Mr. X and Amanda Femme Fatale *New Resun* and Emo-tions

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Urban legends, those quintessential incredible stories spawned by fertile imaginations… and sometimes at their core, there is a bit of truth.  It reminds me of this new outfit by Resun called Amanda — it sure fired up Mr. X’s imagination and will spawn a few stories on its own!

I love the way the silk top drapes provocatively down to my upper thighs as the wide cutouts on each side seems to flow on the cool night breeze.  Mr. X loves the sexy way the lace bra peeks out… what a sensual femme fatale tease!  Best of all Amanda is made for  belleza, freya, slink venus, isis, maitreya (worn) mesh bodies.

To finish off this look, be sure to pick up the very sexy lace up boots by Resun called Jessica Boots. They are made for   Maitreya (worn), Isis, Slink, Venus, Freya  and classic feet and bodies.

And, speaking of urban legends… a femme fatale is a classic… and is noted as a beautiful, seductive, and sometimes evil female character in drama and literature. She is usually shown as a cruel, man-eating seductress. Men fall victim to her beauty and are eventually brought to ruin by her. It is whispered that a femme fatale is often a secret agent and/or a spy… so Mr. X are you ready to roll with this femme fatale?


Dress – *New* Resun – Amanda
Boots – *New* Resun – Jessica Boots

Hair – Emo-tions – Before and After

Tattoo – White Widow Midnight in Paris


Mr. X and Drusilla *NEW* Wicca’s Wardrobe

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Mr. X …. I have to tell you I am on the hunt tonight… wearing the new exclusive outfit by Wicca Merlin called Drusilla — that is an exclusive at  We Love Roleplay. It has a sorta hip medieval huntress vibe to it with its lovely drop  3/4 length puff sleeves and leather bodice with chains that artfully crosses my chest…. like the sweet caress of a long lost lover……

 Drusilla’s short low slung mini skirt  has a  belt that is  perfectly placed and oh so very sexy… Mr. X likes that.  Drusilla is made for  slink and maitreya mesh bodies — and it is so perfectly textured I can almost feel the rub of the leather… it comes in brown and black leather options, I am wearing the black option.  Both versions come with a five color changing hud that changes the skirt and sleeves…I felt black and white today as it is such a classic look.

I like  the minimal clean aesthetic of Drusilla that looks as good from the back as it does from the front.  It is one of those put on and go outfits that is a must have in any wardrobe with the added attraction of  showing off your shoulders and back !  Mr. X tells me I am definitely worth a peek if not an admiring glance…

Outfit – Drusilla *New* Wicca’s Wardrobe – an exclusive @ We Love Roleplay
Event LM

Wicca’s Wardrobe Main Store LM


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Snapshot_005-number 2.jpg

*Subbie is Wearing*

*Lingerie-Blueberry-Caiti [email protected]*NEW*

*Hair-Lamb-Black Honey*NEW*@ Collarbor88*


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Mr. X and Gisa – *NEW* [Aleutia] Gisa and *NEW* Emo-tions

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I told Mr. X that as the spring heats up so am I — in a good way of course and that I found the perfect crop top called “Gisa” by [Aleutia] that is an exclusive at the ON9 fashion event that runs through the end of April. I have paired this sexy top with the n*new* hair by Emo-tions called Meilin that is available at We Love Roleplay as one of this month’s exclusives.

Gisa is a unique take on a crop top with a high collar and a sheer silk that drifts down your chest to a puffed out crop top that is deliciously playful and elegant at the same time. The top is easy to dress up or down.  I loved wearing it with  [Aleutia]’s  boho crop pants with their fancy flower cutout.  Gisa is available with [Aleutia]’s signature 30 color HUD as well as with six tantalizing patterns. It is made exclusively for Maitreya and is only 250L For the length of the event!

I really love the Japanese vibe to Emo-tions new hair at We love Role Play with its intricate braid, chopsticks and flowers. Meilin  comes in a full range of colors with a series of different huds for blonde, black/white, red, brown and pastels with three flower options and as well as appliers for catwa and letluka mesh heads and classic avatar bodies.

Hair – *NEW*  Emo-tions -XXX – Meilin

Event LM-

Main Store

Pants – Boho Crop Pants


Top -Gisa

ON9 SLurl:

[Aleutia] Marketplace:

[Aleutia] Website:

Mr. X and Muriel * New* Jumo @ Swank + new Jumo Skin, make up and brows!

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Tyrian purple known, as royal purple is a natural dye secreted by sea snails on the coast of what was once Phoenicia.  The dye was greatly prized in antiquity because its color did not fade.  Originally reserved for royalty, purple is a vibrant color.  I told Mr. X I was admiring a new gown by Jumo at Swank called Muriel and that one of the colors it came in was purple.

Mr. X treats me always like his beloved princess… tonight I did not see him….  but I  did find a gift box he left for me… with a note….. “you are my my empress…….”  how can I resist him… I can’t it is as simple as that.  It was a box full of Jumo’s new goodies available at Swank and new skin and eye makeup available at her main store.

I love this new silk-satin gown by Jumo called Muriel that is sold exclusively at Swank. It is artfully embellished with a gold sequin outline on the top and feathers at the back…making this gown angelic! It comes made for all mesh and classic mesh bodies. It comes in black, blood, forest, posidon and beflower (worn).

Muriel also comes with splendid gold and diamond ball drop earrings and a matching ring that picks up the rich gold texture of this gown making it a simply stunning statement in elegance. The skin is called Miuccia and comes in bronze, caramel, cocoa, cream, ebony, fraise, honey (worn), pale and porcelain. I am wearing it in the honey tone which I love because it is not too dark or too light… it is honeylicious!  The skin is compatible with classic and classic mesh avatars as well as with omega, TMP, slink, belleza and maitreya mesh bodies. The head is compatible with classic bodies, and catwa and letutka mesh heads.

The eyebrows are new and called Shalom and they are compatible with Letluka and Catwa heads as well as with classic avatars. The brows come in 8 colors. I was really impressed with the red brows they are beautifully arched and the color is perfect.  The smokey eyeliners called Vega another new release by Jumo and comes in 6 sexy colors and can be worn by classic and mesh heads (Catwa, Letluka and Omega).  The new matching lipstick for this skin called Miuccia Lips comes in a variety of 20 vibrant shades and can be worn by classic and Catwa, Letluka and Omega mesh heads.

Swank  exclusive Gown – Jumo – Muriel

Skin – *New* Jumo – Miuccia – honey
Eyeliner – *New* – Jumo – Vega
Lips – *New* Jumo – Miuccia
Eyebrows *New* – Jumo – Shalom

Mr. X and Sandy – *NEW* Resun

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Mr. X told me that winds to the east are blowing and that an ocean mist is settling in…the air  hangs heavy like a tempest that is swirling and shifting in anticipation of something… that is about to begin. Resun’s new two piece outfit, Sandy will create a stir wherever you wear it.

For me nothing says sweet, sassy and feminine like high waisted pink leather shorts with a low slung hipster belt.  The texture is so real you can almost feel it. No worries if you don’t like pink, this comes with a color changing hud featuring 9 great colors from silver, beige and white to black, navy blue and even  a delicious spring green.  There is a hud that allows you to change the color of the shorts and the color of the belt — it is great fun to mix and match… I went obviously all pink!

I love the corset bodice with its sexy eyelet silver rimmed cutouts and sweethart neckline. The corset also comes with a matching color changing hud. Both the shorts and corset top of Sandy are made for a multitude of slink, mesh and classic bodies — making it easy for everyone to wear – regardless of what SL body you choose. I honestly wish more designers would do this, not everyone is “mesh” yet!

So, Mr. X…..will the tempest come and sweep us to Oz… or will the sea settle down… I sit alone waiting for you to join me… as we watch the waves crash endlessly into the arms of the shore… warm beckoning arms…. like mine….I have missed you Mr. X.


Shorts and Top –  Resun – Sandy

Hair – eXxEsS – Lara A


Feelin Artsy with Mr. X – *New* Aleutia @ Spoonful of Sugar & Two Lea Builds

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Feeling kinda artsy today as I watched Mr. X build… and tried on the new finds by Aleutia @ Spoonful of Sugar that runs through March 31 and is a benefit for Doctors without Borders. There are many things I love about designs by Aleutia…and one of my favorite things about her creations is that they are not only thoughtfully created with current fashion trends in mind but they also come with a color changing hud featuring 30, yes 30 color combinations…it is like getting 30 outfits in one!

I decided to shoot all these items in a new lea build… also artful and beyond relaxing with tons of shapes  some remind me of  the ocean others of arcane knowledge — something a wizard would possess — it is magical  the way the shapes change color — fade in and out and everything is timed or seems timed to the music.  This is an immersive experience not to be missed.  The builder is Methias Kira and the build is called Abstract Soul Presents The Architect’s Playground. The LM

In this case Roxi is offered in patterns as well as in  solid colors. It has two huds, one for the bra and one for the crop top. I love the patterns that range from festive polka dots to yellow doves.  There is also a series of patterns that say Spring Break 2017!  What fun.

 If patterns aren’t your thing, this top comes in a sheer solid color version with matching bra and two huds, one for the crop top and one for the bra. This sexy off the shoulder crop top is perfect with the Aleutia’s skirt called Lilarya that is also an exclusive at Spoonful of Sugar.  Like the top, the skirt has a hud with thirty colors! (Image below shot on Lea 23 built by Noke Yuitza
 and is called Chasing Morpheus

Also, don’t miss the shoes called Rachel also by Aleutia… they are wedge shaped strappy sandals — a must have for spring and summer wear!  I had so much fun playing with them to coordinate the straps with the outfits I was wearing. You can change each of the four straps in the front that also changes the color bands on the back of the wedge heel… how cool is that!

Another two finds at Spoonful of Sugar is the cute tunic top with its massive color changing hud for the bra, belt and top called Ombre by Aleutia that is sheer and a perfect cover up for the beach for the new bikini called Piper that comes in prints and solids also an exclusive by Aleutia

Aleutia Exclusives – made for all mesh bodies
Top # 1- Roxi in solid and print options each sold separately
Skirt – Lilarya
Shoes – Rachael for slink high feet
Top #2 Ombre
Bikini Bottoms – Piper

Hair – Emo-tions -Lynette- blondes

Sim- Abstract Soul Presents The Architect’s Playground

Sim – Chasing Morpheus by Noke Yuitza

Mr. X and Indira… *NEW* !!SMD!! and Emo-tions- Rebecca

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I told the prince that like the ancient queen of Babylon he must build me a magic garden with tiers of flowers in the brightest colors to dance before my eyes –floating books and butterflies… lotus flowers and lanterns in the air that sway gently in the breeze… whose beauty will be known and admired… as much as our love.

Much like King Nebuchadnezzar who recreated the homeland of his precious wife Amyitis, who was deeply depressed and homesick,  the garden the king built for her allowed her to find comfort and happiness. My prince made a magical garden of light…because he delights in spoiling my every whim… and I have lots of those….!

I am wearing the most beautiful gown by !!SMD!! called Indira’s Light Gown… it is a must have with its empire waist and absolutely stunning floral transparent overlay skirt trimmed in delicate pink silk brought in from the finest silk merchants of Persia. The  empire waist  flatters and the flexi prims at each arm adds a touch of romance.

To complete the look of  this elegant gown there is a finely wrought necklace of coral and  a coral belt at the high empire waistline that comes with the gown.  I think that Aphrodite herself would have been delighted to wear these beautiful pieces of jewelry.  I am also wearing the *new* hair from Emo-tions called Rebecca…it is perfect for this gown with its long luxurious flowing tresses set off by a perfect braid.

Indira’s Light Gown

Hair – Emo-tions – Rebecca Hair

Sim –