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Look 117: Challenge Baroque [ Mr. & Miss Model International 2016 ]

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Outfit: HHC – Nathaniel Men’s Suit 
Brooch: The Heraldic Brooch of St Albans
Shoes: Utopia Dakota_ no rigged

GizzA – Epaulets V2 [Blue-Copper] Shoulder Linked [Alternate]

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As Promised by Oculus Founders, Consumer Model of Oculus Rift to Sell for $200 — J/K It’s $599 LOL

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Last year, Palmer Luckey and Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell told Eurogamer this: As for the eventual price: the consumer version should come in similar to what DK2 costs now. “We want to stay in that $ 200-$ 400 price range,” he states….

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Mr & Miss Model International 2016 Competition

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Hello and happy holidays everyone,

     The year is ending in a few days and submissions for the Mr. & Miss Model International 2016 competition closes in just a few hours (they extended the deadline for the holidays).  I had to think long and hard about entering, since I have definitely been out of the competition loop for a few years so I am a bit nervous but there is no better time to start than now.  
    The theme for the submissions was a typical day in the life of you….and in the virtual world that could mean a billion things.  So I pulled inspiration from my real life and tried to capture it in the photos below.  How did I do?  In my real world,I am a veteran, full time college student, and an Independent contractor for our local newspaper:
Head shot for competition

Full Body shot for Competition
The competition is really unique for you represent yourself in every way…so I am hopeful for myself and all who enter <3 
Please wish me luck and luck to all those trying out this year… 
Love to love you all and thank you for stopping by ^^

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Model Off Duty

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STYLING CREDITS: DRESS | Lazybones – Lace Dress – Black @ Tres Chic SOCKS | Maitreya – Scrunched Prim Socks SHOES | [monso] – My Platform Sneakers – Red @ Uber HAIR | [monso] – My Hair – Minju – Dark Blonde HANDS | Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Gesture & Flat EYES | […]

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So I am having such an amazing experience as Miss Seychelles 2016 and as a model in Second Life in general. I am finding myself , who I am as a model. I really love the challenge I have this week in my Scala model academy homework. Well actually 2 assignments. I was inspired by this dress so I bought it from Loloche @ BOSL fashion week.

This homework was pretty easy. I absolutely love to blog so I dont see it as work like many others do. Its become part of  my daily RL routine between working out and my hazelnut coffee.

The second part of my assignment I have a little more time to complete. How am I gonna portray myself? as a SL model in a picture. Well this dress has inspired me. Maybe I will use some part of this to style into something else since its 2 pieces. I love to mix and match its not like an outfit isnt complete. I just like to put a different spin on it with my own personal taste. So Im excited to see what i come up with.

Most of all I dont feel constrained. On my own blog I can style how I like. I can change my hair as I like. I love the freedom of expression. When this is halted I dont find much fun in it. I usually joke around that i wont let anyone style me. But I know at some point I might have to as a model in Second life. “Its my canvas and my brush no one can draw on my canvas!” I said this and I know I am slowly getting over this as I mature as a model.

Okay… I usually do not write this much on my blog.I usually just give a description of the outfit. Perhaps this dress inspired me. Question now is …is this Haute Couture or Avant Garde? I think I made it Avante with the lipstick and white hair. This dreamy Corset right very medieval too, almost fantasy. I choose to style in white hair eyebrows and lashes inspired by my research this week in Miss Virtual World 2016 Halloween Challenge. Its Pretty McQueenish or Vivienne (the name of this outfit is Vivienne) Westwood.

Hair- no. Match

Lipstick – MUA

gloves- are from a dress by Sascha designs actually. I’m thinking about mix matching this dress with the Loloche.

Just have to check back and see

Dont forget to check out Bosl Fashion week. Still some more amazing designers. I will be on runway Saturday @10am Miss Virtual World Halloween Challenge! here too.

Thank you


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Model mannequin

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Model or mannequin

As promised some more wonderful items featured at the current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Dead Dollz Rococo lingerie @ FGC

Once again some gorgeous lingerie from Dead Dollz, this time you are playing for 5 separate pieces, in either pink, white or black, with the corset ( with 3 color hud option ) the RARE.

DeeTaleZ and Argrace

My shoes are the current group gift from Similar shoes, the group is free to join and the gift costs 1L. Which I call incredibly generous as it includes shoes for Maitreya, Slink , TMP and Belleza feet.

Rococo lingerie, Dead Dollz @ FGC

Body: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.3
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Skin: Cynthia, Eastern, Catwa applier, DeeTaleZ ( maddison lips – yes i made an applier error)
Hair: AZAMI – Rosewood [B], *ARGRACE*
Eyes:Charm Eyes – Burnt , IKON
Clothing: Rococo – Corset, Panties, Shrug , Sleeves, Garter ( each separate pieces- corset is RARE),Dead Dollz ( @FGC)
Shoes: Venezia 2015 Shoes Group Gift MAITREYA, Similar Shoes
Pose prop : Shadow Box: The Dressing Room, {exposeur}

NB Sorry I forgot to note down about the stockings, once I can remember who made them I will update this.

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Eclectic Life of a Model Art Exhibit Opening

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Eclectic Life of a Model

There will be a fantastic art photo exhibit opening July 5th, at 2 pm at the Virtual Chelsea Hotel Gallery 23. His latest exhibit is entitled “Eclectic Life of a Model”. Hope to see you there!

About the artist, Johannes1977 Resident:

Real life and current United States Marine Corps Officer, who did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

While deployed in the war zones, I would take photos to show my view of the wars and the scenery. I love black and white photography, mixed with sepia and vintage tones in order to channel a vintage look.

I currently have a show at The Rose Art Gallery which is titled “Scenes From a War”.

The Rose Art Gallery



My personal gallery – Epic Chromatic

Dreams at the SL 2012 Birthday Celebrations


Space For Art:

Artists For SL:

The Roxeter Gallery:
StarZ Art Corner:

I created the “Postcards From BayCity Collection” for the Bay City Celebrations. Contact for this project is Marianne McCann

Your limo to the exhibit…

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