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New Men’s Polo Shirt from FREETO

Previously posted by Harley at Hangin’ with Harley.

FREETO has released a new men’s Polo short sleeved shirt, Ygor,  and this includes a hud to have options of color choices.

FREETO Ygor Polo Shirt 1FREETO Ygor Polo Shirt 2

FREETO Men’s Polo Shirt on the Marketplace


Hair:  Damselfly Hitch (former gift)

Shorts:  Egoisme Shorts

Shoes no longer available

Poses:  EverGlow Subscriber Gift Male

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{Q- Essentials} Men’s Billy Ray Dark Denim @ Swank may

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{Q-Essentials} participates in current Swank edition which takes place from 7 until the end of May.
Spice is wearing “Men’s Billy Ray Dark Denim”, an intriguing short sleeves shirt, very casual and that certainly can be used to have a “macho” style!
You should visit Swank and do not miss this beautiful creation!!!
{Q-Essentials} partecipa all’edizione attuale di Swank che si svolge dal 7 fino alla fine di maggio.
Spice indossa “Men’s Billy Ray Dark Denim”, una intrigante camicia a manica corta, molto casual e che sicuramente può essere utilizzata per avere uno stile “macho”!
Vi consigliamo di visitare Swank e non perdere questa bellissima creazione!!!
Shirt: {Q-Essentials}Men’s Billy Ray Dark Denim (@ Swank)
Swank LM
Swank Facebook Page

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Mens sana in corpore sano

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Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

Hair: *Besom~ Burn Down *Browns (Gacha)
Head: Lelutka – Simone (v1.5)
Skin: ItGirls – Lelutka Skin Applier – Mila (Tan)
Body: Maitreya – Lara (3.4)
Lipstick: Shakeup! Alba Lips for Lelutka Heads (Natural Palette)
Top&Panties: TETRA – Lingerie Spring Set (Pink) @Uber
Feet Wraps: fri. – Reverie (Coal)  
Watch: [BLK2.0] – BlkWatch *Gacha*-(RARE)
#Foxy – Water Bottle (Black) @ The Chapter Four
#Foxy – Yoga Mat Roll (White) @ The Chapter Four
#Foxy – Yoga Mat (Black) @ The Chapter Four

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5 Reasons to Visit The Mens Dept

Previously posted by at The SL Registry.

Want this look?
Here are 5 reasons to visit the May round of The Mens Dept

1.  Skin – Clef de Peau – Colton w eyebrows  TMP Applier(NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

2.  Hair – Modulus – Brooklyn Hair (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

3.  Pose – Le Poppycock-The Cynic (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


5.  [ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Beard – Unorthodox – Choppa beard (NEW)

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Is no country for old mens

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Bike: “The punisher” from TURLACCOR CUSTOMBIKES

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New Sponsor!!! Sir Monthly – Men’s Fashion Event

Previously posted by at Two Too Fashion .

New sponsor for Two Too Fashion!!! “Sir Monthly – Men’s Fashion Event” chose us as official bloggers and we are honored to start the collaboration with this new fantastic men’s fair!!!
Thanks to the owners Alexander and Damien Powell and to the blogger manager Tony Lee Devereaux for this great opportunity!!!

Nuovo sponsor su Two Too Fashion!!! “Sir Monthly – Men’s Fashion Event” ci ha scelti come blogger ufficiali e siamo onorati di iniziare la collaborazione con questa nuova fiera dedicata alla moda uomo!!!
Ringraziamo gli owners Alexander and Damien Powell e il blogger manager Tony Lee Devereaux
per questa grande opportunità!!!

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2016 0404 nefarious.inventions riot for The Mens Dept

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[n.i] riot
— nefarious.inventions riot helm/mask for The Mens Dept (starts April 5th)

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A Very Belated Tour of Men’s Fashion

Previously posted at Across The Grid With Lindal Kidd!.

Way, way back in April of 2015 I wrote a piece in which I ruminated on the lack of men’s fashion in Second Life, and some possible reasons for it.  In the Comments section, a reader asked for advice on where to go to turn his avatar into a studly male fashion plate, and I replied, “See tomorrow’s entry”…and then apparently forgot all about my promise.  Oops!  Today’s post is a very belated response to that anonymous commenter!

The preeminent annual hunt for men is “MenStuff.”  This year’s hunt ended Feb. 29, so you have rather a long wait until the next one.  Still, bookmark their page to keep abreast of news.

While you are waiting, many hunts with more general themes also have items for men.  Keep up to date on all the major hunts here:

Quite a few of us girls keep up with SL fashion by following a selection of fashion blogs.  You guys can do the same.  A Google search on “SL Men’s Fashion” will find many of them, but here is a shortcut.  Visit the SL Male Fashion Feed for a long list of male fashion blogs and related links.

Fashion Showcases.
There are several places where you can go to see an item or two from each of a large number of participating creators.  The Men’s Department, a showcase that is male-oriented, can be found here:

Though they’ve closed their dedicated in world freebie store, Fabulously Free in SL (“FabFree”) remains an incredible source of information about freebies.  Their blog allows you to filter by categories, and the Men’s category has over 2,000 entries!  You can join the FabFree group in world too, to get a notice when someone runs across a new freebie.

The various bargain hunter programs…Sixty Linden Weekends, Secret Wednesdays, 55L Thursdays, My 60L Secret, and so on…all generally have at least a few men’s items.  You can join their groups and get a weekly list of all the offerings.

Mesh Bodies.
Although I own one and sometimes use it, I’m not the greatest fan of mesh bodies.  I think the improvements which they offer over the classic avatar body are incremental at best, and come at the expense of having to deal with a whole new set of configuration controls.  I think it’s very easy for a guy to look super hot with a classic avatar body, and it’s a lot cheaper too.  Still, if you really want to jump on the Mesh body bandwagon, the best place for mesh body and body part reviews is here:

Most large hair stores in SL have a selection of styles for men.  In addition, many styles can be worn by either men or women, as you will see from some of the advertising pictures in the stores.  Don’t be afraid to try on a “woman’s” hair style…it might look great on you!  I was in Alli&Ali the other day, and noticed that they have a very large selection of men’s hair.

I’ve always advocated making your own shape, with the Appearance sliders.  It may take some time and tweaking, but it costs you nothing.  If you go this route, I would make the following suggestions…but feel free to ignore them if you wish, it’s YOUR body!

  • Keep your height under 2.5 m. at most.  Unless your girlfriend is super tall, then you may want to go a few cm. over her height.
  • Don’t overdo the shoulders and biceps.  Personally, I find a flat tummy and a six pack to be way sexier than apelike arms.
  • To avoid short little T-Rex arms, you’ll need to go further to the right with the arm length slider than you might think.  Stand up, let your hands hang at your sides.  Notice how far down they go.
  • Neatly trimmed facial hair is sexy.  Big, bushy lumberjack beards are not.
There are free shapes available that many designers use as their models for making Mesh clothing.  These will tend to fit Mesh quite well.  Get them here:
You’ll probably need some minor tweaks to your shape, especially the facial features, to get the best results from any given skin.  This is one reason why it’s important to try the demo version before buying a skin.  Here are some places to check out:
Private Parts.
Again, don’t overdo it with the size.  I don’t find it very exciting when a fellow’s tool goes in my front and pokes out my back.  Ouch.  I also must give Two Thumbs Down to the “On Duty” product…I don’t appreciate being “made pregnant” without my approval or consent.
You can find genital attachments in all degrees of realism, all price ranges, and with a wide range of operating features.  If your regular partner(s) use a particular system, such as Xcite, then consider getting a matching product for interoperability.  Otherwise, check out the suggestions below.
Remember:  Don’t wear your genitals in public, even with them turned invisible.  A gentleman doesn’t attach his bits until the appropriate time and place.

Formal Wear.
Every woman I know is a sucker for a guy in a tux.  Yeah, me too.

So there you have it, gentlemen.  Now go out there and make Second Life a showcase of male Eye Candy for us gals!

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Captivating! Men’s Vintage Necklace, ring, diamond ear studs @ J&A Expo 2016

Previously posted at Two Too Fashion .

At Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 you can also find accessories for men.
Spice is wearing this beautiful jewelry set by Captivating! which includes a nice leather necklace with metal pendants and stones, diamond studs earrings and a beautiful ring with onyx and diamonds.
Definitely a nice man jewels set to complete your look with a chic and refined touch!!!

Al Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 potete anche trovare accessori per uomo.
Spice indossa questo bel set di Captivating! che include una bella collana in cuoio con ciondoli in metallo e pietre, gli orecchini di diamante e un bell’anello con onice e diamanti.
Decisamente un bel set da uomo, per completare con un tocco chic e raffinato il vostro look!!!

Jewels: Captivating!Men’s Vintage Necklace, ring, diamond studs (J&A Expo 2016)
it includes: Diamond Ear Stud, Onyx & Diamond Ring, Vintage Leather Necklace Tan/Turquoise/Silver

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Moondance Boutique Mens Tsubasa

Previously posted at furelle.

Moondance Boutique Mens Tsubasa necklace set now released and on sale in store

steele moondancne

Moondance Boutique

Moondane Boutique Mens Tsubasa Jewelry Set

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