Mr. X and Bo Peep – *New* Sascha’s Designs and Jumo Hair

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When I think of a sweater dress I think of cozy and sexy at the same time… Mr. X loves the soft texture of cashmere under his fingertips…so when I saw Bo Peep by Sascha’s Designs, a gorgeous sweater dress, I knew I had to have it.

Bo Peep has finely textured cables in the sweater and comes with  a peek a boo midriff crop top and a straight A-Line skirt.  Bo Peep is made for classic bodies in 5 sizes and comes with alphas. I was able to tweak my Maitreya Mesh body to wear this chic classic design perfectly.

Bo Peep comes in six pastel colors from white, pink and beige to blue, mauve and grey.  I love the fact that is comes with a color changing hud for the scarf.  Although I love all the colors this dress comes in, I was in a white mood today and mixed it with the beige scarf which is really more of a nice warm cream color.

Mr. X has invited me to his new chalet high in the mountains where the air is scented with pine and your breath crystalizes on the cold winter air….up here the stars seem brighter on the dark black winter sky… we are waiting for the Northern Lights to guide us home….that resplendent light show — mother nature’s fireworks…

Outfit -Wearing – Bo Peep – Sascha’s Designs

Hair -Jumo – Whitney – Blonde

Mr. X and Colette – *NEW* Jumo

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Pick up the phone Mr. X and say something sweet to me… I am waiting… for you at a beautiful ballroom with my dancing shoes on! Please please tell me that you will join me !!  I am in the dancing mood because of the new gown called Colette created by Jumo… it is spectacular !  She had outdone herself this time!

Colette is made for slink, belleza and standard size bodies. I am wearing it with my Lara Maitreya body without any trouble…thank god for alpha’s.  This svelte gown also has a very sexy bare back… that adds to its allure.

Colette comes with an amazing hud… it offers four different patterns in a  basic background color palette of peach, pink, purple, blue and yellow.  All counted, Colette has 20 different color choices for each of the four patterns.

My favorite is the bird pattern… it is just gorgeous. When you wear it with the peach background it gives an illusion of skin beneath this delicate pattern. It is gorgeous and I have had tons of compliments on it.

Two of the patterns are more abstract and offer an artful blend of colors. There are two patterns that are more abstract; one reminds me of sequins and the one shown below is an artful abstract that reminds me of the great paintings by abstract expressionists of the mid 20th century.

The fourth pattern has an oriental vibe to it and is just lovely.  Each of the four color options is prettier than the next.  This is the “blue” version.

Colette’s hud isn’t done yet with its offerings as you can also choose to make this gown a solid color from black to red, teal to yellow and much more as there are a total of ten solid color offerings.  Colette also comes with two earrings… one is smaller than the other and creates a dramatic effect.

Gown – Collette by Jumo

Hair – Emo-tions – Roberta

Mr. X and Lily of Hollowdell – *NEW* !!SMD!! /White Armory and Emo-tions

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Mr. X… tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us or it will give us joy…I am a feather in the wind. To me you feel like a promise, an escape, a coming home….Tell me about the dream where we bath in an azure sea and slowly dress in soft silk red and gold and dance on a soft silken carpet before we fall into each other’s arms and into a dreamless sleep…. do you remember?

You and I Mr. X we are not like a tree where roots have to end somewhere, we are like a tremulous melody that wavers on the wind… floating to the next adventure… as we wend our way through the currents of life… I  think of  you as a temple… with strong walls and sharp angles like your wit.  Think of me when you smell sandalwood incense at midnight and know I am near.

I love this new gown by !!SMD!! that reminds me of a combination of gown and sari with its wide silk trim skirt and tiered  artfully belted overskirt and short paisley patterned vest that reminds me of the wood block prints of Moghul India… wearing Lily of Hollowdell  you are fit for a Sultan! Lily of Hollowdell  is compatible with mesh bodies, I am wearing my Maitreya Lara body with it!

I have paired Lily of Hollowdell  with the fabulous new hair by Emo-tions called Stella.  I love the long braid that is embellished with leather and the soft  tendrils that wisp around my face.  The hair is made for busty or not busty avatars so you don’t have to go through tons of adjustments!  Stella comes with special appliers for Catwa and Lelutka (worn) mesh heads as well as appliers for classic heads. Many color hud options are available. I think that Stella is really great for many types of looks in particular, medieval and roleplay.

Wearing: Gown – !!SMD!! – Lily of Hollowdell

Hair – Emo-tions – Stella – Blonde Hud – *new* @ Cosmopolitan

new… old…

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style credit 
Hair:  “”D!va“” –  Amanda (cat’s eye) old
* Eyes: Amacci – Zenith Eyes with hud mesh
* Nails: Jamman – Slink Ultra Rigged Fingernails V6 mesh
* Toe Nails: Jamman – SLink Ultra Rigged Toes Nails Add on mesh
(Also available Marketplac)
* Outfit: GizzA – Maggie Coat (soil) new mesh 
Necklace: Lazuri  – Shahy Necklace Set (red) old
Pose: Del May

Mr. X and Melanie *new* Wicca’s Wardrobe and Emo-tions

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The tartan, a traditional woollen fabric woven in checkered or striped (plaid) patterns, is a symbol of Scotland’s highland heritage and, even if you are not Scottish and want to celebrate “National” Tartan Day (marking the signing of Scotland’s declaration of independence, circa 1320) then check out the cute new strappy dress by Wicca’s Wardrobe called Melanie@ On9 Feb. I have paired it with Lenka by Emo-tions also an exclusive @ On9

Best of all, tartan is the stand out motif of the season so if you want to add a Scottish touch to your wardrobe and be on the cutting edge of fashion then this mini with its cute straps is a must have.  And these tartans come in some of the hottest spring colors to date: green, yellow and orange.  There is also a classic “dark” tartan in black and grey.

Melanie also comes in a design with strawberries or hearts giving a nod to a more geometric pattern. Whatever you choose the dresses have the sharp belting around the waistline and the cute leather collar that pulls it all together. This dress is made for all mesh bodies. I have paired Melanie with the new hair from Emo-tions called Lenka — It is a fashionable braided long bob cut that can be worn so many ways. It also comes with appliers for regular and mesh lelutka and catwa mesh heads.

Wearing Exclusives from ON9 
Event LM
Dress -Wicca’s Wardrobe – Melanie in Green, Orange and Strawberry
Hair- Emo-tions Lenka from ON9 blonde and red huds

Mr. X and Janine * New* Sascha’s Designs and *NEW Jumo Hair and Eye shadow & Possession Poses @ Swank

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The theater lights dim slowly as Mr. X and I walk down the center aisle, slowly, hand in hand — looking for the perfect seat.  Heads turn when I walk thru the doors — and it is no surprise I am wearing the new  release by Sascha’s Designs called Janine.  This is dress #3 I love the rich vibrant colors of this hud. Janine  comes in three versions – Dress #1, #2 #3. Each one has a  color changing hud of five colors. The poses are an exclusive @ Swank by  PosEsion called Cooper.

Jaine is a glittery affair with a soft sheen and an alluring texture made of soft polyester crepe.  The pattern actually reminds me of a batik with a modern twist. It has a carefully constructed V neckline with sleek silhouette.  It is made for mesh bodies and comes in 5 sizes and an alpha layer. It is also easy to wear with  Slink, Maitreya (worn)  and Belleza mesh bodies – just adjust an alpha layer here and there like I did.  Check out dress #2… Love It! Although all the hud options are great, I love the combo of this green and turquoise.

Whispers erupt, like a wave across the silence. Almost loud.  This theatre is considered to be acoustically one of the five best in the world.  I hear the comments… stunning, elegant… where did she get it… look at the slight sheen…. and the wave of her hair and the way Mr. X looks at her with pride…. as she takes his arm….. Wearing Dress #1.

I have paired this with the new hair release by Jumo called Lindsay and the new eye make -up  called Power. It works with letuka and catwa mesh heads – regular mesh heads using a omega system for the brand (worn) and it also works with  benito heads.


Dress – Sascha’s Designs Janine – Dress #1,2,3

Hair – Jumo -Lindsay – blonde with roots

Eyeshadow – Jumo – Power

Eyes – Jumo – Pink Topaz

Poses – PosEsion – Cooper @ Swank

Mr. X & Garance Ghostess @ Swank & *NEW* Jumo – Hair and Eyeshadow

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There is still shopping time @ Swank don’t miss the flirty dress by Ghostess called Garance — it is so cute, that Mr. X called it my secret weapon… I like that and it makes me feel frisky —- and Mr. X  definately like that! And, JUMO has new fabulous hair so sleek ultra bob update and new eye shadow for mesh and classic avatars… yay… all  can use it and it is fantastic!

The curvaceous mini dress, Garance by Ghostess has a flex boned corset that laces up the front making oh so sexy!  It is a mesh dress that is made in 5 sizes in addition to being made for maitreya (worn), slink and belleza bodies.  Mr. X says this is a love story in leather and lace… does it get any better than that?  Well, by now you know that I almost never ever kiss and tell!!!

We all know I love hair and I am wearing the stylish *new* bob by Jumo called  kiko this is one of my favorite hair styles ever.  I love the  updated look to this stylish bob that is classic and funky at the same time. The color changing hud is amazing. I am wearing  blonde with roots for this shoot but you will see this hair again as it is so versatile and well done.

Jumo has  also created a new Eyeshadow palette that is a must have it is called simply Power and it is a wow! — it is compatible with classic, catwa, omega and letuka heads.  The detail in this eye shadow is a luminous miracle… I love the depth and color options — there are six.  Best of all the different options from demure to  wildcat  that is sure to unleash your look…!   I am also wearing new eyes from Jumo that offers 20  colors with a hud that comes with small, medium or large eyes… make sure if you have a mesh head on… that you put on the alpha!!


Dress: Ghostess – Garance @ Swank

Hair – Jumo -Kiko – blonde with roots

Eyeshadow – Jumo – Power

Eyes – Jumo – Pink Topaz

Mr. X and Yeppuda – *NEW* Zed Sensations and JUMO

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And, what to wear.. Zed Sensations of course… a  gorgeous shimmering silk mini dress called Yeppuda Pretty Dress with lavish cutouts… it is a modern twist on a bandage styled  dress.  This dress is as gorgeous from the front as it is from the back.

Yeppuda  comes with a fabulous color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of the bolero, the lace on the bolero and the dress. There are six colors to choose from and mix and match with allowing you to create your own unique style.

I love the  swirling sleeves  of the bolero jacket that beguile and the silver jewelry at the neck of the dress and  that runs down the entire front of the dress giving Yeppuda added style.

I am in love with this new updo hair by Jumo called Behati Hair. It comes in tons of shades with an easy changing hud.  You can buy the hair with or without roots but really the roots are some of the best that I have seen. If you can’t decide you can also buy the best of Ombres, roots and straights colors to make things easy.  I am wearing the best of ombres shades and best of vivid shades  for this blog.

Outfit – Yeppuda Pretty Dress- Zed Sensations

Hair – Behati Hair Best of Ombre and Vivid Jumo

Mr. X and EmmaLee *New* Aleutia

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I told Mr. X that I was feeling a tad trendy today and that I wanted to find a sleek contemporary styled gown.  With this in mind, I went straight to Aleutia — and found a sexy sleek gown called EmmaLee. 

What makes EmmaLee a standout is that the midriff cut  out that exposes just enough skin to be classy and sexy at the same time.  Better yet, cut out gowns continue to be one of the hottest fashion trends and this amazing gown has something for every occasion. 

EmmaLee comes with a color changing hud that will give you so many looks. You can change the back of the dress and the skirt. “EmmaLee” is also customizable with so many options, which gives you the ability to create a look that is all yours. 

An incredible 30 colors featuring this upcoming season’s trending tones available at the touch of a button.100% Original Mesh. A Maitreya exclusive. So check it out and give it a whirl… you won’t be sorry.

Wearing Aleutia – EmmaLee

Store SLurl:

Event SLurl:



Hair – Shi