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“Widelmina-MMV 2013”: I remeber when I aspired to be a great model and thought that everything was pink.

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Hello ladies.

This post is special for me because open the Pandora’s Box: Widel’s memories, the story of a girl who aspired to be a great model at sencond life, without imagining that complicated would be travel. If you ask me: Widelmina,  Did you enjoy to be model? I reply you: Yes, of course. But if you ask me: Widelmina, Is nice the fashion world at sl? I reply: Depend, if you go to work and not make friends, it’s so. However, if yo go with idea “I will find  great friends”, you are a tremendous problem. In summary,  there not friends at modeling. There are competition for two important resource for some models: the applause and eternal recognition. If you ask me: Widelmina, Will you come back at Runways or some agency? I reply: Never more. My reasons: Time and mental peace (No more dramas). 
However, I must admit that:You can stablish a rich social capital with some designers. This goes beyond a runway or a fashion show. The key: Chemistry between the designer and model. I based on my experience, I say (without makeup): I grateful with the fashion world because I have built sincere bonds of friendship with some designers:  I appreciate them and I appreciate. 

The formula that is applied in the majority of cases.

Model + Designer = Fabulous. 
Model + Model = Problems (Sorry, if I hurt grudges).
Well, I’m going to talk about a case Model + Designer: My friendship with Sofia Corleone, owner and designer of Celestina’s Weddings. She is a fabulous woman and a good friend. She was one of the designer that believe in me when I was a novice as model. She designed my gala dress for the final event of the Miss Mundo Virtual 2013. I represented Chile because I won the Contest Miss Chile 2013, organized for Mahasian Models. This event was my ticket for enter to Miss Mundo. Wow, three years!! The time passes quickly. Sofia, thank for your support since 2013.
For this reason, I show you the gala dress updated: Yes, ladies, updated for Body Mesh.  Includes apply for Omega System, new texturing work. Also, jewelry set (necklace, earrigns and bracelet). I love champagne color!! I looked fabulous, única, spectacular this day and I won 2nd Runner. “Widelmina-MMV 2013” by Celestina’s Weddings is available at Marketplace (classic and new version).
My avatar wear Maitreya Body Mesh, hair from enVOGUE-Patricia. Widelmina used System OMEGA no included at box. 
Ladies, see you soon!

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Artist Cosplay: Frida Kahlo as SL Avatar & Fashion Model

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Pretty impressive avatar cosplay of the iconic artist by French SL blogger Eve Kazan — with all Frida’s fashion items listed. Not sure where Eve got Frida’s iconic unibrow, though. Please share this post: Tweet

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Audace Model of the Month – April – Theme: Easter – Winner

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Easter is all about Jesus dying for our sins and then his resurrection.  Kitty’s skirt is Narcissus Lake Dress by Boudoir.  The skirts flowing waters are like the Jordan River and a renewal of our Baptism and the promises of eternal life.  The yellow flowers:  yellow for light and Jesus was the light of the world; and flowers for new life. 

Kitty’s top is Fairy White Flower Dress by Boudoir.  The Easter Lilies represent the purity of Jesus and his resurrection.  Butterflies symbolize the resurrection.  Kitty’s wings are from the Fairy White Flower Dress by Boudoir, her makeup is Ravens Wear Butterfly Mask by Affinity Boutique,  Kisses Lashes by No. 7, and hair adornments Butterflies by Persefona. 

Kitty completes her look with Wing Song Shoes by Dressed by Lexi and Gold Etched Gemstone Bracelets by Beloved Jewelry.


Top – Boudoir – Fairy White Flower Dress
Skirt – Boudoir – Narcissus Lake Dress
Wings – Boudoir – Fairy White Flower Dress
Jewelry – Beloved Jewelry – Gold Etched Gemstone Bracelets
Hair Adornments – Persefona – Butterflies on hair and AddOn
Shoes – Dressed by Lexi – Wind Song

Hair – CaTwA – Britney – Sangria
Eyebrows –
[eStyle] – Quartz Eyebrows
Eyelashes  – no. 7 – Butterfly Kisses – Prim Deco Lashes

Eyes –
IKON – Sunrise – Azure
Make-up – Affinity Boutique – Ravens Wear Butterflys  Make-up Masks – Set 6

Lipstick – Madrid Solo – Lips – Soft Kisses 11
Nails – The Little Bat – Neon Candy Slink Nails
Hands – Slink – Elegant1
Feet –
Slink – High
Skin –
Akeruka – Blanca Tan Cleavage Mk3
Shape –
[eStyle] – Quartz – Modified

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Model Off Duty

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STYLING CREDITS: DRESS | Lazybones – Lace Dress – Black @ Tres Chic SOCKS | Maitreya – Scrunched Prim Socks SHOES | [monso] – My Platform Sneakers – Red @ Uber HAIR | [monso] – My Hair – Minju – Dark Blonde HANDS | Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Gesture & Flat EYES | […]

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Audace Model of the Month Competition – March – St. Patrick’s Day

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When I think of St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland, there are certain images that come to mind.  Irish by Champagne!Sparkling Fashion has all those wonderful symbols.  Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle and Irish is done in a rich emerald green. Its long flowing emerald green skirt is like the rolling hills of the island.  St. Patrick taught the people of Ireland about the Catholic religion with the shamrock.  The Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are one like the three leaves of the shamrock.  The focal point of this beautiful gown is a large emerald green and gold shamrock back piece embellished with gems the color of the Irish flag.  The body of Irish is wild and rugged like Ireland with its twisted and tangled foliage with its lush green leaves.  The belt is the world famous claddagh ring; which stands for love, loyalty, and friendship like the lovely people of Ireland. 

And we can’t forget The Luck of the Irish.  This set of jewelry by Zuri’s is pure elegance.  The necklace, earrings and bracelet follow a motif of a large and small pear shaped dark green peridot surrounded by small light green round peridots with exquisite filigree work done in a dark bronze accented with round green boulder opals; suspended delicately by strands of olive and green pearls held together with flat round green boulder opals.

To complete the look is Tentations by Orchidea.  These lovely emerald green high heel sandals have elegant lacing up the leg to the knee and tie delicately in bows in the back.

Style Card

Outfit – CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture  – IRISH
Jewelry – Zuri’s – The Czarina Jewels – Luck of the Irish Set
Shoes – Orchidea – Tentations – Green

Hair – A&A – Raniela – Russet
Eyebrows – WoW Skins – Brow Shape
Eyelashes – WoW Skins – Lashes 2
Eyes – IKON – Sunrise – Celtic Green
Make-up – Carrie’s – Cat Full Make-up – Fields
Freckles – WoW Skins – More Freckless Tattoo
Nails – ZOZ – Spring 2014 Gold
Hands – Slink – Elegant1
Feet – Slink – High
Skin – WoW Skins – Sahra – Tan 2016
Shape – eStyle – Quatrz – Modified

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Mr & Miss Model International Experience

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    Hey Divas!   I must admit entering the Mr & Miss Model International Pageant wasn’t at all something I dreamt of doing. This experience is one I will never forget. I grew a lot as a model and overall as an individual. Unlike most pageants MMI helped with every step of the way. There were feedbacks, workshops, assistance with anything we needed.   I honestly never thought I’d make it this far. After every round I would tell myself “girl you did alright but some of these ladies are pros”. But

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Look 117: Challenge Baroque [ Mr. & Miss Model International 2016 ]

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Outfit: HHC – Nathaniel Men’s Suit 
Brooch: The Heraldic Brooch of St Albans
Shoes: Utopia Dakota_ no rigged

GizzA – Epaulets V2 [Blue-Copper] Shoulder Linked [Alternate]

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As Promised by Oculus Founders, Consumer Model of Oculus Rift to Sell for $200 — J/K It’s $599 LOL

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Last year, Palmer Luckey and Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell told Eurogamer this: As for the eventual price: the consumer version should come in similar to what DK2 costs now. “We want to stay in that $ 200-$ 400 price range,” he states….

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Mr & Miss Model International 2016 Competition

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Hello and happy holidays everyone,

     The year is ending in a few days and submissions for the Mr. & Miss Model International 2016 competition closes in just a few hours (they extended the deadline for the holidays).  I had to think long and hard about entering, since I have definitely been out of the competition loop for a few years so I am a bit nervous but there is no better time to start than now.  
    The theme for the submissions was a typical day in the life of you….and in the virtual world that could mean a billion things.  So I pulled inspiration from my real life and tried to capture it in the photos below.  How did I do?  In my real world,I am a veteran, full time college student, and an Independent contractor for our local newspaper:
Head shot for competition

Full Body shot for Competition
The competition is really unique for you represent yourself in every way…so I am hopeful for myself and all who enter <3 
Please wish me luck and luck to all those trying out this year… 
Love to love you all and thank you for stopping by ^^

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Model Off Duty

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STYLING CREDITS: DRESS | Lazybones – Lace Dress – Black @ Tres Chic SOCKS | Maitreya – Scrunched Prim Socks SHOES | [monso] – My Platform Sneakers – Red @ Uber HAIR | [monso] – My Hair – Minju – Dark Blonde HANDS | Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Gesture & Flat EYES | […]

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