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♥ Catwa – Gwen Mesh Head Review ♥

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Hey loves!
It’s been a while since I have actually written a review for you guys so please excuse my dustiness 😛

Now most of you know (and if you don’t I wonder how cosy that rock is 😛) but Catwa has released heads in the past namely Jessica, Annie and Vampire Annie.
Well her recent release was Gwen which was an amazing head all by itself but with the promise of more emotions. Well… For those of you who were waiting patiently that wait is now over.
The new updates for Gwen are now out and I will be telling you about it and where to find it and how to activate it.

I hope this will somewhat informative to you and if you do have any questions you can either IM me or Catwa have a live support chat group in which you can
copy and paste the following link in local chat, then click it, Join the group & ask away!


This is the Gwen head and with it I am using an applier from *YS&YS* which I will link down the bottom in the credits.
If you do not use YS&YS however you can find a whole list of skin creators HERE

I did add a small filter in Photoshop to the whole image but I didn’t edit or shape the face whatsoever.

Also you can DEMO the head at the Catwa store the demo’s do everything the full version does, this also includes being able to try demo’s of appliers at the skin creators stores.

All omega appliers will work, please purchase omega Catwa relay

As for eyes you need to have mesh eyes to wear with this head.
I am using ones from IKON.

Catwa included a shape with the head but you can use your own just remember to put the Eye Depth to zero.

Using this head with your favourite mesh body?
The head is more compatible Maitreya, Slink and Belleza as they have a nice alpha neck fix extension.
TMP and SL system body also work too but it’s possible you might need to enable the neck fix of the head.
This head is not modifiable, but you can edit your shape using head stretch and head length.

Below is an image that will show you what comes with your purchase.
Oooo Pretties!
Pack include

You get a bunch of HUDs mini HUD, main HUD, and teeth neck hair HUD and one for Animations.

Your Mini HUD can be worn to walk around everywhere in SL because it doesn’t have re-texturing buttons which makes it lag FREE. Which is smashing because not all of us can embrace the lag without wanting to punch it square in the face 😉

Main HUD and Hair/Teeth & Neck HUD both have many save slots, you can save your favourite appliers on them if you are like me and can be forgetful 😛
The Main HUD and Hair/Teeth and Neck HUD both can be very laggy if you have saved many appliers on the save slot buttons.
It’s best to detach these once you have finished making your face all pretty lol.

All of the head textures can be tinted via HUDs, Also all layers have Shininess enabled and can be controlled and tinted via HUDs.
So let’s see what these HUDs look like.


The HUD is very self explanatory but if you do struggle be sure to read the notecard that comes in the box.


The HUD includes a variety of lashes that you can change to and tint any colour you like, I actually really love these, they look so natural but at the same time they make your eyes pop and look amazing on pictures. Just don’t forget to click the Blend button to make sure they don’t look clumpy! 
Which you can see below. 

lash off_001 Lash on

                                      Before Blend                                             After!

😛 She seems happy now eh? 

Now for the big reveal, I know you didn’t all just read this through to see how I make my lashes so pretty so here goes…

Ladies… You can now purchase an extra hud with 504 animations, that wasn’t a typo, I double checked 😛 504!

The activator is sold separately and only works with the Gwen Head BUT it is now available at the store so you can really show people how you are feeling lol.
All you have to do is swing by Catwa (Landmark is in the box) and buy update activator.
Simply wear the Animation HUD that you got with the head, along with the activator, click “Activate” and bobs your Uncle and Fanny’s your Aunt, you have lift-off 😀

If you are still unsure on how to activate this Catwa was kind enough to provide a 6 minute video in which you can watch HERE  

And here’s what that little HUD of preciousness looks like.

New Anims

Don’t you just want to play with it? 😀 Well you know what to do now incase you do 😉

Catwa also added an update with the teeth HUD which means you are able to have a cut version of the bunny teeth… So damn adorable!


And of course not forgetting a quick preview of the Hair/Teeth/Neck HUD.
Which is perfect obviously for tinting your hairbases, especially with Catwa Hair. ♥

Hair b Hair A HairTINTneck


And last but not least before I wrap this up, I have made two short video’s showing off the expressions and how she looks when she talks I have so you get the general idea of how they look.


I really hoped this review helped you and it wasn’t too boring 😛 and if you get the animations you enjoy them to the fullest.

*YS&YS* – Ava – Tone 02 – By Monicuzza Babenco

Catwa – Gwen – By Catwa Clip *NEW*

Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Armor – By  Ikon Innovia

Maitreya – Lara – By Onyx LeShelle

Catwa – Bree – Black – By Catwa Clip

Pixicat – Dusk – By Areve
Marketplace Inworld

White Widow – Chocolat – By Julie Hastings *NEW@Shiny Shabby*
MarketplaceInworld Shiny Shabby

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Mesh Heads*

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Snapshot_003-this one

*Subbie is Wearing*


*Dress-CandyDoll-Kaila Dress*@Collabor88*NEW*


*Collar-(r)M-Posture collar*

*Hair-Vanity Hair-Talamasca*@Hairology*NEW*

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*Mesh Head!*

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*Subbie is wearing*

*Mesh head-Lelutka-Stella*


*Collar-(r)M-Posture collar*

*Dress-Dead Dollz-Nikita Dress*@Collabor88 *NEW*

*Body-Maitreya body-Lara*

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.:JUMO:. BEAUTY – Amazing, wonderful, gorgeous: “Hollie Mesh Head”. I love it!!!!!!

Previously posted at Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba.

Hello ladies.

I’m so happy because I have the new Mesh Head from .:JUMO:. BEAUTY Amazing, wonderful, gorgeous!!!! Beautiful face, so pretty. Feline eyes, sensual lips and perfect nose. It is sublime design that exalts the feminine sensuality. I show you : “Hollie Mesh Head”.

This a .:JUMO:. BEAUTY is New Concept Skin was created exclusively to give your avatar one appearance sexy and very near the natural realism, with high quality textures, creating a look very young and attractive with sinuous curves and soft to look sensual and delicate. This skin has 2 skin bases for Classic Avatar Body Cleavage and no Cleavage. For the appearance of your avatar is the closest photo, use the Hollie Shape included in this package. This shape is to fit the eyes and the measures that i think most appropriate for this skin, but you can modify it to your liking, so it becomes a custom shape and only yours. 

**Instructions to wear your new Hollie Mesh Head:
– First, ADD your mesh head
– Add the alpha and the shape for your eyes.
– Wear your skin base for Classic Avatar.
– Add the Skin HUD to change the eyebrow color.
– Add the Hollie Eyeliner.
– Add the Eyeliner HUD to change its style.
– Add the Hollie Lips.
– Add the Lips HUD to change its color.
This head matches the The Mesh Project, Maitreya and Belleza Mesh Bodies It comes with Slink appliers for hands and feet, and also appliers for TMP, Maitreya and Belleza bodies. *NOTE* The Mesh Project body works very well with the neck blend RETROFIT. Includes: .:JUMO:. Hollie Color Freckles!!!
I’m excited!!! My avatar, Miss Widelmina Zeminoba looks gorgeous. June Monteiro, you are a master o master!!! I love dear!!! You are a great designer and “Hollie Mesh Head” is a example of your excellent work. Widelmina Zeminoba wears Honey Tone for “Hollie Mesh Head”. 
Also, she wear Maitreya Body Mesh with bra and pantie for Maitreya Body Lara. Hair from CATWA-Lazy V1.Make up from .:JUMO:. BEAUTY include in “Hollie Mesh Head”.
Go to .:JUMO:. at:
Join Group:
.:JUMO:. Fashion Group: 17765f46-acb7-d2de-bc78-78cb97901df9

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New Mesh Head For Us Girls (1274)

Previously posted at Susanne´s Ideas.

Hello my  dear friends, today release Ginger Chevalier the #3 Beta Version of the EVE`olution Mesh Head. I was really excited to open the box and I am not disappointed. The new EVE Head have new nice features – the Eyes can be closed now, the mouth can be open now and have great realistic teeths. The mouth can move then you type. EVE have a cute face and is in one minute ready for Omega. The HUD is complete new and easy to understand and a little HUD is for the Teeths (dont need to use it all the time). The Head fit perfect to my Maitreya Mesh Body, now problem with the neck! Omega Applier works very well, all my hair fit. And the best is the priece – only 825 L!!!
But dont look only at my face, I use a cute flower at my hair – its the Unicorn Daisy (Uncommon 17). My amazing Alicorn Necklace is made by aisling. Both you can get at Enchantment tomorrow at Noon SLT. You will see, its will be a great Event!

- EVE´olution Mesh Head #3 Beta; [MUSE] - Unicorn Dasies @ Enchantment; .aisling. - Alicorn short @ Enchantment

What I wear:
Take a look at the HUD´s:

Main HUD 1 Main HuD 2 Teeth HuD

Now some nice MakeUP and a little Tattoo for EVE:

SlackGirl - Tiara and Luci Eyeshadow for EVE @ Slackgirl

From SlackGirl comes both Eyeshadow: left –> Tiara Eyeshadow, right –> Luci. To buy at the SlackGirl Mainstore.

SlackGirl - Savanah Liner for EVE´olution Head @ Slackgirl; KosmO - Under Eye Text LOVE ME @ KosmO

From SlackGirl comes the Savanah Liner for EVE´olution Head.  To buy here too: SlackGirl Mainstore. The right picture show the little Under Eye Text “Love Me”, comes from KosmO. This little Tattoo is available here –> KosmO.

Click to view slideshow.



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NS:: Mesh Ruffled Skirt NEW

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Skin – Skinnery Mocca

Top – Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Top – Maitreya

Skirt – NS:: Mesh Ruffled Skirt (hud) NEW 

Shoes – N-core NORMA “Pale Pink” for Maitreya

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GAALL Desperado Fitted Mesh Outfit

Previously posted at ᑕᖇϒᔕƬᗩᒪᗰ00ᘉ ₣ᗩᔕᕼƗ〇ᘉ ᙖᒪ〇Ǥ.


GAALL Desperado Fitted Mesh Outfit (Maitreya, Belleza Venus, eBody & Slink) + Shoes (Mix & Match HUD)

►Desperado Jacket (Rigged Mesh, 5 Fitted Mesh sizes + Belleza + Maitreya + eBody + Slink) + Alpha 
►Desperado Top (Rigged Mesh, 5 Fitted Mesh sizes + Belleza + Maitreya + eBody + Slink) + Alpha 
►Desperado Pants (Rigged Mesh, 5 Mesh sizes + FittedMesh) + Alpha 
►Desperado Texture Changer HUD 
►Desperado Sandals (RiggedMesh, For Slink High) 
►Desperado Sandals (RiggedMesh, For Maitreya) 
►Desperado Sandals (RiggedMesh, For N-Core) 
►Desperado Sandals (UnriggedMesh, Modify) 
his is a Fitted Mesh Outfit (No appliers), including Avatar Standard Sizes + Specific sizes for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and eBody. The pants have one fitted mesh size for all mesh bodies (you can also use the standard sizes.
The picture has been taken using Maitreya Lara.
HUD to choose your own style: 8 tops, 6 jackets, 6 pants and 3 sandals. Mix and match as you like!
The sandals must be used with Slink Feet High, Ncore Extreme Feet or Maitreya (the feet or body is not included). An unrigged version is included too (modify) so you can reposition and resize it to fit other mesh bodies (like Belleza).

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Lotd #504View on Flickr — [Full] Mesh Body — Maitreya Mesh Body…

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Lotd #504
View on Flickr
 — [Full

Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara 

Mesh HeadLOGO Infinity Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar v3.0.1 

Skin Applier — [PF] – Doll V2

Eyes [System Eyes | Mesh Eyes] — [whatever] Limited Eyes 


Hair [Hat Included] — *PH* 8123 -Sample- (New @ Hairology! – Opening Feb. 10th)

Top [F&M Version] — AMITOMO.Flight Jackets (F,M) #6 (New @ The Mens Dept.! – February)

Dog — [Black Bantam] Pitbull Puppy/Boy & Bandanna – Black RARE (New @ The Gacha Garden! – February)

Bottoms [Maitreya | Slink] — LAZYBONES – High Waist Leggings – Grey (New @ The Chapter Four! – February)

Shoes [Unrigged | Maitreya | Slink | TMP] — [VALE KOER] THE ALTER PLATFORMS FATPACK

Backdrop — RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Modern Garage (New @ The Gacha Garden! – February)

Pose — Lenna 01 – PURPLE POSES

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OMG! You will love this new update from CATWA Mesh HEADS!!!

I had so much fun with this new expressions hud, Catwa done an amazing work with this new update!


You will have 504 Animations that you can play and mix and match. To get the 504 animations you will need to get the Gwen Add-On Upgrades Activator [504 Animations] is released at CATWA main store.


If you purchased the early release of Gwen Head you can update your head just by requesting a new redelivery and you will get a EXCLUSIVE Gwen Head with 3 special default lips, this  will never available for sale.

For more information please visit CATWA WEBSITE!

Thank you so much! Enjoy your new head!


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Dark of the Moon New Mesh eyes and nails

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Picture by me, wearing the Catwa Annie mesh head with Yuri Skin from Dark of the Moon. 
Dark of the Moon has been very busy creating mesh eyes and nails to compliment his beautiful skins. 
Head on over to their new location see for yourself why Dark of the Moon will be the perfect addition to your virtual experience.  
This picture is from the Dark of the Moon store

Thank you for stopping by <3

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