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Mr. X and Flair – *new* Luxe Paris

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On this stormy winter day I am dreaming of Campbleton Bay Tobago.  The best way to get there is to descend through the picturesque village of Charlotteville… you’ll see an overgrown  patch of grass and the beginning of a path.  It heads down to this secret bay that is not even listed on most maps. On your way, you may even spot vibrantly colored birds – look for the playful rufous-tailed jacamar…I am looking for Mr. X, this is his kinda beach…rustic and romantic.

At the bottom of the path is a small, heavenly beach where you won’t see another living soul…and who would want to. Long vines hang down from towering trees; wading birds hunt fish in the river, the waves break gently on the unspoiled sand. I found the perfect outfit to wear by Luxe Paris… it has “flair” !!

I love this mini skirt by Luxe Paris and midriff top appropriately called “Flair”  in a joyful Caribbean mango colored orange with a grey/black floral pattern. You can also pick up the  matching gorgeous fur jacket that will keep you when the ocean breeze is cool and wafts through a group of almond and clove trees… the fragrance is pure — crushed seashells mingle with sand making the beach glow pink and sparkle as the sun sets.

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Jacket – *new* – Fur Jacket – Luxe Paris – Charcoal
Outfit – *new* – Flair-Skirt and Top – Luxe Paris

Skin – *new* – October 4 Season Skins – Guiselle Cinnamon
Eyeshadow – October 4 Season Skins – Flossy

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*New York ..New York..Big city of dreams*

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*Subbie is Wearing*


Shades-Garbaggio-Cateye shades*

Shoes-NS-Mesh pumps-@the thrift shop *NEW*

Shirt-Emery– Gigi Sweatshirts NY78*NEW*

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Mr. X and Nancee – *new* Sascha Designs and October’s new skin at TMR

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Nancee is the new gown by Sasha Designs and Mr. X thinks it is stunning.  Nancee has sensible sex appeal that teases and pleases — Mr. X appreciates this.  It comes in an array of stunning colors including seafoam… I love the soft green blue shade of this tone.

You will be sure to float across the dance floor in this sensuous off shoulder  gown with a chiffon full ruffle like swept train edged with silver. Feminine and sassy, it’s a touch of beauty and a head turner.  The simple and elegant cut and color of the dress works for a variety of occasions that require a sexy and seductive look. It also comes with a bolero fur wrap.

I have also paired this gown with the exclusive skin by October 4 Seasons called Lily Guiselle that is at the TMR event through mid. February. This skin is clean and fresh and comes with two cleavage options, three make-ups plus three natural tone options  (I have on natural with freckles). The skin also comes with slink, omega, maitreya lara and belleza body appliers.  It is only at  TMR and once it’s gone it’s gone. I have also added October’s Everlasting Mermaid Eyeshadow to the natural skin tone that matches the seafoam of this gown perfectly.

Gown – Sasha’s Designs – *New* – Nancee in Seafoam
Skin – October 4 Season’s – Lily Guiselle – *New & Exclusive* The Make Over Room
Eyeshadow – October 4 Seasons – Everlasting Mermaid
Hair – D!va – Manon

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Mr. X and Zaira *New* Resun

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Mr. X said the tickets weren’t easy to get.  But, being Mr. X, he got them. I told him I would meet him on Fifth Ave. between East 56 and East 57 Streets…yes, right by Trump Tower!  Resun’s new outfit called Zaira is swank and perfect for cocktails on the rooftop garden overlooking the city.

Zaira is smart and sassy! This figure- flattering long skirt is the perfect choice for a fabulous night out. It has a cute belt at the waistline and comes with a color changing hud with 10 color choices– all fabulous. Mr. X loves the strategically placed peek-a boo cutouts they make him smoulder!

Zaira is classy and sexy at the same time… like all of Resun’s designs. A real bonus of this dress is the matching necklace that drapes evocatively down the back of the dress and forms a necklace at your neckline. It comes in silver and gold.


Resun *New* – Zaira

Skin – October 4 Seasons – *new* Guiselle Marigold

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Mr. X and Seleia – *New* Wicca’s Wardrobe

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Do you feel the pressure? The stranglehold on your freedom? The air getting squeezed out of you? Or do you feel as free as a bird in this fabulous new dress by Wicca’s Wardrobe called Seleia.  I love love love the coffee black color of this dress accented with its metallic gold accents — perfect for a Cyber Queen of the Night!

Seleia has a lavish wide belt and a cascade of complimentary pleats that make this dress a standout. Add the artistic arrows on the bodice of this dress and you have something special that you can dress up for a perky date or put on your special cyber eye attachment that comes with Seleia and go kick  up a galactic cyber storm !

Speaking of cyber fun, a great musician died last week, Paul Kantner from the Jefferson Starship… I remember hanging about as a kid with all the older boys — I would watch them play basketball and keep score for them… they loved Jefferson Starship and the album Blows Against the Empire — it was sorta a science fiction story set to music by none other than Paul Kantner. I think he would have liked this look a lot!

Like all of Wicca’s outfits, they can be worn in so many ways… I love that aspect of her designs… without the eyepiece and cyber hair, wear this sexy sweet dress at your favorite club and  create a sensation! I have also paired this dress with Sigourney Heels created by Wicca’s Wardrobe. The heels are works of art with their jagged spikes and best of all they come with a color changing hud that matches Seleia perfectly.


Dress  and Eyepiece – *New* – Wicca’s Wardrobe Seleia Black/Coffee
Shoes – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Sigourney Heels

Skin – October 4 Seasons – *New* – Guiselle Blossom Auburn and Zulay Marigold

Hair – no longer available

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Mr. X and Walden – *new* Ghee and October 4 Season Skins

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Perched on the high tower of my castle wall I look to the horizon of the setting sun and wonder where Mr. X’s travels have taken him… what adventures has he had…sadly without me by his side.   Time and obligations have kept me here — amid the cold stones of this fortress — alone.

To cheer myself, I am wearing the gorgeous new gown by Ghee, called Walden an exclusive at this month’s Instruments — it has an opulent blue bell skirt with bare branches artfully etched on it… reminding me of my arms… without Mr. X.  I love the ombre silk that this gown is made of with it’s lavish blending of colors. I am wearing Walden in Dusk.

To complete this look, Ghee has made beautiful Walden matching drop earrings that are elegant and set this dress off perfectly.  Ghee has also created a most unique Walden Headpiece — a crown of bare branches hung with jewels that remind me of  chimes that tingle in the wind…Mr. X can you hear… I have paired this look with the fabulous new skin by October 4 Seasons, Guiselle Auburn – I love it!  It comes with 5 make-ups and a natural look it goes really well with brown or red hair and is a must have to wear with outfits with the dusky tones of this gown.

Instruments Exclusive

Gown – Ghee –  Walden
Main Store

Headpiece and Earrings – Ghee – Walden
Main Store –

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Guiselle Auburn

Hair – Vanity

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Mr. X and the Night – *new* October 4 Seasons and Jumo

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We are in the Dark Of The Moon.  Secrets can be revealed. Veils can be raised. Mystical experiences can be realized. Psychic journeys can be undertaken. Wearing the new pantsuit called Zodiac by Jumo  and the new skin, Auburn Guiselle by October 4 Seasons makes me want to dance up a storm  under the sacred crescent moon…that is beginning to brighten the horizon…setting  fire to the night.

Mr. X told me under the pearl nascent moonlight that shines like an opal that ancestors can be contacted. The departed can be more vividly remembered. Truths can be told. Passions can be inflamed. Sensitivities can be awakened and exploited. Answers to questions can be attained. Visions of the future can be given. Ailments can be diagnosed and, in some cases, cured. 

I see now that pixies and hobbits, fairies and elves can be revealed. Spells can be more successfully cast when entranced with the power of the moon. Charms can be better worked…when dreaming the the never ending tomorrows with my beloved Mr. X………


Pantsuit – *New* – Zodiac – Jumo

Skin – *New* – October 4 Seasons – Guiselle in Auburn… with 5 make-ups plus a natural make up and all body appliers for major brands — it is YUMMY

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Mr. X and Mary Kate… *NEW* JUMO

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I am as ancient as the wind and as wise at the moon…I am wearing my namesake talisman…a moonstone that holds the power of mystery. Only within its reflected light can one begin to understand what it and I have to teach you…only the moonstone will lead you on an inner journey where you will discover parts of your soul that you have forgotten…and then brought to light…and I hold the key.

I am wearing the empowering gothic styled mermaid gown called Mary Kate by Jumo that shimmers with seductive sequins and radiates power that will be featured at Feroush Fashion Show.  The dress is available at the main store and on marketplace as well as at the Feroush Fashion Show. This is just one of many dresses that Jumo is releasing for this event.

I love the fact that the Mary Kate gown comes loaded with beautiful moonstone jewelry set in gothic style leather cuffs. Two opulent bracelets, two rings, earrings and a cross necklace along with a gorgeous black fur stole complete the look…

Gown – Jumo – MaryKate – Exclusive for Feroush Fashion Show

Skin – Angelina Milk – October 4 Season Skins

Hair MT – Dragoness

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Mr. X and Louise – *NEW* Luxe Paris and Luna @ Instruments

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It’s winter — outside there is a “snow shower” —  the air is crisp and cold… the sky is a glorious blue… Mr. X and I love the winter landscape and all the tree branches, stone walls, fences, benches and even roof tops that are nestled  under a blanket of snow.

And, then there are the dark, frigid nights… perfect for cuddling by the fire.  We love to hear the fire crackle — there is nothing like the sound and smell of wood burning in the fireplace on  a winter evening during a snowstorm.  Feeling cozy I decided to wear one of several  new releases by Luxe Paris called Louise Cape & jeans.  

This classic poncho lends itself to a relaxed drape that is oh so cozy.   This contemporary styled poncho with its  stylish cowl neckline, basket weave texture that is almost 3-D and fringe make it the perfect choice for a night out — exploring a winter landscape, cuddling by a fire or dancing the night away.

The matching tight suede pants that come with this outfit match the buttons on the poncho’s cowl neckline pulling this look together.  Manon Heels by Wicca’s Wardrobe with their  particularly unique spike heel and color changing hud just add to this look.  I love the artful design of these shoes.

I have paired this look with “Moon” nails made for slink hands and feet by Luna.  These nails  embellished by  a crescent moon are an exclusive at The Instruments.  They come with a color changing hud in trendy colors that that go with so manystyles.


The Instruments
The Instruments Exclusive – Nails – Luna – Moon

Skin – * New* October 4 Seasons – J”adore Pearl
Eye shadow – October 4 Seasons – Flossy
Eyelashes – October 4 Seasons – Captivating Mesh

Outfit – Luxe Paris *NEW* Louise Cape, Jeans and Boots

Shoes – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Manon Heels

Hair -*New* Amacci – Natia – Brown Pack

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//night in the city … DIGS, NEW!//

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I live high above in real too and in the small city state … so I am a city girl! DIGS has came out with this new set for The […]

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