Wowmeh Mesh Body Review feat. TSG (The Good The Bad and The Ugly)

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Hey peoplepants, its that time again. Yet another mesh attachment release so its time once again for the review! Now, if you remember when I review things I do it 100% honestly, its not meant to offend or put down anyone nor is it meant to belittle any creator’s hard work. But I want to be able to give you all opinions and views before you spend your lindens. 

So here we go Wowmeh review take 1!

The good: 

We always start off with the good.

1) Its made of fitted mesh! With this new update release this body has now gotten a lot of attention that it didn’t have before. This means that you can wear the body with whatever shape you are currently wearing and adjust the body itself to your liking. Which means you can change the proportions of the Wowmeh body by changing the proportions of your avatar’s shape. 

2) Free updates for life! If you’ve purchased the Wowmeh body this means that any new updated versions of the body is yours and will be delivered to you free of charge. 

3) Its pretty! No more with those weird butt shadows or odd zigzags that tend to happen when you move or attempt different poses. This is explained under the fitted mesh plus. The proportions are beautiful and well shaped, I find myself staring at my own butt quite a lot. Haha. This is a great plus for photographers who use photoshop. It means a lot less time using your liqification tool. 

4) Very affordable. If you find yourself wanting to use the mesh body NOW is the time to get it. The price has already been raised once however it is still very cheap for a full body mesh attachment. Its currently a promo price though so I expect it will go up once this promotion period is over. Get it while its cheap!

5) Easy to use appliers. If you’re a designer creating appliers for this item is no hassle and you designer kit also comes free with your purchase of the Wowmeh body.

7) You can wear this body with your own avatar’s head! The problem (or some people’s problem) with facial mesh attachments is that everyone can tend to look the same, however with the wowmeh body you can keep your avatar’s own unique face, still buy your favorite skins and adjust your features to your heart’s content. 

8) A really, really, really thorough note card. Every possible question you could have is on the notecard, its made of easy to read different sections so you know exactly what your Wowmeh body can do. 

The Bad!
There’s not many things bad but just a few things you should consider before purchasing.

1) You can only wear mesh. Well, so far at least. I haven’t seen very many designers making appliers for clothing quite yet (it will come eventually I’m sure) but at the moment you will mostly be able to only wear mesh with this item. For me its not much of a problem because I usually only wear mesh on my Coco doll, but for the applier users (those who wear tango and phat azz) and other mesh attachments it could prove difficult for you when dressing. 

2) Standard alphas. Now, originally this was being promoted as a good thing. That you can disappear certain parts of the wowmeh body with just a click, however upon trying it myself just to test how it works for you guys I have to say, while it can be a plus it can also be a big minus when it comes to wearing mesh. Each piece of mesh is uniquely made, both in shape and size. So when designers make their alphas they tend to make them for a specific piece of mesh that won’t necessarily fit another item. This can be hard with the wowmeh body, for instance if you wanted to wear mesh panties or mesh pants that are really show and you just wanted to alpha away a piece or a shape you can’t do that. If you click for example for the underwear alpha to show up, a standard size chunk disappears. A chunk that it seems more time than not won’t suit the piece of mesh you’re wearing. So hopefully you have a wide ranged wardrobe of non skimpy clothes that won’t be affected by the alpha issue. 

3) Not very many skin appliers  yet. So far the only one I really know of is The Sugar Garden. I could be totally mistaken but once more comes out I will update until it picks up on the main stream. EDITED: See below for other stores with appliers.

The Ugly 

There’s not many ugly things on this body either, overall its very well made, but just a few notes that I hope are updated on the next release.

1) The feet, they’re not as well shaped as -I- would like. Other mesh feet attachments tend to have a lot more detail and tend to be a lot prettier. Lol pretty feet, that’s what I want. 

2) The vagina.. ok. I know. I KNOW! What am I doing looking at it right? But seriously once I took off the panty and bra layer the body comes with it was hard to miss. Whoo lawdy, that is an ugly vagina. xD It also posed a problem for me in wearing the mesh panty because it is more uhm- elongated than the standard avatar’s vagina. So the crotch of the panty went -through- the vagina area as opposed to -over it-, no matter what size underwear I wore.  I would recommend some mesh body shorts. I’m not sure if you can see, but if you look closely at my pictures you might be able to pick up where I had to paint the underwear in. I won’t be so lude as to take a picture of the missing crotch. Use your imaginations lol. 

Well, that wraps up my review, I hope that my opinions helped with your purchasing making decisions. 

As promised a list of skin store with Wowmeh Appliers that I know of so far -

The Sugar Garden
Wow Skins
Nar Mattaru
Fiore (Thank you Jake Funeral and Sanya Bilavio)
The Skinnery
HD Skin
Pink Fuel
Sinful Curves
Drop Dead Gorgeous
First Lady
Glam Affair

If you know of any other stores feel free to leave them in the comments

 VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You need the newest updated viewers in order to see fitted mesh. Anything and less the body looks very distorted. Remember when mesh just came out? Yeah, it will be very much like that.


Wowmeh Style v2.6 Mesh Body 
Skin Applier – The Sugar Garden (All shades available at the main store for Wowmeh appliers)
Riske – Nairi Corset Soon @ The Dark Style Fair
Riske – Tessellate v1 Tattoo (Face) Soon @ The Dark Style Fair
Riske – Freckled Mole Tattoo (Face) Soon @ The Dark Style Fair
Kio Fluffy Fuq Tail (Sandy) @ Fantasy Fair Carnival
Jun Bug – Perles de la Mer @ Fantasy Fair Carnival

Remarkable Oblivion – Cat-a-Clysm (Black)
Su! – Basic Panty Black

The Mesh Project : Take Two

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I’m Back ^_^
I’ve been meaning to do this post for a little while, but I haven’t been in a blogging mood lately, but I’m happy to report that I’m back to my blogging self again (Thank Goodness!)
Shortly after the glow of having a wonderful mesh head that was beautiful and versatile wore off, the honeymoon phase was gone and my mesh head and I began to have some issues.
The biggest issue was the ginormous size of the head. It was just too big! It was impossible to wear most hair brands with the head, and since it’s a mesh head, alphas don’t work. I was sick and tired of having to be constrained to one hair brand, even though it was Truth, and well, Truth is fabulous. I began longing for my lamb. and Clawtooth hairs. 
Another issue was the price it cost to change my look. I get bored soooo often with the way my avatar looks. I decided that the Babydoll head was just too doll-like for me, so I pondered on purchasing another mesh head in a different style. But then I remembered the price tag – 5k – and decided against it. 
I’ve been seeing all the awesome work in progresses from other skin designers for face “appliers” for the mesh heads from the Shops, and they are so gorgeous and exciting, and let’s face it, I’m gonna buy some, but I do it with a heavy, addicted heart, because I won’t wear the mesh head for long. 
The Mesh Project and I have broken up. Time to go eat some virtual Ben and Jerry’s and hunt for a new look.
<3 Jasey
Skin/Head: Sadie Mesh Hybrid Avatar – Alabaster: LOGO
Hair: Hell on Heels – # 8 Dreamy Red: Clawtooth
Dress: Julianna Fluffy Dress – Duotone Mint/Cream: Tee*fy
Hands & Feet: Slink
(Background Decor is from Mingle, which is no longer available)

Hello DeeTalez Alice, Good Bye to the Mesh Project Body

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DeeTalez Alice


I have been featuring DeeTaleZ faces tons lately on my blog:  Not because I am an official blogger (I am not), not because I have tons of Lindens to spend (because I don’t), it’s just because I really like her faces. In the past I have made the mistake in my eyes of featuring skins on my blog simply because of their popularity.  No more my friends, no more.  Now, if I really fall in love with a face produced by whomever is the skin darling of the blogger  community at the moment, of course I will feature it and not because I feel like I should.

On the other hand, I am officially saying good-bye to another popular item – the Mesh Project Body.  Don’t get me wrong this body is absolutely sublime, and besides the CANKLES that I cannot seem to get past, it is nearly perfect in form. What I absolutely hate though, and I mean HATE, is the management of the product.  From being forced to depositing lindens into an “account” of some kind that I can never get back to a Hud that is a complete nightmare – I just can’t do it anymore!  For some this will be a great product in terms of one stop shopping for everything but this body just doesn’t work for me.  Both the Slink Body and the Venus Body offer me the flexibility I need to make dressing my dolly a much more enjoyable experience.

Welp, that’s all I got for now.  So until next time, take care my friends and have a great Second Life!

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tulip
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Alice [Brows 1] Mixedtype
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Coffee


Signature Mesh Avatar

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It may look like I have a naked Mr. Mikel Monk behind my lens today, but alas, I did not. He was fully clothed from the hips down, I just cropped the image this way to make it more scandalous. Did it work? Yeah, didn’t think so. Anyhow I digress, Mr. Monk was showing me […]

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Belleza’s Mesh Body – Venus

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So, quite a few mesh bodies have now hit the grid, some I love, others not so much. Belleza’s mesh body, Venus, is coming soon! You guys know what a Wowmeh fan I am, but this body is too stunning to not notice. It’s so very unique. The curves on this body are just.. woah. Hot as hell!
 There are so many awesome features to Venus, such as built in hands and feet, both with options to change position, and the feet are slink compatible! I found myself playing around with all the options for hours. The body itself even comes with a few goodies, such as the lingerie seen above, as well as some sexy heels in a few colors. This is a must check out.

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Our Second Original Mesh

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Wicca's Wardrobe - CD Teaser Mood

Today I am very happy and proud as well…. First of all my RL goes better and better what really gets me more and more in a positive mood and second… I am able to show you the second original mesh item of Wicca’s Wardrobe.

Lately we started to learn Blender with help of some friends and after a lot of practice and try and error I am very, very proud to say we made our second orignal mesh the “Cybernetic Eye”

Wicca's Wardrobe - CD Teaser Mood 3

I have a mega favour on steam punk and cyber stuffs and so the idea of that “Cybernetic Eye” was not too far off my direction. The one who made it possible for Wicca’s Wardrobe is my RL & SL partner Redclaw Inshan. Cause he is the one who kinda defeated Blender :p

So he has to put up with strange and weird ideas of mine and helps me to make them become real… ok.. virtual real ;) Sometimes he is loosing his mind and temper and sometimes he even adds more crazy ness to my ideas, or he comes with amazing ideas of himself.

I am really looking forward to what the future will bring with the possibility to now make things out of our imagination.

Wicca's Wardrobe - CD Teaser Mood 1

The rest of the whole look as well is made by Wicca’s Wardrobe. The whole ensemble at the moment is available at the Couturier’s Docks. This special aluminium black combination is limited to 50 pieces only for the jacket, the pants, the heels and the cybernetic eye in that particular colors.

From the “Cayla” jacket and the “Renraku” pants there are still a few left at Couturier’s Docks but the special color combination of the “Lorraine” heels already sold out. That’s why I made one more pair of heels wich go with this futuristic look – the “Locked Heels” in aluminium.

Wicca's Wardrobe - Locked Heels (Aluminium) Vendor

Those are available at the Wicca’s Wardrobe Mainstore and as well at the satellite store on SaliMar if you wanna grab them after you did your shopping at the Couturier’s Docks wich are located right around the corner of my satellite store ;)

There are only a few days left before the Couturier’s Docks close for the next round maybe you get lucky and get one of the last pieces of that cool look for yourself ;)

Wicca's Wardrobe - CD Teaser Mood 2


Jacket: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Cayla Jacket” [CD October 2014]

Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Renraku Pants” [CD October 2014]

Shoes 1: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Lorraine Heels” [CD October 2014] – SOLD OUT

Shoes 2: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Locked Heels” [Aluminium]

Eye Part: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Cybernetic Eye” [Original Mesh]

Hair: Capelli – “Babylon”

Skin: [sys] – “Eva”

Makeup: Nuuna – “Warp” + L.Fauna – “Midnight Glitter”

Poses: EverGlow

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin