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News and stuff from the [SL] Blogger Support Team

By Caitlin Tobias – Cait’s World. Visit News and stuff from the [SL] Blogger Support Team for original post.

A post with news and well…them rules…them rules.. !

SL Blogger Support

It is about time for some updates from the [SL] Blogger Support Team, as we do work behind the scenes to make sure our group is what is should be: a support network to help and guide all SL Bloggers!

To start,  I would like to thank Sunshine (sunshine.zhangsun) so much,  for all the time and efforts she has spend as a very much appreciated team-member. Due to reasons she has decided to step down and leave the Support Team, but she will surely stay as a group member and as such it is not a real goodbye! Big hugs to her!

Resting Resting by Amy Beebe

As the group is still growing, we needed to fill in the gap left by Sunshine and Katya, so I am happy to announce that we found two new team-members: Lainey Thorne and Sasy Scarborough. I am sure you will join me in…

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Second Life News 2016 w/48#2

By Nalates Urriah – Nalates’ Things & Stuff. Visit Second Life News 2016 w/48#2 for original post.

In the Server-Scripting meeting Simon Linden told us the regions were being restarted to enable the increased prim limits. So, as of today, all the regions in all the channels should have the new prim limits in place. Jo Yadley, Inara, Linden Blog, and I have all covered the change in prim limits. Designing Worlds … Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w/48

By Nalates Urriah – Nalates’ Things & Stuff. Visit Second Life News 2016 w/48 for original post.

Servers The week the main channel will stay the same this week, no update. The three RC channels are getting a new update Wednesday. The package is only described as having some internal changes. Viewers The main viewer is No change from last week.  We only have two viewers showing in development. We have … Continue reading

Bento news: head, hands, AO and special shape

By – Poison Girls. Visit Bento news: head, hands, AO and special shape for original post.

Bento head: Catwa Head Catya
Bento Hands: –Vista– Prohands V.2beta – New
Shape: Be Yourself –  Shape Paty (Catwa Bento)
Eyes: Catwa Rigged Eyes Catya
Hair: Truth Hair – Sugar – VIP Group Gift
Skin: Glam Affair – Barbara Applier ( Catwa ) Polar – Whimsical New
Bodysuit: *Tentacio* Let’s dance – Let’s dance body grey RARE – Kustom9 New
Headphones: *Tentacio* Let’s dance – Pink headphones – Kustom9 New
Radiocassette : *Tentacio* Let’s dance – Radiocassette pink – Kustom9 New
About Bento Project

Bento is a poject that brings to Second Life a new structure with more than 100 new bones in the enhanced skeleton, along with 15 new attachment points. These news extensions will give give us dozens of new bones to support both rigging and animation, and accompanying new attachment points! 
This news are:
11 extra limb bones for wings, additional arms, or extra legs.
6 tail bones
30 bones in the hands (all 10 fingers!)
30 bones for facial expressions
2 other new bones in the head for animating ears or antennae
13 new attachment points associated with the new bones

All existing avatars and attachments will continue to function as designed and will not need to be updated
But the project are not finished yet. For use the bento items you need to download and install the Project Bento Release Candidate Viewer from the Alternate Viewers page on the Second Life Wiki.

Catwa bento Head:
For more inforation, please click here.

-Vista- Prohands Female
Theses hands are the first SL mesh hands compatible with bento bones. In the pack you can find:
Left and Right hand /-Right and left relaxed pose hands no Bento / 4 stand animations to test./ Alpha layer for sl default body and the  HUD (2beta).
In the HUD you havea lot of customization options: 10 Skins included made by Glam affair,  6 skins by The skinnery, 10 SKINS BY Akeruka. Tintable options, 5 nail shape,  18 nail colors and 12  hand static positions and 4 test ao stands.

Be Yoursel Body Shop
Shape Paty for Catwa Catya Bento Head
Mody, Coy and No Trans

The story continues…and Some News

By Jules – Do It Yourself. Visit The story continues…and Some News for original post.

This is my last post that I will be posting on DIY SL Blog the amazing blog I have with my Bestie and partner in crime Exis.   So yes prepare for a small ramble lol.  Exis and I after a few discussions over time have decided that our blogs will be best suited separately, there is many reasons for this, none of which are bad despite what some may wish to think or believe I’m sure knowing the virtual world the way we both do lol.   The simple fact is that we have very different styles, very different visions and wish for very different things on our journeys as bloggers and therefore we feel it will be more beneficial for us to have our own blogs.

We initially began the blog what seems years not only months ago, Exis began with my support and encouragement and I worked behind the scenes building the blog, posting her blogs/pictures, doing her credits, basically doing all of the admin side to the blog whilst she worked hard on her pictures, building knowledge, growing her creativity and artistic side for which I have great pride for all she has achieved even though I need to spank her occasionally to have more confidence in all she’s achieved.

Once everything was in place I began my own journey of taking the pictures, creating blogs, learning and growing which will continue no doubt forever lol,  her support was endless as always.  It is something we have always done for each other not only during our blogging adventures but since we met a few years ago, we’ve supported each other through good times and bad, through laughter and tears, through immense happiness and heartbreak and nothing will ever change that, no matter what paths we are on, that is true friendship and I feel very fortunate to have that with her.

So now the story continues and I will be starting my own blog, its already set up and it’s called Sunshine & Sparkles and I know hand on heart that Exis and I will continue to support each other probably even more so now they are separate.   I hope you like my new blog and continue to support me and enjoy my posts too.

There may be some changes as I establish the blog further but one thing will remain is my love of blogging, my love of fashion, my love of coffee and my love of my best friend.  I hope to see you all on the new blog soon.

Hugs and Love




BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.10

SKIN:  Egozy – Shenty


EYES:  .ARISE. Nona Eyes / Blue MESH L

DRESS:  KITJA – Fam Shirt Dress BLACK

SKIRT:  KITJA – Fam Skirt BLACK [for Shirt]

SHOES:  Essenz – Rotterdam (Black)

BACKDROP including Pose:  Exposeur – Clean Scenes – Stars @ Gacha Garden (NEW)


Second Life News 2016 w/47

By Nalates Urriah – Nalates’ Things & Stuff. Visit Second Life News 2016 w/47 for original post.

This is not the week for news. Because of the US holiday Thanksgiving Second Life™ is in technical lock down, no changes. So, there are no server upgrades this week, main or RC channels. Viewers Viewers are included in the tech freeze. So, the main viewer at version will remain there until Monday 11/29 … Continue reading