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Second Life News 2016 w34

By Nalates Urriah – Nalates’ Things & Stuff. Visit Second Life News 2016 w34 for original post.

Servers This week there are no roll outs to either the main or RC channels. That says there will be none of the normally planned region restarts this week. Viewers The main viewer is version No change since last week. This seems to be the least crashy of the viewers I’m using. Second Life … Continue reading

EVENT NEWS: Fantasy Gacha Carnival, February 2016

By – Bishie Style SL. Visit EVENT NEWS: Fantasy Gacha Carnival, February 2016 for original post.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Star Wars vs Game of Thrones: Opens Feb 8th
The Shopping Guide with a few of the many items at the new round of FGC is now live.

Go check out the awesomeness here:!shopping-guide/cxex

And more gacha keys are being uploaded by the designers to the FGC Flickr group here:
https:[email protected]/

Second Life News 2016 w33

By Nalates Urriah – Nalates’ Things & Stuff. Visit Second Life News 2016 w33 for original post.

Servers Is there a roll to the main channel this morning? There was a release candidate running on the RC channels this last week. But, my in-home restart tracker and the Grid Status page do not show a restart on the main channel this morning (7:25 AM SLT/PT). There is no update in the Second … Continue reading


By – Poison Girls – The fashion world at your fingertips.. Visit NEWS! for original post.

Hair TRUTH HAIR Jayla – FREE sub
Bodysuit Belle Epoque { Veda } Bodysuit White The Fantasy Collective NEW!
Poses Kirin Poses – Asuka @Kustom9 NEW!

Look 2
HairTRUTH HAIR Loni The Fantasy Collective NEW!
Belle Epoque { Debbie } White Gold SaNaRae Event
Poses Kirin Poses – Asuka @Kustom9 NEW!
Earrings Izzie´s Bow & Pearl (Seraphim Gift)


By – My Wardrobe SL. Visit News! for original post.

On me (Left):
On Svet:

Stunning and Seductive – News @ Blacklace!

By Wicca Merlin – Wicca Merlin. Visit Stunning and Seductive – News @ Blacklace! for original post.

Blacklace 3

Today I am very honored to showcase you one of the latest releases from Blacklace.

The “Amalthea” set, is a wonderful ensemble of corset, bra and panties. The whole ‘outfit’ does work for mesh bodies as well as for the standard avatar. The corset is a mesh prim, while the bra and the panties come as payers or appliers.

Blacklace 2

The corset has a very detailed texture and with the awesome roses decorating the hips this stunning piece is a must have lingerie piece!

If you take a closer look on the appliers, you again will see the love of the detail the designer put in to that wonderful set.

I added some of my favourite nylons from AviCandy and the wonderful “Fea” necklace from Salt & Pepper. The wonderful head piece comes from Modern Couture. For th e hair I decided to go with the “Bethany” hairstyle from EMO-tions.

Blacklace 4

Certainly for such a delicate and seductive lingerie I needed some more simple but high quality pumps, which I found at Glamistry.

The little photo set I did built myself with items from Bee Designs. The amazing “Charlotte Daybed” with the “Charlotte Rugs” was just the perfect scenery for this pictures. With the light textures it was a perfect contrast to the black version of the !Amalthea” lingerie from Blacklace.

Blacklace 6


Lingerie: Blacklace – “Amalthea” – NEW

Stockings: AviCandy – “Lace Back Seam”

Shoes: Glamistry – “Crocus”

Hat: Modern Couture – “Crisp Hat”

Necklace: Salt & Pepper – “Fae”

Bracelet: Mandala – “Shippoah”

Ring: alme.Jewelry – “Leaves Ring”

Hair: EMO-tions – “Bethany”

Furniture: Bee Designs – “Charlotte Daybed & Rugs”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

Blacklace 5

Second Life News 2016 w32

By Nalates Urriah – Nalates’ Things & Stuff. Visit Second Life News 2016 w32 for original post.

Servers The main channel got a new package this Tuesday. This is the package that has minor internal changes. These are usually security and logging things. This particular version of the package was delayed a week to fix for BUG-37573 “Rez silently fails on RC Magnum, RC LeTigre and RC BlueSteel regions.” The RC channels … Continue reading