@219@ The Surreal Lyfe feat~!BOUGIE! SADE @SL Vogue ..”New Year New Trends”

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The Surreal Lyfe featuring ~!BOUGIE! SADEv

Cherish is wearing:
::!BOUGIE!::  SADE STRIPED BODYCON PURPLE now @  SL Vogue “New Year New Trends” 
::!BOUGIE!::  SADE PLATFORM STILETTO (SLINK HIGH) now @  SL Vogue “New Year New Trends” 
^;^CaTwA^;^ Jawa V1-V2 HairStyle/Black-White MP
Stars! Fatuma (bronze) feat @ We Love to Blog

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:.:New Chloe Shape*

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Chloe Shape by :.:Fudge:.:

Oh good lord it has been awhile! Things have been a tad hectic  in RL.  Booo

BUT I have a new release. This is :.:Chloe Shape:.: by :.:Fudge:.:. I gave her a bit of a smart, though invidualistic  “intern” look (hense the cute headdress :) ) This is a really great shape, with lots of sweet,fudgy attributes, like a cute button nose and pouty mouth.  Overall a very cute face <33

You can try Chloe Shape on Marketplace:

All the styling details included in the pack! JellyBeans <33


*NEW* DJ Pose Set!!

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DJ’s rock our bodies every night in Second Life! Right now, Project Puppet Poses has just released a fabulous pose set for all professional and aspiring DJ’s on the grid! SO, you know they rock it and what better way to capture that than with 10 different poses that show the DJ in action, check it out:

The color of the musical notes are color-changeable and it even comes with a micro-mini audio-wavelength robot on the speaker! Even the DJ headphones rez as part of the set. So it’s definitely worth checking out right now!

.lv, tekila v.

#162 Panda princess.. On Me: Hat: Taxi to .. TGM New!…

#162 Panda princess..

On Me:

Hat: Taxi to .. TGM New! LETHAL

Hair: Taxi to .. Rowne

Shades: Taxi to ..Eclat New!

Headphones: Taxi to .. The Mens Dept. New! VALE KOER

Dress(comes with jacket): Taxi to .. kustom9 New! offbeat

Bracelet(Left): Taxi to ..2PM 

Bracelet(Right): Taxi to .. The Showroom New! 7891

Camera: Taxi to .. kustom9 New! Soy

Bag: Taxi to .. kustom9 New! ATTIC (RARE)

Socks: Taxi to .. The Sugar Garden

Shoes: Taxi to .. Villagers New!

In Scenery:

Bed: Taxi to .. Apple Fall

Night Stand & Books(on night stand): Taxi to .. BAZAR 

(apart of the Toronto set)

Desk, Computer & Chair: Taxi to .. BAZAR (apart of the Toronto set)

Plant: Taxi to .. BAZAR  (apart of the Toronto set)

Backpack: Taxi to .. kustom9 New! LAYOVER (in gacha)

Desk Clutter & Sewing Board(on floor): Taxi to .. The Arcade by tres blah

Inspiration Board & Selves: Taxi to .. The Arcade by tres blah

Pencils & Flower Vase: Taxi to .. The Arcade by tres blah

Picture & Books(on desk): Taxi to ..The Arcade by tres blah

Pandas: Taxi to .. kustom9 New! offbeat

Sewing Board(on floor): Taxi to .. The Arcade by tres blah

Skybox (the plants hanging from window are attached to skybox): Taxi to .. The Chapter Four New! HIDEKI

EMBW Gacha – KVSC Gacha Fair – Chickadee New – Akorat Gacha – Dollie New – Zenith Gacha – Bliensen + MaiTai New – Sitting Pretty New.

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Hair EMBW Taf Fades I Rare KVSC Gacha Fair Gacha! (Oct 25th Nov 22, 2014)
Eyes Chickadee Bloom Smoky
Skin Chickadee Rea Nude Med Brows
Necklace Akorat Sakura Gacha!
Dress Dollie 092 Vintage Short Nightgown Pink
Bag Zenith Saladbag Choco Patchwork A Gacha!
Flats Bliensen + MaiTai Scheherazade Rigged f. Slink Purple New!
Pose Sitting Pretty Autumn Beverage 3 New!

Feet ‘New System’ @ N-Core

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Hey hey hey!♪ is time to fresh news! N-Core back with ALL! Nuria & Claire back with ‘The New System” of the feet.They are so realistics and have pretty details,comes in FLAT ,MEDIUM & XTREME.
Have a big data base of skins and have available the appliers for many skins,and now u could wear the shoes like ADD-ON, and in the next future our fav shoes designer could make shoes for this feet, are so so nice! so dont lose more time with this and run to get ur own pair!