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Hair: [INK] Hair___BOVVER ::Maple

Beard: Giardina – Beard – Ginger

Headphone: [VALE KOER] TMD EXCLUSIVE HEADPHONES                       TMD

Joint: [NikotiN] Classic Joint – Nextgen                                                             TMD

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Dreamer Tattoo                                                                CarnEvil

Outfit:  [Pumpkin]Streetwear- Black

Belt bag: Soy. NS belt bag [denim A] rare                                                          Season Story.




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@398@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring BomshieArralli Mens Red Shorts & Denim Polo Shirt

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BOMSHIE Arralliv2

Dre is wearing:
<*>Bomshie<*>Arralli Mens Red Shorts
<*>Bomshie<*>Arralli Red DK Denim Mens Polo Shirt
UNORTHODOX Natural Curls side part
Unorthodox Eyebrow Piercing double left
GizzA – Pierre Loafer [Camel]

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@400@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring Bomshie Obi Mens T’s & Tau Mens Corduroy Pants

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Dre is wearing:
<*>Bomshie<*>Obi Black Mens T’s
<*>Bomshie<*> Tau Mens Corduroy Pants- Blue

<*>Bomshie<*>Obi Blue Mens T’s
<*>Bomshie<*> Tau Mens Corduroy  Pants-Green
UNORTHODOX Natural Curls side part
Unorthodox Eyebrow Piercing double left
GizzA  – Pierre Loafer [Camel] Chop Zuey – Don Quixote Mens Necklace
69 Park Ave – GQ Avaitors – Men’s Sunglasses

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The Men’s Dept – April 2015

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The Men’s Department is open for all your guys to head over there and grab some pretty amazing looking pieces to make yourselves look sassy. We know you love shopping as much as us ladies so grab your wallets and get your butts down there.

Although it’s not just all clothes. You can get some great furniture and poses there too and of course I have to show those off too you.
I’ve got two poses for you, both from Bang. The first one is Read My Thoughts
TMD - April 2015 - Bang Read My Thoughts
I grabbed Amadeo to pose with me because you’re probably going to need a m/f pairing for this one. If there’s some significant size difference between your avatars then it could also fit m/m and f/f with a little bit of work. I have an Amadeo on hand but I know you don’t all have one of those! lol
The second pose is called Unsaid.
TMD - April 2015 - Bang Unsaid
This one is a pretty versatile pose. You could probably make it work with any couple pairing without there having to be a huge difference in size between the avatars. The demos are always available at the event for you to give it a try and see how easy it would be to make it fit your avatar. The nice thing about Bang is the pose box has an adjustment menu in it so you can fiddle around while you’re down there without having to commit to buying the pose. Awesome right?
I know Amadeo did a little bit of shopping a The Men’s Dept and you can see him in the pictures enjoying his finds. The shirt is the Denim Vest w/Tshirt & Hoodie from Addams and the pants are the Jumper Set from ISON.
Hiding in the background there is some gorgeously detailed furniture from Cheeky Pea. The Willow Creek Set comes in a choice of PG or Adult animations and is a pretty addition to anyone’s garden. Especially with the warmer weather creeping in.
Happy Shopping! 
Shirt – Blueberry – Tank Top – Green
Pants – Maitreya – Zipper Skinny Jeans – Dirty
Hair – Truth – Tom (female) – Gingers Pack
Skin – League – Erin Pale – Feline
Eyes – Ikon – Charm Eyes – Moor
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Eyelash
Body – Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body – Includes Hands & Feet (with League appliers)
Shirt – Addams – Denim Vest w/T-Shirt & Hoodie – Fatpack @TMD
Pants – ISON – Jumper Set – Sea @TMD
Hair – Mina – Knut – Fatpack
Skin – Pink Fuel – Ash – Peach
Ears – Aitui – Gen 4 Acryl*imals – White Rat
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands Male – Relaxed (with Pink Fuel appliers)
Pic 1 Pose – Bang – Read My Thoughts @TMD
Pic 2 Pose – Bang – Unsaid @TMD
H&G Items:
Swing – Cheeky Pea – Willow Creek Swing – Birch @TMD
Lantern – Cheeky Pea – Willow Creek Lantern @TMD

!bang at The Mens Department

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Cryssie kidnapped me today to take some photos for her blog and I decided to take advantage of the situation and grab a few of my own… !bang has done some beautiful snuggle poses both of which are perfect for curling up together in the early spring grass on a warmer day. Cheeky Pea brought a lovely set of outdoor pieces including a  natural feeling swing that would be perfect at the cottage.

Read My Thoughts


On Cryssie

Hair : TRUTH HAIR : Tom

Skin : League : Erin Pale

Body : Maitreya : Laura

Hands : Maitreya

Feet : Maitreya : high

Top : Blueberry : tank top : green

Jeans : Maitreya : Zipper Skinny Jeans : Dirty

On Ama

Hair : MINA Hair : Knut*

Skin : Pink Fuel : Ash : Peach

Ears : AITUI : ACRYL*IMALS : Grey Rat and white rat

Hands : Slink : Male Hands : Relax {With Pink Fuel appliers}

Vest and Hoodie : Addams @The Mens Dept : Denim Vest with Hoodie

Jeans : ISON MAN @The Mens Dept : jumper set : sea
Poses : Poses : !bang @The Mens Dept : Read my thoughts, Unsaid

Scene :

Cheeky Pea @The Mens Dept : Willow Creek Swing Birch

Cheeky Pea @The Mens Dept : Willow Creek Lantern

aa build & design : Long Grass : Spring

<3 Ama

2015 Men’s Wear Fashion Week ~ Ends with a blast

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On 5th of April, Men’s Wear Fashion Week for the year 2015, finally ended. At the end of the event, Lexie Jansma of Siren Productions, thanked all the members of her team.This year MWFW, 2015 produced 22 shows during the week. The main success was The Madonna Show with 110 residents visiting the 2 sims. A total of 213,000 L$ was raised by the end of the event.

The next event by Siren Productions is going to have, is The 24 Squared. Till Then Happy Shopping!

My wardrobe Credits:
Outfit ~ MSS ~ Formal Suit pinstrip~ at the MWFW, 2015
Glasses ~ Gos
Watch ~ Paul Polo

Last Post for Men’s Fashion Week

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Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.
Janine di Giovanni
Hello Lovelies, here is my last post for Men’s Fashion Week as it ends today! I am wearing the men’s clothing from Zed’s sensations and I paired it with the Constantine set by Moondance Boutique. The first outfit is the Bali T-Shirt with the New Wave Surfer Shorts.

zed sensations bali tshirt v1, new wave surfer shorts, moondance mens constantine jewelry_001 zed sensations bali tshirt v1, new wave surfer shorts, moondance mens constantine jewelry_002 zed sensations grant outfit_001 zed sensations grant outfit_002

The above sexy outfit on Manveril is the Grant outfit also by Zed’s Sensations. I am not sure what time the vendors take down their shops but these great finds will soon be in the mainstore!
Clothing by Zed’s Sensations
Constantine Jewelry by Moondance Boutique
Hair by Exile
Eyes by Ikon
Poses by Posesion


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:HAIKEI: Veranda Neko

Soy. Reed organ [Darkbrown]

Soy. Anywhere cart

Soy. Plastic basket

Soy. Kotatsu

Soy. Kerosene heater w/ Sake in pot [Ash green]

Soy. OLD 3wheeler truck (rusty blue)rare

oyasumi / cinder block table
oyasumi / japanese table
oyasumi / hanging shelf
oyasumi / oyasumi times
oyasumi / mini jars
oyasumi / mailbox / dark
oyasumi / windows & doors set / black
oyasumi / oyasumi milk (with cereal)
oyasumi / oyasumi flakes
oyasumi / tragic plate of toast
oyasumi / toaster / RARE
oyasumi / tragic glass
oyasumi / tragic egg (rotten)
oyasumi / pot / plant
oyasumi / triangle side table /w plate
oyasumi / balance shelf / with stuff
oyasumi / poster 4
oyasumi / japanese well / RARE
oyasumi / rolled up blanket                                          Xiasumi
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood
oyasumi / television
oyasumi / branch bench
oyasumi / japanese house / RARE
xin. futon bed + rare
xin. vintage television
xin. television table
xin. desk fan + red
xin. wooden corner desk + rare
xin. retro television/radio
xin. turtle container
xin. scratched bins
xin. bamboo floor mat
xin. kerosene stoves + rare
xin. coffee tray + open
dust bunny . small spaces kitchen
dust bunny . coffee machine .
dust bunny . vintage frames
dust bunny . vintage step ladder
AF His Sideboard RARE
AF Reaching Plant
AF Bags of Flour
AF Copper Pan Set
AF Mixing Bowl Set
AF Model Plane (Large)
 HIDEKI – Ferris Wheel Decor
HIDEKI – Industrial Cafe Stool
HIDEKI – Wall Stationary & Lamp
8f8 – silent conversations – Sakura Tree RARE
8f8 – silent conversations – Fish Pond RARE
8f8 – silent conversations – Koi Platinum Ogon
8f8 – silent conversations – Koi Showa Sanke
8f8 – silent conversations – Koi Kohaku
8f8 – silent conversations – Koi Ochiba
8f8 – silent conversations – Koi Ki Bekko
8f8 – silent conversations – Koi Asagi
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Laundry Rack
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Very Well
8f8– serene sanctuary – Hanging Scroll                                    xiasumi
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Grass Frame                                        xiasumi
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Koi House RARE                               xiasumi
*ionic* Colorines (curtain)
*ionic* Little love & happiness… that’s all (posters)
*ionic* Lyra posters
[Con.] FLF Poster – Motorcycle
[Con.] FLF Poster – Fucking moon
(NO) Cylinder Pot – Gemini Cats
(NO) Cylinder Pot – Street Musician Kitty
(NO) Cat Head Pot – Ziggy
=EliBaily= Smith Wardrobe_Dark Brown PG
.Atomic. {Arggg Pirates!} Black – Captain
.Atomic. {Arggg Pirates!} Black – Pirate Booty
.Atomic. {Arggg Pirates!} Black – Kraken
.Atomic. {Arggg Pirates!} Black – Pirate Cannon
MadPea Bonsai Naku (v1.2)
MadPea Bonsai Kasa
(fd) Cat – 08 Stretching
(fd) Cat – 03 Sitting Lazy
(fd) Cat – 07 Sitting Down
(fd) Cat – 12 Curious
(fd) Animals – Midget Kitten Gray
(fd) Cat – 13 Standing Up
(fd) Cat – 10 Scared
{vespertine}mini plant table
-tres blah- Kitchen Basics – Scale (Black)
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Dirty Dishes
* SORGO*  – Geek SketchBook
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -desk blotter
erratic / home – milk jug
[ keke ] paper whites – jar
Poche  – Minestrone
GCD – Mesh TV Satellite Dish
*alirium* ItchyGrass
*alirium* boardwalk
The Domineaux Effect – Garden Wall
:Fanatik Architecture: VIA APPIA Road Summer
Studio Skye – River Bank
Studio Skye – Enchanted Tree Tunnel
HPMD* Garden Tree08 – green
:Fanatik Architecture: Urban Jungle

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Mens Fashion Week – Ends Today!! GO! :)

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Menswear Fashion Week 2015 Logo Coming March 27th, 2015

This Post is a reblog for the Male persuasion!  Today is the Last Day of Menswear Fashion Week 2015!
You need to go NOW! LOL!  Enjoy:)  Free Limo Ride .:HERE:.

This one’s for you Gentlemen!  Menswer Fashion Week 2015 (MWFW), Starting this Friday, March 27th and runs until April 4th!  With this first post, I just wanted to get my male fans a little excited about this special event coming this weekend!  For the Ladies, I wanted to post some photos, you know some eye candy for you! :)  Tell your Man, Brother, Grandpa, Uncle, Best Male Friend, tell everyone to get Ready!  I will repost this post on Opening day with the SLURLs and also the calendar of events!

From the Official Press Release:

Siren Productions & SCALA along with Cultured the Magazine, DesigningSL, Dope Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, iNOVARE Magazine, L’HOMME, ModeLS Magazine, Seraphim, SL Live Radio welcome you to Menswear Fashion Week 2015 March 27th-April 4th, 2015! Menswear Fashion Week has been around for 6 years now bringing great fashion, exciting shows, fun parties, and fashionable men  to the forefront of the grid. We have some very exciting this planed as we take a vacation and get ready to jet off to island hop in tropical locals.

MWFW 2015 Teaser Silvano_1024x512

We are bringing you the brightest and best of Mens Fashion in Second Life! We are so proud to have so many wonderful designers back with us on our exotic holiday this year including Gabriel, Faster Pussycat, Akeruka, Gizza Creations, Dynasty, Vitamen, Aitui, SWAGGA, and Zibska to name a few. Having booked their ticket and joining us this year are some hot new designers Cool Nerd, CREDO, Tellaq, Tag, BOND7, ILLMVTIC, and David Heather. We have everything you are going to need on your vacation to paradise from hair and skins right down to shoes and accessories!

MWFW 2015 Teaser Volleyball_1024x512

This will be our second year participating with Relay for Life. We are so excited! We wanted to raise 100K last year and managed to raise 150K. This year we want to double that and raise 250K! We have game nights planned with Cultured the Magazine and iNOVARE Magazine. We have a 12 Hour Dj Dance Event with SL Live Radio on the 5th of April, 2015. Siren Productions is producing 6 hours of Art & Jazz by the sea. Not to mention all the designers are creating releases just to benefit RFL!

MWFW 2015 Teaser Guys Beach_1024x512

That is just the beginning though we have some fabulous themed shows including an under water adventure and visiting the temples and ancient ruins of our tropic getaway. We are combining fashion and music in a live concert runway show featuring MADONNA on April 5th, 2015 at 12pm SL. To follow us check out the website as we develop more details about the parties and calender.

You can find info Siren Productions Official Site at

Siren Productions Facebook:

Menswear Facebook:

If that is not enough there will be tons of new sensational clothing for the fashionable man about Second Life! Each and every designer is debuting fabulous new releases at the event! Some are even debuting entirely new collections. This will be the first place to see them and purchase them! Get them while they are hot and fresh!

We hope to see you all at Menswear Fashion Week 2015!


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