-Play Event. There’s also a Drow version with make up included and they are all at a brilliant price of 420L – if you haven’t tried Zoul skins before I highly recommend you try the demos at the Role Play Event and also the main store – I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!

I remember a long time ago I bought a hair from Tukinowaguma and just lately I’ve been seeing their new styles popping up all over the place! I got this one from the Cosmo Sales Room – this is the Agnes style – really pretty.

The ‘Mesh Berry flowered Strapped Tank Top’ above is available from Marketplace HERE –  I did have to shrink my boobs for this but as the Zoul skin has a gorgeous cleavage, it looks amazing! I love the hippy boho style so this appealed to me straight away – and there’s a hud included so you can change to one of another 8 flowery designs.

I matched it with the ice belted denim skirt from one of my favourite shops of late – Blueberry – I love the way their clothes fit on my Belleza Freya and Maitreya bodies.

The ‘Jewelled Love Necklace’ is from Maxi Gossamer – if you’re not in the group there, you need to be – every so often Maxi advertises a flash sale where loads of items are reduced and it’s first come first served, with amazing discounts – plus there’s usually a ‘weekend special’ at the entrance to the shop.

The ‘Love & Hearts Bracelets/Ring set’ here are Bowtique – I found them on the Marketplace HERE 

I’m not too good at taking the close up shots but just wanted to show you the freckles tattoo which was from Birth and yes – I’m still in love with my Ikon eyes – these are Ikon Charm – storm and the eyeliner/lash tattoo is from Blacklace Beauty.

I’ve been trying to rez in Collabor88 half the morning today – hopefully I’ll find something equally as gorgeous to blog later, thanks for checking out my post and please come back soon x

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‘Like a Butterfly’ ft Zoul Creations, Ikon, Besom, RE, Maitreya, The Secret Store, Pure Poison

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Zoul Creations – Iza skin, shadow, lips @ We <3 Roleplay
Ikon – Charm Eyes – Storm
Besom Hair – India @ Collabor88
Aaliya Necklace & Bracelets Set – RealEvil Industries
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara 3.4

 The Secret Store – Nathalie Tutu Dress – Sequins @ Collabor88

Pure Poison – Artizan Cloud Pumps @ Collabor88

Yeah – I finally got out of Collabor88 with a few goodies tucked under my arms!

Thanks for checking my blog and come back soon xx

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