Modeling (and kissing) for a better world

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Neybah setting up for modeling

I’m here wondering if you will join tonight (early afternoon in USA).. at the lovely venue set up by the wonderful Trouble Tavern and Lounge, and the great team behind this place.
At 12pm SLT time, meaning 9pm Central Europe time, many wonderful models (I’ll try to be one of them) will be gathering together to support a charity event called Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show, to help support Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. You’ll attend the fashion show and there will be also a really fun initiative, meaning two “kissing booths” (to help to “kiss cancer goodbye”) where people would be able to taste the scent and the fragrance of some models’ lips, because love is the real energy which makes the world go round. This is starting even earlier at 11am SLT for those of you who want to .. warm up. But if you are late you’ll find some pro kissers later too🙂  More, music from DJs and everything you might want to expect to have a real fun. Here’s your Second Life limo:

Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show

We’ll show ourselves, our beauty, maybe our dancing skills – and for sure our sense of humour I hope – as well as our… breasts, yes. Because the world can always improve through the effort of each one of us, also a little effort, as this time for me. And Second Life is a wonderful platform to raise funds for some who are in need, I have checked it out myself. See you later there!
Aw.. My outfits? You’ll be able to check it out tonight! Here’s just some hint:

HAIR | VANITY  Jioni-blacks
TOP | ??


Open House @ One on One Modeling Academy

For the first time One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy is holding an open house :
▶ ▷ Always wanted to know what it is to become a model?
▶ ▷ Interested in fashion?
▶ ▷ What are model classes?
▶ ▷ What is a model?
▶ ▷ SPECIAL PROMO for everyone that comes to open house !!!! And a surprise for 2 people in the audience!!

WHEN : 24 JULY @ 10 AM SLT

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