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FREE Music + FREE Gifts = FREE FUN

Liberta Music Festival

If you need a super fun way to finish out the weekend, I’ve got just the thing! Liberta. What is that? It’s an awesome free music festival, think free music, shopping, and yes, free gifts. This incredible event has been going strong since Friday and will continue on until they close the sim down on Sunday evening. Many would argue that one of the best freebies in all of Second Life is the music. So grab some friends, take your significant other and enjoy the gorgeously landscaped environment and rockin’ live music while you browse through the shops. Don’t forget to pick up the freebies! The above photo shows Pru hanging out at one of the many lounge areas throughout the Liberta festival where you can chill and listen to the music after you’ve tired out from dancing and shopping.

Now, time to show the goods!

Liberta Gifts

There are several FREE gifts to be had at the Liberta event. First, you can pick up a FREE event shirt at the Liberta landing point. The black mesh tee comes in a male and female version, both in standard mesh sizes. I love that they have FREE event t-shirt. I always am so disappointed in real life when I go to an event and the t-shirts cost more than the event. In addition you can pick up a FREE souvenir plushie at the Liberta event booth. The hold-able plushies come in a girl and boy version of the trademark bull mascot. Also, several of the merchants set out event gifts. I picked up these sexy shredded leggings from Indecent Exposure. The FREE leggings come in a system tattoo layer and include an omega applier. Now if you’ve followed my blog posts for a while you know I love horns. These pretty gold and teal horns are a FREE event exclusive from Tanoshi.

Here are the details, Enjoy!

Hair – +Spellbound+ Sunday // Natural Selection

Horns – Tanoshi’s Bullie Horns !!Special Liberte Edition!! – FREE Gift @Liberta

Skin – Lumae :: Adore – Darkling

Jewelry – Swallow Skully Earrings & Ring

Nose RingTabou Irresistible – ::TI:: Lil Heart Septum – Gold

Head – Lelutka – Aria

T-Shirt – Liberta Female Gift T-Shirt – FREE Gift @Liberta

Tattoos – .Things.- Iuturna Tattoo

Gold Leggings – Bueno -Leggings – Gold

Shredded Leggings – Indecent Exposure Atiya – FREE Gift @Liberta

Plushie – Liberta Lil Bully hold – FREE Gift @Liberta

Body –  Maitreya – Lara

Hands & Feet – Slink

Shoes – REIGN.- LC HEELS- GROUP GIFT. – Past Group Gift


The Liberta Bullring Music Festival begins

Previously posted @ 4m my Eyes.

Photography Credits: The Bullring Family
This weekend “The Liberta Bullring Music Festival” celebrates the love for music and the freedom it bestows on each soul. The rhythm we hear when a string or a drum is played in periodic intervals; the feeling to move and groove when we hear a beat; the peace that is interpreted in every note is the result of music.
Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger
Rejoicing the love for music, we have partied since our noob days in Second Life. A one of a kind festival hits the grid to celebrate the best music ever. A three day event would be taking the grid by storm, the Liberta Music Festival will be held this weekend. The kick off of the pre-opening began at 3:45 pm on Friday, 21st August, 2015 with two DJs mixing live music followed by fireworks and DJ Bully (Bully Trisk) commencing the start of the music festival at 6:00 pm SLT, the same day. I had the opportunity to interview Bully Trisk for SL Enquirer. Here are a few words from the person who consolidated a good team to host a big event.
Debby Sharma: Please tell us about yourself.
Bully Trisk (Bully67): I’m just a guy who enjoys Second Life and all that it has to offer. I especially love how it’s a remarkable platform to connect with others around the world, who you can share your passions with and learn from.
Debby Sharma: What was your motivation to host a Music festival?
Bully Trisk (Bully67): Music itself has been a very big part of my life since I can remember. I have seen many examples, in first and second lives, how music has the ability to easily connect people who would otherwise have very little in common. It’s always been the goal of my SL family to engage with that process. It was a natural next step in our combined journey to invite all whom may wish to attend, the chance to see, touch, feel and taste the magic we’ve experienced through the appreciation of the diversity music offers.
Debby Sharma: We know “Liberta” has come from the Latin word meaning freedom. What is the significance of this name, “Liberta Bullring Music Festival” to you?
Bully Trisk (Bully67): Freedom is a concept that I believe is either sought after or enjoyed all around the world. Especially lately with everything that is happening, we felt that offering a reminder to all that no matter what our life’s circumstance are, or the myriad of challenges we face in our daily lives, that music and expression through music can connect and free us all from the limitations we sometimes feel shackled by. Even if it’s just a song in our hearts that we silently carry with ourselves, there is sense that we have the power to individually and collectively experience Liberty.
Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger
Debby Sharma: What are the best things about your team? Are there any special moments with them that you would remember for life?
Bully Trisk (Bully67): The best thing about my team is that I have been blessed to have them on this project. They are very dear to me, and each person is tremendously talented and determined, having strengths in areas that sometimes I do not. Their ability to work as a team for the first time on a major project and do it without ego or for the purposes of self-aggrandizement is humbling and inspirational. Each day honestly has been a whirlwind of excitement and successes, fun and hearty laughs that I will never forget.
Image => BullRing Dynasty
Photography Credits: The Bullring Family
Debby Sharma: What kind of music would we be expecting during the festival and who are performing?
Bully Trisk (Bully67): With only a few exceptions, the music experienced throughout the festival will be mixed live on stage by some of the best DJ’s from around the globe. We’re focusing on Electronic dance music, but to say that is a genre is almost a misnomer. Because there are hundreds of sub genres in EDM and EBM, it is sure to be an exhibition in diversity, with something for everyone.
Debby Sharma: What would you like to tell your sponsors, supporters and fans?
Bully Trisk (Bully67): To my Sponsors, Lick Sim Design and Something Estates, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for believing in us enough to partner with us and make this happen. They are very wonderful and amazing brands, run by some extremely incredible people. To my supporters within the family and those others around me, I wish to simply say I love you truly, thank you for being there always and adding your light to my life. And finally to my fans…. Thanks Mom!!! (Smiles)
Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger
Debby Sharma: Do you have any plans to extend this festival to a yearly event? Or do we expect any new kind of festivals in near future?
Bully Trisk (Bully67): I think it’s safe to say there are some projects already on the table for the future, but right now I’m staying wholly focused on today because it’s where the magic happens. Thank you so much for asking such great questions and I hope to see you and your amazing team at SL Enquirer here at this amazing event!
Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger
Since the event has started. Here are few things that are a must see this weekend:
  1.          The Venue designed by Sera Bellic of Lick Sim Designs who has generously offered to sponsor. The Landmark:
  2.          The Liberta Bullring Music Festival. The link to the schedule:!schedule/o3cvv
  3.          Designer Vendors with exclusive items like Addiction Jewelry, The Doll House, Beemee, Indescent Exposure, FK Designs, Tanoshi, M&M Incorporated, Latreia Foot Fashions, Loud Mouth, 8-bit Alchemy and Empyrean Forge are available at the Liberta Market celebrating the freedom of music. Landmark:
  4.          The Photography Contest held till August 22nd, 2015 for the patrons of Liberta to express their “Liberta Magic”, choosing 3 winners and the top winner receiving 10,000L$ . The rules to the challenge and other info are detailed in the following link.!photo-challenge-rules/im8ip
  5.          Promotional Offer given by Something Estates, another generous sponsor, till August 31st, 2015 of a free rental week for renting a week for a new parcel by new and existing renters which can be availed up to 8 weeks using the Promo Code, “LIBERTA PROMOTION”. Landmark to the Estate Office:

Hope to see you there at the party of The Liberta Bullring Music Festival. Let us all participate in the grand festival for various genres of music.
Reference Links:

Facebook Event Updates:

*Note: This article was written for SL Enquirer.

Libertà Music Festival coming soon!~

Previously posted @ Second Life Snapshots.

Coming soon to a headphone near you,Libertà Music Festival sponsored by Something Estates and Lick Sim Design. The Music Festival will run from August 21 -23rd. The outfit i am wearing will be sold at the Festival  and there will be a free gift for all attendees (a lil Hefter Hold doll) not shown here.  
It will be three days of music brought to you from SLs premier Live Mix DJ’s,  You will have an opportunity to hear a wide range of genres as well as an abundance of DJ talent.  
Start Date and Time Aug 21 @ 6pm SLT
End Date Aug 23
Landmark Liberta 
For More Information Look Here  or Facebook 
The Look
Head Logo Alex w/Izzie’s Logo Applier Tiggi *Use of Logo Omega Applier needed*
Hair Argrace Nao 
Headphones Remarkable Oblivion Amped 
Crop Top Libertà Cropped Top Long Sleeved Available at the Festival
Skirt Libertà Denim Skirt Available at the Festival
Lanyard neck bloggerLibertà Blogger Pass 
Ring Kunst Allegiant ring @ The Mens Department 
Pose Sari-Sari Comfy Sits 02 @ Kustom 9




Hi everyone! So this is a bit of a different post today, so just keep reading & I promise you`ll be happy that you did :) So I was asked to come take a look at this sim that is planning a huge music festival/shopping event/ and just an all around good time place to hang out with friends & family. I have to say that within moments of landing and things beginning to rez, I was just blown away with this sim. The team that put this together totally captured the feeling of open fields for lots of dancing, private spaces to hang out with friends and an amazing staging area for the music DJ`s and host for this event. The picture above captures the main stage area – and as you can see there is plenty of room for everyone to come have  a great time.

The term “Liberta” means Freedom – and the theme of this event is to explore freedom through music. Come join in the fun, music, shopping & more.

The event “LIBERTA MUSIC FESTIVAL” , has been put together by  The Bullring Family and sponsored by Something Estates & Lick Sim Design. Three days of music and a huge party is what awaits you beginning on Aug 21st  (6pm SLT)- Aug 23rd!

This won`t just be a music festival, there will be gifts at the landing area, there is a photo contest & even a shopping area to the right of the main stage. Liberta will also be selling Liberta items as you`ll see me wearing below, don`t miss on grabbing your memorabilia merchandise to show that you were there!  I`ll show you lots of pics so you can see just how amazing this place is. Most of you that know me, know that I very rarely come of the pose stand, but I have to say, I think I`ll be at this event for sure!

I hope to see all of you there!

I`ll provide you with all of the links that you can find out more info about this event at the end.


Will your favorite DJ`s be there?



Here is one of the amazing spaces right off of the stage, can`t you see yourself & friends just kicked back listening to some great music?


Shopping area! Don`t worry, they are still working on the sim, but you get the idea 😉


How about chill around the fire with someone special?


Snapshot_005 Snapshot_002

The detail put into creating this sim is simply gorgeous, I`m so happy for them. Go check it out, the sim is open, you can even go take pics & enter the contest now, you`ll see it totally captures the feel of a large outdoor music festival! Oh, this is gonna be a blast!


Bullring Family Website: 

Liberta Facebook Page

Photo Contest info

Click here to teleport to Liberta! – Go, go check it out now!!

Thanks to The Bullring Family for asking me to blog this event for them. I`m wishing you lots of fun, tons of people, great music & one hell of a party! Muahz, Punki <3


hair – Red Mint – no 43 – blacks

eyes – Aileen Eyes – Onix – SU!

skin – Zoul Creations – We <3 RP event “Iza skintone 4 dk brows”

outfit – For sale at Liberta Music Festival – other items available, long sleeve jerseys, crop tops & more!

lanyard – Liberta Bloggers.

shoes – Dirty Stories – Demon Inside boots

nails – [CX] Hayop – Kustom9

hand braces – The Thrift Shop – Void – Crypt Handcuffs

all pics taken at LIBERTA!

other taxi`s click below –


Follow me on Flickr!


punki (2)

…. waiting and ready for the music……

Previously posted @ Silvano Korobase.

MOM July Gabriel Bade_101

Skin: Clef de Peau – Adam Skin inc.TMP applier only @ Shiny Shabby

Hair: [bade] – Teddy – @ MOM 

Necklace: Gabriel – ::GB::crow feather neklace_black @ MOM 

Shirt: Gabriel – ::GB::Grow tank top(TMP)_white crow print @ MOM 

Pants: sharp by [ZD] – KRESTEN RIPPED ROLLED UP JEANS do the laundry  @ MOM 

POSE:   Image Essentials   – IE – smart casual 4m

Men Only Monthly (MOM)

Every 20th of the month @ 7AM SLT

Real men style, all in the same place…  quality exclusives from some of the hottest male fashion brands on the grid, every 20th of the month!!

Married to the Music ~

Previously posted @ Neon Spiderfoot.

(Click Image for Larger View)
Doe Hair: Maggie /Two-Tone/ (Unrigged) – Browns

[NI.JU] Hana Head Ornaments . flower only
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 & Hands
Pink Fuel [PF] Doll V2 – Pure (brwnbrow)
[PF] Doll V2 – Eyeshadow (Red)
[PF] Doll V2 – Button Nose + Blush
Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll Eyes /// Infected Reality
LovelyAlien Starry Eyelashes (wearing two sets, one tinted red)
Clemmm – At death’s door (Undereye) darker & pale
Cathode Rays [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam Mesh Mouth v1.31 & [[ CR ]] Teeth
Happy Dispatch [HD x MG]Cho hen tie(Lewd Red) This was a free gift at a recent 
~#~ Cute Poison – Bete Noire Necklace – Gold Gunmetal & Silver also available!
~#~ Creations by Taemin {CBT} SHINee MTTM VNeck Show Your SHINee Shawol Fandom Pride with this wearable homage to their super creative new song & video, “Married to the Music”.  The Female shirt is styled like a cute, short dress. Plus there’s a Male Shirt & a Kemono mod version also available! 
~#~ Cute Poison – Eruli Bracelet (R) Gold
:::Sn@tch Pax Tights Omega Applier Hud::: Also includes Slink & System. I got my Fatpack at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair (until Aug 21st.)
Hollweird .HW. Kurb Stompers // Skull

Location ~
noctis store

(“~#~” Symbol denotes Officially Sponsored items, either through Regular Store/Designer Sponsor or Sponsored Events. Other Specially Gifted items will be Thanked. All other items have been Purchased by me unless otherwise noted, (example: Group Gifts, Freebies, etc.) Please be sure to visit the “Sponsors” Page, & the “Events” Page for a complete list of my current Sponsors & their SLurls, & information on any Events I am officially Blogging, respectively. Thank you for your Support.)

Listen to the music of your heart….

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Close your eyes and listen to the music of my heart

can you feel the beat?

can you feel the rhythm?

It beats only for you, but you can’t hear it.

Close your eyes and start listening,

lay your ear on my breast and feel the beat, feel the rhythm.

Only YOU can hear the beat, feel the rhythm and the Fire inside

Start listening, or it will be too late….


What I’m wearing:

skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Nour Bronze (natural version) @ Mesh Body Addict Fair 

hair: [e] Lalora – Essentials @ We love Roleplay

shirt: [BSweet] Flyy Girl Halter @ [P][H][A][T] 

pants: [BSweet] McFlyy Jeans – Black @ [P][H][A][T] 




Music, Music….!!

Previously posted @ VERSUS Magazine.

Snapshot_060 Snapshot_057

Complete piano set with animations and music on touch and a single deco piano, By Serenity Style for On9 Event, start 9th on August.



Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Music In My Room

Previously posted @ BamPu Legacies of SecondLife.

"Music In My Room" by Bambi Chicque

“Music In My Room” by Bambi Chicque


Saturday night sittin’ home alone disconnect the phone,

Put these records on.

Up in my room, tryin’ to find the chords learning all the words

To all my favorite songs.

I love to hear those voices talk in rhymes.

I know I’ve played this one a hundred times,

And I know the songs will end too soon,

When I’m listenin’ to the music in my room

In my bed by the radio

Kept it turned so low listnin’ in the dark

Closing my eyes, whispering along

Waiting for the song that always hit the mark

I counted two’s and four’s instead of sheep

I sailed across the Mersey in my sleep

And I knew the songs would end too soon

When I listened to the music in my room

Partial Lyrics By Cheryl Wheeler

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

So much going on in this photo along with the music in my head!

Roy Midler is now creating a new line of poses “Art of Poses”; available

at his studio inworld!  I have been an admirer of Roy and all his syzygy

in photography, scenery and presentation! Keep your eyes peeled for more

and be sure to pick this “I’m Ready” sweeeeeeeeet pose up for yourself!

Although this photo has an appeal of darkness to it as I sit listening to

Communards, Cheryl Wheeler and VNV Nation, please look a little closer

to Susan’s (Independent Objects) “Alia” foot jewelry (debut was at Fair Play, but

now available at her shop) as she created several colors and these are perfect

for running around in jeans or with fantasy styles!

Legendarie continues to daze me with her selections of fabrics within her HUDS

and I selected a nice boho-retro color to enhance my bedroom scene with her

“Lucy” Jumpsuit! Actually I am wearing this as a top since I have been dying to

show off these hippy bell-bottoms by Pixicat!

So now I think I’ll just jump up and dance in room….

Join me?

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.


I’m Ready Pose New! ~ RM Art Of Poses

Lucy Jumpsuit (Top) & Color HUD ~ Legendaire

Hair No. 38’15 Blondes ~ Red Mint ~ (Hair Fair 2015)

Delaney Barley Bunting Skin (freckles) & Slink ~ Dulce Secrets ~ WLTB ❣

Bohemia Necklace, Earrings & HUD ~ ECRU ~ WLTB ❣

Alia Foot Jewelry Slink High ~ Independent Objects

   ~ (Fair Play July, but now available in Main Shop) ~ MFGC!

Retro Love Shades Clear Maroon ~ Pididdle

Klara Blue Jeans Bootcut Long Bell Bottom ~ Pixicat

Coco Animal Fox Clutch Glitter RARE ~ u.f.o.

Djinn Slink Nails ~ LaBoheme


Neon Elvis Retro Sign ~ Floorplan & Consignment

Ojala Umbrella, La Mexicana Decorative Guitar, Table Lamp ~ Zinnias

Mont Blanc Owl Red GACHA ~ Atelier Visconti

Vintage Record Player ~ Serenity Style ~ WLTB ❣

Radio Tres Gacha ~ ionic

Forget me Not Bedroom – Dream Catcher Bench RARE ~ Olive

Boho Tapestry Curtain, Hanging Flower Lamp ~ Kalopsia

Door Décor Colored (Wall/Curtain) GACHA ~ Zigana

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

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But my taste in music is your face

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Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,
That you’re alive and have a soul,
But it takes someone to come around to show you how

But my taste in music is your face

Nails: A.S.S / Carmine / 01

Hair: Magika / Harmony / Hud01

Kimono: SAKIDE / Nayoko Kimono / Red

Headpiece: Air / Magnolia Head Accessory / Red – Available as part of Origami Hunt

Lashes: .la petit morte. / The Rose Lashes / Red

Eyes : Mons / DualColor Eyes / Darkness

Skin: Pink Fuel /Sora / Alabaster

Eye Makeup: .antielle. / Onryou Yuurei Makeup / Red

Lips:  Nox / Drama Lip / Oil

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands / Casual

Pose: Diesel Works / Polywall / 01