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Something old, something new.. something borrowed, something blue..

By Letícia Riddler – NOeditiON. Visit Something old, something new.. something borrowed, something blue.. for original post.

  Featuring.. Scarlet Creative ‘Venice’ Palazzo Vinci Prefab @Arcade Gacha *Sept. 1st* Fancy Decor Ramses Armchair [email protected] Gacha *Sept. 1st* Fancy Decor Ramses Sofa [email protected] Gacha *Sept. 1st* Fancy Decor Ramses [email protected] Gacha *Sept. 1st* Fancy Decor Ramses [email protected] Gacha *Sept. 1st* Fancy Decor Ramses [email protected] Gacha *Sept. 1st* Fancy Decor Ramses [email protected] Gacha *Sept. 1st* Fancy Decor Ramses [email protected] Gacha *Sept. 1st* […]

Mr. X and Aspasia *new* Wicca’s Wardrobe

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Aspasia *new* Wicca’s Wardrobe for original post.

Intelligent, mischievous…night is her day, moonlight is her sunshine. You will flourish in the witching hours in  this gorgeous creation by Wicca’s Wardrobe that is an exclusive @ The Fetish Fair  called Aspasia.

I love the corset top with the silver grommetted criss cross front lacing that are complimented by the shortest shorts ever with criss-cross lacing that certainly will cast a spell as all eyes will linger on you.

The long coat  that is open in the front and has a  deep slit in the back is perfect for unforgettable entrances and exits and can be worn separately.  It comes with a high belted collar with wide lapel shoulders.  Concealed in rich black velvet this gorgeous floor length coat cascades exudes the romance of mystery of all things dark.


Outfit – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Aspasia

Boots – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Inara Boots

Skin – October 4 Seasons Skins – Catalina Blossom

Eye make Up – Madrid Solo – Lace Liner

Hair – MT – Dragonia

Jewelry – Violator – Chatelaine Black

Mr. X and Culco *new* @ Sept. Swank

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Culco *new* @ Sept. Swank for original post.

This is one of the best silhouette dresses I have seen created by Culco called Cowl Back Dress that comes in a rich stretchy satin blend in black of course. This cute dress is an exclusive @  September’s fabulous event known as Swank. The Cowl Back Dress  is the perfect length and is beautifully proportioned. The added  bit of lace at the neckline gives this sleek mini a turn of the century feel with a dash of nostalgic mystery.

 You will get “the look” you know the one I mean — up and down… head to toe — the moment you put on Cowl Back Dress.  You know this of course, the dress is fabulous…and a perfect little black dress.  

I adore a dress that looks as good from the front as it does from behind… and Cowl Back Dress by Culco does not disappoint 
with its plunging neckline. This is the dress you have been waiting for to swing slowly into Indian Summer… where all eyes will be on you.


Swank Exclusive Dress by Culco – Cowl Back Dress –

Skin – Guiselle Marigold by October 4 Season Skins

Mr. X and Breezy Dress and Hair *new* Muse + October 4 Seasons

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Breezy Dress and Hair *new* Muse + October 4 Seasons for original post.

I told Mr. X that there is plenty of summer left… and I have found the perfect dress called  Breezy Blooms.  It is  flouncy and sweet… classy and a must have.  Breezy was created by the ever so talented Norena Soir owner of Muse and NSP Florals.  When Mr. X saw me in this frock with matching hair he said two words… instant glamour!  I love the vintage  option of this dress… and could not resist wearing it. It has a pattern changing color hud for the dress and flowers…..and even birds… I  have never seen a bird pattern like this on SL in all my years here!

Breezy Blooms comes in three versions — Vintage, Hawaiian and Black and White…I love them all but because it is summer and I am in a tropical mood I decided to showcase the Hawaiian pattern…I love the lavish floral print, the flouncy hemline with it’s fine netting pattern.

The flowers are special and the details are fabulous and really set this dress apart.  I adore the flowers at each elbow and at  the cute bustle with its fine netting pattern embellished by a flower spray.   Best of all there is a floral hud that allows you to change the color of the flowers and the vines!

Muse has also created matching hair called Breezy Blooms Hair that has a gorgeous a orchard and  barrett. The style is romantic with long sweeping locks that frame your face perfectly and a classic bun in the back… it is enchanting. It comes in Natural,  Colors and Fantasy color packs and offers a color changing hud for the hair as well as for the floral barrett. When visiting the new store you will  find a  grand opening gift of a floral bouquet — it is beautiful.  The July group gift is the Breezy Bloom Hair!


Dress – Breezy Bloom Dress – Vintage and Hawaiian
Hair: Breezy Bloom Hair – Naturals and Colors
Muse Main Store:

Skin – October 4 Seasons –  Catalina Lily with Vintage and Zulay Marigold  with Hawaiian

New RL  Cat Blog   my tonkinese !

Mr. X and Lazy Daisy *New* Prey & new build Frankx Lefavre

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Lazy Daisy *New* Prey & new build Frankx Lefavre for original post.

Reflections at Midnight…..there was an empty space with a glimmering chair floating in the air… Mr. X asked me to sit in the chair… I did… and a wondrous world of light suddenly appeared before my eyes it was dazzling… I couldn’t believe the intricacy and details….it was phantasmagorical and transported me into another place.  Amid the glimmering light are legions of  worshipers…or at least that is what I would like to think they are… in this jewel like build by Frankx Lefavre your imagination will run wild!

It is nice to sit here on this glittering shell like chair and just watch the kaleidoscope of colors and lights swirl… I could do this for hours.  Make sure you have your advanced lighting on to appreciate this build that will soon be on display at Linden Endowment for the Arts.

To enjoy the build, I am wearing a new dress called Lazy Daisy by Prey.  I love that it is a balloon styled hemline with a sleek bodice with a diagonal v-neckline making this dress outstanding.  Sold separately are matching “butterfly” sandals called Petal Pusher for high slink feet that are a must have!  The hair is new from Muse and comes with a color changing hud for the hair and for the flower attachment.


Dress – *new* – Prey – Lazy Daisy Dress
Shoes – Prey – Petal Pusher

Hair – *new* Muse  Breezy Blooms Natural

Skin – October 4 Season Skins – Guiselle Blossom (natural) @ Swank

Build – Frankx Lefavre – Reflections at Midnight

Mr. X in a “Bind” *New* Prey

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X in a “Bind” *New* Prey for original post.

Despite evident happiness, it was around this time last summer that stories and whispers started to circulate…a crucible of petty jealousies bound them…aided and abetted at grand soirees by the grandest of all society fashionistas… they wondered about her… proclivities…..the sky is the color of fire… just like the embers that stir in my heart.

To make an entrance I am wearing a new avant garde gown by Prey called “bind” — synonymous with holding something together tightly — my creative sensibility and flair for drama… a bind can also refer to a  predicament of sorts… an awkward situation that one prefers to walk away from…. but in this dress you will have the confidence to walk right in and as Mr. X says, “wow the crowd” !

If you are looking to make a statement, bind by Prey is the dress to have with its architectural lines and monochromatic tones and its subtle variation of textures.  It is deconstructionist in style with its asymmetric, formless, non -standard dress lines.  To complete the look I added some metallic elements from Violator’s jewelry collection to compliment the cool geometric lines of this gown.

If you want to go totally avant garde, bind comes with a handy gas mask that  adds flair to this gorgeous deconstructed  gown.


Gown – *new* – Prey – Bind

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Angelina – Milk

Jewelry – Violator – Leash Me Up

Hair – Zibska – Loki

Eyeshadow Zibska – Tzila

Mr. X and Carlotte – *new* Evelineinthebox

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Carlotte – *new* Evelineinthebox for original post.

There is nothing more peaceful than a summer meadow — to think about all the adventures that await Mr. X and I.  A lonely sparrow keeps me entertained… his song is sweet and pure. To meet Mr. X tonight, I decided to wear a new exclusive dress by Evelineinthebox called Carlotta.  It is a swank sheath like dress that is sure to entice. It has fine gold studs that outline your figure in the most flattering way.

Shutting my eyes for a moment, I let my memories of other summer nights invade my thoughts… it is a delightful — going down chain link by chain link into the depths… you  know what I mean… Carlotta is an exclusive at the TTS event and comes in brown, copper, creme, red, blue, green, black, gold and ocean. The dress is made for classic avatars in XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL and is also compatible with Slink Hourglass and Physique and  Maietreya mesh bodies.

So Mr. X, where shall we go first tonight…. your guess is as good as mine… let’s find someplace beautiful and peaceful to unwind!


Dress – Evelineinthebox – Carlotte in Aubergine
At Magazine Fashion Event –

Main Store

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Guiselle Marigold
Eyeshadow – October 4 Seasons – Flossy
Lipstick October 4 Seasons -Delicate Eggplant

Hair – Vanity – Cake Bites – blonde

Mr. X and *Elowen – *New* Wicca’s Wardrobe@ Gotcha Garden

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and *Elowen – *New* Wicca’s Wardrobe@ Gotcha Garden for original post.

It was the moon — again,   large and glowing — making me  feel like I needed to be on my knees..  to worship the gods of old… the ancient ones… steady, strong, iconic… just that  thought  can make you feel like a rainbow… or as dangerous as the full moon… and wearing the new outfit by Wicca’s Wardrobe…  called Elowen  you can  go either way…..

Mr. X tells me it doesn’t matter if I am naughty or nice (what a bunch of BS — hee hee ladies) …  and, as all of you know, I never ever, or rarely kiss and tell… but…  Elowen  did make him “frisky” indeed… so “heads up” ladies… this is a tantalizing  look with a  color changing  hud that is amazing.  Elowen  is made for maitreya lara and slink physique & hourglass mesh bodies and is loaded  with everything except hair.

Elowen  is extraordinary and an exclusive at Gotcha Garden — it comes with slink  chained sandals (low slink feet) that  you  hear the jingle jangle when you walk to your beloved…  the jeweled belt and bra top show everything that needs to be shown to entice… and is extenuated by the belly chain.  The color changing metal hud makes this  so much fun… I loved the gold… it is as warm as a summer  caress.

The headpiece  pure  exoticism and best of all it comes with a color changing hud.   It is  so artfully done — so much thought put into each texture… it suggests that one is  acutely accomplished in the arts of Kama Sutra… and oh so much more… but then again, you will have to ask wicked “Wicca” or Mr. X…….


Exclusive at Gacha  Garden  – Wicca’s Wardrobe Exclusive – Elowen   Chain Outfit
Notes:  There are  15 commons and 2 rare gatchas. The 2 rares come with a texture change HUD so does the Seed of Inspiration and Wicca’s  gift for this round, the belly chain. The seed of inspiration will only be available at this round of Gacha Garden. The gift will only be a gift for the duration of the event. All parts are made for maitreya lara and slink physique & hourglass mesh bodies.
Everything but the headpiece and the necklaces are rigged mesh. The necklaces and the headpiece have a resizer.

LM –

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Guiselle Mocha

Mr. X and a duo from Jumo… *New* Fiorella and Julia

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and a duo from Jumo… *New* Fiorella and Julia for original post.

To dance the night away… two new looks from Jumo… each has its own charm… just like Mr. X.  For example, the new  cocktail dress that is made for classic and mesh  bodies — it is called Fiorella.  This artful cocktail dress  is sweet with a  gorgeous flower pattern in a lavish bloom…like an enchanted garden — and yes, it is sexy enough to be enchanting.  Fiorella  comes in many colors and offers Fiorella Ankle  Boots with fringe that is sold separately and  is a perfect match to this outfit.

Sometimes, only a  dramatic gown fits your mood — you know what I mean… it is when you need to look, well simple and yet stunning…. And, what better than gold swirling around your body… and a lush textured gown…new by Jumo called Julia  fits the  mood… Mr. X   is looking up  places to dance as I write this blog…. oh la la….

Let’s just skip the party Mr. X and just stay here…   kisses you and  let us dance close and sweet… you know how I love your arms around me…. especially in this slinky new gown by Jumo.    And, before I get carried away with Mr. X, the coral earrings that come with this gown are drop dead and drop  coral earrings that are sensational… and a must have…

Dress One – Jumo – Fiorella Dress in Denim and Fiorella Ankle Boots in Denim
Gown – Jumo – Julia in Rose
Skin – October 4 Seasons – Catalina – Lily
Hair – Argrace – Haruka

Mr. X and the tale of the dragon – *new* BamPu Legacies and TWA Guardians of Mirkwood

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and the tale of the dragon – *new* BamPu Legacies and TWA Guardians of Mirkwood for original post.

Today we went in search of the dragon… Mr. X and I wandered through the mists of a magical forest the path was rough, strewn with rocks and tree branches…we knew it would be nightfall soon and hoped to meet the hermit of the ruins… that the oracle told us would guide us on our way.

The ruins were set amid the most whimsical trees whose leaves and branches curl and sway in a fanciful way.  Their scent is most mysterious and makes you want to sit beneath their majestic branches and fall into a deep enchanted sleep…Mr. X thinks fairies have made them and distilled a bit of fairy dust on their leaves….. I think he is right.   Which way to we turn I asked the guardian… who was holding the most beautiful golden scrolls that gleamed in the night.

I know what you seek said this mighty sentinel…what I want to know is why… we seek what the dragon holds… it is the gift of life… this is what the oracle told us… we seek the dragon with the iridescent blue wings… he told us to look for the broken wagon wheel… amid the mouldering ruins.

At last we found the dragon… the sentinel with his golden scrolls of knowledge helped us to find the precious egg that the dragon is guarding… the question remains if he will give it to the mistwalkers of Mirkwood…


BamPu Legacies

*new* – Mythol Fantasy Trees in Green and Red
*new* Mythol Fantasy Greeter
*new* Mythool Dragon on a Stump with egg

Legacy Realms Abandoned  Ruins

Wearing – The White Armory – Guardians of Mirkwood

Skin –  October 4 Seasons – Rehana Pearl Auburn

Hair – exxess Ira A