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Mr. X and Celeste * New* Jumo @ Swank

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Celeste * New* Jumo @ Swank for original post.

I want to have an elegant evening at home tonight with Mr. X… and what better way to do that than to dress in the opulent new holiday gown by Jumo called Celeste that is an exclusive at the December Swank. This gown is made for regular bodies and comes with a handy alpha layer in five sizes. I am wearing it with my Lara body minus a few alpha layers.

Celeste is made of a fine chiffon full ball skirt that with a gorgeous hand sewn bead work that flows down the front of the skirt in a festive manner.  The bodice is made of the finest of  black velvet and comes with a plunging square neckline that is set off by a lovely belt with a gold belt buckle.

To add to the festive feel and the highlight  of this gown there is a jeweled feather attachment  in the shape of a bird at the shoulder and at the hip adding to the sparkle!  Mr. X likes sparkle this time of year… including sparkling champagne and caviar!

I love the decadent drop earrings that also come with this dress… depending on the color dress you choose… or all four… the earrings are ruby, sapphire, emeralds, amethyst or onyx.  The choice is yours and whatever you choose be sure that you will look dazzling!

Swank LM –

*New* Jumo – Celesete Exclusively @ Swank

Eyes – DS Eyes -Bountiful Moor @ Swank

Hair – Tukinowaguma -Shinobun II

Mr. X and Winters Eve Guardian Fae *new* BDP Designs

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Winters Eve Guardian Fae *new* BDP Designs for original post.

I told Mr. X that I found a new designer at Fantasy Creme Fair — Beyond Persuasion Designs (BDP) that is the newest venture of Dragon and Elizabet Skyward. Originally furniture designers for more than two years they have turned their attention to designing clothes for men, women and even petites.  BPD will features the clothing and shoes that reflect Dragon and Elizabet’s many sides and reflect their unique taste and custom designs and textures.

Winters Eve Guardian Fae comes in a rich burgundy velvet skirt with an interesting diamond shape pattern pannier at the waistline that is embellished by fine silver hand sewn beadwork adding dimension and elegance to this to this gown that is certainly fit for a princess.  The pannier at the waistline creates the illusion of a bigger hip shape and this style goes back to medieval times.

The full floor length skirt of this gown has white silk accents that glimmer like sunlight on the winter snow and hang from the edges of the diamond pattern pannier.  The sleeves are fur lined in keeping with the medieval style where many clothes were lined with fur. The entire look is complemented by beautiful gossamer wings with an exquisite feather pattern that is delicately enchanting.

The final piece of Winters Eve Guardian Fae is the wonderful Fae horns… beautifully created and come replete with roses and finely wrought chains….. Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for the magical outfit that is an exclusive at Fantasy Creme called….Winters Eve Guardian Fae that is made for classic avatars and slink mesh bodies. I wore it with my Maitreya Lara body and after taking off an alpha layer here and there it looked just fine.

So, Mr. X, do you dare to enter the realm of fae’s and magic… will you walk with me on an enchanted path… past unicorns and my fellow fairies… mmmmmm I wait….. for your answer…. patiently…… and dream of dancing with you like snowflakes…in a beguiling winter prance…amid joyous songs of love and light…

Exclusive @ Fantasy Creme – LM
Gown – Beyond Persuasion Designs (BDP)
BDP Main Store LM

Eyes – Dulce Secrets – Dappled Amber Eyes

Hair – Tableau Vivant Glen II

POE – !Lyrical B!zzare and *new* Christmas Tree Medieval Fantasy

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit POE – !Lyrical B!zzare and *new* Christmas Tree Medieval Fantasy for original post.

Mr. X — I am looking for the mistletoe… have you hidden it… yet again?  Perhaps we need to go on a hunt… and there is a traditional hunt in SL — a classic — it is called  Poe – Peace on Earth  and one of the few hunts in SL that is really rewarding to go on…  designers are so generous with their  gifts! This year Poe runs from December 1 December 31.

It has a fascinating texture and a lavish  fur collar that is sure to keep you warm and fashionable this holiday season. Best of all it is free…. just look for the Glowing Globe that will be in each store.

A fabulous find this holiday season is  this  beautiful ten prim Christmas Tree by Medieval Fantasy… it is just gorgeous with snow draped on it’s evergreen branches and it’s lovely gold bells, christmas ornaments,  red bows trimmed in gold (of course!)  and  the glimmering star that crowns the top of this lovely tree. 

It is perfect outside — but no worries, the snow doesn’t melt so it is also perfect for a cozy living room or family room — the snowy branches add to the festive feel.


!Lyrical B!zaare – for Poe – Jersey Dress and Fur Collar


Christmas Tree – Medieval Fantasy

Shoes and Leg Warmers – Zed Sensations – Winter Love

Hair  D!va

Mr. X and Brigitte – *new* Jumo

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Brigitte – *new* Jumo for original post.

Quietly I drift into the Bay City Institute for Anomalous Research looking for all manner of curiosities… there is quite a collection here by the “Professor”.  I am particularly fond of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet and this is an excellent example of her.  Bastet was worshipped as early as the 2nd Dynasty– she was also the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt before the unification of the two lands.  To view this interesting collection I am wearing a new outfit by Jumo called Brigitte in Beaujolais.

Brigitte is feminine with it’s gorgeous lace hem and lavishly embroidered bodice set off by a belt with a gold buckle that shows off my slim waistline. This dress is compatible with most mesh bodies.

The bell shaped sleeves of this dress give it interest and the wide brim hat with a lavish bow definitely gives Brigitte a  retro vibe.  I simply adore the necklace that comes with Brigitte.  The elegant mineral pendant  made of a rare multi colored agate hangs on a high quality Brazilian black wax cord complimented by a gold clasp.  The high glitter eye makeup and  royal lipstick is also by Jumo and is made for Letuka and Catwa and TMP mesh heads.


Outfit – Brigitte in Beaujolais
Eyemake-up – Hyper Glitter
Lipstick – Royalty Lips

Legwarmers and Shoes – Zed Sensations – Winter Love

Eyes – DS Bountiful Eyes Steel Blue

Hair – Amacci – Natia

I would like to share a piece of information about some new…

By – SL FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY. Visit I would like to share a piece of information about some new… for original post.

I would like to share a piece of information about some new stuff from Anachron, as i became an oficial blogger.

1. on my feet: Rare Moon Geta – Yozakura, black and purple, in the heart shape.

Made for Gami Gacha  for $ L49 a play, plus you can get a HUD to earn tokens to play on the wheel of fortune and win more prizes.

2. on my head: Anachron – Flower Child Hair – Redhead . There are lots of hair dyes plus huds changing headband.texture. You can even take the flower and bow off entirely if you like

Created for Twisted Summer of Love Sale

I have used one of my favourite photo background as a prop, perfect for summer time – MIMT – Butterfly Park from Fairytale 1 Set 66.

Mr. X and Debbie – *new* Wicca’s Wardrobe

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Debbie – *new* Wicca’s Wardrobe for original post.

I mean, who doesn’t like pizza?  It is practically a National Dish in America along with burgers and hot dogs!  I told Mr. X tonight was a pizza and beer night… a night to kick back and relax and enjoy the last vestiges of fall foliage.  And, I found the perfect new outfit by Wicca’s Wardrobe called Debbie to unwind in that is an exclusive @ ON9

I love the tweed pattern of the slacks and the gorgeous silk floral top and cute crop top sweater with  just the right amount of contrast in the Vintage version of Debbie with the intricately sexy open leg detail and chain effect all the way up my long legs.  The pants are made in  a combination of trendy fall colors… I love the gold tone of vintage best but the deep chocolate brown and matching top in a warm beige of Debbie Autumn is also gorgeous. 

Debbie also comes with a cute crop top and crop sweater just perfect to keep you warm and stylish while enjoying pizza on a cool autumn night with your beloved!   Debbie also comes in several more variations equally as lovely – black and gold and black and rust, etho, indigo, midnight, olive, and vines. Debbie comes loaded and is compatible with slink, maitreya (worn), TMP, venus, freya,isis and classic mesh bodies in 5 sizes.

 Wicca’s Wardrobe – Debbie in Vintage and Autumn. It also comes in black and gold and black and rust.

Fall Modern Set – * New* Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Fall Modern Set – * New* Aphrodite @ Heart Homes for original post.

Modern — clean lines, vibrant colors, low prim, easy to place and copy… plus loaded with heaps of clever and unique animations defines the *new*  Autumn Modern Living Room Set by Aphrodite at Heart Homes.

I love the neutral tones  the chairs and the colorful pillows and throws… that blend perfectly with the rug… replete with falling leaves.  This set will fit well in just about any home.  This set offers single animations for men and women plus a series of PG couple poses (there is also an adult version) in addition to  a full menu of options from drinking to reading, talking on the phone, working on the computer and much more.

This set has:
 ~♥~Single chair: 17 single poses / 6 props

~♥~Couple chair: 13 single / 22 couple cuddle & activity / 7 props
~♥~Couple sofa: 12 single / 60 couple cuddle & activity / 9 props
TOTAL: 42 single / 164 couple = 206 total animations & 22 props.

New – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – Modern Fall Set

MP Page for Set


Mr. X and Sakuma * New* Wicca’s Wardrobe

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Sakuma * New* Wicca’s Wardrobe for original post.

Emerging from the hyacinth colored woods… all is quite… peaceful… as I make my way to Mr. in this labrinythinian  glade of blue and white… what will he do when he sees me glistening silver, blue and black  in this extraordinary new release by Wicca’s Wardrobe called Sakuma at We <3 Roleplay.

Perfect for role-players, this exclusive is a must have. The sleek texture glows with an inner fire and sheen — it is really exquisite and these images really don’t do it justice.  I love the detail in the belted chaps and the way they hug my legs… Mr. X dreams about unbuckling each strap…slowly in the silver blue heart of his midnight dreams… he tells me that they are quite “vivid” ……

Sakuma is made for all mesh bodies and best of all comes with a color changing hud… I am wearing the blue that also has a silver, black and red sheen to it… each shade is gorgeous and you will surely be the warrior princess when wearing Sakuma.  This is best seen wearing advanced light settings but either way — this is an amazing outfit!


Wicca’s Wardrobe – *New* – Sakuma
We <3 Roleplay.

Main Store

Hair eXxesS – Laan A

Mr. X and the Chic Pirate – *New* Luxe Paris !

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and the Chic Pirate – *New* Luxe Paris ! for original post.

Tales of exploring the seven seas calls to me… the wind at my back and the sun in my face… I found a sim called Land of Dreams… it is as colorful as a tropical sunset…dreams of Blackbeard and Captain Morgan…no, not the rum… Captain Kidd and Calico Jack!
What has brought on the pirate inspiration is the new outfit by Luxe Paris.. called Pirate Crop Top and mini skirt.  I love the simplicity of the crop top with its classy turtleneck…It will make any pirate say Arrrgh… a word actually that started  in 1930 with the actor Robert Newton played Long John Silver!
I also love the pencil thin skirt with it’s sultry slit that shows just the right amount of leg!  The pattern of the skirt is so cute… who can’t resist the nautical theme with it’s graceful sailboats and wording that even says “Ahoy”!  This has a definite high fashion look that is completed with a cute leather belt.  A skirt and crop top is a fresh trendy alternative to a dress and is great for daytime and casual evening wear.
Outfit *New* Luxe Paris – Pirate Crop and Skirt
Hair – Bylina – A – eXxEss
Earrings – Origami Rooster – Mandala

Sim – Land of Dreams….