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Sometimes I Am A World Renowned Diagnostic Nurse Person.

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I made my husband show me his tongue.
I had my nurses uniform on and we were in a completely clinical environment.  I even had a stainless steel sink available if I needed it.  He was gowned and and on a gurney.
OK that is not exactly true, he was sitting at his desk.  He refused to take his clothes off.
“You have teeth marks on the sides of your tongue.”
“What does that mean?”
“You have unabsorbed nutrients in your body.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means the kids at golf are probably going to laugh at you and call you names.  They may mock you or throw nutrients at you and brag about how easy it is for their bodies to absorb them.  You probably are not going to get invited to any of the big parties this season and no-one is going to want to sit next to you for coffee.

You definitely will never be allowed to be an astronaut now.”
“hmmmm. . .”
“It’ll be that or time will simply cease as we know it.  I am not sure we can go on knowing you are not perfect.”
“Why do I feel like you are mocking me?”
“I am guessing because when the body loses its sense to absorb nutrients, others senses are heightened.  You will probably also be able to tell I am often sarcastic when I speak to you.  Either that, or you might start hearing high pitched whistles.
Ignore those.
No-one is calling for you … it will be for someone called, “Rover,” or “Spot.”
“Sounds terrific.  Thanks for making my day.  Any good news in the midst of all of this?”
“Hang on and let me check . . .  maybe you can qualify for a handicapped parking permit.”
SKIN:  .Birdy. Brooke skin ~Pure~ (Sunshine) VIP gift
MESH BODY:  MaitreyaMesh Body – Lara
HAIR:  little bones. Sea Foam – Browns
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Enigmatic Green
CORSET:  =Zenith=Vintage Lady Vest Dress (Cherry)
POSES:  Cranky House

# Army Nurse de Stelloane

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  Y si te gusta el estilo militar, aqui os traigo el nuevo uniforme del cuerpo de enfermería de la armada. Lo tienes tanto en mesh como en fitted mesh.

# Vestido  *Stelloane – Nanny Nurse outfit mesh y fitted mesh- Nuevooo!!
# Zapatos  .:Like Design:. – Ruffles slink high shoes con hud – En la tienda!!
# Body mesh  eBODY – ABAR – Ya posteado!!

 ¿Quieres estar al día de nuestros avisos?, copia y pega ésta dirección en el chat general de tu visor y hazte miembro de nuestro grupo…secondlife:///app/group/c3256090-a647-208c-50a3-bb5c028645f3/about
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Nurse Betty

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     According to the katat0nik designer, this is a waitress outfit. I get that, but I just see nurse- especially in this white version with red trim called Horney. You have to love the names of these outfits! So whether you are going with waitress or nurse, I think this could fit into several roles with ease. This outfit is fitted to Slink Physique and I love that because I can wear my curvy shape with mesh. You can find the outfit at collabor88 and the shoes at Kawaii Project
   These katat0nik Wingtip Pumps are so great! I had to fatpack them. I thought the fatpack was a great deal too. I am also really loving all the furniture at collabor88 this round, like this Trompe Loeil chair. 
Can I take your temperature? You seem warm!

Dress: *katat0nik* (Horney 2.2) Waitress Dress (Slink fitmesh) @collabor88 March
Headband: *katat0nik* (Horney) Waitress Headband @collabor88 March
Shoes: *katat0nik* (red/Slink) Wingtip Pumps @ Kawaii Project
Hair: .ploom. Lula
Attached: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid V2, Hands Casual, Physique
Skin: Glam Affair – Vera – Jamaica
Chair: Trompe Loeil – Audrey’s Chair Chevron  @collabor88 March
Couch: [ARIA] Luana linen sofa
Pose 3: Everglow Girls 599

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Sexy Nurse

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Body & Hair:
Lashes: Maitreya V.I.P. – Mesh EyeLashes
Mesh Hands: Slink Female Hands
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet
Hands Tattoo: .Things.– Temple

Clothing & Shoe:
Top: phobia sona top white
Shorts: -Unbothered- SportyShorts (Red) NEW
Shoes: N-core ENDLESS NEW

Glasses: [Z O O M] Secretary Glasses [PERV]Collar: [ glow ] studio – Heart
Collar II: *~PS~*NurseStethoscope
Bracelet: <-Puncture->  Spun Metal Armband

Pose: ColdAmbitionz

Sexy Nurse!

Sext Nurse 1

Shape: Mine!

Body: Belleza – Venus

Skin: Mundos – Vera tysm ♥ Groupgift!

Hair: [RA] – Momo Hair @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Glasses: [ZOOM] – Cheeky Glasses @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Cigarette: [ZOOM] – Cafetin Cigar Holder @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Septum: Tabou Irresistible – Septum Gem & Chains @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Lips: PXL – Sweet Lips 

Collar: Lost Junction – Toulouse Collar tysm ♥

Chest Implant: Zombie Suicide – Lotus Flower @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Dress + Hat: Insanya – Cosplay Nurse @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Bracelets: ::GB:: – Curb Chain Bracelet

Hands: SLink – Casual Hand

Nailpolish: [SHOCK] – Kinky Dirty & Cheap B @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Feet: SLink – High Feet

Shoes: Mundos – Olymp Heels @ Whore Couture Fair tysm ♥

Sext Nurse 2

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“The Nurse Who Loved Me…”

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{Taken At Retroville}

Hello hello! Hope you all have been having a great weekend. It warmed up a bit on my side of the world so that was a good thing. By ‘warmed up’, I mean it got to be like high 20’s! Woo!
So I had to sneak in a quickie because I loved this lil outfit as soon as I saw it. It came with another I loved too so gotta get on that! This is Insanya for Whore Couture. Fit the theme pretty well. Kinky lil sexeh nurse outfit and I was down to play the part, mixing it in with some kinky retroness! Speaking of Retro…make sure to head to Retroville (linked under my picture), Erotigacha just started and there’s lots of stuff you’ll want to check out! From clothes to decor, poses and lots of other stuff!

So if by chance you haven’t been over to Whore Couture yet, go ahead and take a chance. Don’t let the name scare you off lol there are lots of things you will love! This and the other Insanya outfit should be on your list of ‘to snag’ when you go.
Also grabbed these cute stockings by AviCandy that I ran into at the WEIB Special Sale Room. Panty optional and all appliers included so yes go grab em’ hurry!
Livalle on my feet of course! Super sexy and extremely detailed heels but that’s not anything unusual! These are at Fameshed! Just another stop I’m going to have you make!
Okay okay, I got a ton more to show you and so little time! So get to shopping and I will be working up another post soon! MUAH!

Skin: –Glam Affair – Summer skin – America – 04
Hair: [BURLEY]_Lily_Blacks
Eyes: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Nebula
Lipstick: [PF] Lipstick <Dark> – Glossy Pout (red)
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray – Mistress Eyeliners
Manicure: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Roaring 20s & Dirty 30s

Dress: :::insanya::: Cosplay – Nurse All Colors @ Whore Couture
Stockings: :AviCandy: Lace Top Suspender Stockings @ WEIB Special Sale Room
Heels: {Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Cherry @ Fameshed
Syringe (part of..): RoTtEn ToE THF Nurse Costume

Del May – Extinguishable (modified with Animare)

Hello, Nurse! ~

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(Click Image for Larger View)

Ensemble ~

.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Luna :: Vampy
Static Anime Eyes – Pink (I upped the glow to .05)
Nox. Nose Contour [Red]:[P]: (The Plastik) -Fauxe Makeup:// HeavyMetal
[SC] (Say Cheese) ~Disco Dip Freckles~ (cheeks) MP
Pink Acid My Goth Lip Gloss – Plum
LCKY Jessica Hair (Just a reminder – you can mix & match up to 3 different HUDS with LCKY hair for total customization!)
!RT! Rotten Toe :.:Creepy.Doll.Heads.Tiara:. Group Gift (15L to join)
[whatever] Pearldrop Bindi Gacha
[whatever] Three Pearl Bindi Gacha
!RT! Rotten Toe KeytomyHeart:..:Black Torax(green bow) (other colors available)
::Static:: Giant Syringe Freebie
!RT! Rotten Toe Nurse Outfit Twisted Hunt Prize (Until end of Month. Comes with SLink, Wowmeh, Fitmesh & Regular Mesh options. You want this!)
!RT! Rotten Toe – long rotten corset Group Gift
Cute Poison – Eruli Bracelet (R) Black NEW (other colors available) Thrift Shop
.TMC. (The Mint Condition) Red Panda – Mint Flavor Gacha
La Boheme [LB FrenchBloodied] *Slink* Manicure NEW
[LW] (L Warwick ) Crushers Platform Boots (Mesh) Gift (Join SL Free & Offers Group)
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. infected Sumomo~black wearMe Gacha RARE  For the Level Up Event – Theme is “Survival Game” (wear it & it follows, bounces & makes cute noises! Resizeable!)

Set ~
:*BoOgErS*: Monster Balls Decor Black (Other colors came in pack of 3 string set. Resizeable. This store always has really cute, whimsical, fun things for decor. If you have never gone, you should check it out. If you have SL kids or are kind of a kid at heart, like me, I think you will really like it.) Past Fifty Linden Friday 
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Zomberry army} Brunilda, Charlotte, Killian, Bob, Asdrubale. For the Level Up Event – Theme is “Survival Game” These are SUPER cute, Resizeable, totally fun! Go get them NOW! 
Poses ~

Thoughts & Music ~

I woke up at four am this morning, ready to finish up this blog post that I had started last night, filled up on coffee, then one thing after another kept going wrong. Both my computer & my phone decided to take a giant dump, so I spent the next 8 hours with my boyfriend trying to fix them. Thankfully everything looks to be in order now, but it was pretty frustrating. Just when you think you have everything planned out – BAM! lol

Here’s an awesome song by f(x) called Milk. Enjoy!

Helllloooooooooo, Nurse!

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Hey guys! With Halloween right around the corner, I hope you’ve got a great costume lined up, but just in case you don’t, Sn@tch has you covered!
Sn@tch‘s newest set of fishing items is another “grab-bag” style set which consists of 4 full costumes broken down into 20 different pieces. Each includes relevant appliers, and some include shoes, makeup, jewelry, ALL of the things!

The first outfit, “Explorer” is pieces # 1-4 and includes the tank top, shorts, belt, socks, and applier HUD and is perfect for someone who’s looking to get a little dirty this halloween. I’ve finished my costume off with my favourite pair of combat boots from Razor, and a neat spider necklace from Cubic cherry kre-ations, which is one of their gatcha commons for the creepy vs cute gacha festival!

Outfit 2, Hello, Nurse! (My personal favourite!) is a classic but oh-so-sexy nurse costume, complete with jewelry, hat, stockings, dress, gloves, and appliers (pieces 6-10). Warning: wearing this outfit may cause people to suddenly need medical attention! I added a bit of a darker twist to this outfit by just adding one simple item, Songbird‘s “Messy eater” bloody mouth overlay. I’m pretty sure that not many of my patients survive my…. “treatment”. I finished off with my favourite pair of thigh-highs which are simply irresistible.

Third, “Thursday”, which is comprised of pieces 12-15, would be great if you’re looking to be a bit… creepy, and kooky, mysterious and spooky, or all together ooky. If you know what I mean. I’ve added a pair of Songbird‘s November socks, (which are out right now for this round of My Slink Obsession!) to my outfit because while the Thursday outfit DOES come with socks, they don’t seem to have physique appliers, and I’ve been obsessed with my physique!

and finally, last but most certainly not least, pieces 17-20 make up the Vampirella outfit. This blood red set includes the full body latex suit, matching cuffs and collar, wings, and all kinds of appliers to augment that enticing form. I absolutely love how well Ni.ju‘s Oopy goopy halo and horns go with this outfit! These were originally out for sale at Mystic realms, however, now that the event has ended, they are available in the main store!

What’s that? “Skyler, there are pieces missing from your list/you mis-counted/you missed some!” Nope! Ivey, the owner of Sn@tch, has tossed a few treats into the mix this time, and they’re lots of fun. I’ll let you find them on your own, I can’t give away everything, now can I? 😉
Style Card:

Skin: Lumae – Nima – Rosa – tone 03/Latte – $ L0/FREE! – Hunt gift – Dirty turkey hunt
Hair1: Eater’s coma – Gift 03 – chestnut – $ L0/FREE! – Group gift – free to join!
Hair2: Ploom – Oh deer! – Ploomage / Devil headband (sold separately!)
Hair3: Magika – Dusty – colour pack 01
Hair4: Ploom – Pickle – Ploomage
Halo: Ni.ju – Oopy Goopy Halo . licorice
Horns: Ni.ju – Oopy Goopy Horns . licorice DARK
Necklace: Cubic cherry kre-ations – Kumo set – necklace – blue – Event item! for kawaii vs creepy gacha fair
Shoes 1: Razor – Regulator combat boots – full pack
Shoes 2: Pixel fashion – Vanina boots – black/white
Shoes 4: The sugar garden – Bubbles heels – Black
Socks: Songbird – November socks – Marshmallow – Event item! – for My slink Obsession
Bloody mouth: Songbird – Messy eater – Rather hungry – Event item! – for Horror Haute

Happy Halloween, everybody!