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Mr. X and Phillipa — *new* Jumo

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Mr. X says, “Sita this is perfectly exquisite.”   I can almost hear the applause… this dress is so graceful.. I see the lights dim and I slowly walk into the arms of Mr. X .  Phillipa by Jumo is extravagant and  elegant and one of my new favorites… it comes in many colors… but, Mr. X likes red… because he says, “Sita you are redhot!”  Well, tonight — perhaps…..

…… I told Mr. X, yes of course, I simply could not live without this new gown by Jumo — Phillipa  I want it in every color — so what if it is  frivolous and fun… so what if it has classy cascading  ruffles that  beckon… so what… and !  Phillipa  also has  matching and contrasting belts and comes with a  lavish gold collar necklace… and a belt with an interesting gold hook buckle  that is eye-catching.

After all this isn’t the 1800’s — this gown is sexy and modern —  look at this fabulous bandage cross cross top in a stretchy twill silk  fabric that  absolutely  glistens in super excellent texture.   I swear, I thought I heard Mr. X mutter… omg this is a  sexy look…. I swear…  cross my heart in this red hot look !  Ok  this gown is also available in  teal, gold,  solitude (blue)  but I was in a red mood — so let’s explore…  Red! (hot) kisssessitos!


Gown – * New*  – Jumo –   Philippa – red

Skin –  *new* October 4 Seasons – Catalina  Blossom

Poses – LA Bos  – Ultimate

Hair – * new*  – Emo-tions –

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#New and Gifts!!!!

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Novedades y muchos regalitos en éste post….
***Outfit: .::PC::. Casual Outfit “Jody” – Black/White
***Zapatos: N-core Group Gift KAREN “Black”
***Collar:  **RE** Orbit Set {GIFT}
***Pendientes: **RE** {GIFT} LUX Celeste – Set
***Body and Head mesh appliers: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Doenya-chesnut
***Cabello:  little bones. Centerfold –
***Bodymesh: Maitreya-lara
***Head mesh: CATWA HEAD Sarah
 ***Outfit: .::PC::. Casual Outfit “Jody” – Black/White
***Zapatos: N-core Group Gift KAREN “Black”
***Collar:  **RE** Orbit Set {GIFT}
***Pendientes: **RE** {GIFT} LUX Celeste – Set
***Body and Head mesh appliers: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Doenya-chesnut
***Cabello:  little bones. Centerfold –
***Bodymesh: Maitreya-lara
***Head mesh: CATWA HEAD Sarah

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Try Something New..

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Hey Girlys New Post Featuring Holli Pocket At Sanarae 
Also Kitja With This Cute High Waist Short Now At Uber 
And In Case You Wondering Yes I Have A Mesh Head On 
Not Really In To Mesh Heads But This One Is Really Cute
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen
Hair- TRUTH HAIR Ximena –  variety 
Top- *HolliPocket* Frilly Bra Tops-@ Sanarae  TY<3
Shorts- KITJA – Rachel Outfit @ UBER BLOGGER PACK TY<3
Socks- REIGN.– Cozy Knit Socks- Mono Pack (unpacked) 
Mesh Head- .: fiore :. Mesh Head – Angeled 

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*New ! New! New!*

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*Subbie is Wearing*

*Hair-Amacci hair-Candy*@ Cosmo *NEW*

*Sweater-NS: Scottish Waist Sweater*NEW*

*Top-Kaithleen’s Tape Top with chain*NEW*


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Out with the old and in with the new.

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I use Firestorm as my viewer to run SL because so far it’s been such a no fail SL Viewer (keeping my fingers crossed as I type this) for me, a relatively simple interface not unsimilar to Lindens own and I’ve never had an issue with it.  So when I attempted to log in but was told that I needed to change to the newest viewer I knew it wasn’t going to be an issue and of course it wasn’t BUT I’ve noticed a nice little extra which for those of us who like to take pictures inworld or who would like to take better inworld pictures and that is added special effects to your “snapshot” menu.

Plus shall I let you into a bloggers/photographers secret?  sometimes when taking pictures it can take just 1 or 2 attempts to get a perfect shot but equally sometimes it can take quite a few attempts to capture the look you want and even at the low price of 10Lds an upload that can sharp add up to too much RL money but did you know that you can save to “disk” for FREE so basically it means you can click like crazy and just save them to your computer, mine just go into my pictures of course, and then you can pick and chose the ones you like without having to waste all that money.  And although I don’t know what viewer you use if mine, now, has the addition of doing a little bit of photo editing then check it out as you never know what you have been missing.


This picture was made using just one of the more dramatic photo editing settings and I could have, I believe used a slider to lesson it but I just wanted to show you how much of a change it can make to a simple shot and you don’t need any skill, just maybe a bit more practice to make your own SL memories look amazing.

Check out my next post for the details of the AMAZING New Mina hat/hair! Honestly I couldn’t believe it when I got it.






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Mr. X and Caira *New* Wicca’s Wardrobe

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I told Mr. X that sometimes I think fashion, like the city,  is all about extremes…take shorts for example… they come in so many varying lengths and styles… but in SL we all have legs that are… perfect so, I say, “show them off!!”!   And, you can with the new luscious new outfit  by  Wicca’s Wardrobe called Caira and  Gypsy Boots.

Prepare for an onslaught of compliments when you wear Caira.   These shorts have sexy buckles that beg to be undone…. and  the leather laces are an entirely  new narrative! All these leather details give the mini shorts and bodice depth.  Caira comes in  black, brown, green, pink, purple and red… get them all!   Check out this tight  realistic bodice — I love how  the  black chain laces feel against my skin…  and the way the leather  rings  hold me in…

As Mr. X puts it …  Caire is “pure sin”!  I told Mr. X that Caire it is “pure” fun — and ok, maybe a little sin !  I mean, come on micro mini shorts high on derriere of a woman… could it mean… can you take the heat — and , Mr. X please pass a vodka tonic… while you are staring!  Best of all, Caira comes loaded — it is made to fit classic avatars as well as those with slink hourglass and physique — I have it both with  slink  physique and classic.

And, whatever you do — make sure to pick up a pair of matching boots called Gypsy Boots they also come in  mesh sized for regular slink and for slink hourglass and  physique.  The Gypsy boots have a block heel — and wow, sexy lace up leather all the way up the back of the boot that completes this look that just… smolders…. bottom line… get them… and go wild!


Wicca’s Wardrobe –
Outfit – Caira  – Red
Boots – Gypsy – Red

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Guiselle Marigold

Jewelry –
Necklace – Dark Desire Collar – Wicca’s Wardrobe

Earings  and leather cuffs- Violator – Leash Me Up

Tattoos  – Exclusive @ MFGC    – Endless Pain Tattoo – Sleopnir

Hair – envogue – Leticia

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Insilico sims have been granted a “new lease on life”

Previously posted by Daniel Voyager at Daniel Voyager’s Blog.

On 29th March 2016 Jeanne Yuriko Aichi posted an update on the recent crisis relating to Insilico in Second Life. The good news is that the Insilico sims have been granted a “new lease on life” and that the sims will remain online. Yay!

As of 30th March 2016 the Insilico sims are still on the grid and open to everyone!

Insilico regions

See the full message below: 

29 March 2486

For the past several days, the fate of Insilico has hung in the balance.  Could our city be saved?  Or would we be cast from our home — the only home some of us have ever known — and thrust headlong into an uncertain future?  We could only wait for announcements, hoping for the best while preparing in our hearts for the worst.

Today, it appears that the crisis has finally passed.  Insilico, the oldest and grandest of the floating cities, has been granted a new lease on life.  

The days ahead may be difficult ones, but they will also be rich in opportunities for those with the strength and vision to seize them.  We must face the future boldly and without hesitation, and not allow recent events to darken our spirits.  As a philosopher once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

In these challenging times, AICHI remains committed to your success.  Together, we can forge a bright and prosperous new future.

Jeanne Yuriko Aichi
Co-Founder and CEO

Great news to hear!:)

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~New Age Princess Leia~

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Loves & Kisses

Skin:  -Belleza- Sara Catwa Applier Medium – NEW @ Uber
Hair:  [RA] Amalthea Hair
[ S H O C K ] – Queen of Bitch Nails – NEW @ Whore Couture Fair
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Messy. Lis Top Midnight – NEW @ Whore Couture Fair
Vinyl – Shinoda Khakis – NEW @ Mesh Body Addicts


*QweenB* Dermal Bow Piercing Hip – Dark
Meva Cuff Brown Old – NEW @ Whore Couture Fair

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*New York*

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 We started new week and on this occasion I bring a perfect outfit for the spring days of the firm Ch´s. This outfit consists of shirt, miniskirt and boots to play. You can change the color of shirt and boots with hud that brings. The outfit is valid for normal bodies, maitreya, benus, Banned, Ghetto, Brazilia, firewood, Slink Physique, Wowmeh Shilhoutte, Puffy breasts, Lola´s tango and Omega.
Comenzamos nueva semana y en esta ocasion os traigo un outfit perfecto para los dias primaverales de la firma Ch´s. Este outfit consta de camiseta, minifalda y botas a juego . Podras cambiar el color de la camiseta y botas con el hud que trae . El outfit es valido para cuerpos normales, maitreya, benus, Banned, Ghetto , Brazilia, Lena, Slink Physique, Wowmeh Shilhoutte,Puffy breasts, Lola´s tango y Omega.
Ch’s New York in Marketplace and Ch´s store

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Delirium Style Presents *NEW* █████ ▌▌ ROULETT3 EVENT ▌▌█████

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Sorry for the Delay as my RL kind of took over this month as sometimes it does but I am still doing my best to catch up so with that said some events may be over for more than a week and some closed just a few days ago, my apologies.
*NEW*    █████ ▌▌  ROULETT3 EVENT      ▌▌█████
Visit the official Blog Here:
Roulett3 is a monthly cycled event  that catering to UNISEX & COUPLE  fashion , accessories as well as home decor.
▶DATE:- Roulett3 is a monthly event which is open for 20 days. The events start the 3rd of every month and end the 23rd of the same month. 
Sadly this Event Has Closed BUT We will have a new event Opening Soon in just 7 days.
Outfit: D-Style – Tara Dress Glam HUD & D-Style – Roulett3 Excl. Unisex Wrapping Scarf w.HUD
:: D-Style – Tara Dress Pussy HUD :: (Not shown)
Mesh Body: Belleza Venus V.3 (Isis and Freya not shown)
Slink:! Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High ! & ! Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual !
Shoes:- D-Style – Ana Platforms – Purple
Hair: [ Oblivion ] Greetings Sack (Pony Tail Only)
Skin:Glam Affair – Amberly II – FLF – Europa
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea
Nails:Slink System in Plum

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