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Press Release “A man uses mouth for Truth, his voice for Kindness, his ears for Compassion, his hands for Charity and his heart for Love. For those who do not like him, he uses Prayer.” And that’s just the beginning… He is also like no other. He is extremely photogenic, possessing a look that is both bold and unique — he stands out from everyone else; he is dedicated to his craft; he possesses superb modeling skills and knows how to sell an outfit and captivate an audience. Will YOU become our next MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD? $ 25, 000 Lindens and Crown and/or Broach!!! Only 20 men will be accepted.

1. All applicants are eligible including past contestants as long as you did not place in the top 5 of the year you participated.

2. Send your best FULL PERM 512 X 512 head shot to DIAMONDGEM DESTINY labeled: MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 (your name) – Please DO NOT forget the title, the year AND your name, or we may never find the picture. Send the texture only, NO FOLDERS OR NOTECARD PLEASE.
Also, please send the same head shot to the following email: [email protected] don’t forget to include your name. This image should not be bigger than 1024 x 1024 or smaller than 512 x 512.

3a. please fill out the online application at:

4. Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group. All MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 announcements will be made in this group. Copy/Paste the link below in local chat, click it and join!
Link: secondlife:///app/group/aeb9e510-3e8d-ae5f-90b1-b491109d7590/about
Deadline for Submissions are March 25, 2016 , the judges will select the entries, from the website, who they would like to see at a live audition. This means your face shot will be your first impression on the judges, so make it fabulous!
If you are called back for a live audition, prepare an outfit that says you are the next Mister Virtual World. You will be judged on your walk, pose, and styling and overall appearance.
5. If you receive within the top votes from the judges, you will be announced as an official MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 candidate.
Photoshop is allowed, but please keep photographs realistic so that it reflects how you actually look in Second Life.

6. Candidates for the Runway Audition will be announced on March 26, 2016. The Runway Audition will be held on April 1, 2017 the announcement for the first Official Candidates and April 2, 2017 a full announcement of ALL of the Official MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 Candidates.

7. The MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 Pageant will include several Photograph, Runway, Branding and Charity challenges during the months April, May, June 2016 with the Grand Finale to be held on June 24, 2016. Please be aware that all rehearsals will be held on Fridays (There will be two practices to allow for other time zones-early afternoon and evening). Challenges will be held on Saturdays in at 10am SLT. If you cannot commit to the months provided, please don’t audition, as concessions will not be made for anyone late, missing rehearsals, other shows booked that my cross with Mister Virtual World challenges and Finale.

8. The Miss Virtual World Organization is diversifying the pageant and would like to welcome our LGBT Community. If you are chosen you will be required to conduct a voice interview as we want to get to know who you are. This is completely confidential.
If you don´t speak English, you may still audition, but YOU must provide a translator for yourself during interviews and rehearsals if you become an official finalist.

Please direct any questions to DIAMONDGEM DESTINY

Let the search begin!

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Modeling (and kissing) for a better world

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Neybah setting up for modeling

I’m here wondering if you will join tonight (early afternoon in USA).. at the lovely venue set up by the wonderful Trouble Tavern and Lounge, and the great team behind this place.
At 12pm SLT time, meaning 9pm Central Europe time, many wonderful models (I’ll try to be one of them) will be gathering together to support a charity event called Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show, to help support Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. You’ll attend the fashion show and there will be also a really fun initiative, meaning two “kissing booths” (to help to “kiss cancer goodbye”) where people would be able to taste the scent and the fragrance of some models’ lips, because love is the real energy which makes the world go round. This is starting even earlier at 11am SLT for those of you who want to .. warm up. But if you are late you’ll find some pro kissers later too🙂  More, music from DJs and everything you might want to expect to have a real fun. Here’s your Second Life limo:

Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show

We’ll show ourselves, our beauty, maybe our dancing skills – and for sure our sense of humour I hope – as well as our… breasts, yes. Because the world can always improve through the effort of each one of us, also a little effort, as this time for me. And Second Life is a wonderful platform to raise funds for some who are in need, I have checked it out myself. See you later there!
Aw.. My outfits? You’ll be able to check it out tonight! Here’s just some hint:

HAIR | VANITY  Jioni-blacks
TOP | ??


Open House @ One on One Modeling Academy

For the first time One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy is holding an open house :
▶ ▷ Always wanted to know what it is to become a model?
▶ ▷ Interested in fashion?
▶ ▷ What are model classes?
▶ ▷ What is a model?
▶ ▷ SPECIAL PROMO for everyone that comes to open house !!!! And a surprise for 2 people in the audience!!

WHEN : 24 JULY @ 10 AM SLT

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